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Alaysia Dunoir

"I am Alaysia Dunoir, Homunculus and Queen of Plenoran. I have been summoned to serve as your sword in this war. I ask of you, your majesty: will you accept me as your servant?"

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a character in “Soulchess: A Second Awakening”, as played by Tsukiakari



"Hail, your majesty. What needs to be done?"

Title - The Lightning Queen
Faction - Plenoran
Role - ♛ Queen ♛
Race - Homunculus. A construct created through the power of alchemy, and animated by an artificial soul, Alaysia's physical body is tremendously fragile, and very easily disrupted by magic. Conversely, however, her physical strength, speed, and capacity for survival is far beyond that of a Human, even without taking her Queen's Crest into consideration. Although normally her form is a perfect replica of a Human body, any part of her body that becomes damaged is broken away from her artificial soul and reduced to the component dust from which it is formed, but can be replaced by simply absorbing earthen matter and/or water, which will then shape itself back into her normal form. Even when she sustains wounds that would be fatal to a normal human, so long as her core/brain, the manifestation of her artificial soul, and her heart survive, she can recover. This process takes intense concentration and quite some time, however, so she won't be, say, regrowing limbs in the middle of a battle. But, she is incredibly hard to kill, nevertheless, even moreso now that she has her Queen's Crest and the further increase to her regenerative capacity that comes with it.

Another feature of her Homunculus body is her artificial soul's nature. Having been summoned from the essence that animates life, it thus provides her with a direct connection to the root of all magic. While this connection is obviously tremendously limited by her body's fragility, it nonetheless allows her a passive increase in her base energy capacity, energy regeneration, energy efficiency, and physical stats, as the energy rushing through her body serves as a sort of reinforcing agent, increasing her strength, speed, and endurance, although the latter-most is still tremendously low. Additionally, by targeting enemy magic directly at its source - the Will of Magic, to which she is connected - she can cut off enemy spells, canceling their existence with her own magic, thus giving her a certain level of countering ability to compensate for her massive weakness to enemy magic. A side effect of this connection, however, is that if she uses too much power, her body might start to crumble into dust from the strain, making her increased magical ability a double-edged sword.

As mentioned above, she possesses an artificial soul that is what allows her to continue living, a core that allows her to think, and a heart that allows her body to function. If any of the above were destroyed, Alaysia would be irreparably damaged, capable of surviving only with the healing powers of a pawn. If her heart was destroyed, her body would continuously collapse into dust, immobilizing her and leaving her a perpetually melting wreck. If her core was destroyed, she'd simply shut down, like a machine with its plug pulled. And, if her soul was destroyed, she would lose all of her powers and, although continuing to live, would be left as an empty shell of a person, with no feelings, identity, personality, memory, or thoughts. Her heart and core are made of crystals, and exist in the same place where a normal human's heart and brain would be, respectively. Her soul, meanwhile, takes the form of her weapon of choice, the magic pistol pictured below.
Gender - Female


Appearance - Standing at the surprisingly short height of only five feet, five inches, the infamous Lightning Queen is actually rather smaller than one might expect. With a physical appearance like the body of a 16-ish year old girl, she certainly doesn't exactly fit her image. Her physique is thin and slender, with her build clearly focused towards her limbs, but bearing very little apparent muscle - or fat - upon it. She seems almost like a statue, with a curving, delicate figure carefully crafted to meet an image of elegance and beauty whilst also maintaining some utility in the form of flexibility and long, limber arms and legs. With a narrow waist, flat stomach, and feminine build, she's not a person most suspect of the true strength and dexterity she actually possesses.

Her hair is long, reaching almost to her waist, and very straight. In hue, it is a raven black color, although it seems to shimmer slightly when it catches the light. With a silken texture, it, like her body, gives a somewhat false image of beauty and innocence. But her face, although appearing girlish and innocent, does not accentuate this image further. With soft, unblemished pale skin - a side effect of her regenerative abilities - rounded cheeks, soft pink lips, white teeth, and a petite nose, chin, and ears, she would normally look perhaps younger than she already does. But the determined, pointed look in her deep purple eyes, and the usual half-grin of amusement that plays upon her lips display an emotion that belies her apparent age, and hints a bit more accurately at the true self within.

