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Jean-Pierre Sauvageau

"The line between Man and every line, it's supposed to be clear...The line it seems, is always blurred..."

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a character in “Soulchess: A Second Awakening”, originally authored by Seveneleven, as played by RolePlayGateway



How good is an ally, who is at odds even with himself?

Title - The White Beast "Speaks for itself"
Faction - Seramel "What a coincidence"
Role - ♙ Pawn ♙ "Just as well, it's probably for the best if I'm treated as cannon fodder"
Race - Human/Wendigo "Duality"
Gender - Male "Through and Through"

Gardenian Appearance( Anime Only!) "How did these clothes get here!?"
Appearance - Jean-Pierre takes on a much more traditional appearance of a noble french man. Wearing a long blue surcoat with matching blue vest and trousers. His boots are long and black, and made out of leather. He also carries around a golden pocket watch, which he believed to have been lost for sometime. Then of course to really compliment the blue, he adorns the white neck tie, yet this one isn't a frilly as some of the more eccentric types. His red hair is cut to about shoulder length as compared to his normal long hair. This is the appearance he was given when thrust into the Soul Chess, perhaps fate has a funny way of being ironic. Making him dress the part of the nationality he discarded for personal reasons.

Jean-Pierre is of average height, perhaps between 5'11-6'1". A fit and sturdy individual, with a dash of athleticism involved. His hair is a reddish-brown, perhaps Maroon. A bit uncommon amongst the french, it is believed he may have Irish ancestors. He is fair skinned and his eyes a dark brown, almost maroon themselves. He has no defining marks or piercings or body art. He even has no visible facial or body hair. Even if he does, he will prefer to be clean shaven. Because of him being well-toned his weight is around 190 lbs, mainly because of muscle mass.

Secret Identity:

Personality "It's a mess" - Before his unfortunate curse, Jean-Pierre was a kind and respectable individual. Well-liked and well-rounded, he was a prime example of the go-to guy. He was an adventurer, always taking voyages for the French Crown. He absolutely loves nature and loves to explore new areas. In society he is well kept in cosmopolitan circles, as many gather around to hear tell of his journeys. Much of his exploits has been leading up to being a noble man himself, especially his journey to the far east.

He always told jokes and was generously kind to those, who were in turn, kind as well. When he came across people or actions he despised, he was unabashed to speak his mind. This made him bold and dignified, even though he made enemies. Yet, he would do it all again, especially if it meant protecting someone else. He doesn't go looking for trouble but he could never stand those that hurt others for the sake of power or other nonsensical reasons. These acts also made friends, friends that would journey with him as well. This was all of course before the curse.

After being cursed with a monster, Jean-Pierre's demeanor made a 180 degree shift. He became reclusive, depressed, and overall paranoid. He keeps away from highly populated areas for fear of other's safety. He is a man at odds with himself, always fighting and speaking to people not there. While others may not see it, there really is another being in him. Jean-Pierre exhibits great willpower to contain whatever beast is within him, but sometimes he losses control. This will make him appear to be bipolar or susceptible to mood-swings. Being calm and nice one minute, to be shy and even aggressive the next. These feelings are beyond his control.

When the beast takes over, an entirely new persona is unleashed. The Wendigo is a brutish and destructive being. He also has a bad superiority complex, believing all are just prey to him. He enjoys hurting others and revels in killing. The main reason being he must eat flesh to satisfy the creature. He isn't some mindless beast, he speaks and in fact enjoys taunting and scaring others. He is arrogant and brash, caring not for tact and sensitivity. He is especially mean towards those he considers weaklings. He finds people unwilling or unable to fight, nothing but dead weight. He enjoys a more aggressive, more violent individual, or at the very least someone who will let go of their inhibitions.

The Wendigo is cruel and bloodthirsty towards his enemies. He enjoys fighting especially when it means he gets to feast on the loser. He will do just about anything to satisfy his unending hunger for flesh. He acts directly upon this addiction, as nothing else really matters. He can become focused when on the hunt, enjoying the spoils of war when finished. When he's had his fill or if Jean-Pierre manages to restrain himself, he will revert to his human form. He will not come again unless hungry or in mortal danger. Some exceptions may include anger or the smell of blood may trigger the transformation.

