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Seraphina Celosia

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a character in “Soulchess: A Second Awakening”, as played by Arabella13



"Cowards die many times. The valiant only taste of death only but once in battle."

Faction - Plenoran
Role - ♟Pawn♟
Race - Vampire
Gender - Female

Gardenia Appearance
Appearance - Appearance: Seraphina is a petite young lady with small hands and feet, about size 5 to be exact. She stands at a tiny 5 feet and only weighs about 97 lbs on total, making her quite skinny. She has straight medium length white hair that seems to sparkle in the sunlight and glow in the darkness. She likes to wear down unless in a battle of sorts where she puts it into a bun. Sera tends to like to wear her hair down or in ponytails also, however her absolute favorite hair style is pigtails to make herself younger. She finds that the younger she makes herself look then the more confused and mistake her for a little girl.

 Seraphina has high cheek bones and a skinny face along with the common vampiric trademark: glowing flawless smooth skin that's a pale tone along with an almost unnaturally blue water-like eyes, although the amazing thing about her eyes is that when she has the lust for blood they turn a deep crimson shade. But aside from her bright dazzling blue-red eyes and her perfect complextion she  looks like any normal human. Her cheeks are a slightly rosie pink and her lips a soft light pink. Seraphina likes to wear ripped jeans whether they are long or short, they are all the same to her anyways. She also loves wears miniskirts especially plaid ones because they give her that false look that she is actually older than she looks. Sera also will wear any kind of top she can find or likes her leather jackets and sweatshirts. She finds that the best way to win a fight is if you are comfortable in your clothing so that instead of worrying about your appearance you can focus on the knives getting thrown your way. But in her normal everyday apparrel she likes to wear her blue and black layered dress that has black bows eevrywhere on it and white cuffs and puffy sleeves.

Personality - As Seraphina matured she grew more intelligent and quiet, not in a shy way but she just didn't feel the need to talk or speak her mind especially since most of the time shed be punished or worse for doing so. She tends to stand up for people and act brave all the time when really she is scared out of her mind. 

When around other people that she knows she is a caring and helpful girl who only wishes to serve her king and queen well. She tends to be quite happy when on the inside she is quite sad and misses her children at the orphanage. Seraphina is quite innocent in the meaning that she isn't as mature and sometimes acts years younger than her real age and is often crying if someone insults her. She never really knew how to talk about her feelings with others so she either is happy, sadly crying, or spitting angry. She whole personality should be messed up and traumatized but somehow thinking of her mother kept her sane. 

Seraphina likes kittens and soft things like a regular girl does but oddly enough she gets so excited over the little things and it's precisely those little things like having a teddy bear or a big comfy bed to sleep in and call her own. She hates however people who are mean to her or to others. She thinks that it's gross when someone doesn't flush the toilet or wash their hands, and especially can't stand when people don't bathe regularly. 

Weapon(s) - Seraphina doesn't have an actual material weapon like a bow or greatsword, she has a small dagger that she keeps in a strap holster around her upper thigh so that it may be hidden under her dress, yet for easy access if she ever was caught in a hard place. She likes to use her True form as a sort of hidden weapon since most people don't know about it.  

Fighting Style- Sera tends to like to, if you will, 'play with her food' and enjoys drinking the blood of her dead enemies when the fighting is all done and its safe. Whenever she kills a being she put on red lipstick and kisses their forehead leaving a kiss mark there as a sort of trademark. She likes to weaken her opponents by biting them with her massively sharp fangs as well. Seraphina is quite skilled in the fact that she has studied the bodies of many species so she knows their weaknesses and pressure or weak points in their bodies that she loves to use against them in a battle. Like some human have a certain muscle in their neck that it you squeeze tehy'll drop unconscious. Being addicted to blood means that she knows where the main blood flow of many different kinds of animals and people alike are hidden under their skin since she knows from experience that if you pick the wrong vein to suck on the blood tastes weird and doesn't give as much. This is why Seraphina tends to go for the gut, around the neck where the carotid arteries are, and from behind her enemy for an almost sneak or surprise attacks. 

