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Alexander Duodecim

"Please do calm down, we wouldn't want to start a fight now, would we?"

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a character in “Soulchess: A Second Awakening”, as played by 0neTailedf0x



There exists no good or evil, there is only free will.

Title - Waltzing King
Faction - Plenoran
Role - ♚King♚
Race - Tempus Daemon - A human-like species referred to in ancient texts. Said to be advanced in technology and usually physically weak. Supposedly destroyed completely and wiped from existence.
Gender - Male

Appearance - Alexander is slender and always smiling calmly. He isn't too tall, but he isn't short. His hair is brown and thick, but he makes sure to not let it mess with his vision. His is slightly pale and he has pianist fingers, but he can still fight if he has his gloves on. He either wears a white jacket with no buttons and a zebra shirt or a black jacket with a reversed shirt. He wears black pants with deep pockets and a belt over his pants, since he doesn't wish to worry about his pants falling down in the middle of a battle. He has tools for lock picking hidden in a compartment behind his belt, so he can easily escape confinement. His posture is perfect and he is slightly muscular. His crest is located on his right palm, so he can easily wave at someone and tell if they're his ally. He has a crown, but he doesn't wear it due to that giving the opponents a strategical advantage. He will usually be deep in thoughts and have his eyes closed, but his eyes are always open when he is being addressed or when he is done thinking. He seems to be in a different world when using his ability for temporal distortion, but this look will disappear shortly after he is done thinking. His sleeves end in cuffs, except for his right sleeve which is cut. His natural eye color is black, but he wears brown contacts to allow him an advantage.

He has another form which has darker hair and black eyes. This form is wearing royal attire and his clothes are lined with gold. His shirt's left side is pulled over the right side of his chest and it is buttoned. He has black pants. His smile is much more competitive and his eyes are piercing. His hair is not combed, but it isn't messy, either. He appears to be much more confident and blunt, but this is simply a well-played act.
Personality - He appears to be calm, collected, and slightly happy when alone. He will usually be seen reading books or planning. He has a slight understanding of technology, but not enough to create complex machinery. He appears confident, blunt, and strong when in battle, but this is only a facade. He walks with a cane, not limping. The cane is a sheath for his sword, which he brings with him everywhere. He can be cold, heartless, and cruel when necessary. He feels no need for morals, considering they mean nothing when proven to be a way for people to simply justify actions. He enjoys music and playing piano, but he most especially likes waltzing. He doesn't like jumping into problems headfirst, seeing it as a, quite frankly, stupid strategy. He cares nothing for the battle itself, instead he wishes to not let down his allies, for a reason not given. He could have his own agenda, but that is highly unlikely. He walks with authority when in the castle, making it obvious that he is the king. He can occasionally show fun, but that is very unlikely.

He has training in swordmanship, yet he is still highly unskilled. He prefers making others do his work for him, but he isn't afraid to get himself directly involved. He can appear to be philosophical, but only when trying to confuse people and make them let their guard down. He does not care about honor and would use dirty tricks when fighting, knowing that war cares not for how you win it.

Weapon(s) - He has a sword resembling a cane when sheathed. This sword is light yet strong, a fearsome combination.
Fighting Style- He uses his voice to command others to fight when possible, but he can use his own skill to fight. He prefers countering to attacking, as his ability allows him to defend better. He is agile and able to strike quickly, so he attacks weak points when on the offensive.


Role ability 1) Sense presence - Can feel the spiritual presences of the other "pieces".
Role ability 2) Augmented power - Their abilities and attributes are increased. (This does not mean the king can take on 2+ characters with this alone. Remember that relies solely on how the King can fight against the opponents)
Role ability 3) Contract of Royalty - exchange crest with allied member of your faction.

Ability Name: Time Stopper
Description: This ability simply allows him to stop his sense of time and think of a strategy. He will not be able to move and the world will seem as if it froze to him, so he can't use this for physical fighting. This ability can be used to think of strategies and to give him time to analyze any situation. He can not affect the physical world and the physical world can not affect him, since his sense of time is stopped. He can not move his eyes, so he can only see what is directly in front of him.

