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Roseus eon Faywelt

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a character in “Soulchess: A Second Awakening”, originally authored by Ellipsis of Gothique, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Roseus eon Faywelt's Story


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#, as written by Sonata
Seramel Castle
Throne Room

The king raised his hand to catch the golf ball-sized sapphire against his palm. His fingers curled about it, clutching it as he lowered it before his eyes. He then closed them, frowning as he appraised the power within the stone. Nothing seemed to be happening between him and the rock, but really the power it exuded had been so slight and controllable that nothing would have happened unless he wanted it to. Opening his eyes, he pocketed the stone and said somewhat pleased, "This will do...for now."

At the angel's suggestion, the Rook disappeared from the roof, leaping into a hole that appeared in the floor. The king's brows knitted curiously as he approached the hole to gaze into it to see the Rook walk through the double doors of a magnificent structure: his castle. Without a word of warning to the queen, Mathius jumped into the portal before it could seal to rocket upright on the other side. He spread his feet over the hole to keep from falling through it and gazed up at the coral-white building before him. mine, he thought. With this castle and its pieces, I will claim this realm.

No one would taser him ever again. Just as Lotton did, Mathius approached the doors, but unlike the treatment Lotton faced, they opened on their own. The king stood there speechlessly and surprised that even the castle acknowledged him.

"Your king is home," Mathius muttered.

Soaked and wet, his silver hair matted upon his head and hoody as full as a sponge, he crossed the rest of the distance, taking a step across the threshold when his clothes shifted, morphing as he crossed the borders between the inside and out. A foot within and he was dry and draped in white and gold robes. A hood was drawn over his head and a mask as pristine as porcelain was situated on his face. Mathius held his arms out before him, gazing upon his new garb. Behind the mask, he was grinning, growing drunk with the power that was erected before him. As he walked the long foyer, pawns materialized to his left and right, appearing in files that led all the way to the spacious and circular parlor. Reaching a hand into his pocket, the king removed the sapphire and clutched it. His figure then winked out of existence to appear at the end of the hall, cutting the length he'd have to travel not even in half. Standing before the parlor, he gazed upon the massive staircase and then further up to the numerous floors that circled above.

I desire only to see my throne, the king thought.

On the highest floor, two pawns appeared and the king craned his head to gaze upon the plain, stone-like figures. He once again winked out of existence before he reappeared on that floor. The smooth, dark, wooden doors opened to a grand hall where a black carpet, split a path across the white-marble floor, leading up a small staircase to a throne of ivory. Behind the chair's head was a half-sun of blade hilts, creating a seemingly crown. It was beautiful.

As soon as the sorcerer stepped onto the carpet, more pawns appeared, rising from the marble floor, appearing to have been sculpted from the marble itself. As he passed between their files, they drew their swords, the hiss of steel, resonating through the chamber as they held their blades aloft above their king's head. He walked to the end of the carpet, up the steps, and turned to face his servants. As soon as he took his seat upon the cold throne, the pawns simultaneously sheathed their swords and became as still as statues.

"Excellent," the king praised. He was already impressed and eager to get the battle preparations underway. "Summon all who serve me."

The pieces of Seramel would then feel their brands tingle and glow, and would know of the king's order. They were to gather in the throne room.