When wandering in Gardenia, she generally wears a simple outfit, almost like that of a schoolgirl, consisting of a simple blouse, black jacket, and skirt. When serving as Queen, however, her attire shifts to a more formal outfit, almost like a military uniform. With a gold-trimmed blue blazer, a lace-trimmed skirt, her attire doesn't exactly change much, but it does appear a great deal more impressive whilst still not hindering her capacity to move. In any case, her main disguise is the way her expression and attitude changes between encounters. In her everyday persona, she seems like an ordinary, cheerful schoolgirl, and conceals her gun/soul artifact within a large blue bag. When in her "Queen" persona, however, she becomes cold and combative.

Sometimes, in battle as a queen, she wears a hooded red and white cloak to conceal her identity, but casts this away once she grows serious.

Personality - How Alaysia acts depends on whether she's serving as Queen, or simply wandering the city in disguise. In the case of the latter, she seems like a perfectly normal girl. Quiet, but cheerful and polite, she's kind but not overly social, although this isn't to say she's aloof, either. She simply doesn't really speak up much unless there's a need for her to. When she does, though, she's very rarely rude, and generally respects the wishes and opinions of others above her own. A selfless, gentle girl, she is, however, somewhat quirky. She has a tendency to take things very literally, causing most instances of sarcasm to go clear over her head. She gets excited easily, although she never breaks her composure even when she does so, and is a little bit gullible. Very naive and even childish, she's a rather goofy, yet lovable and sociable individual despite her very quiet demeanor. Even in this personality, however, she is absolutely loyal to the orders of her King, and will carry them out with little hesitation, if a bit of reluctance in certain cases. But, in this mindset, if not directly commanded to go after the enemy, she'd probably be willing to have a cheerful outing with an enemy, even if she had already sensed exactly who it was with whom she was interacting.

When she enters battle, however, she changes completely. By connecting to the Will of Magic, her own mind becomes altered and switches into a nigh sociopathic "combat mode." In this mindset, no matter what stands in her way, she will always complete her objective, whatever it might be. She becomes cruel, and takes intense enjoyment in the thrill of battle, getting caught up in the rush of the moment. She displays her emotions much more readily in this persona, but not in a good way. She's not exactly rude to her enemies, but she is most definitely much more focused on her mission than she is on trying not to harm people, even if they're someone she's befriended in her other personality. Interestingly enough, she thinks much more tactically in this form, and becomes a very capable combat strategist, planning many of her actions a long time in advance and using the surroundings to her advantage. She's pragmatic, and willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means resorting to things most people would consider dirty tricks. Another unusual thing to note is that she not only gains an understanding of sarcasm in this form, but actively uses it to a great extent. Over all, this persona is almost directly opposite of her usual actions.


Weapon(s) - A long-barreled pistol, shown in the pictures. As mentioned above, this pistol is actually the manifestation and the container for her artificial soul. This, like her nature, is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, she can control the weapon remotely as though it was a piece of her body, and it serves as a means of further amplifying her magic. On top of this, it's very, very durable, and it need not be reloaded, for the bullets it fires are magical embodiments of both her soul's energy and the Will of Magic, upon which she draws heavily. But, on the other hand, were it ever destroyed, her existence would be along with it, providing an easy means of killing her. Still, it's a very potent weapon, even if it's also her greatest weakness.

Fighting Style - Alaysia's combat style relies on two things: speed, and overwhelming storms of attacks. Using her Queen's Crest and Homunculus body, she can attain truly astounding levels of velocity, allowing her to blur around the battlefield, raining attacks from her pistol. Firing off showers of spreadfire attacks with her magic - see below - and targeting the magic of her enemies, she does her best to circumvent defenses both physical and arcane, and to eliminate her targets by backing them into a corner and simply overwhelming them. Due to her fragile body, she avoids going on the defensive, if at all possible, and instead pushes to attack as much as possible, using her own tremendous energy efficiency, energy reserves, and ability to target enemy magic to outlast her opponents in battles of attrition, and her speed and rate of fire to wear away at their bodies bit by bit until they finally can't fight anymore. It's a very straightforward, single-focus style, and, while powerful, is also overly specialized enough to leave some serious flaws in her methods. Although her offense is second to none, and her mobility is truly staggering, her defense leaves much to be desired.