Ability Name: King's courier.
Description: This ability is simple. It allows Alexander to communicate to his comrades without having to be in their vicinity. This can only be used without any other abilities being used, since it would be quite painful to listen to Alexander's thoughts while he is using his first ability.

Ability Name: Dragon's fang.
Description: This ability allows him to make his sword nearly indestructible for a limited time. He can block most attacks with his nearly indestructible sword, but he can only block those he manages to deflect. However, this is mostly meant for defense and this wont affect his attacking power. He can only block the attacks themselves, so he can still be pushed back with kinetic force or have his hands broken by the mere weight of an attack.

Ability Name: Undying Servitude
Description: This ability allows him to command beings by speaking a command and looking into their eyes simultaneously. He can only command one person at a time, and said person can break free of his grasp if they have a strong enough will. Alexander cannot change commands or give new ones until the previous command has been taken care of. He can only command the same person twice. He cannot command those who are a pawn or of high ranking, instead only being able to command the citizens of Gardenia.

History- He was born on a planet named Beforus, near Afterus. The two planets held the same species, yet the relationship between the two was still shaky. War had been adverted yet people still held grudges. Alexander lived the first ten years of his life secluded from the rest of the two worlds. The family passed down leadership by blood, so it was obvious that Alexander would be the heir. He already had an older sister, but she thought of herself as simply an older sister, not caring for the throne. Alexander's older brother cared simply for fighting and destruction, caring little as long as he was able to participate in wars. Having some sort of ability was not a rarity on the two planets, usually being ranked higher depending on how strong your ability was. Alexander's brother was able to nullify the abilities of others, and his sister was able to move at fast speeds. Alexander appeared to show no ability other than being highly intelligent. Alexander's father was strict and king, while his mother was king and happy.

The name of Alexander's father was Daniel, and the name of his mother was Alexandra. Alexander was privately tutored, learning complex things by the age of six. He was a calm and quiet child, usually reading books pertaining to drama, warfare, strategy, love, or fantasy. He enjoyed seeing what tactics generals employed in warfare, not quite grasping the concept of death. He thought nothing of death, thinking of it as a temporary sleep. Besides, would his loving older brother kill people if they would never wake up?

Threats on his life ended by the time he was 11, when he was allowed to leave his family's mansion. The citizens loved Alexander, considering he was benevolent and innocent, but they feared that he would be corrupted. He took up swordplay as a hobby, knowing that rarely anyone fought with swords. Most of his family knew how to fight with a sword, but no one was stupid enough to use a sword in a battle. Alexander wanted to be taught by his father, but his father was simply too busy with politics and keeping war at bay. He didn't mind too much, since he understood the importance of his father's duty. His sister was a general in the army, so he naturally assumed she would be able to teach him. He wasn't physically strong and it was hard for him to learn swordplay, so the training was long and overall tiring. The general was his sister, so a romantic relationship would have been impossible for both of them. His sister eventually managed to drill the ways of swordplay into his head, but he was 15 by the time he managed to learn to use a sword properly. The training strengthened the bond between his sister and him.

