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Nienna Elanessë

"This war is more then a fair game... "

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a character in “Soulchess: A Second Awakening”, as played by Sonicx00



"I can only say your devotion will fail you"

Title - Angel Of Wrath
Faction - Seramel
Role - ♔ Queen ♔
Race - Angel
Gender - Female

Appearance – Nienna is just as an angel should be, beautiful and fair. She stands to about 5'7 and her body is proportional seeing she is a vixen worthy of her title. You can say she is busty having a nice backside and front visually but that's something that she often ignores. Her eye color is a fair sea blue which can be very mesmerizing if you look directly into them. The angel's hair is actually quite a unique sight. Upon her head you may see a head-dress yet in addition you'll notice that miniature angel wings hang from this accessory. It is unknown to every whether it is part of her angelic race or if it is actually just a magical feature. (It is a part of her race yet it does look like a normal head dress). Following this her beautiful silk, peach blonde hair flows down maidenly reaching only but a inch passed her bottom. Interestingly enough the wings and her hair are only but nearly the same color. The tone of the angel's skin is a toned peach giving off a calm appearance. Aside from this another noticable feature is that she has pointed ears like an elf. As many angels do, Nienna has wings upon her back. These wings are naturally quite large yet she retains and keeps them small until she is in battle.

When it comes to attire, Nienna wears a battle dress fit for a queen and an angel. Upon her left arm rests plated shoulder pad and on the right is a metal arm brace. Descending down you'll notice her plated chest which quickly becomes a fitted dress of the most beautiful cloth. The color's start out violet in the center and quickly become a beautiful white that radiates in the night. She does not wear any boots and rather decides to walk bear foot.

In day-time Gardenia, Her appearance takes a change yet there is quite a interesting factor in this... Gardenia DOES have elves during the day but this... is an extremely rare sight. The equivalent standing to say is that for every 10,000 humans there is at least 1 elf born in Gardenia of a population of fifteen million. When daylight hits, this is the form our beloved angel takes. Her toned skin becomes a lighter shade as her hair flows straight, her elvish ears remain allowing her to fit the rare population of the city. Her height and body structure remains as well yet her angel wings disappear visually to others excluding her faction which even then they will only be able to tell once they see her back without a layer.

Her attire is similar to the picture you see now holding Elvish culture with the dominant general culture of Gardenia. Her top is exact yet the bottoms are more so a styled shorts with a bronze belt slung around her waist. She does wear long boots unlike her appearance in her true form. Upon her wrist are golden armlets and her ears hold beautiful loop earrings (not too large).

Personality - On the outside Nienna here fits a good stereotype to all angels we think of. They are seen to be kind and maidenly however, we know this isn't always the case. Especially for the “Angel Of Wrath”. It is not to say that she herself can not be maidenly and kind but in “Heaven” she was known to have a more darker personality then others. Her reputation fed off it. In public when she is not battling she is kind and loves meeting people. In addition, she has a bit of a curious side which makes her wander off time to time without speaking to anyone. In addition to this she enjoys help people. Now as easy going and soft as Nienna seems it is a bit different when she is on duty.

Deep down, Nienna loves battling, fighting, torture. When on the job or for assignments when in heaven, she was known to be the first to head in and destroy in addition being one of the most powerful angels of her realm. This destruction marked history for her...When in battle she in sadistic and nearly tainted yet this does not mean she completely loses herself in battle. In fact keeps her sanity enough to even make smart decisions. She rarely speaks in battle but when she does it is often as if she speaks in a soft pitch sounding as though fighting is bring pain to her heart.

Nienna does interact with her faction and will help them if she can unless she knows there is nothing she can do and often she has her reasons if she turns a request down. Aside from this in the day time in Gardenia, she's often observing the town, and becomes very cautious wondering who's in charge, what summoned them, who among the people are the opposing. Nienna enjoys reading and Singing which occasionally you can find her in the castle garden doing one of the two things if alone.

History- Nienna was born in the heavens among Nosgaea which is the world and universe that Dracunlina's Alchazra Kingdom rest. Before the world shaped into chaos's edge the war upon demons and angels raged upon Hell's purgatory. This war was lead by Tuor Nólatári who at the was with a fair angelic princess known as Linwë Elanessë. Upon the great war she was with child yet sadly Tuor did not know of this. Sacred was it for her to be with a lower class angel and even less for her to bare the child of this class not even married. The secret continued as darkness swept in. Forcefully going against the angelic royals code she found herself becoming distant and questioned. Even Tuor was being placed away.

As seclusion came upon them the war slowly escalated as raids began to sweep into the heavenly kingdom. It finally came the day, half way through pregnancy, Tuor made the mistake upon his kingdom and his life. Upon the army stood the dreadmaster Awk'wir whom was known as hell's most powerful sorcerer. The battle between him and that sorcerer were obviously unbalanced as Tuor was overpowered. It all came down as a torcher for him as the sorcerer went into his memories finding out about the woman. It didn't take him long to notice It was the princess. This demon well knew the codes and laws of angelical order and decided to take it in his own hands to make matters worse for her and him. After shattering angel Awk'wir went about and made his way into heaven's kingdom tainting the baby inside of Linwë who was to grow into the angel we have now. Originally his plans were to turn the angel into a demon and be a child of darkness of the inside yet it failed when heaven's light surrounded Nienna noticing something incredibly different. His magic was thought to not have worked on it as the vessel glowed brightly among Linwe so he falled back with his troops mainly to see what occurred. After nine-months it appeared that Linwë had died.... yet Nienna was born without parents. She technically was supposed to be princess yet Linwë's sister despised her on sight and took away her nobility to the throne. The cloisters of heaven took Nienna in this is where her story begins...