Role Ability 1) Ability Name: Queen's Crest Augmentation
Description: Her power is increased to fit the queen position. This takes affect on all four of her abilities, increasing her raw power unilaterally, but especially her natural healing abilities.

Role Ability 2) Ability Name: Sense Presence
Description: Alaysia is capable of locating all other pieces within a large radius, forewarning her to their presence even if they conceal themselves. In her case, this ability is even more powerful than it otherwise would be, due to her contact with the Will of Magic allowing her to see through magical shrouds, making it very difficult to fool her.

1) Ability Name: Homunculus Nature
Description: As mentioned above, Alaysia has tremendously increased speed and strength, even further bolstered by her Crest. She can survive even mortal wounds so long as her brain, heart, and pistol are not destroyed. By absorbing water or earthen matter, she can regenerate her body, converting these things into normal human body parts. However, this comes at a cost, for her body is very weak against magical attacks, and could easily be reduced to dust by a direct hit. Even when what's hitting her isn't even magic, she's still tremendously fragile. Her nature also takes the form of her gun, which amplifies magic cast through it, and creates its own ammunition.

2) Ability Name: Will of Magic
Description: Alaysia's soul is directly connected with the Will of Magic, the source of all arcane power in the world. This allows her several things. Firstly, by drawing on some of its power passively, she automatically has a much greater capacity for using magic before she grows tired, as her store of energy is much greater than the average caster. Similarly, she can recover from the strain of using magic very quickly, and, due to her streamlined connection with the Will of Magic, she finds using magic less taxing that it otherwise would be. The most formidable aspect of this ability, however, is that she can actually target the source of other people's spells, and, by shooting the magic of other people with her gun, dispel it with her own energy, cutting it off at the source. To do this, however, she does need to expend energy of her own to match and negate the enemy's spell. However, due to her efficiency with her abilities, this is nonetheless a practical method. However, it doesn't work on powers derived specifically from ones' own physical body. For example, shooting a vampire wouldn't negate that Vampire's enhanced speed and strength. Her bullets do, however, exploit the weaknesses of her targets to some extent, so shooting a vampire in the heart would be just as effective as staking it with yew wood. This power is, over all, however, as much of a weakness as it is a strength, as her body's weakness to magic limits the amount of energy she can channel at once, and using too much power at a time would actually cause her to begin to turn to dust. This ability does, however, have the side effect of making it almost impossible to assimilate control of her spells.

3) Ability Name: Lightning Ruler
Description: Alaysia has the power to summon and manipulate lightning. This takes many forms, but, most usually, it is used to magnetically propel rounds from her gun, firing the weapon like a railgun and massively increasing the speed and power of the shot. By adding lightning to the shot, she can actually make her pistol fire bullets of ball-lightning, too, or even beams of chain-lightning. And, when she fires, the resulting discharge of electricity can also be used to create an arcane energy field to deflect attacks, taking the form of a cluster of magic circles and emblems made of pure power. Perhaps the most unusual use of this ability in her repertoire is that, by combining this ability with her bodily control as a Homunculus, and with her connection to the Will of Magic, she can actually transport her three vitals through the Will while converting her body directly to a lightning bolt, striking upward into the sky, then back down to the earth at a different location over a reasonably short range, where it can be reformed into her body, allowing her vitals to return to it. This ability is, of course, largely impractical outside of combat, however, as it takes a tremendous amount of power, is rather short-ranged, and each teleportation causes a rather large explosion. In any case, these aren't the only uses of this power, but they're some of her main ones.

4) Ability Name: Hydrogen Alchemy
Description: This ability allows Alaysia to perform Atomic Hydrogen Welding by using any electrical energy in the air to break apart H2O into individual Hydrogens and Oxygens, then fuse the Hydrogens back together to form H2, creating a tremendous release of heat in the process, which causes the now free and highly concentrated Oxygen molecules to fuel a combustion reaction. The more energy in the air, the wider spread this effect is. In short, it allows her to create explosions of intense heat and flames with strikes of lightning. Note that she has no actual control over the flames themselves, so unlike her other powers, they can be assimilated by an enemy mage.