However, a grudge from the earlier war escalated into a new war and his fun times were now over. He now understood the concept of death and he knew that this war would be dangerous, but he was still naive enough to try and be a part of the war. His sister was allowed to partake in the war, since she was a general in the army. He was not allowed to take a part in the war due to it's severity and his inexperience. There was a fight to be had soon, and his family knew this due to one of their spies reporting this information. A war conference was held and they discussed their plan to ambush their enemy, so Alexander listened in from his room. He left for the location discussed as soon as he had the chance to, so he could be a part of the action and see what warfare is really like. He arrived an hour before his family's military arrived, but the enemies military was soon to come. He was on the top of a cliff and the enemies army would soon be coming through the middle of the cliff he was on and another cliff opposite of him, so his family thought it would be best to ambush the other army there. Both sides eventually clashed and he finally could see what warfare was really like. He wasn't prepared to fight and he vomited on the top of an enemy soldier, so he was soon discovered. He was too scared to fight, so he ran and tried to escape. He was stopped by his sister and slapped in the face, since he stupidly decided to come and be a part of this war. His sister was shot by the ability of an enemy physic, and he finally understood that he did something wrong. His sister didn't die, but she was now paralyzed from the waist down and she would not be able to be in any wars. He took over for her and he was somehow calm. He gave orders and eventually decimated the enemy army, but he passed out as soon as the enemy army was destroyed. He wouldn't have went home if he was awake to run away, since he thought that he had gotten his sister killed and he wouldn't be able to face his family with that guilt. He was brought back to the castle while unconscious and the medical team managed to allow his sister a bit of feeling in her legs, but it would be years before she fully regained the use of her legs. He blamed himself for his sister's injury, but no one blamed him due to the fact that no one told him not to interfere with the war and the fact that he helped them win the war. His sister wasn't mad, instead she was proud that he managed to defeat the enemy army. This made him feel worst than he already did, but he was whisked away to the game of Soulchess before he could talk about what happened with his family.

So begins...

Alexander Duodecim's Story


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Alexander Duodecim


Alexander felt vertigo as he fell from the sky, but he did not know what was happening. His eyes were closed and he was still a bit dazed. The rain was adding weight to him; making him fall down quicker than what would be normal. The cold jutted him to his senses and his eyes quickly opened. He heard a clock tower, but he paid no heed to the sound being made. He felt the prickle of rain on his body, and the dampness of his newly wet hair. He was looking up and his body was turned upwards, so it was inevitable for rain to enter his eyes. He managed to turn his body and look down, but this view was very unappealing. He saw that ground, growing? He was perplexed by the fact that the ground could grow, due to the adrenaline in his body messing with his usually logical mind. He quickly noticed the way the rain was falling, his features contorted into a face of shock. "How did I even get here?" He asked himself, hoping that this wasn't happening.

Due to natural instinct, he reached for his sword and prepared to fight, but there was no way for him to fight gravity with brute force. He decided to try thinking logically, since strength would be of no use without a strategy to back it up. He held his sword in front of him and he tried steering himself, since he would prefer to not land somewhere dangerous. He felt the strain on his hands increase as his speed increased, but he didn't stop trying to steer himself. He was suddenly distracted by a crest on his hand, a king's crest. He was no longer a prince, but instead, he was now a King. He felt an influx of information enter his mind. He now felt an obligation to fulfill his role, but he would have to survive this fall before doing anything. He felt much more courageous and determined to survive than he before. His eyes scanned the city of Gardenia, since he would need to figure out how to safely land. He was not going to lose this early, since he still felt a nagging at the back of his head. He felt as if he had something to accomplish back at his home, but he didn't even know where his home was or what he was supposed to take care of. He dispelled the thoughts about his history and focused on the task on hand, since the ground was getting much more closer.

He tried to make himself fall towards a building, since he could lessen the impact he would soon have to face. He grabbed his sword with both of his hands and stuck it into the wall of a building. He was cutting through it quickly and a line was appearing on the building. His sword would have broken, if he wasn't subconsciously using his "Dragon's Fang" ability. He quickly came to a halt and he felt the abruptness of the stop. He wondered why he wasn't splattered on the floor, then he noticed that his sword was...glowing. His sleeve was stuck on a part of the building, but he didn't notice. He pulled his sword out and he noticed that he would fall, but his sleeve managed to allow him some time to think. He jumped towards a ledge, tearing his sleeve in the process. He looked into a puddle of rain and saw this he looked different than he normally did. He concluded that the rain must have changed his appearance or that he was simply to excited to think anything logically. His hands hurt, but he ignored this pain and focused on finding his comrades. He wasn't too far from the ground, so he gracefully jumped and landed on the ground. He barely made any noise when he fell, since he timed his fall perfectly. He walked up to what appeared to be a stranger, but it was simply the shadow of a building. He walked into a building which seemed to be open. It's only inhabitants were a waiter and a simple customer. This building was a restaurant of sorts, it's name "Paradiso Eden". He entered, soaking wet, and sat down. He ordered a simple drink, so he could clear his mind. The drink wasn't alcoholic, so he didn't have to worry about having muddled thoughts. He didn't know how thirsty he was until after he saw the drink being poured. He drank it quickly, but he was still civilized and not barbaric.