Weapon(s) "Is me" - When in human form, Jean-Pierre uses a Katana given to him by a Japanese blacksmith during one of his travels. When in Wendigo form, the monster using his razor sharp claws and fangs to rip and tear anyone to shreds.
Fighting Style"Hate to admit it, but he comes in handy sometimes"- Mostly when in a serious fight Jean-Pierre transforms into the Wendigo. The Wendigo fights like an animal, using his sharp teeth and claws to rend and tear flesh. The beast has great strength and speed, making him a hard opponent to face indeed. If he some how manages to go without transforming, Jean-Pierre is a capable swordsman. He is also a great survivalist and tracker.

--Abilities-- Use the template below.. "Strange"
Role Abilities)
1) Sense Presence- Can feel the spiritual presences of the other "pieces".
2) Contract of Royalty- Having the contract will allow you and the king to use each other's power by request. You also have the choice to directly summon the king if not the queen by request as well if in need of assistance. Often this will give a signal to the one you want to summon by making their crest glow. Note that this can also be used at any time and not just in battle in case your character may have a bad feeling of something.
3) Revival- Can revive the any characters on their side with the crest of Queen and below.

Ability Name: Atavism-To revert back to a primal state of mind. "Is it a gift? Or a curse?"
Description: 1. Transformation-The main ability of Jean-Pierre. He is able to transform into a dreaded Wendigo, doubling in size and strength. The beast has great speed and resilience, making him one difficult opponent to take down. It's senses are enhanced as well, giving him keen sight (though not on the same level as a bishop), smell, and hearing. The transformation could last for hours depending on how long it takes to satisfy the Wendigo, or it could be cut short if Jean-Pierre resumes control. There is a chance the beast could be beaten into submission. Resulting in him to revert back to Jean-Pierre to reserve it's strength.

The Wendigo: Image

Height: Approx 9'-10'1"
Weight: Approx 500 lbs

2. Cannibalism-An unique ability, if the Wendigo feasts on flesh and blood his body begins to heal wounds and injury. Or even if he has none it could revitalize him, stopping him from suffering from fatigue. This is all of course only possible if he eats a fresh corpse. That would only depend if prey easy enough to kill is within reach.

3. Whiteout- The only ability that doesn't use the brute's strength. He can cause a sudden snowstorm, allowing him cover and protection for a few mere moments. Still this is enough for him to surprise the enemy. For he is well hidden within the white snow. After some moments pass, the storm suddenly stops leaving a nice blanket of snow on the ground.

4. Primal Fury- The greatest ability the beast possesses. Completely losing any rational state of mind, the Wendigo goes into a blind fury attacking anyone and anything within range. While he has no semblance of intelligence left the beast has all-consuming rage. This makes him even stronger and faster than before. Yet, he can be more easily outsmarted, if one is careful. This doesn't last forever, as fatigue speeds up during this state of mind. Eventually he will revert back to his human form, as he can no longer sustain the transformation because of stamina.

History"If only I could forget"- Jean-Pierre Sauvageau, explorer and adventurer, accepted a new voyage to the new world. It was the sixteenth century, and the French were making a hefty sum in fur trapping. Jean-Pierre traveled to Quebec to partake in one of these fur hunts and of course to experience the new world. Jean-Pierre is paired up with a rookie hunting party and a well-traveled Native American guide. He was to partake on their maiden hunt as they searched for beavers. Their Indian Guide had them follow him down from Canada to British controlled America. The weather was relatively peaceful despite the enduring cold. Still they dressed warmly as the winter months were on the approach.

This was the last party he could have been accepted to. Jean-Pierre did not want to wait until the spring for this chance. So he decided to brave the cold. Their guide brought them to a river where beavers were said to inhabit. Jean-Pierre watched as the fur trappers placed their traps for the furry creature. It was not long before Jean-Pierre saw what they were after. It was small with a flat tail, a tail he had never seen before. Then the creature was caught and the team rallied with joy at their first catch. Jean-Pierre found this invigorating. They would continue to catch few more, but they needed to head down stream in order to reach their quota.

The guide continued to show the way to more promising spots, but there was a snag in the operation. The Indian Guide noted they were nearing dangerous ground, but the problem was the best place to find beavers was within. Despite their guide's warnings the French had to have a certain amount of beavers by a certain deadline. Reluctantly he agreed to guide them. They traversed the dangerous landscape as the guide stayed true to his word and led them safely. They were about to hit the mother load.