Sera likes to fight at night since she assumes that most of her opponents aren't as good at seeing in the dark as she is and she can disappear and reappear whenever she'd like too. She doesn't like fighting in the daytime because then her opponents might have a slight advantage over her since her eyes are wicked sensitive to the sunlight. Although she isn't very good at it because she is rather weak and fragile when getting hit with holy or divine magic and when this does happen she usually tries to hide or find some blood to replenish her strength and energy. She enjoys wrestling and beating the crap out of someone by envisioning that they are really her father which is where she gets most of her energy and will to fight from. When using her True Form she does tend to fight better in darker places and likes to slash and bite at the enemy with her talons and teeth. She tends to use her True Form when there is more than one opponent or there is one very strong opponent. 

Role Abilities)
1)Sense presence- Can feel the spiritual presences of the other "pieces".
2)Contract Of Royalty- Having the contract will allow you and the king to use each other's power by request. You also have the choice to directly summon the king if not the queen by request as well if in need of assistance. Often this will give a signal to the one you want to summon by making their crest glow. Note that this can also be used at any time and not just in battle in case your character may have a bad feeling of something.
3)Revival- Can revive the any characters on their side with the crest of Queen and below.

Ability Name: Blood Lust
Description:Being a vampire means being an addict of blood, so whenever she smells, tastes, or sees blood her instincts are very difficult to control. This is her blood lust, the lust for blood is so powerful that it makes her calm blue eyes turn devilishly red and glow. when in this state of mind she is hard to tame and a bit unpredictable. A Blood Lusting only lasts until the blood is gone or she gets her sense of reality back, but during it she gets what most people call an adrenaline rush, however she experiences about the same kind of a rush and gains more energy, speed, and strength even more than her natural speed and strength that she already possesses when not in the state. Seraphina is almost rabid when fighting with it and she just might be so unpredictable as to by accident strike at her own team mates. 

Ability Name:Vampiric Senses
Description:Being a vampire has it's many perks, one of which is having all of her senses heightened. She is like the ultimate predator in a way since she is able to smell blood from a small scratch up to 1 miles away and hear up to half a mile away. Her taste is heightened making her pallet quite sensitive to the spicy, sweet, and sour foods and her smell is of the same equality to a bear. She is able to have night vision and see her prey as clearly in the dark as if she were stalking them during the sunlight hours. The thing about her type of night vision is that she can't see everything single tiny detail, she is able to see the type of clothing they wear and what their face looks like but she can't see colors as well. during the daylight she wears sunglasses because being a vampire means that she is extremely sensitive to sunlight and it hurts her eyes a bit more than it would a humans.

Ability Name:Vampire Immortality
Description: She is only able to be killed by wood, Holy objects, and divine/holy magic. Divine magic will weaken her drastically before killing her in minutes. For an exchange of having immortality. She is as strong and as fast as normal human, therefore takes the same amount of damage a stress from attacks that anyone normally would. If she is shocked she'll go unconcious, if she's stabbed by a non-holy weapon it will hurt a lot and she will be knocked out or unconcious after awhile. Her True Vampiric form does give her strength but even then its not as strong as most of the characters in the game. (This ability was edited by Sonicx00 and approved – Balance = She is not as powerful as any of our characters because she wanted vampiric immortality.)

Ability Name:True Vampire Form
Description:Vampires are similar to werewolves the fact that they also have a sort of "beast form". A vampire is able to shift into this form willingly and is able to fly with it's massive bat-like wings that grow out from about their hip bone to up along their torso and ends about just a little under the underarms. The Vampires nails grew thicker and longer forming into talons that they use to crawl the heart out of their victims.  And that same feature applies to their feet which double insize to firstly help them fly better and secondly to help them when landing the talons on their toes help to grip things like a bird will often do with branches. Their whole body forms into one so it looks like their body is encased in a solid tan greenish yellow suit. Their natural fangs are visible in their human state but in the True Form they become 3 inches long and the rest of their teeth become sharper as well.The only thing that makes the vampires distinguishable from others is their eye colors and their hair color. If a vampire has red hair when they are in their normal state then when they shift their hair will be a small red mane on top of their head and running a little down their neck. When shifting it can be very painful because in order to have all these new ligiments, all the bones in their body must shift and break making it painful for a transition especially if its a new vampire. They are given more strength than they had before and are about as strong as a small lion. They are fast on the ground but don't usually fight as well there compared to if they were in the air, making them perhaps a bit more vulnerable.