History - Created accidentally in an alchemist's weapon experiments - from which her gun was also a result - she was the first perfected form of alchemically created life in her world, one of blended magic, alchemy, and technology. Sentient, possessing a soul of her own, and having capabilities far beyond those of an ordinary human, she was also immediately loyal and submissive to her "Father," who, being a kind and generous man, decided that he'd keep his new "daughter" around, overjoyed at the unexpected success of his research. For the first several years of her life, she served as a laboratory assistant, learning more about magic and alchemy all the while, and about her own unique powers. Over time, she grew stronger, but at the same time, more and more people began to notice her and her unusual nature. People became suspicious of the strange girl who had appeared, and about how her soul seemed displaced. Although her Father tried to hide the truth, that she was actually a successful Homunculus - something unheard of in her world - when she failed to age at all from the day she'd been created, people became suspicious. Eventually, the truth came out, and almost immediately, the foremost mages and scholars, who were the rulers of society in that place, immediately set upon experimenting upon her. Although her Father tried to protect her from this fate, he was killed for his trouble. At that moment, something snapped inside her. Alaysia flew into a rage, connecting fully with the Will of Magic and entering her combat persona. To avenge her deceased and beloved Father, she went on a rampage, slaughtering those who had killed her creator, then destroying everything in sight until her body finally just fell apart from the strain. Her soul, core, and heart were sucked into the Will of Magic, and transported by it into Gardenia, where she awoke with no memories of her past, just the feeling that there was someone she should be serving, and the knowledge of her duty...

So begins...

Alaysia Dunoir's Story


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Groping about in the darkness, a pale hand weakly searched for an object that eluded it. With a clatter, the gently-shaped fingers briefly touched the handle of the item they sought, only to accidentally knock it away. With a quiet groan, the dark shape forced itself into a crawl, hauling itself forward and laying hold of the weapon before it. Drawing back its - no, her - fragile hand, the Homunculus fell back into a seated position against a small heap of rubble, raising the unmistakable item housing her soul over her head and gazing upon it, silhouetted by the light of the moon through the raining clouds as it shone down through the hole in the warehouse's roof, a hole she'd just inadvertently blown through it, it seemed. Trying to clear her thoughts, she aimed to recall what had happened to her to place her here, but her mind drew a blank. All she remembered was a flash of light, and a brief view of a landscape far, far below her. Then, traveling with the return stroke of a bolt of lightning, she had been cast down, down, down, like an angel falling from heaven, and sent bursting through the roof of the warehouse. The rain was falling through the opening, now, but her body was far enough out of the way as not to get hit by much of it. Still, it was inconvenient. Bracing her trembling legs, she slowly rose, trying to shake off the daze of her crash landing and to remember something... anything.

Then, in a moment, it came to her. Leaning against the wall for support, she slipped her pistol into a large, dark blue bag she found herself holding, then set this down at her feet. In an instant, her clumsy hands had begun fumbling with the top buttons of her blazer, then with those of the featureless white blouse below that. Pulling back her collar, she gazed down, and laid eyes on what she had expected to see: a large emblem in jet black of a six-winged sword driven through the center of a crown, running symmetrically between her shoulders from just below her collarbone to a spot just above the hollow of her chest, its darkness like a void against her pale skin, made all the more apparent by the silvery moonlight shining down on her. To most, the symbol would be an enigma, but she already knew of its significance. The crown symbolized royalty, while the six wings evoked the image of a seraph, a supplicant and servant of the divine. And the sword symbolized her duty: to slay the enemies of the crown she would serve. Then, the final message of the symbol was an indication of the role she had been chosen to serve. She knew not yet who her lord would be, but as for her... she was to find that person, and serve him faithfully as his queen, his most loyal and closest servant.