One evening they set up camp and prepared for a day of trapping ahead of them. All was quite and it seemed to be a normal night, then it happened, a sudden blizzard struck during the night. The camp rallied to secure their tents but the winds were violent and the tents were uprooted. The men needed to find shelter the guide directed them to find a cave. It was dangerous as visibility appeared to be absolute zero. People panicked and began to separate, some even fell of the side of ridges and were battered and broken by rocks and stone. A majority of the team either died or was lost that night. Only a handful found a cave and survived. The following morning they had to return to camp to find any supplies that may have survived. When Jean-Pierre and a few men, including the guide, returned all the supplies were gone.

Fear gripped them as they worried no civilization was near where they are, as they were practically stranded in the frontier. The guide worried, but he had only one suggestion. Since he knows the lay of the land better he would go off and return with help. The others agreed they would stay where they are. They had a few rations on them to survive for a day or two. The guide left them and it would seem the fight for survival was on. The guide told them wait in the cave in case more blizzards occurred. They stayed but it would seem fate decided to be cruel. The guide did not return in the time he said he would, in fact he did not make it himself.

Hunger began to grip them as weeks began to pass, they were going to die out there unless something could be done. They tried to hunt animals but without their gear they had nothing to trap and kill them with. They were growing weak and soon death would be upon them, until Jean-Pierre made the worst decision of his life, they had to eat each other to survive. No one wanted to be eaten and in paranoia one of them attacked, he was killed and fed Jean-Pierre and two others for some days. One decided he would risk finding help, especially since his guilt was forcing him to leave. The trapper left to find help, but he too would never return. It was down to them and it looked like eating each other was the only way.

In the end Jean-Pierre managed to resist a sneak attack by the other man. He was injured but Jean-Pierre bashed his head in with a stone and then ate him. He lasted for another week. Now with no other food source it would seem he was going to die. That was until a voice called to him and offered him salvation, Jean-Pierre quickly accepted. What he didn't know was that he foolishly allowed the cannibalistic spirit known as The Wendigo to inhabit his body. The Wendigo quickly took his body and then Jean-Pierre under went a horrific transformation. He transformed into a large, burly monster and it was hungry. The beast roared as animals ran as he scoured the wilderness for food.

The Wendigo quickly found tribes of Natives, humans being his favorite delicacy. As the beast he would attack and eat any human he could find, as entire villages were wiped out in a single night. Nothing could satisfy the hunger of the monster. When Jean-Pierre returned he was horrified with himself and stuck to hiding in caves in the wilderness. Despite his tries to starve himself or retreat far into the wilderness, the Wendigo always returned, and he always kept him alive. Then on one fateful day the arrogant beast decided to attack a significantly large village. He charged and the men defended themselves, as he slaughtered and killed anyone in his way. After some hours the village burned as the beast gorged himself on flesh, then he noticed a woman running. Giving to chase the Wendigo pursued.

The woman was carrying her baby as she ran for a frozen lake. The monster pounced upon her but the mother dropped the baby as he slid across the ice. In his cruelty he decided to eat the child first then the mother. He left the woman alone and walked across the ice towards the baby. The mother cried as she charged him in rage. The Wendigo knocked her aside as he continued for the child. Unbeknownst to him, the ice was thinner than it appeared and began to crack underneath his weight. When he reached the child he picked him up and opened it's large, gaping jaw. Then before he could bite the ice collapsed underneath, as he was about to be submerged. The mother dove and secured the child, the beast roar as it's grip failed and then he sunk beneath the ice. It would seem the Wendigo had finally met his end...or at least that is what Jean-Pierre hoped.

So begins...

Jean-Pierre Sauvageau's Story


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Gardenia Aqueducts

"A new meaning to Wet Dreams."

Wet. That was the understatement of the century. Water rushed over him like a bad dream, gasping and clawing, not knowing if he will live to see another day. Fear was all he could feel in his heart, as the bitter, stinging cold was relentless in it's efforts. The efforts being to keep him cold and damp. Where was he? What was going on? All questions are irrelevant, What's going to happen now? Is all that is relevant. Memories, memories more like nightmares were abuzz in his head. Such dark and terrible thoughts, one's that small children would claim to be nightmares. Fortunately for them, they weren't living one.