Nienna although everyone had angelic codes, Nienna was definitely different. The taint was through her personality. It was lucky that the divinity stopped the darkness of taking over yet... she still held tremendous differences compared to other angels. Nienna showed no care for when people died... and she interesting despised the nobles even though she never knew her mother or father. The angels over the year began to fear her because she was not afraid to go against the code and slay her own kin. The cloisters soon found out about what caused this chaotic neutral aggression that Nienna had and presented it to the throne. They did not tell Nienna about her tainted blood yet they did offer her a job to be one of the “paladin's” which is an elite force. Although not right away, she did accepted and over the years became one of the most feared “Paladin's” in angelic history especially when it came to finding out about her taint and treading the demon's halls herself. She destroyed Awk'wir without delay. Although it was a dire battle, Nienna succeeded and once she returned with a grin of darkness on her face. She was known as the angel of wrath.

Over the years whether it had been a thousand if not more, Nienna still a Paladin with fear in the heavens and hell yet... there was an interesting development going on between the two realms. One of which the angels and demons have ignored. Excluding demons who have found the area... there were other creatures as well this includes your typical elves, humans yet worst of all upon them... vampires. The vampiric race was a race of destruction and said to be a spawn of the highest of devils that hell holds. Nienna had fought some of these devils but never had she tangoed with a spawn. Naturally you'd find them weaker then where they came from but that is just not the case... at least for the very last one she fought...

Corruption upon the kingdom that holds most power... a demon sits at the throne. Last assignment at least from what we know yet our poor angel didn't. After battling for countless of years and attaining years of combat. The vampire known as Draculina Valentine gave her quite a dance.. It all ended when she and the vampire trapped each other among their strings although before Draculina's strings caved in to kill her. She decided to go out with her sending all 20 blades striking deep upon... Holiness was shown to be a severe weakness... To Nienna's mind she wish she didn't hold back on using the blades before but claimed in the end that she lived to long and faded way only leaving behind a black and white feather that flew to heaven... or did it...?

Weapon(s) -
Staff Of Judgement


Angel Wings

There is not true picture but they can be related to look like the wings upon her head. These wings on her back expand to become quite large... they can be used as a defense from incoming magical and physical attacks. They are quite strong yet... every time she defends feathers fall and disappear as light. Eventually her wings will go away and she will not be able to fly or defend with them... They do however recharge after sleeping and rest which is why she dislikes defending with them.

Fighting Style- Nienna could very well be called a hybrid fighter with her abilities and style. The angel has speed, strength and magic at her disposal but of these which is her most noticed attribute? It can be rather obvious that being a angel her divine magic is her superiority. Nienna is skilled with the art of fighting with a staff in melee but she is also decently skilled in hand to hand which is often used when she has to. Ever since her death learning/knowing her version of the Strings of Death actually became her style when it comes to range or fighting in the air. She indeed is very tactical when it comes to this style and often prefers it to be this way. Although she enjoys this... she also enjoys when her opponents get in her aura. Dealing pain multiple times... as for her active abilities excluding her strings, she tries to hold back so no one will know her true power. Overall Nienna is decent in both range and melee combat as are her defenses.

Sense presence - Can feel the spiritual presences of the other "pieces".

Queen Crest Augment - Their power is increased to fit the queen position. In addition, they have a boosted regeneration rate. (Doesn't mean they heal wounds immediately, think more along the lines of after a full 8 hours worth of sleeping)

Aura Of Divinity
Description: A divine aura surrounds Nienna. This aura actually works with the Queen's presence yet when felt. It will be a fearful aura to her foes and a gentle aura to her comrades. When you are within 15 feet of Nienna you will notice the holy energy surrounding her is attacking you. The attacks get stronger as you grow near yet for those around you who are your friends and comrades... all they will feel is warmth. The attacks if you are 15 feet away you'll feel begin to feet scratches as if a cat is scratching you... 10 feet away will be as if a knife as slashing you 5 feet and less is as if a sword is stabbing you. The pain varies upon your will... the pain, you can take a hell lot of hits but you'll eventually pass out if you can't take it anymore... your mind will trick you because of this illusion and your body will react is if it is taken too much pain or not. One last interesting factor is that your arms will have cuts but regardless the amount of pain you take from one is the same... (Just not to your nerves/brain). This aura is concealed when it is day-time unless she turns into her original form. Also she can leak this aura slightly when she is in her Gardenian form.

Angel's Strings
Description: Although she does not know it, this ability was rather a improved and copied version of Draculina's strings of death that she learned in her last fight. The strings were deadly or could be used as a hold. Draculina had much control over them. There were times where the times strings may not kill but they can still bind the opponent. When they're bound, they will feel cuts because the strings are so sharp but the cuts wont be intense enough to go through the body unless Draculina makes them cave in. All of the above apply... the difference is... the strings are not controlled by hands and fingers but from Nienna's staff. These strings are actually divine infused holy energy which basically feels the same pain UNLESS you're a demon or undead in which it'll be about 3x as worse of a feeling even if they're just holding.

