Sebastian "Ian" Vandara

Better Living Industries... be prepared for this world to be changed forever.

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a character in “Soul Threads”, as played by Kit_kat


Dirty blond hair always neat. Blue eyes so deep you can drown in them. Tall and slender yet well built. In his late 20’s, about. When not in the lab he's wearing a dark suit with a crisp, clean shirt and tie. The closest thing he gets to a smile is an evil smirk. Tries to not show his true emotions. Prefers to be called Ian.


Can’t stand young annoying kids (which are all kids to him) Very slimy and sluggish kind of guy just being near him you can feel the coldness of his body. Doesn’t give a damn if anything or anyone gets hurt as long as he gets paid. Ian separates himself from the people around him. He doesn’t like to get personal or attached with people, who knows, the next person he gets close to could be the next person he kills. He doesn’t normally kill people because whatever he kills he blames on the lab. He is a shameless man. A whiz at science and math. Has won several rewards. Is very stubborn. Regrets nothing.


His cold blue eyes match his cold soul and can cut through you like hot glass. His million dollar business with new laboratories popping up everywhere. There's a rifle in his top drawer in his office. When desperate he will fight with his fists but prefers to make it fast and easy.


Grew up with a rich family. Neglected by his parents, they left him the maids and nannies more than half his life. He is the youngest out of all five other siblings. He was a kind hearted kid at first, but being the runt of the family, he turned his heart into a piece of charcoal. Ian mysteriously became the head of the business when suddenly his family and friends started dropping like flies.

So begins...

Sebastian "Ian" Vandara's Story