Jean-Pierre raised his head out of the rushing water. He appeared to be in some river that has...walls? Despite the oddity of a river needing walls like a house, he was nevertheless swept into a strong current. A current created by this blasted rainfall. He tried his best to swim against this current, such effort was folly. There was no chance of fighting it, he must allow it to carry him. He was swept away as the water rushed to an inevitable stop. Well a stop for solid debris. He was whisked down what he considered to be a waterfall. The drop was angled more like a slide into a river that was heading for bars. Bars like in a jail cell. Jean-Pierre was unceremoniously pushed against it. He held on to the bars and readied himself as he used them to lift his upper torso.

Here he was stuck between a rushing current and iron bars. The current was far too strong for him to swim back but as luck would have it a side walk was there. He need only reach it. Using the bars he shimmied across the river and placed a hand on the side walk. He then proceeded to climb by placing a foot on the bar and lifting with his arm on to the sidewalk. Soon both hands found solid ground as he pushed himself upwards by using the bars and his feet. He then rolled to the side and panted in exhaustion. He coughed several times exhaling the water caught in his lungs. He rolled on to his stomach as he finished his bout of coughing. He had no idea where he was, all he knows is that it's raining. He needed to find shelter.

Despite their being walls there was no ceiling for the river...well, ceiling that isn't on his side of the bars. Seeing as the river runs into some tunnel he went to enter. The bars though did not leave ample space for him to squeeze through. He tried but could not even fit half his body through. He then shook on the bars like a wild ape trying to pry them loose. Alas he hadn't that kind of strength to bend and break metal...but someone did. He dared not think of using HIS power...but what choice was there? He could call for help. Not exhausting all options Jean-Pierre yelled, "Help!" "Help!" "Hel-" He then suddenly coughed. His voice was coarse and in pain. He began yelling for help but couldn't manage a decent volume. No one did come when he did yell.

It seemed the rain was beginning to make him sick. He sneezed as he felt his nose swell with mucus. Would he catch his death out here? It was then a familiar sound echoed within. He shook his head but then violently twisted his neck. He herked and jerked like a pigeon bobbing it's head, and then his eyes...changed color. They were gold as his teeth changed slightly to fangs and claws began to emerge. Still having some control he lifted his arm as it began to bulge with new muscle and then he swiped. He dented the bar. With a roar he placed his hands upon the bars and with ferocity ripped them out of their sockets. He tossed them aside abruptly and ran into the tunnel. (Entered Gardenia Sewers).

Gardenia Sewers

Once he entered the tunnel he wrestled with himself. He fought against the furious thoughts running through his mind. He was subject to remember the beast's anger. Anger over death. He could barely hear his thoughts, as IT'S words meshed with an eldritch voice. The voice speaks of conflict and factions. He understood very little but did gaze upon his hand to see an odd symbol (♙). He wasn't sure at first but he's seen it before. If only his mind was clear. His claws began to grow and retract, as he fought against himself. He hadn't known it but he soon lost himself in a labyrinth of tunnels, all of which are underneath a city.

His fangs grew and reduced his eyes, change from bestial to human. He roared and then yelled as his body faltered. He changed from human towards some sort of mutant, and back again. Towards the end he he collapsed on the sidewalk. He heard the waters of the sewers as he fell unconscious. The voice returned. He was to be a soldier, in an ancient war...his side was waiting. Jean-Pierre didn't know what to make of it...all he could do at the moment was rest. And rest he did.


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Gardenia Sewers

"The Kindness of Strangers."

He lied there, like a fallen log. Unmoving, unflinching, and most of all unconscious. His mind was a violent whirlpool of thoughts, fears, and hopes. He heard voices upon voices, none was more louder than HIM but he continues to hear instructions it seems. Pawn, War, Factions...all of it continued to come through. He wasn't sure what it meant but he understood and so did HE. He was found wearing nothing but rags for pants. Some homeless passerby stumbled upon the body of Jean-Pierre. He worried about the man and seeing his state, he felt sympathetic. He tried to rouse him, but all attempts were futile. Seeing no more options the Homeless man carried Jean-Pierre to safety.