Divine Wrath
Description: This ability can work by either her fist or through her staff. When it comes to using it with her body she is often on the ground. The aura surrounding her becomes physical energy surrounding her body. She then punches the ground releasing a blast of energy that spreads to about 30 ft radius around her. This blast is divine energy which damages anyone in it's radius excluding herself. This ability will even hit her friends/comrades if they're close. Once the energy clears the field there will be a crater around her. This does take a lot of energy and she can only use it twice if one more she will overexert herself becoming stone from the mass of energy that explodes among her. The stone effect last 1 hour so she can recharge at least 4% of her energy back. While in this stoned for she is breathing and she is alive. It is more to say that she is sleeping. This Is the way she sleeps normally though.. Only through this.

When it comes to using this ability through the staff, it is more powerful due to the fact that she can charge the staff with as much energy as she needs to. This ability however takes more energy and time to prepare sending energy into the weapon. Once charged often she is in the air therefore allowing her to send the weapon as if it were a javelin in any given direction... The explosion does not happen until impact of any given force among 20 ft radius and will cause destruction upon anything in it's path. If the staff does not hit anything... it will keep on flying until it does... for this reason she never uses it unless she knows it can be stopped or unless her opponents are below her.

Blades Of The Tempest
Description: Nienna's most dire.. due to the amount of energy that it takes she only can only use it once. When this ability is used her aura roars and increases as preparations are made by 10 feet. The aura also becomes more violent and loses it's warm feeling that her comrades may feel if they're caught in it and will feel the same pain as her enemies do. The energy itself becomes a twenty divine blades of destruction ready to pierce their target around Nienna in a circle. Upon command these blades will go to her Nienna's target stabbing them in different areas each time. These blades do not disappear once they pierce their target until all twenty are inside. After all twenty area in the blades become a aura once more. Preparation time takes 30 seconds and Nienna can not move. Her eyes are lit as if they're blinding lights and as you know the aura shines brighter too. Once the blades are out … Nienna has no aura until all blades are gone. These blades are divine infused. These blades can be stopped but know they're quick.

So begins...

Nienna Elanessë's Story


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Heavy Rain



Thunder roared with a clap as rain dawned from the sky. The city's lights were lit and bright yet the atmosphere felt still. As the clock struck midnight the bell tower sung. It only seemed to a unfamiliar ear that the ambience grew louder with every ring and it echoed among the rain's particles. Amidst the top of this very tower a glowing feather, colored black and white floated softly with a bright golden aura. The light could be seen from anywhere if one was looking in the sky as the radiant light stood out among the blackened sky. The feather gently made it's way to the ground of the tower's roof only to make a sudden flash of light that covered the roof top only dissolving gradually. The lightning and thunder continued roaring and clapping as the light disappeared from visions of a far yet up close the aura remained only to this time be covering a beautiful maiden, Nienna. She whom had wings upon her head yet to those unfamiliar it'd be a crown of feathers was upon the ground with her eyes shut but could feel the cold and wet ground beneath her as she could feel the rain drops upon her skin as if she were to be taking a shower. The tower's music hummed in her ear. The bell gave her mind a feeling that something was familiar yet she couldn't put her mind to it. As every ring of the bell hit the angel's ear, her eyes squinted only to open on the last ring. The maiden's sea blue eyes were revealed to the world as she woke from her slumber. The woman lifted her upper body, holding herself up with only her arms as she looked around. The eyes blinked at first but suddenly she felt a slight tickle upon her hand. The forming a crest through a divine light was made, a queens crest. Yet she remained unamused. Before her awakening she could hear the mystic voice that explained everything. To be given life again after death.. amazing beginning yet was this really the beginning for her? Obviously not for she had lived once although she does not recall it. The only things she knew was what she was... the language here... the natural language of elves of her realm and her abilities... Nothing else rung a bell not even her death. She noticed the bell only a good five feet away from her and it did give make her wonder but nothing came about. Yet there was were other thoughts upon her that needed attention...

Nienna finally lifted herself up before feeling her wings spread out as she felt her aura as well spread among. The wings shined so beautifully as they were expanded before coming back together. She looked side to side, looking for her castle which was said to be among them and there it was shining bright as day in the night lit sky. The angel's wings began flapping with strong wind pushed from them. Only feel herself rise into the air. She then began soaring towards the castle with speed yet she did wonder along the way whom was on her faction. As she made her way there she noticed something that caught her eye. A church sat alone among the square of the town. She quickly descended not knowing why but she felt a interesting radiance from the building...warm, calm and soothing... Perhaps it felt like her world had she remembered... She opened the door only to see the father turning around with eyes opened surprised...

“M-my lady!?” He said examining the angel's appearing before kneeling before her.

She didn't know what it was but she enjoyed the praise yet her thoughts rerouted her to her curiosity.

“Where am I...?” Nienna said.

“In the holy sanctuary of Gardenia... Hail the divine, This must be a sign! What has the gods come to tell me?!” the man in white robes said.

Nienna blinked before speaking “Listen, I do not know how much I could say but there is a battle coming and a war... and I need as much information as possible... Other then that... Priest, there is nothing more you can do then provide me when I come here with divine recoveries...”. The man looked wide eye yet nodded. He believe every word especially to the fact that out of all the years upon Gardenia not once did an angel physically appear among the priest. Little did he know that Nienna wasn't from this world. The priest gave her a little more information and insight before agreeing to help each other out until she had to go...

1:35 A.M.