"Okay, let me clear my mind. I'm in a world, but I don't feel as if I'm originally from here. I don't seem to have any memories, but I'm guessing my subconscious holds those memories. I appear to be a king..." He was talking to himself. His thoughts continued on to him trying to figure out his situation. ", I guess I should probably find the rest of my comrades." He finished his thoughts with this. He set down his drink and left a bit of gold on the table. He an idea of where he got the gold from, since he had the crest of a king. However, this gold was simply brought with him from his kingdom. He left the building, waving to the waiter as he left. The street was still being bombarded by rain, but he had grown accustomed to it. He went to a library, scientiam arce, smiling. He guessed that one of his comrades would him eventually, so he decided that he could spend time reading upon the history of Gardenia. He waved at the librarian, wondering if the librarian was one of his comrades. The librarian didn't notice the crest on his hand, so he assumed that she wasn't one of his allies, or that she was used to seeing those with crests. However, she did wave back and she had a smile, so he guessed that she was simply an innocent civilian. He would have started a conversation with the female librarian, but she seemed to be enjoying reading. He sat down at a table and took off the wet part of his upper clothes. Both his normal and Gardenia forms had one of his sleeves cut, but he would get his Gardenia form's sleeve fixed later on. He sighed and relaxed a bit, since his life was not in mortal danger. He stood up from his chair and grabbed a random assortment of books from the shelves, since he decided to pass the time by reading. He hoped that someone from his faction would find him, instead of someone from the rival faction. He sat back down and tried to focus on reading, but he was too excited to read. He eventually gave up trying to read and decided to instead wait for a member of his faction to find him. "This waiting is probably going to be the easiest thing I've ever done." He joked to himself, since he knew that this game of chess would be the hardest he has ever played. The books were now on the circular table he was sitting near. (Library, Paradiso Eden)


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Seraphina Celosia

Gardenia Hospital-Plenoran Castle

Cold. Wet. Confused. These were all the things that Seraphina was conflicted with. She didn't know which way was certain for the way to safety or which way was too dangerous. She didn't know what dangers lurked around every street and alleyway corner, or even if there were any grave dangers to even worry about. She was shivering now soaked to the bone and feeling dirty and mangey like a dog. She wanted to just shift into her true form and find some coverage in a woods or something but being in the middle of a city the rarity of even seeing one tree was as good as you were ever going to get.

Seraphina sighed angerily, And whats worse is I have this stupid crest that won't stop tingling and glowing. UGH! If only someone could even give me a clue! Sera thought to herself. I can't even shake this stupid urge inside my head telling to go right, then left, no the other right! No! Go forward!...It's all so stressful... "I need to find some blood to refocus myself. Now, now, now...Where to find some blood?" She spoke aloud to herself seemingly asking the urge in her mind. It told her to go right down the long alley, so she did.

When Seraphina finally came to the end of the alley she looked around and asked her friend in her head to give her something to work with, but she was met with nothing. Seraphina glanced at the sky and noticed a sign out of the corner of her left eye. She turned her head fully to the left and saw that it was the Gardenia Hospital. She smiled almost yelling in joy and ran to the entrance.

As she approached the doors they automatically opened for her, but when her person was inside the hospital, she stopped. Seraphina looked down at her crest and could feel her hand shaking, having spasms in her muscles that were around or under the crest. It glew brighter than it had only just a few minutes ago, and she pulled her wet sleeve down covering it from suspicious eyes. Not liking her hand shaking and glowing so much she quickly and quietly made her way to the room where they cooled and stored all their blood bags. She grinned when she found it on the second floor of the hospital and opened the door, stepping in and locking it behind her. She turned the lights out and could see the bags dangling from all the racks, perfect in every way. She went for the positive blood types first as those were always her favorite since they seemed to be just packed with flavor and so very sweet all the time. Although she preferred warm from the vein blood, bagged blood would have to suffice.