The Man soon came upon exit from the sewers a large gated entrance used for maintenance. It was through here they would exit and the man would bring him to his home. (Exited Gardenia Sewers)

Gardenia City-Underpass-Shanty Town

Jean-Pierre began to feel life once again. Warmth returned to his body and for once he felt at ease. It was then he awoken and then suddenly launched himself out of a makeshift bed and landed on the ground. The man then raised his hand in soothing fashion, "Calm down friend, your fine." He humbly spoke. Jean-Pierre was a bit thrown off by the man sitting across from him. His accent odd, but it sounded like he spoke English. "Où suis-je ?" Jean-Pierre spoke in French. The man then raised his ear to him, as he was confused by the words just spoken. "Excuse me come again?" The man asked. "" Jean-Pierre spoke louder, this time trying to use his English.

The man then nodded as he understood him. He was glad the person was able to understand his English despite his accent. "Why your in my home, well really all of our homes." As the man raised his arm encompassing all of the other makeshift homes and people. Jean-Pierre looked around. The town reminded him of the Slums in Paris. Poverty it seems, is always everywhere. Jean-Pierre nodded. The man then looked at him as he motioned for him to sit next to him. "Come on." "You'll be less cold if you sit by the fire." The man said as he tended to the fire burning it what looks like a metal barrel. Jean-Pierre did sit by the fire as he used it to get warm he the noticed he had a coat wrapped around him. "Ah yes, that was mine but you look like you need it more." The man spoke. "Merci." Jean-Pierre spoke.

"Huh?" The man spoke as he raised his eyebrow. "Thank you." Jean-Pierre spoke again in English. "Before I forget to mention, your accent is strange," He paused as he tended the fire again, "Were are you from?" He asked. "France." Jean-Pierre replied. "Hm?" "France?" "Never heard of it." He spoke. Then Jean-Pierre raised an eyebrow in confusion. Who hasn't ever heard of France? It was only one of the most powerful nations in the world. Or since he seems to speak English is he being an arrogant Brit, and ignoring the French nation. "You are an Englishmen, no?" "How can you not know of France?" Jean-Pierre asked a bit astounded.

The man gave him a strange look, as if he was the one who was crazy but decided to oblige, "Well sorry I haven't." The man sincerely spoke. Jean-Pierre felt a bit put-off from the man's words but still he gave him a coat when he is in rags, and a fire too. So Jean-Pierre shouldn't be upset with the man, even if he does say he knows nothing of France. Jean-Pierre sat there looking in to the fire as he struggled to remember more of his life. He knows he is a Frenchman but what else? It was so frustrating not to remember anything else of his life. Not to mention where he is and what these instructions mean to him. Still, at least he learned English back some time ago. Even trying to think of when he learned English is foggy. Why does he know next to nothing of his past?

Every time he tries he feels HIM and guilt. One thing is for certain he knows all to well about his roommate and how destructive he is. Which brings him to worry about the people here. He doesn't want to become HIM and hurt these fine people. He wouldn't be able to live with himself after the hospitality they've shown him. Hell, he can't even live with himself now. The Beast forces him too his best defense is to remain in control. Easier said than done. Even with the Beast he continues to feel these new sensations, as if he knows where other people are without even knowing where they are. He seems to have such an exact feeling he could tell when they move away. Why is he feeling this for? Is it because of the instructions? He then suddenly remembered to mark on his hand. He raised his right hand to see that mark again. This time he could tell what it was, a Pawn. Pawns are used in chess correct? Is he supposed to play Chess? Or something like that.

He placed his hand round his body to keep warm. He was glad these people decided to use this large, roof for covering. The rain beyond is brutal. Which makes him wonder who would place such a thing and why? He shouldn't complain it provides ample cover. Yet, it's design seems familiar...a bridge perhaps? Jean-Pierre thought, soon his concentration was broken by the man. "So what were you doing down in the sewers?" He asked. "Trying to find cover from the rain." Jean-Pierre spoke. "Ah I see, well the sewers don't help much, in fact it's probably worse down there, with all of the rats y'know?" He spoke. Jean-Pierre merely nodded. "You don't talk much do ya?" He rhetorically asked. Jean-Pierre only merely nodded. "Well it's getting real late, I should get some rest." He spoke, "Have a good night." He spoke as he entered that shack and left his view. Jean-Pierre continued to look into the fire as he continued to feel out other things. All the while the Beast stirs...