And there were others - bishops, rooks, knights, and pawns - here in the world for similar reasons. There was even another queen, serving another king. Alaysia couldn't remember enough to know how she knew this, she simply did. She knew enough, in any case. She knew her name, her powers, her strategies, her situation, and her purpose. Memories and other such matters could wait. For now, what was most important was to fulfill her duty. That was what she was created for. She didn't know how she knew that fact, but she did know it, nonetheless. And so, there was no purpose in dallying here. Swiftly refastening the buttons of her blouse and blazer, she swept out her arm, and, in a whirling of scarlet cloth, she found herself draped in a crimson raiment, a tattered yet concealing robe that hid her appearance completely from view. Stretching out, she found that she'd recovered from the impact, and smiled slightly. Evidently, enough of her had been in the form of lightning to largely negate whatever damage the landing might have done. Good. That made things simpler. In that case, she was capable of moving immediately, and without delay.

Her first objective, naturally, would be to locate her highest priority target: the lord she was to serve. As it was now her duty to assist and protect him, her first order of business would be to find him as quickly as possible. For that purpose, she supposed, she'd need some sort of vantage point. Then, she'd need to exercise her senses, and to locate him as fast as possible. This seemed like a reasonable enough plan, at any rate, and so, deciding upon this course of action, the Homunculus turned, picking up her bag containing her gun and hopping deftly up to the top of the pile of rubble created by her fall. Then, bracing herself, she leaped upward, out through the hole in the warehouse roof, and into the stormy night. Already, her violet eyes were scanning the darkened city, and her senses were already spreading out and into the metropolis beyond. Soon enough, she'd find her king...


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#, as written by Shiki29


Lotton was falling fast from the sky. The rushing air and pelting raindrops annoyed him. He must have been falling directly vertically, and face-first. He wanted to fall with the raindrops, not have some splash in his face. Looking around, he could see other breaks in the raindrops, falling to the ground. They were scattered, but he felt like he knew of their purpose. Chess pieces, who were to fight a war. Thankfully, not many were, leading him to wonder where he was, and how long he had been falling, along with why he was not dead of re-pressurization. He must not be thinking lucidly. It felt like he woke up from a 5 minute nap he desperately needed. Adjusting his body for what he needed to do, he felt no memories of what had him in shock. Maybe he wasn't in shock, after all. In fact, he felt painfully normal. He pointed down, and smiled slightly, as he snapped his fingers against the air rushing up to hamper their movement. A little bit of theatrics always made him smile a little on the inside. A circular piece of spatial distortion, or rather, slice, appeared below him, a hole in the fabric of a single dimension. The exitway appeared below him, opening in the way of the empty street he was falling into. He fell through, and lowered his feet slightly to avoid tripping on the tip of the portal. He activated the Talos Apparatus, and skidded along the concrete, with a large amount of force, mitigated into a manageable amount on his feet. His speed was not diminished, though. His feet were only barely on the ground, gliding along with a large amount of frictional force. After he stopped moving, at the end of the street, he put his hands in his pockets before looking at the intersection in front of him. there was a car with headlights shining at him. Looking behind himself, Lotton saw what he left behind. The portals dissipated earlier, but, behind him, leading up to his feet, he could see scorched lines of flame on the ground. It was interesting to see that such a cartoony effect was possible enough to happen. How Lotton loved science. Hopefully the laws of nature here were the same or similar to what he was used to in his own realm. He waved at the driver with his free hand, and smiled. Removing his other hand from his hat, he realized he must have put it there subconsciously. With good reason too, because, to Lotton, it was a good hat. Walking out of the street, he let the the rain fall on his head and the rest of his body, keeping the hat on.