Before departing, The angel turned to him and nodded using a little bit of her divine power to enhance the build with a holy aura. She then spread her wings and took flight. She flew the skies looking around at the nightly lit city that caught her eyes. Such beauty in the dark skies yet... her destination was her new “home”. She landed right at the door feeling rain drops fall upon her face. She could smell the scent of roses that carried to her nose but wasn't bothered by it. Her blue eyes stared at the door before looking behind her. No one was here, that was true seeing that she felt no presences even from the inside. Nienna made her wings shrink back to small ones before opening the door and letting herself in. Soaked, she could feel the water drip upon the marble floor. Every drop echoed lightly among the room yet this no bother, there were maids to clean it up. She figured it would be best to wait here before proceeding to her chambers so walked over to a small chair with a wooden coffee table next to it and sat looking towards the door waiting. As she waiting all she could think about was the game...

(Is now inside Seramel Castle)


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Ryuu Shosuke

Near castle

Ryuu had been running across rooftops for some time now. Chomesku kept growling at her in anger, mainly due to the fact that she was hungry but Ryuu ignored the complaints coming from her sword. Even when she could feel the heat emanating from her black blade, Ryuu simply held her silence.
The rain had now soaked her completely, but thanks to Chomesku, Ryuu stayed relatively warm though she would shiver every now and then. Nearing the white castle Ryuu paused for a moment, shifting Chomesku on her shoulder, so she wouldn’t slip and eat at whatever she could get at without her wielder.

Ryuu thought of what she might meet once she entered the castle but finally made the decision to just go inside. And with that Ryuu walked the last few feet to the entryway of the estate of the castle. As she walked closer Ryuu could smell roses, in the watery wind and calmed down. Even Chomesku had lessened her heat, and because of that Ryuu was glad this would be her new home. But then a thought entered her mind what will they be like, those I have sworn to protect and follow orders and those who I lead in their stead. She frowned, her gripped tightened on the strap that held Chomesku, who sensing her master’s unease suddenly flared with renewed fire.

Ryuu sighed, angry at herself for having such thoughts while in the presence of her sword and she finally calmed down too shaking her head, Ryuu walked the rest of the way to the door. Heasistating just for a moment on whether or not she should continue but with the heat at her back, and opened the door.

She was met with emptiness and such extravagant surroundings Ryuu felt out of place, walking around a look of awe on her face. Her hands trailed the walls, leaving watery footprints in her wake. Then stopping she concentrated and felt a presence (Nienna Elanesse), but chose to ignore it and continued to explore the castle. (inside Seramel Castle exploring)


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Seramel Castle

Nienna was sitting down with her head in her hand and her eyes closed. It felt empty in the room yet she could hear the maids working not to far from the room. The angel was surprised that they didn't hear the door open but at the same time she didn't care whether they did or not. The maiden wasn't up for idle chit chat. However... them living her would prove to be quite some information. Her eyes slowly opened as she felt the presence approach. Her eyes beamed towards the door waiting to see whom it was. As the door opened a girl was revealed. Quite a tall female but that mattered not to Nienna. The girl walked in and it was obvious that she felt the angel's presence but continued along to explore.

“Don't get lost...” Nienna chuckled as she saw her go in the darkened halls of the castle. She herself stood up and wondered ”Where is the king... who is he...?” There was always the possibility that that girl could've been it but to the angel's eyes she looked weak, yet she'd never say it to her.. Observations must be made first. The angel walked outside and felt the cold rain fall upon her once more. No one was near yet to Nienna's mind, if everyone was summoned at the same time, there was no way everyone is too far away. The angel stuck out her palm collecting the droplets as they fell. It wasn't long until she began singing and as she did this a light radiated from the angel.

This was only something to pass time as her fellow allies appeared but she wondered “This game has started from the moment we woke up... Is it possible for them to encounter each other and clash blades early... What if the king were to be first” This suddenly made her stop singing and form a fist with the same hand that was out.


Nienna began to walk towards the exit of the castle and once again walked down the concrete walkway into the city. No one was close. She would feel it wouldn't she? Was this good.. or bad...? Nienna suddenly sprouted her wings and took flight heading towards the building of looked like a hospital. As she flew over she could suddenly feel one presence (Lotton Cromwell) and then suddenly another but it felt faded. Was she too late?

“W-why am I worried so much?” She asked herself before answering herself. The angel noticed vehicles and sirens going off from the outside and inisde as she descended upon the building. Her wings suddenly disappeared as she rushed to the door opening it cautiously and closing it behind her.

Gardenia – Hospital

Nienna didn't exactly now where to go from her but she figured to keep following downstairs as the presence grew closer. Right before making it on the same floor she stopped herself from opening the door. The thought that came to mind was when she suddenly remembered that this could very well be a trap. Opposing sides can feel each other.. The presences could very well be two of the opposing. She smirked before letting her spreadding her wings and letting off her divine presence as if she were ready for battle. She suddenly pushed the door open after summoning her staff. This all came to her mind until seeing suddenly a man with what looks to be a weapon over a guy on the ground. This suddenly was interrupted when someone screamed.


The cop turned around “What in god's I- “ It was obvious he was confused. Nienna suddenly walked towards the two men taking her staff and smacking the guy out of the way before kneeling to the ground looking at the man (Mathius's body) examining it. She suddenly spotted all she needed.


The cops and everyone were still stunned yet this only lasted until Nienna picked up the body. The cop seemed to regain his senses and yelled “Don't touch the body or I'-I'll shoot!”. People looked at him as if he were crazy to shoot a servant of their “god”. Nienna shook her head and covered her and the body she held with the wings before rushing to a wing and bursting through it. The officer did shoot and as such a few of her wings fell which personally did piss her off but nothing she could do about it. As she flew out the window and began flapping her wings she looked down to see if the presence she felt was still around and if that be the case she wanted to know who or what it was.. The girl landed on a building that was two buildings away with few lights. She hoped that this same presence would follow her but worried at the same time if “others” would find her first...


