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Brielle Harcourt

"I just, don't know what to believe."

0 · 217 views · located in London

a character in “Soul”, as played by Leigh Collum



"Abraham Lincoln once said that at the end of the day, it's not the years in your life, but the life in your years. So, why live every day afraid of the unknown?"

"Where you end up isn't the most important thing. It's the road you take to get there. The road you take is what you'll look back on and call your life." ~Tim Wiley



| Nickname |
"My mom used to have a lot of little pet names for me."
Brie, Elle

| Age |
"Unfortunately, not old enough to drink."

| Gender |
"Can't you tell? If not then I really need to change my image, not that I care what you think."

| Sexuality |
I accept other people's decisions and preferences.

| Role|
"It's just who I am."
Human 3, Anti


| Height & Body|
Petite in a cute way, as if she seems fragile. She's 100 lbs, 5'3".

| Face & Hair |
Her eyes are a light brown, very bright. Her hair is thick was a natural wave and is a dark brown, almost black.

| Scars |
"None that I remember, honestly."

| Physical Description |
"I'm told I look like my mother, and it always make me feel like I'm close to her in some way."

Brielle is a very gorgeous young woman with a lissome, petite frame that holds soft and natural curves. Having been dancing since she was young, she has worked hard to maintain a healthy body. Her skin is soft, a mile-and-rose complexion that fits the innocence of her character. Her face is that of a cherubic structure; she has high cheeks, but there is residual baby fat that accentuates the child-like expressions on her face. Her eyes are bright in a doe's eyes kind of way, accented by her dark hair and thick, long lashes that contrast sharply against her skin tone.

Although rare to see in public, Brielle wears glasses at home when reading. Her lips are rosebud-shaped and naturally pink, soft to the touch. Her hair is long and satiny-smooth, falling down her back in natural waves though she tends to straighten or curl them from time to time.




| Abilities |
"Probably not much of an ability, but I still take pride in it.
From a young age, Brielle took dance classes, the genres varying from ballet to tap to hip hop. It's a passion of hers, but in a world like this one, the skill isn't exactly valued. If caught dancing, she is often embarrassed.

| Likes |
Dancing | Singing | Reading | Coffee | Soccer

| Dislikes |
Soul Feeders | Warfare | Hot Chocolate | Freshly Cut Grass Smell

| Secrets |
Her father is a leader in the resistance that believe all Soul Feeders should die. While she agrees the Soul Feeders are terrifying, Brielle cannot help but find an uncanny curiosity towards them. One of her worst fears is coming face to face with one, but it is also something she most definitely wants to do.

| Weakness |
"I can't afford to have weaknesses."
Having a gun in her hand frightens her. Shooting at a target isn't bad, pretty much emotionless. But when it comes to aiming at a person- no, Soul Feeder- Brielle chokes up.

| Personality |
"Too shy and quiet, as my father says."

Being the daughter of one of the leaders, everyone expects Brielle to be a miniature version of her father. On the contrary, Brielle is much like her mother.


So begins...

Brielle Harcourt's Story