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Gardenia City-Underpass-Shanty Town


Jean-Pierre was overcome with new, startling developments. His new senses, seem to be pointing to an eventuality, other forces are coming together. Already he could vaguely make out two large groups, of about three or more sources. It would seem other singular sources were finding each other and coming together. This troubled him, especially about the part of his instructions about conflict between two factions. From his viewpoint it would seem the factions were gathering and like always, battle lines will be drawn. The battle may soon begin, luckily not everyone has gathered. Chances of the battle happening are not likely just yet. What's more the two large gatherings seem to have a modest distance away.

A more concerning problem is that one of those gatherings are not too far away from where he was. Jean-Pierre has no idea who his allies are supposed to be, but if the theme of chess is to continue then his side is the white side. He has no idea where the Whites are suppose to gather, for his new senses cannot tell him the distinction between friend and foe. A most dangerous disadvantage. One that he hopes all of the pieces share. While the chances of this group being his side is 50/50 he doesn't want to test his luck and fail. Especially if the wrong side will engage him in battle, and the chances of HIM appearing will be most certain. He doesn't want HIM to cause destruction, he has unwanted guilt and more won't help his state of mind.

Now came to biggest question, should he stay or should he go? There could be a chance he will go by unnoticed but if everyone else has these senses as well, it will be most unlikely. And if the chances are these are his enemies, then he doesn't want to be held responsible for these good peoples death. His choice was made. Having the ragged old coat he held it up over his head and left the rundown shacks of the homeless, entering into the rain. (Left for Gardenia City)

Gardenia City

Jean-Pierre managed to find a staircase leading up to land above. When he managed the climb his eyes beheld a large shimmering city. The lights reminded him of Paris, but the architecture here was something he has never seen before. His bare feet were cold as they stepped on the wet cement and the only saving grace was the addition of lamp posts all over the streets. He turned his attention to the large bridge, which gives the homeless shelter. He moved towards this great bridge and then saw a most curious sight, a pair of lights were coming in fast down the street. A large, metallic object raced past him and Jean-Pierre fell over startled. He had never seen anything like that, just what was that?!

This place is strange indeed. Jean-Pierre picked himself up again and placed the coat back over his head. No time to waste, he had to distance himself away from the groups and find new shelter. He ran down the bridge looking for a new place to lie low from the other sources. At least until this damned rain lets up. He was cutting through alleyways, using the buildings as a sort of roadblock to distance himself away from the group. What he failed to notice was that one of the alleyways had a side entrance to a bar and inn. He made no contact with solid ground and the moment he noticed that something was amiss he was tumbling down the stairs. He crashed next a wall and was knocked unconscious. Luckily for him this went on unnoticed. He was soon found and carried inside. (Entered Morningstar Bar & Inn)

Morningstar Bar & Inn-Third Floor-Room 33

Jean-Pierre didn't know it but he was being cared for by a young woman, the daughter of the owner. She was treating his head wound from the fall. Even in this unconscious state, he was still abuzz with action in his mind. The beast complained over Jean-Pierre's clumsiness, not to mention his desire to be let free. Jean-Pierre tried his best to ignore but the Beast was everywhere and he tormented him. He would not stop until he is given what he wants.

It was in this moment when a wet cloth touched his exposed forehead that he jumped awake. This in turn shocked the poor girl who nearly fell out of her seat. "What the!?" She shouted as Jean-Pierre stood over her. She immediately blushed when she saw the naked man, whose ragged clothes were taken away because they were soaked. She quickly turned away from him as she tried to ignore his body. Jean-Pierre was slow and sluggish but he noticed his lack of clothing and quickly wrapped a blanket around him. "Ah ! Désolé, désolé !" Jean-Pierre cried. He felt really embarassed from this whole ordeal.

The woman then with confusion spoke, "Huh?" Jean-Pierre then nodded his head and spoke in English, "Sorry, Mademoiselle." He spoke. "You can look now." He spoke giving her the OK to turn. "Oh, well it's nothing you didn't know." She spoke slightly bashful. She then snapped out of her reverie, "My mom said to give you these clothes if you woke up!" She spoke as she ran for a nearby closet and pulled out a white, button up shirt, and black slacks. "Here you go!" she spoke as she brought the folded clothes to him. "Merci." He spoke. Before she became confused he spoke, "It means thank you." "Oh, alright!" She spoke with a smile, "Well I better get out of here and let you change, heh heh." She spoke with nervous laughter and stepped outside.