Sorting out his thoughts, he felt a feeling on his hand. Removing the black glove, he could see the crest of the rook. Knowledge was in his head as to what he needed to do. He could not remember a past, but he had guilt. He didn't know why, until he explored another corner of his mind. He had a huge technical knowledge of so many things. Magic, technology, philosophy, even how he obtained such knowledge. That was where the thoughts stopped. Horrible imaged appeared in his brain. Horrible experiments had been performed by him in the past. He knew that the experiments were the ones with which he could learnt he most, and they were original, to say the least, but he knew he was responsible for them. He moved the thought to the back of his head. If all of this counted as his technical knowledge, then that must mean everything else he did not remember caused him to do such things. He felt joy in the memories of learning. In fact, the guilt was diminished in the face of his memories of understanding. But still, he could not afford to lose that piece of humanity in him, not yet. He was looking down all this time, and realized he was dressed in very fashionable clothes. Picking up a coin on the ground, he activated the other glove he had still on, and expanded the nickel, filling the gaps with magic energy formations to keep the structure together. As it was now, minus the magic, it had a lower density than the surrounding air. What he formed was a rectangular mirror. He saw himself, and let go of the disproportionately-light object. Without his effort to keep it intact, the object shattered into pieces, crushed by the air pressure alone. It was less than a millimeter thin.

Now, onto business. He was a rook, and he had to find his king and other pieces of his faction. He had no idea what the enemy was like, but that wouldn't be a problem. He was a fast learner. Looking into the night, he saw the beautiful city. The rain dissipated the light and made shimmers of the synthetic lights. It was amazing, to say the least. Almost as amazing were the castles that stood at opposite ends of the city. One black, and one white. they were beautiful, but he did not have a massive knack for castles. Well, he would probably wind up sleeping in the white one for the foreseeable future. It was not a problem. A castle was luxurious to say the least. His allies, on the other hand, were an important part of the entire game. A nice walk wouldn't hurt, so he walked, hoping to get to the right castle. On the way, he sat down on a bench, and finally put on his other glove. Woops. He forgot all about it. He could go and meet any other piece, if he really wanted to. It wouldn't be that bad to produce a portal, and move it around the city quickly, slipping it under doors, and sensing the other pieces through the portal, but it probably would not be a good idea. Partly because a piece with good reflexes or speed could probably jump through, or shoot through, if they had such a weapon. Also, he couldn't choose which piece to find. In the end, he decided to wander the city a little more. He lay his head back, to stretch his neck, before sensing something moving in the air above him. Sensing what it was, he recognized it as another piece (Alaysia Dunoir). He had no idea if it felt him or not, but he did wonder if that seeming-flight was one of the capabilities of a piece. If it was, than the other pieces must be far more than ordinary people.

Enough fooling around. He needed to find an ally. The pleasure of having so many pieces to look for had diminished in the face of practicality. He wasn't that insane. He activated a portal, of small size, in front of his face, and another that moved around. Thankfully it navigated unnoticed, but it had also not sensed a single piece until it reached a Gardenian hospital. There, the presence of the other piece was apparent through the portal (Mathius Cruven Dominus). (At Gardenian Hospital, Outside.)


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Seraphina Celosia

Gardenia Hospital-Plenoran Castle

Cold. Wet. Confused. These were all the things that Seraphina was conflicted with. She didn't know which way was certain for the way to safety or which way was too dangerous. She didn't know what dangers lurked around every street and alleyway corner, or even if there were any grave dangers to even worry about. She was shivering now soaked to the bone and feeling dirty and mangey like a dog. She wanted to just shift into her true form and find some coverage in a woods or something but being in the middle of a city the rarity of even seeing one tree was as good as you were ever going to get.

Seraphina sighed angerily, And whats worse is I have this stupid crest that won't stop tingling and glowing. UGH! If only someone could even give me a clue! Sera thought to herself. I can't even shake this stupid urge inside my head telling to go right, then left, no the other right! No! Go forward!...It's all so stressful... "I need to find some blood to refocus myself. Now, now, now...Where to find some blood?" She spoke aloud to herself seemingly asking the urge in her mind. It told her to go right down the long alley, so she did.

When Seraphina finally came to the end of the alley she looked around and asked her friend in her head to give her something to work with, but she was met with nothing. Seraphina glanced at the sky and noticed a sign out of the corner of her left eye. She turned her head fully to the left and saw that it was the Gardenia Hospital. She smiled almost yelling in joy and ran to the entrance.