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#, as written by Shiki29

Gardenian Hospital

Another piece passed overhead, and left quickly (Ryou Shosuke). Lotton had a passing sense of it, but it left, quickly. Lotton did not perceive it as a threat, and then waited for the piece inside (Mathias Cruven Dominus) to make a move. He waited for a short while.


Lotton stood there, hand behind his back. His House of Cards allowed him to bring objects he, "carried," with him to be brought out of seemingly-nowhere, as long as no one could see where he brought the items out from. If they could acutely sense, that would qualify as well, but, even then, there were ways. Like portals. He stood like that as his senses began to kick in. He was a human, and one might think that he was a stranger to combat, but he was not. Lotton was usually on very high-alert. His senses would become sharper, his mind clearer. He was not a bloody knight who fought without a reason but to fight, but fighting was calming, in a way. He reacted to fighting as a scientific problem, peeling back layers of defense until he was ready to destroy the vital organ underneath those layers. His technical knowledge returned to him, but a side of it that was different. He could see himself leading and operating in teams that fought and hunted some experiments that ran loose. Often, the more dangerous ones killed more people. But through it all, Lotton survived. He always killed what he was aiming for, because that was what he always had tried to do. To kill. He was skilled enough that he could always make another specimen. The instincts of fighting did not occur to Lotton, though. they never did. He did not know why, but he seemed to treat the problems he would fight as problems on a study-desk: To be solved. Without strong emotion. When fighting seriously, he would calm down and deal with it like a math problem. Another piece, he sensed above the hospital (Nienna Elanesse), and looked up. Unlike the other piece, the one that flew above him earlier, this one was more visible. He could not make out much, but he could tell that it had wings.

The piece he felt inside (Mathias Cruven Dominus), he was curious about. If need be, he could use his portals to escape. If not, then he had a wide variety of combat options, to say the least. And then, the suitcase he carried with him could probably help as well. Before entering, he reached behind his back and drew the handgun from his hammer-space. It was loaded. He did not need to check for that. He moved the portal, to a higher floor, but below where he sensed the piece in the hospital. The winged figure had wings, but he had instantaneous movement through space. And really good shoes. If she was stronger than a human, he should be able to compete, at least. He hoped this was the case as he launched himself through the portal entrance, and launched out of the exit, through the glass, and into the building. He landed safely, and took off running. He could sense them both, close, but the other was faint. Lotton just noticed how faint it was. He could barely sense it, not matter how focused he was. The winged piece was ahead of him, slightly, but that distance was growing more and more. By the time he got there, the crowd seemed to block his view for the instant it took him to see at least the wing, turned away from him. He heard gunshots, and a crash of glass, but at different times. It must have leaped out of a window. Whatever the case, Lotton couldn't imagine it not using it's wings to escape, as he could no longer feel the presence of either piece in the hospital, anymore. The only reasons he could think that it would escape without it's wings was to throw Lotton's calculations off, or because it had a more expedient method. Like he did. Lotton ran to the roof to check if it was flying anywhere, and to gain a better vantage point.

Lotton reached the roof, and the rain resumed it's falling. The city and it's lights looked even more beautiful from up here. Like when he was falling. He couldn't notice it before, because he was sleepy, but he was relatively awake, now. He could feel the winged piece flying nearby, and felt the fainter presence of the piece that was in the hospital. He looked in the direction he felt, and saw that the winged piece was indeed carrying someone. Lotton needed to chase them. The portals from before had dissipated earlier, but he brought new ones. They were very small: Both were the size of Lotton's eye, and one was following them, keeping pace while the other floated in front of his eye, giving him sight. His sight moved closer, until he could clearly see that they were what appeared to be a winged female, and a man wearing clothes that did not seem fitting for him. she landed on a rooftop, and remained there. She seemed to be waiting for something. Maybe she sensed him. Whatever the case, he was tired of not knowing another piece. And then, he moved the portal around to look for their seals. He searched until he found them, and then he saw what he needed to see. These were Lotton's king and queen. Lotton moved the entrance to the floor in front of him, and expanded it, after placing the exit on the floor of the roof two buildings away, that had the winged woman and the naked man on it, and expanded that too. Using the relative-constant of gravity, and making a slight adjustment to his starting position, Lotton allowed himself to fall through the portal, face-first, holding his hat. He fell through the portal, and the force of himself entering the portal while falling face-first to the floor was about equal to the force it took to launch him to a standing position out of the exit on the other roof. He stood, and placed his hands into his pockets and looked at the two, smiling, walking towards them. The female was beautiful, her hair was beautiful, her body was attractive, and all. But to Lotton, he could not help but want to see her internal muscle structure, and her magical capabilities. Rather than the beautiful face, he saw meat and bones. Cells and magic. Atoms and quarks, and even smaller. Lotton always had a weird sense of beauty. Lotton saw the man, as well. His king seemed to mostly human, but, through the clothes, Lotton could tell he was muscular. Even as a regular human, he would be a force to be reckoned with, in the right context. Seeing what he has seen, he did not really think the man was human. But, he may be. Whichever, whatever. The point was they were his current government. He would follow them until they couldn't benefit him any longer.

"Pleased to meet you, and sleepy, who you're holding. I think I'm your rook."