Jean-Pierre dressed himself in the nice clothing, finishing the set with a belt, socks, and shoes. He had to admit, it was nice wearing something nicer than rags. While he looked in the full-body mirror he noticed something shimmering behind him. He turned to see, off the corner of his eye, something white and glistening in the window. While he couldn't tell what it was thanks to the building obscuring it. Luckily though they were low enough to get the tips of a distant building. He couldn't explain it, but he felt drawn to it. He had to get a better sight of it. He stepped outside and the girl was right there. "Wow you look good!" She spoke once again being bashful. Yet, Jean-Pierre hadn't the state of mind to notice. "Is there a way to get higher?!" He asked. While she tried to piece together what he said through his accent she spoke, "Yeah the roof." "Why?" "Can you show me?" He asked. She then nodded, "Sure, but it's raining, let me get an umbrella!" She spoke as she ran downstairs.

While he would wait, this feeling wouldn't. He figured for himself to climb up the stairway. He soon found a door which led to the roof. He stood out into the rain and saw a shimmering white castle in the distance. It seemed his fate was to lead him there, he was drawn to it like flies to honey. The girl then came out with him and place the umbrella over his head. "What are you looking at?" She asked. "What? You can't see it?" He said. "Hm? What?" Jean-Pierre couldn't help but stare, he knew he had to be there. "Come on inside no need to stand out in the rain." She spoke. Jean-Pierre nodded and went inside. But he won't be for long, soon he will make his way to the castle in the distance, and discover just what is going on around here.


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#, as written by Sonata
Seramel Castle
Throne Room

The king raised his hand to catch the golf ball-sized sapphire against his palm. His fingers curled about it, clutching it as he lowered it before his eyes. He then closed them, frowning as he appraised the power within the stone. Nothing seemed to be happening between him and the rock, but really the power it exuded had been so slight and controllable that nothing would have happened unless he wanted it to. Opening his eyes, he pocketed the stone and said somewhat pleased, "This will do...for now."

At the angel's suggestion, the Rook disappeared from the roof, leaping into a hole that appeared in the floor. The king's brows knitted curiously as he approached the hole to gaze into it to see the Rook walk through the double doors of a magnificent structure: his castle. Without a word of warning to the queen, Mathius jumped into the portal before it could seal to rocket upright on the other side. He spread his feet over the hole to keep from falling through it and gazed up at the coral-white building before him. mine, he thought. With this castle and its pieces, I will claim this realm.

No one would taser him ever again. Just as Lotton did, Mathius approached the doors, but unlike the treatment Lotton faced, they opened on their own. The king stood there speechlessly and surprised that even the castle acknowledged him.

"Your king is home," Mathius muttered.

Soaked and wet, his silver hair matted upon his head and hoody as full as a sponge, he crossed the rest of the distance, taking a step across the threshold when his clothes shifted, morphing as he crossed the borders between the inside and out. A foot within and he was dry and draped in white and gold robes. A hood was drawn over his head and a mask as pristine as porcelain was situated on his face. Mathius held his arms out before him, gazing upon his new garb. Behind the mask, he was grinning, growing drunk with the power that was erected before him. As he walked the long foyer, pawns materialized to his left and right, appearing in files that led all the way to the spacious and circular parlor. Reaching a hand into his pocket, the king removed the sapphire and clutched it. His figure then winked out of existence to appear at the end of the hall, cutting the length he'd have to travel not even in half. Standing before the parlor, he gazed upon the massive staircase and then further up to the numerous floors that circled above.

I desire only to see my throne, the king thought.

On the highest floor, two pawns appeared and the king craned his head to gaze upon the plain, stone-like figures. He once again winked out of existence before he reappeared on that floor. The smooth, dark, wooden doors opened to a grand hall where a black carpet, split a path across the white-marble floor, leading up a small staircase to a throne of ivory. Behind the chair's head was a half-sun of blade hilts, creating a seemingly crown. It was beautiful.

As soon as the sorcerer stepped onto the carpet, more pawns appeared, rising from the marble floor, appearing to have been sculpted from the marble itself. As he passed between their files, they drew their swords, the hiss of steel, resonating through the chamber as they held their blades aloft above their king's head. He walked to the end of the carpet, up the steps, and turned to face his servants. As soon as he took his seat upon the cold throne, the pawns simultaneously sheathed their swords and became as still as statues.