True Vampiric Form


History- Seraphina was a normal mischievous young girl growing up. However her upbringing was not so normal as due to the fact that her mother was a vampire and before her mother died she told her that she was one as well. As for her father, he was a drunk who ran a small orphanage in the dirty downtown of their city. Low-life's lived next door and if any young child was caught walking on the streets they'd get snatched up and hurt in any way possible. 

Her father beat her to keep her weak and frightened so that she wouldn't try and kill him. Sometimes would sell her to their fine neighbors and then wake up confused and sore. However to maintain some of her childhood innocence she played with the orphans. As Seraphina grew up she grew to be a stern and very skilled fighter and runner. She'd run away from fights with people she knew could potentially kill her or the kids at the orphanage but when people gave her a reason to fight she beat them to a pulp. 

One day Sera ran away and lived in the woods by herself with a shepard who took her under his wing. He was quite elderly and needed help tending to his flock of sheep on the outside of the city where she'd lived once. She learned that in a True Vampire form she could do anything she wanted and was more powerful than she anticipated.

One night, Seraphina walked into the city once more as her True Vampire Form and went on a killing spree. She was out of control and made her way to the Orphanage and to her father. When she bursted through the window she witnessed her father, wasted to the point where he started beating some of the youngest kids and that's when Sera had had enough of him. She pushed him of the small boy and fought him off them. The fight was short lived when suddenly her father revealed a wooden stack and plunged it through her heart. She screeched and screamed as her bpdy contorted and shifted back into her small weak human looking self.  

And this is where our story begins...

So begins...

Seraphina Celosia's Story


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Seraphina Celosia

Gardenia Park

BANG! A loud noice sounded from what seemed like all directions around her body. Seraphina woke up with a scream that somehow escaped from her mouth. She felt soaked to the bone and utterly cold from it. She looked up to the dark sky and saw tiny droplets of rain showering over the landscape and all over her already wet body. If there was one thing in the world that she hated most, it was having wet clothes and hair. The way that the fabrics stuck like glue to her skin and how it felt when you walked...she shuddered at the notion of having to walk around in the middle of nowhere in her tattered damp clothing. Seraphina especially didn't like how her hair did the same thing, yet the only thing that her hair didn't cause, that her clothing did when wet was make her chaff in all the wrong places.

She sat up and looked around herself. Her face contorted into a confused and worried expression. Where am I?...She thought as she felt the ground around her wet. It felt squishy and moist as she massaged the ground with her fingers, just getting a feel of what type of ground she was on. Grass, wet grass...She thought to herself feeling a bit perplexed. Seraphina hadn't a clue in the world where she was or how she had gotten there. Her vision was blurry and she brought her hands up to her face and rubbed her eyes trying to correct her vision. Sera stopped rubbing them and looked around confused still. She saw a vibrant green, flat terrain with a few foot high hills in some places. She turned her head to the left and saw a swing set along with a clump of 4 or 5 trees. Sera, now feeling even more confused than she was when she had first awakened, was beginning to wonder how she'd find anything that she could recongize.

Seraphina sighed annoyed and puzzled. Bringing her hands back up, she buried her face in her palms, groaning quite loudly. She closed her eyes and laid back on the ground frowning still covering her face. When she opened her eyes she took her hands off her face, dragging them.

Suddenly, Seraphina saw soemthing glow. She shot up like a bullet exploding from the barrel of a gun, looking around on high alert. All she saw was a glow or at least a flash of a glow, but none the less she didn't knwo what the source of the light was or who. Seraphina looked around and slowly raised her body off the ground and got in a defensive position, ready to take anything that someone threw at her. She looked at her hands and let out a surprised and frightened gasp. She looked on her hand and noticed a marking that was glowing black. It looked like a piece to a game she used to see old folks in her neighborhood play. She forgot what it was called but something in her mind was screaming at her, "Pawn."