She tenetaively unhooked a bag from the rack and uncapped the tight seal in the middle at the top of the bag and put her lips to it. She sucked it fast and felt the cold rush of sweetness fill her mouth. She didn't stop to take a breath and downed the bag in all. Sera went to the negatives which tasted almost bitter and sour yet they gave a little kick to the mind, making her focus more on things. She drank two bags of negatives and two more of the positives. Seraphina gasped for air when she was all finished and grinned as the blood dripped down her chin and lips. She panted wiping her mouth on the clean side of a bloody rag. Seraphina found a scrub and tied the ends of the sleeves then tied the sleeves together to make a ratty looking back pack or blue sack. She put some negatives and positives in the cloth bag and all in total managed to get about 10 bags to carry. She grabbed an A- off the rack and ripped the cap off sucking it in sips as she slung the napsack over her shoulder and unlocking the door sprinted down the empty corridor to the staircase. She knew that in any hospital hardly anyone used the stairs when there was elevators everywhere. Lazy humans, haha. Sera thought to herself laughing out loud.

Sera jumped over the edge of the stair case and landed at the bottom when a grunt and a groan from the awkward landing. The reason she did not die or get injured badly was because it wasn't a long fall and she was hyped up on a blood rush. Seraphina managed to find a back exit way and made off down the street in the way towards the black castle. She stopped suddenly realizing that the tingling and massive glowing had stopped on her hand. She lifted up her sleeve and checked to make it certain. She nodded seeing it had stopped and wondered if she was getting ill from an unknown sickness.

Seraphina made it to the front steps of the Castle and gazed up at its massive and beautiful architecture. Her mouth formed the shape of an O as she walked uncertainly up to the large black oak doors. As she grunted pushed them aside, she stepped cautiously into the large lobby of the castle. "Hello!" Seraphina dropped her bag to the ground beside her and closed the large door behind her. "Is anybody here? Hello?!" She yelled curiously and stood protectively by her bag of blood and could feel the crest on her hand tingle slightly again. "Hmm, I wonder where my king or Queen are...?" She asked herself out loud, then suddenly realized what she had just said came to her as normally as saying she was a vampire...even though she couldn't remember saying anything remotely similar to asking about the whereabouts of "Her king and queen".


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The doors of the library gave a quiet creaking as they parted before the figure in red, whose tattered, bulky cloak seemed to dwarf the entirety of her otherwise small form. Instantly, upon entering the building, the Homunculus' violet eyes began searching those people within the large, silent room, trying to locate the one who she sought. The librarian glanced up from her seat, giving an expression of slight surprise at the rather unusual appearance of the new arrival - evidently, all-concealing mantles of tattered scarlet cloth had fallen out of fashion in this world - but Alaysia paid her little mind, instead focusing on the other individual occupying the library.

The young man's average stature was not exactly the imposing and dignified appearance one would expect of a king, but, then again, the Homunculus' own appearance was far from indicative of her own position as Queen, either. Physically, he was unassuming, and yet, there was a certain pull to his presence that had drawn Alaysia to this place, and it was this sense that made her sure that he was, at the very least, a fellow piece of Plenoran, and, among those pieces that she had sensed, the most likely to occupy the role of King.

Striding calmly towards him, Alaysia pulled back her hood, brushing out her long black hair as she did so. Fortunately, her cloak was thick enough to have kept her largely dry, even in the heavy rain. However, before her king, she could have no use for the concealing garment, for her purpose here was to reveal her identity rather than hide it, was it not? Reasoning thus, she unfastened the cloak and, calmly folding it, slid it into her bag, where it swiftly vanished from existence as, at the same instant, she altered her form to her normal civilian form - although the only real change she underwent was one of attire, as her complicated uniform and flowing cloak was replaced by a simple schoolgirl's attire. Timing this transformation perfectly, she used the cloak to mask the alterations done to her garments from the librarian behind her, while at the same time purposefully allowing the king to witness the change to her wardrobe. Her cloak, meanwhile, only vanished once it had been successfully stowed in her bag, and the librarian was, consequently, none the wiser.

