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Nikki Dackers

"I just need to lower my standards."

0 · 536 views · located in London

a character in “Soul”, as played by Burn One Down


rat a tat||FALL OUT BOY

{ “for burning cities down at such a rampant rate.”}

{ Misnomer }
Nikolai Dallas Dackers
{ Spell It With A }
{ Years Damned }
Twenty years old
{ Gender }
{ It's In Your DNA }
Nikki now casts his stones as this newest turned soulfeeder of his little group. He's a Soul; one who much prefers to eat only those already damned than those with breath still on their lips and lungs.

{ “she's his suicide blonde, she's number than gold”}

{ Height }
Five feet six and a half inches

{ Body Build }
Average, a little on the chubby/soft side, somewhat short.

{ Nationality }
English (from Sussex), and whiter than wonderbread

{ Hair }

{ Eyes }

{ Clothing }
Nikki likes to dress up, either like a performer or a proper type of college kid. It really depends on his mood. He absolutely loves to fuss over his appearance which means his clothing is more often than not of the matching, fancy variety. Especially when meeting someone for the first time, Nikki will dress in formal clothing. He also wears glasses and likes to almost always have a hat on.

{ “one more off-key anthem, let your teeth sink in” }

{ Quirks || Habits || Talents || Hobbies }
Humming constantly Singing Picking at his lips Drinking Smoking Musical instruments Overthinking Leg jiggling Going on long drives

{ || Likes || }
Rain Music Inspiring people Cigarettes Cats Cars Playing instruments Cooking Documentaries Souls

{ || Dislikes || }
Crowds Caffeine Being alone Silence Television Loud, insistent people Surprises Debates Politics Pollen

{ Personality }
Empathetic Opinionated Quiet Shy
Independent, and quiet, Nikki often finds himself in that strange balance between introverted and extroverted. He has a huge heart for people other than himself and trusts too easy, is maybe too sweet and will pour too much of his heart out for people he hardly knows. He's not cautious enough, but in many situations he finds himself shy and quiet, just a little too uncertain of his own voice to make a proper attempt at speaking up and finding individuality.
Enamored with music, Nikki can play a number of instruments and uses it as an escape. He overthinks things too frequently but music helps him process the complex emotions that overthinking too often gives him. Caffeine makes him jittery, and silence moreso. Many things put him on edge and Nikki is easily spooked. Less a predator, he appears as prey with wide eyes and a bashful smile. In true form of a musician, while Nikki loves people and draws quite a lot of his energy from socialization, he still does like to sit alone and drink tea and listen to music and watch the rain.
Prone to loneliness, Nikki loves people who are passionate. He can't help but find himself hating the SoulFeeders who throw their stones in with the Feeders, and he usually dislikes anti-soulfeeder humans as well. He simply doesn't understand why compassion and care are not more widespread in a place where it would help everyone.

{ “and i said i'll check in tomorrow if i don't wake up dead” }

{ History }
Born in Sussex, Nikki had a fantastically unspectacular life for his early years. His father was a professor and his mother a nurse. Neither of them had much time for him and he spent most of his early days in the care of various babysitters and nannys, and what time he didn't spend with them he spent with his maternal grandmother doing jigsaw puzzles and listen to rock music from eras long gone.
By the beginning of secondary school, Nikki was falling in with the wrong crowd, enchanted with rock and roll and the drugs that went with. He got in fights with his parents and let his grades slip into oblivion before he finally dropped out and started performing small solo gigs by the time he was sixteen. When he was seventeen he ended up hopping on the back of a tourbus with some big-name band and never really looking back. He had few ties to his rainy little county in south England and if anything, music was Nikki's soul.
Playing groupie and sound technician for a long, long time, with various bands, Nikki saw most of Great Britain and learned more about rock and roll than any boy of eighteen or twenty really cared to know. And that was when he got caught up in the whole desperate war that had become of the new, mysterious race infiltrating humanity; the SoulFeeders. He'd known about them previously, but never knowingly met one until he found himself backstage at some London club. After the drunken, drugged kissing, the night dissolves into a whirlwind blur in Nikki's head. He came to the next morning with a hunger. One that hasn't stopped gnawing at his gut since.

{ “there's no second guessing when i say if my heart is a grenade just pull the pin and say we're all fighting growing old” }

{ Sexuality }
{ Romantic Orientation }
Panromantic with homoromantic tendencies
{ Relationship Status }
{ Romantic Interest }
Not yet applicable

{ “in the middle of the desert getting burned” }

{ Colors }
#00A17B – Dialogue
#457065 – Thoughts
#2e2e2e – Other Characters' Dialogue

{ Faceclaim }
Patrick Stump
{ Other }

So begins...

Nikki Dackers's Story