"Excellent," the king praised. He was already impressed and eager to get the battle preparations underway. "Summon all who serve me."

The pieces of Seramel would then feel their brands tingle and glow, and would know of the king's order. They were to gather in the throne room.


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Morning Star Bar & Inn-Main Lobby


Within in the Inn away from the the main streets, did sit Jean-Pierre. His mind pensive and his body restless as his impulsive desire to reach the white palace consumed him. He was met with the young woman and an older woman, sitting at an unimpressive spruce wood table. It was of medium size, round in it's body as he sat at matching wooden chairs as a coaster in the form of a white plate was lain before him. Upon this plate was a white tea cup filled with coffee. Jean-Pierre added sugar to his, hoping the caffeine and sugar will take his mind else where. They spoke in curiosity of him and why he wants to leave so bad which he replies with, "Because I must."

"Well if you must dearie please take a coat and umbrella." "Joanne please bring the nice man some weather gear." The old woman spoke. "Yes mother." Spoke Joanne as she ran to find a suitable man's coat and umbrella. "s'il vous plaît, there is no need." Jean-Pierre spoke trying to politely refuse the gift. "Please dearie I insist." spoke the old maid as her daughter brought the coat and umbrella. "Here I think this might fit you." she spoke as she handed Jean-Pierre the black rain coat. "Merci, Thank you." He spoke as he stood up and donned the coat. "I suppose I can't talk you out of it?" Joanne asked hopeful. "No, I am sorry." Jean-Pierre spoke as he was handed the umbrella. Then all of a sudden his hand twinged as if slightly burnt as he gasped and looked at the tattoo upon the top of his right hand.

"What, what is it?" Joanne asked concerned at Jean-Pierre's sudden twinge. "Ne, rien, it is nothing." "I must leave." He spoke as he heard a message run across his mind. He then walked for the door. "Oh merci, thank you for the hospitality." He spoke with a bow. He then turned and opened the door and left into the rain. "Did you understand what he said sometimes?" The old mother asked. "No, I didn't." Joanne asked as they then went back to their daily lives.

Out in the street under the cover of the umbrella, walked Jean-Pierre. Before he made it too far from the Inn he then slumped against a wall as a familiar voice ringed in his head.


"No not again!" Jean-Pierre cried in his thoughts. The same word continued to chime in his thoughts. As it bellowed and roared with ever increasing intensity. He had to get to the palace, before something bad happens. Regaining his strength and composure Jean-Pierre moved at a brisk pace and headed for the white castle he saw in the distance.
(Left for Seramel Castle)

Seramel Castle/Castle Grounds

He wobbled and shook as he walked the grand steps. Grand steps of an atmosphere he was far to distracted to take in. His mind was set on dogged determination to reach those front doors. The voice inside grew in power as the beast began to assume control. It was hungry and Jean-Pierre has starved him out for long enough. Yet, he couldn't allow it to win, when he was so close. His mind grew heavy as if prepared for sleep, so much so he didn't even notice the other blips of power resonating inside. He could only think of arriving. He made it to the great doors of the castle as he knocked on it. "S'il vous plaît ! Ouvrir la porte !" Jean-Pierre cried. He shouted for the door to open, as he could not find the strength to open it himself.

"It is my turn"

The voice spoke and before Jean-Pierre gave out the door opened. A servant saw a wet Jean-Pierre as he long since dropped his umbrella, and before the servant spoke Jean-Pierre passed out before him. "Help!" "Help!" The servant cried as more came to his side. "Help me move this fellow to his chambers!" "Quickly now!" The servant ordered the others as they lifted Jean-Pierre from his limbs and carried him, as if he were on a medical stretcher. The servants made no discreet movements as the other guests and residents of the castle would see the servants quickly transport an unconscious Jean-Pierre to a bedroom. From their he would rest and wrestle with thoughts within his subconsciousness.

"There lay him down." The servant ordered as they placed him on the bed. "Lets help him out of these wet clothes and into fresh ones." The servant spoke as they stripped him down and dried him of the rain. They soon placed new, lounge clothing as they laid the sheets and covers so he may get warm. "We did what we could, let him rest, and be sure to send people regularly to check up upon him." The servant spoke as the group left him to his rest. If only they could help relieve him of the beast within.