Lotton moved closer and stepped foot in the winged humanoid's aura. He felt a calm and peace enter him, and what hit him was like a brick. He felt too peaceful, and his thoughts were beginning to come into an order. He stepped back, safely out of the ranged, and looked away for a moment. He felt...better, stepping closer to the winged humanoid. He was calmer. It was a shock at first. Things that probed in his mind usually were broken. Many people who had a video feed of what his thoughts were like had killed themselves. In fact, the majority had. It felt good, but not too good. He would rather live without it. He felt that he could lose himself if he exposed himself to it for too long.

"... I think we should go back to the castle."


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Seraphina Celosia

Gardenia Hospital-Plenoran Castle

Cold. Wet. Confused. These were all the things that Seraphina was conflicted with. She didn't know which way was certain for the way to safety or which way was too dangerous. She didn't know what dangers lurked around every street and alleyway corner, or even if there were any grave dangers to even worry about. She was shivering now soaked to the bone and feeling dirty and mangey like a dog. She wanted to just shift into her true form and find some coverage in a woods or something but being in the middle of a city the rarity of even seeing one tree was as good as you were ever going to get.

Seraphina sighed angerily, And whats worse is I have this stupid crest that won't stop tingling and glowing. UGH! If only someone could even give me a clue! Sera thought to herself. I can't even shake this stupid urge inside my head telling to go right, then left, no the other right! No! Go forward!...It's all so stressful... "I need to find some blood to refocus myself. Now, now, now...Where to find some blood?" She spoke aloud to herself seemingly asking the urge in her mind. It told her to go right down the long alley, so she did.

When Seraphina finally came to the end of the alley she looked around and asked her friend in her head to give her something to work with, but she was met with nothing. Seraphina glanced at the sky and noticed a sign out of the corner of her left eye. She turned her head fully to the left and saw that it was the Gardenia Hospital. She smiled almost yelling in joy and ran to the entrance.

As she approached the doors they automatically opened for her, but when her person was inside the hospital, she stopped. Seraphina looked down at her crest and could feel her hand shaking, having spasms in her muscles that were around or under the crest. It glew brighter than it had only just a few minutes ago, and she pulled her wet sleeve down covering it from suspicious eyes. Not liking her hand shaking and glowing so much she quickly and quietly made her way to the room where they cooled and stored all their blood bags. She grinned when she found it on the second floor of the hospital and opened the door, stepping in and locking it behind her. She turned the lights out and could see the bags dangling from all the racks, perfect in every way. She went for the positive blood types first as those were always her favorite since they seemed to be just packed with flavor and so very sweet all the time. Although she preferred warm from the vein blood, bagged blood would have to suffice.

She tenetaively unhooked a bag from the rack and uncapped the tight seal in the middle at the top of the bag and put her lips to it. She sucked it fast and felt the cold rush of sweetness fill her mouth. She didn't stop to take a breath and downed the bag in all. Sera went to the negatives which tasted almost bitter and sour yet they gave a little kick to the mind, making her focus more on things. She drank two bags of negatives and two more of the positives. Seraphina gasped for air when she was all finished and grinned as the blood dripped down her chin and lips. She panted wiping her mouth on the clean side of a bloody rag. Seraphina found a scrub and tied the ends of the sleeves then tied the sleeves together to make a ratty looking back pack or blue sack. She put some negatives and positives in the cloth bag and all in total managed to get about 10 bags to carry. She grabbed an A- off the rack and ripped the cap off sucking it in sips as she slung the napsack over her shoulder and unlocking the door sprinted down the empty corridor to the staircase. She knew that in any hospital hardly anyone used the stairs when there was elevators everywhere. Lazy humans, haha. Sera thought to herself laughing out loud.

Sera jumped over the edge of the stair case and landed at the bottom when a grunt and a groan from the awkward landing. The reason she did not die or get injured badly was because it wasn't a long fall and she was hyped up on a blood rush. Seraphina managed to find a back exit way and made off down the street in the way towards the black castle. She stopped suddenly realizing that the tingling and massive glowing had stopped on her hand. She lifted up her sleeve and checked to make it certain. She nodded seeing it had stopped and wondered if she was getting ill from an unknown sickness.

Seraphina made it to the front steps of the Castle and gazed up at its massive and beautiful architecture. Her mouth formed the shape of an O as she walked uncertainly up to the large black oak doors. As she grunted pushed them aside, she stepped cautiously into the large lobby of the castle. "Hello!" Seraphina dropped her bag to the ground beside her and closed the large door behind her. "Is anybody here? Hello?!" She yelled curiously and stood protectively by her bag of blood and could feel the crest on her hand tingle slightly again. "Hmm, I wonder where my king or Queen are...?" She asked herself out loud, then suddenly realized what she had just said came to her as normally as saying she was a vampire...even though she couldn't remember saying anything remotely similar to asking about the whereabouts of "Her king and queen".


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#, as written by Sonata
Roof Top of Random Building

Mathius had been stunned - literally - by the attack the golem had unleashed on him. He had been too overconfident. He had thought the golem to be nothing but a mere magic doll that he could have easily crushed with a spell, but never had he expected the creature to hit him with lightning, and he hadn't even sensed it. What magic couldn't be sensed? Disoriented, the world was a blur of smears and warped noises. His every muscle was locked tight and out of his control for as long as the electricity continued to course through his body. There were several voices swirling around him in incomprehensible deep bellows and shouts. They grew in octave and disorder when a being appeared above him and hefted him into its arms. In its embrace, even in his stunned state, he felt a wave of ease wash over him. Mathius's eyes widened, his icy-blues reflecting the brilliance that shone off the angel as she raced for the window. The crack of what sounded like thunder followed behind him, and Mathius only thought the Tower Master had unleashed more of his lightning-lobbing golems on them. Diving through the window, she expanded her wings that cupped the air as gracefully as fingers and sailed through the sky. The wire and teeth had left Mathius's neck long ago when she had whisked him away from the golems, and as his body slowly came back under his control, he was able to observe his savior with more scrutiny.