As she approached the doors they automatically opened for her, but when her person was inside the hospital, she stopped. Seraphina looked down at her crest and could feel her hand shaking, having spasms in her muscles that were around or under the crest. It glew brighter than it had only just a few minutes ago, and she pulled her wet sleeve down covering it from suspicious eyes. Not liking her hand shaking and glowing so much she quickly and quietly made her way to the room where they cooled and stored all their blood bags. She grinned when she found it on the second floor of the hospital and opened the door, stepping in and locking it behind her. She turned the lights out and could see the bags dangling from all the racks, perfect in every way. She went for the positive blood types first as those were always her favorite since they seemed to be just packed with flavor and so very sweet all the time. Although she preferred warm from the vein blood, bagged blood would have to suffice.

She tenetaively unhooked a bag from the rack and uncapped the tight seal in the middle at the top of the bag and put her lips to it. She sucked it fast and felt the cold rush of sweetness fill her mouth. She didn't stop to take a breath and downed the bag in all. Sera went to the negatives which tasted almost bitter and sour yet they gave a little kick to the mind, making her focus more on things. She drank two bags of negatives and two more of the positives. Seraphina gasped for air when she was all finished and grinned as the blood dripped down her chin and lips. She panted wiping her mouth on the clean side of a bloody rag. Seraphina found a scrub and tied the ends of the sleeves then tied the sleeves together to make a ratty looking back pack or blue sack. She put some negatives and positives in the cloth bag and all in total managed to get about 10 bags to carry. She grabbed an A- off the rack and ripped the cap off sucking it in sips as she slung the napsack over her shoulder and unlocking the door sprinted down the empty corridor to the staircase. She knew that in any hospital hardly anyone used the stairs when there was elevators everywhere. Lazy humans, haha. Sera thought to herself laughing out loud.

Sera jumped over the edge of the stair case and landed at the bottom when a grunt and a groan from the awkward landing. The reason she did not die or get injured badly was because it wasn't a long fall and she was hyped up on a blood rush. Seraphina managed to find a back exit way and made off down the street in the way towards the black castle. She stopped suddenly realizing that the tingling and massive glowing had stopped on her hand. She lifted up her sleeve and checked to make it certain. She nodded seeing it had stopped and wondered if she was getting ill from an unknown sickness.

Seraphina made it to the front steps of the Castle and gazed up at its massive and beautiful architecture. Her mouth formed the shape of an O as she walked uncertainly up to the large black oak doors. As she grunted pushed them aside, she stepped cautiously into the large lobby of the castle. "Hello!" Seraphina dropped her bag to the ground beside her and closed the large door behind her. "Is anybody here? Hello?!" She yelled curiously and stood protectively by her bag of blood and could feel the crest on her hand tingle slightly again. "Hmm, I wonder where my king or Queen are...?" She asked herself out loud, then suddenly realized what she had just said came to her as normally as saying she was a vampire...even though she couldn't remember saying anything remotely similar to asking about the whereabouts of "Her king and queen".


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The doors of the library gave a quiet creaking as they parted before the figure in red, whose tattered, bulky cloak seemed to dwarf the entirety of her otherwise small form. Instantly, upon entering the building, the Homunculus' violet eyes began searching those people within the large, silent room, trying to locate the one who she sought. The librarian glanced up from her seat, giving an expression of slight surprise at the rather unusual appearance of the new arrival - evidently, all-concealing mantles of tattered scarlet cloth had fallen out of fashion in this world - but Alaysia paid her little mind, instead focusing on the other individual occupying the library.

The young man's average stature was not exactly the imposing and dignified appearance one would expect of a king, but, then again, the Homunculus' own appearance was far from indicative of her own position as Queen, either. Physically, he was unassuming, and yet, there was a certain pull to his presence that had drawn Alaysia to this place, and it was this sense that made her sure that he was, at the very least, a fellow piece of Plenoran, and, among those pieces that she had sensed, the most likely to occupy the role of King.