"Please excuse my intrusion, sir," The young woman said quietly, stopping in front of the young man seated at the table, her violet eyes gazing calmly down at him. Her voice was quiet, methodical, and overwhelmingly stoic, but its measured tones nevertheless held a certain respectful quality that, combined with her choice of words, made it obvious that she had a fairly good idea of who she was talking to. "I apologize for interrupting you unbidden." As she spoke, Alaysia reached up to her collar, and, unfastening the ribbon securing her blouse, pulled down the vest she wore to a point just over her shoulders, and allowed her shirt to part slightly, revealing the pale skin between the center of her collarbone and the hollow of her chest, and, more specifically, the black marking that was displayed prominently there: six wings, a sword, and the crown of a queen. Giving her king time to examine the emblem, she waited a few moments, and then methodically reordered her collar and vest, covering the symbol once again.

"May I sit here, your majesty?" She asked quietly, her eyes falling for a moment from his face to the black marking she could see on his right palm, peeking faintly out from behind the cover of the book he held, confirming her suspicions as to his identity. Yet, despite having already confirmed that this was, in fact, her king - or rather, because of this fact - Alaysia remained standing, awaiting his permission to seat herself.



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Alexander Duodecim

Paradiso Eden, library

Alexander, having a slight interest in his surroundings, noticed the doors opening, but he appeared to pay little heed to it. He noticed red out of his peripheral vision, which made him look over his book and unto the petite female. He smiled a little, noticing that she appeared to be looking for someone. His thoughts instantly went to the game that he was being forced to play, but he brushed aside this suspicion. He grabbed his cane, prepared to be on the defensive if necessary. He could never be too cautious. He tensed his hand, his eyes searching for weak points in the girl's posture. He felt as if he should know the girl, which made him even more weary of her presence. Perhaps this was someone from the memories he didn't have. If that was the case, he would probably need to find a quick escape route. Then again, it was completely plausible that she was a part of the game he was forced to partake in. He relaxed his body, having come to a logical conclusion. He would give her a chance to show who she was.

He wondered where she was from, due to her strange attire. His own attire was strange for most, but it was customary for most royalty. He wondered the reason for her getting rid of her garment, but he wouldn't ask. He couldn't appear ignorant or impatient, for those were deadly weaknesses. His eyes quickly fluttered open, their piercing and analytic nature clearly visible. He studied the civilian form she had, his eyes going from top to bottom in mere seconds.

"Please excuse my intrusion, sir" She adfressed him formally. He concluded that she knew of his role in the game, and that she was obviously a piece. He acknowledged her by simply nodding his head, signaling for her to continue. [b'I apologize for interrupting you unbidden."[/b] She continued. He had a questioning look as she unfastened the ribbon she was wearing. Surely she wasn't expecting to seduce him, was she? He wasn't going to fall for such an obvious tactic, then again, she probably had a good reason for doing what she was doing. He noticed the black marking, and instantly noticed that she was the Plenoran Queen. He no longer felt suspicion towards her, since she would lose if he died. He felt slightly idiotic for assuming she would have done something else. He closed his eyes slightly, returning to his normal demeanor. "Yes, you may sit here." He said, pausing a bit after answering her question. His pupils dilated and he began speaking to the girl mentally, as to not allow anyone to eavesdrop.

"I doubt we should stay here much longer." He sent her these words. "Let us leave to the castle, unless you have a better idea." He stood up calmly, using his cane for support he didn't need. "Call me what you will." He projected mentally, not wanting to reveal his name quite yet. He picked up the book and decided to finish it later. This game seemed like if it would entertain him for the remainder of the time he would be fated to stay in the strange city.