Wings; she had wings on her head and back. She glowed like the moon and flew like a dove. He had never seen such a being in his life, and that was easily explained since he had only started living today. Whatever the creature was, she was beautiful, and he was convinced that she would be the prettiest thing he will ever lay eyes on besides the Seramel Castle. They landed some buildings away. There were cops gazing out the hospital window, pointing and shouting at the roof where they had seen the creature land. It wouldn't be long before police were on the move again to surround their newest position.

The sorcerer's eyes lingered on the woman's face as he laid comfortably in her protective embrace. A man who had manifested from the floor, appeared and was in the process of introducing himself...Pleased to meet you, and sleepy, who you're holding...Once they had drank their fill, he closed them and carefully rose to his feet. His muscles felt numb and his palm went to the back of his neck where the sensitive holes left by the prongs stung.

I think I'm your rook.

"My powers are weak," Mathius thought aloud, feeling only disgust.

...I think we should go back to the castle.

There was a strange whirr on the wind. Mathius turned to gaze down the strip of light [the road lit by street lamps] to see blue and red, flickering lights. He had never seen such a level of magic, and still he could not perceive it. The sorcerer's eyes were wide with confusion, his growing bewilderment was weighing on him, making his digits curl against his palms and his teeth clench tightly in his mouth. It was making him furious! To think that there was a being more powerful than him, weaving magic beyond his comprehension and he had lived for a century. There wasn't a form of magic that he hadn't studied at least once if not read about it.

"The magic is it possible?" Mathius asked, his voice shaking with his anger. "The tower lord must think of me as nothing! I will study this world, and I will learn its magics as well as restore my own."

Frowning, Mathius faced his pieces and pointed back at the approaching cop cars. "His golems will chase us because they are under his spell. They will follow us wherever we may go until we stop them. If I had silver, gold, any precious stone or jewel, I could summon a spell and wipe them from this plane!"


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Gardenia – Random Building

Nienna waited patiently feeling to the piece get closer. She had hoped it was an opposing piece yet that was just the warrior side of her speaking. Her eyes scanned the man's body as he rested in her arms trying to figure out what was so special about him. Nienna was obvious. Yet this man was different. She moved her wings in noticing a few feathers fall yet it didn't phase her... She could only guess it was by the gun shot. This didn't make her retract them, she may just have to fly again especially if the king was targeted. She blinked in thought before feeling the pressence behind her.

"Pleased to meet you, and sleepy, who you're holding. I think I'm your rook."

A voice spoke before walk up closing in only to suddenly stop. Nienna's eyes shifted back only to turn her head soon after to see who approached she and the king. A skinny young looking male with pale skin and black hair who looked as if he were dressed clean is what the angel had seen. To all honesty at first glance the maiden wasn't too sure of this man who claimed to be their “rook”. Anyone one of these pieces could've descended and attempt to make merry with them and only when they show weakness... he strikes. Did he even see the mark on her hand? Perhaps he was just guessing – There is no way for any of them to know who we were unless we see.. at least until it comes obvious. What Nienna did find out though from standing with these two is that everyone has a different pressence she could feel. The eyes of the angel followed the man's steps noticing how he stepped back after entering her aura and then it suddenly dawned her. A smirk appeared upon her face before suddenly chuckling to herself through what the man said.

"... I think we should go back to the castle."

Nienna stopped chuckling and sighed before speaking herself.

“So I have another way of finding out but so do they... “ She said referring to her aura. She closed her eyes gripping Mathius's arm a little through excitement before hearing him speak.

"The magic is it possible?”

Nienna noticed he was looking down from the side which they sat at. Cop cars is what the man had seen but why does he not know this. We were informed only by words by what things were here yet...was it possible he didn't retain or gain such information. She grinned listening to such words being spoken.

"The tower lord must think of me as nothing! I will study this world, and I will learn its magics as well as restore my own."

He then turned to Nienna and the man next to her and spoke out as if he had a plan for them as he shifted his finger to point down at the cop cars.

"His golems will chase us because they are under his spell. They will follow us wherever we may go until we stop them. If I had silver, gold, any precious stone or jewel, I could summon a spell and wipe them from this plane!" He said after turning to Nienna and the man next to her as if they were going to get the materials requested instantly. As she held on to him Nienna held her hand out before making her staff appear.

“I do not expect any battles to begin tonight and honestly would rather avoid fighting the other pieces – So I will do this.... but.. I want to also say that what they use are only mechanics... I'm going to say that guess that you weren't informed which I guess I could discuss with you later... However for now if you really want me to do this... destroy those who approach us at least right now” Nienna said as she gripped the staff her eyes shifted to Lotton.

“We'll be heading to the castle afterwards . . . I believe we'll be able to discuss at least why we're here and get aqcuainted with each other and then talk about strategy against the opposing, Sound fair... King... Rook? If you don't want me to destroy the innocent then we can go now and I'll fly us”


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#, as written by Shiki29
Lotton Cromwell
A rooftop near the hospital.