Striding calmly towards him, Alaysia pulled back her hood, brushing out her long black hair as she did so. Fortunately, her cloak was thick enough to have kept her largely dry, even in the heavy rain. However, before her king, she could have no use for the concealing garment, for her purpose here was to reveal her identity rather than hide it, was it not? Reasoning thus, she unfastened the cloak and, calmly folding it, slid it into her bag, where it swiftly vanished from existence as, at the same instant, she altered her form to her normal civilian form - although the only real change she underwent was one of attire, as her complicated uniform and flowing cloak was replaced by a simple schoolgirl's attire. Timing this transformation perfectly, she used the cloak to mask the alterations done to her garments from the librarian behind her, while at the same time purposefully allowing the king to witness the change to her wardrobe. Her cloak, meanwhile, only vanished once it had been successfully stowed in her bag, and the librarian was, consequently, none the wiser.

"Please excuse my intrusion, sir," The young woman said quietly, stopping in front of the young man seated at the table, her violet eyes gazing calmly down at him. Her voice was quiet, methodical, and overwhelmingly stoic, but its measured tones nevertheless held a certain respectful quality that, combined with her choice of words, made it obvious that she had a fairly good idea of who she was talking to. "I apologize for interrupting you unbidden." As she spoke, Alaysia reached up to her collar, and, unfastening the ribbon securing her blouse, pulled down the vest she wore to a point just over her shoulders, and allowed her shirt to part slightly, revealing the pale skin between the center of her collarbone and the hollow of her chest, and, more specifically, the black marking that was displayed prominently there: six wings, a sword, and the crown of a queen. Giving her king time to examine the emblem, she waited a few moments, and then methodically reordered her collar and vest, covering the symbol once again.

"May I sit here, your majesty?" She asked quietly, her eyes falling for a moment from his face to the black marking she could see on his right palm, peeking faintly out from behind the cover of the book he held, confirming her suspicions as to his identity. Yet, despite having already confirmed that this was, in fact, her king - or rather, because of this fact - Alaysia remained standing, awaiting his permission to seat herself.



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Alexander Duodecim

Paradiso Eden, library

Alexander, having a slight interest in his surroundings, noticed the doors opening, but he appeared to pay little heed to it. He noticed red out of his peripheral vision, which made him look over his book and unto the petite female. He smiled a little, noticing that she appeared to be looking for someone. His thoughts instantly went to the game that he was being forced to play, but he brushed aside this suspicion. He grabbed his cane, prepared to be on the defensive if necessary. He could never be too cautious. He tensed his hand, his eyes searching for weak points in the girl's posture. He felt as if he should know the girl, which made him even more weary of her presence. Perhaps this was someone from the memories he didn't have. If that was the case, he would probably need to find a quick escape route. Then again, it was completely plausible that she was a part of the game he was forced to partake in. He relaxed his body, having come to a logical conclusion. He would give her a chance to show who she was.

He wondered where she was from, due to her strange attire. His own attire was strange for most, but it was customary for most royalty. He wondered the reason for her getting rid of her garment, but he wouldn't ask. He couldn't appear ignorant or impatient, for those were deadly weaknesses. His eyes quickly fluttered open, their piercing and analytic nature clearly visible. He studied the civilian form she had, his eyes going from top to bottom in mere seconds.

"Please excuse my intrusion, sir" She adfressed him formally. He concluded that she knew of his role in the game, and that she was obviously a piece. He acknowledged her by simply nodding his head, signaling for her to continue. [b'I apologize for interrupting you unbidden."[/b] She continued. He had a questioning look as she unfastened the ribbon she was wearing. Surely she wasn't expecting to seduce him, was she? He wasn't going to fall for such an obvious tactic, then again, she probably had a good reason for doing what she was doing. He noticed the black marking, and instantly noticed that she was the Plenoran Queen. He no longer felt suspicion towards her, since she would lose if he died. He felt slightly idiotic for assuming she would have done something else. He closed his eyes slightly, returning to his normal demeanor. "Yes, you may sit here." He said, pausing a bit after answering her question. His pupils dilated and he began speaking to the girl mentally, as to not allow anyone to eavesdrop.

"I doubt we should stay here much longer." He sent her these words. "Let us leave to the castle, unless you have a better idea." He stood up calmly, using his cane for support he didn't need. "Call me what you will." He projected mentally, not wanting to reveal his name quite yet. He picked up the book and decided to finish it later. This game seemed like if it would entertain him for the remainder of the time he would be fated to stay in the strange city.