Lotton saw the woman's snickering, and he immediately became annoyed. Lotton just didn't like to feel nice. Not like that. It was an intrusion into his mind. Most intruders who entered Lotton's mind typically were reduced to sobbing messes, though. They usually went insane. Whatever this intrusion was , it must not have probed into his mind manually. It probably was a non-specific mental affector. Well, whatever . Lotton was not particularly too find of feeling right now. Besides, he and the queen were on the same side. They probably had similar interests. It didn't matter. Now, they had to group up with everyone else.

The king seemed annoyed or aggravated by the existence of the police cars down below, and seemed to wish for a precious gem, that he seemed to say could help him destroy the enemy "wizard." judging by his manner, and his words, he seemed to perhaps come from a somewhat-primitive culture. Whatever the case, he seemed to really want that jewel. The queen seemed to ready her staff as well. Lotton decided not to question it.

"Sleepy, you should know that those are probably police officers. Peacekeepers. They probably arrived because someone here was causing a ruckus. In fact, they're probably just people doing their jobs and roles in society. Without them to keep the peace, this city would descend into chaos a little."

Lotton drew a white handkerchief from his sleeve, so deftly and skillfully it would look like it came from the air itself. Another swish of Lotton's hand, and the handkerchief covered just enough of his hand for his House of Cards to activate. He brought out a sapphire the size of a golf-ball, holding it between his index finger and thumb, the handkerchief pinched between his index and middle fingers, hanging, before Lotton's began polishing the sapphire with it, and then tossing it to the king. The queen spoke about flying everyone to the castle once everyone's business was concluded. Ruh roh.

"Knowing all that, have a blast," Lotton said, with a crooked smile, before turning to the queen. They were on the same side, but there was one thing he had to make sure of. He hope it wouldn't offend her. He opened his slightly, the amber in them glowing faintly as it reflected the little light it could reflect in this rainy night. "Also, lady, if you would, do not approach me with that mood-altering capability of yours. It doesn't make me feel good. It does, but I don't want it...I'll see you both at the castle."

Lotton moved the portal he had placed to appear on this roof. One headed toward the castle through the night air, the other remained on the floor at Lotton's feet. He let himself fall through, and he emerged from the floor at the white castle's entrance. He hoped that the others would appear soon. He pushed open the door, and entered. He was dripping wet, but a little heat from his gloves solved the problem. The castle was extravagant. He began to walk around the large castle. Really, he thought the furnishings welter not all necessary, but at least it looked nice. He ran into another presence (Ryuu Shosuke). It was a girl a little taller than Lotton, and with red hair. She was on his side, he knew that much. Lotton took his hat on and off, in a gesture of greeting.

"How do you do?"


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#, as written by Sonata
Seramel Castle
Throne Room

The king raised his hand to catch the golf ball-sized sapphire against his palm. His fingers curled about it, clutching it as he lowered it before his eyes. He then closed them, frowning as he appraised the power within the stone. Nothing seemed to be happening between him and the rock, but really the power it exuded had been so slight and controllable that nothing would have happened unless he wanted it to. Opening his eyes, he pocketed the stone and said somewhat pleased, "This will do...for now."

At the angel's suggestion, the Rook disappeared from the roof, leaping into a hole that appeared in the floor. The king's brows knitted curiously as he approached the hole to gaze into it to see the Rook walk through the double doors of a magnificent structure: his castle. Without a word of warning to the queen, Mathius jumped into the portal before it could seal to rocket upright on the other side. He spread his feet over the hole to keep from falling through it and gazed up at the coral-white building before him. mine, he thought. With this castle and its pieces, I will claim this realm.

No one would taser him ever again. Just as Lotton did, Mathius approached the doors, but unlike the treatment Lotton faced, they opened on their own. The king stood there speechlessly and surprised that even the castle acknowledged him.

"Your king is home," Mathius muttered.

Soaked and wet, his silver hair matted upon his head and hoody as full as a sponge, he crossed the rest of the distance, taking a step across the threshold when his clothes shifted, morphing as he crossed the borders between the inside and out. A foot within and he was dry and draped in white and gold robes. A hood was drawn over his head and a mask as pristine as porcelain was situated on his face. Mathius held his arms out before him, gazing upon his new garb. Behind the mask, he was grinning, growing drunk with the power that was erected before him. As he walked the long foyer, pawns materialized to his left and right, appearing in files that led all the way to the spacious and circular parlor. Reaching a hand into his pocket, the king removed the sapphire and clutched it. His figure then winked out of existence to appear at the end of the hall, cutting the length he'd have to travel not even in half. Standing before the parlor, he gazed upon the massive staircase and then further up to the numerous floors that circled above.

I desire only to see my throne, the king thought.

On the highest floor, two pawns appeared and the king craned his head to gaze upon the plain, stone-like figures. He once again winked out of existence before he reappeared on that floor. The smooth, dark, wooden doors opened to a grand hall where a black carpet, split a path across the white-marble floor, leading up a small staircase to a throne of ivory. Behind the chair's head was a half-sun of blade hilts, creating a seemingly crown. It was beautiful.

As soon as the sorcerer stepped onto the carpet, more pawns appeared, rising from the marble floor, appearing to have been sculpted from the marble itself. As he passed between their files, they drew their swords, the hiss of steel, resonating through the chamber as they held their blades aloft above their king's head. He walked to the end of the carpet, up the steps, and turned to face his servants. As soon as he took his seat upon the cold throne, the pawns simultaneously sheathed their swords and became as still as statues.

"Excellent," the king praised. He was already impressed and eager to get the battle preparations underway. "Summon all who serve me."

The pieces of Seramel would then feel their brands tingle and glow, and would know of the king's order. They were to gather in the throne room.