Seraphina straightened her small posture and studied the crest. She was almost afraid to touch it, thinking it might burn her finger tips. She brought herself to bringing her other index finger to the middle of the crest, then quickly taking it away as if it were too hot for her to stand. When she realized that it wasn't burning the skin on her, she slowly brushed her fingers feeling it. It hadn't hurt her when she touched making it not like a tattoo, and if anything she found that it felt similarly like a birth marking of sorts, yet what confused her was how well detailed it looked.

"What the..." She whispered out loud to herself puzzled by the strange marking she now possessed. Seraphina looked around and couldn't see much but realized she was in a park of sorts and needed to find some shelter or somewhere to get some food. She realized how hungry she had gotten and started walking to a few buildings she could barely make out. Soon she was at the edge of the park and stood a step away from the curb. Contemplating whether she should go left down the street or right down the other, or perhaps she'd just continue her trek through this unknown city by going straight, through an ominious and eerie looking alley. Seraphina just wanted to transform and run through the streets of the city, but her gut was telling her that that was a horrible idea since even though she didn't see anyone on the streets she knew that exposing herself as a monster would ruin her chance at surviving here.

Suddenly a loud announcer sounded through a speaker all around her. It told her that she had been given a second chance at life and that there was a war that she had to be apart of as part of her "contract" for getting the second chance at living. Seraphina stood in shock on the side of the road thinking, "How in the world did I die!? I can't remember how this happened!" Sera brought her hands up to her head and tugged at her wet dark gray hair slightly feeling contflicted and overwhelmed with too many emotions all at once. Saddness, anger, rage, redemption, and courage. Even though she knew that she had died she pushed all her emotions away and focus on finding shelter. For a weird reason, she mind and body kept urging her right. She decided to go with her gut since so far it hadn't been wrong and besides being dead she figured that now she didn't have anyone to let down yet.

She made her way through the foggy rain and looked up seeing something totally new to her. She raised her hand to her eyes creating a cup above her eyes to try to keep the rain out of her eyes, which helped only a small bit. She could barely make out a castle that was black in color, or at least thats what she saw. Seraphina sighed spitting the rain water that had dripped into her mouth out and onto the ground to her left. She could barely hear the spit hit the ground over the semi-loud pitter patter of the rain against the asphalt on the street. Seraphina only thought of one thing now...what wonders or horrors would she find in the castle that her gut was telling her held something important for her.


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Seraphina Celosia

Gardenia Hospital-Plenoran Castle

Cold. Wet. Confused. These were all the things that Seraphina was conflicted with. She didn't know which way was certain for the way to safety or which way was too dangerous. She didn't know what dangers lurked around every street and alleyway corner, or even if there were any grave dangers to even worry about. She was shivering now soaked to the bone and feeling dirty and mangey like a dog. She wanted to just shift into her true form and find some coverage in a woods or something but being in the middle of a city the rarity of even seeing one tree was as good as you were ever going to get.

Seraphina sighed angerily, And whats worse is I have this stupid crest that won't stop tingling and glowing. UGH! If only someone could even give me a clue! Sera thought to herself. I can't even shake this stupid urge inside my head telling to go right, then left, no the other right! No! Go forward!...It's all so stressful... "I need to find some blood to refocus myself. Now, now, now...Where to find some blood?" She spoke aloud to herself seemingly asking the urge in her mind. It told her to go right down the long alley, so she did.

When Seraphina finally came to the end of the alley she looked around and asked her friend in her head to give her something to work with, but she was met with nothing. Seraphina glanced at the sky and noticed a sign out of the corner of her left eye. She turned her head fully to the left and saw that it was the Gardenia Hospital. She smiled almost yelling in joy and ran to the entrance.

As she approached the doors they automatically opened for her, but when her person was inside the hospital, she stopped. Seraphina looked down at her crest and could feel her hand shaking, having spasms in her muscles that were around or under the crest. It glew brighter than it had only just a few minutes ago, and she pulled her wet sleeve down covering it from suspicious eyes. Not liking her hand shaking and glowing so much she quickly and quietly made her way to the room where they cooled and stored all their blood bags. She grinned when she found it on the second floor of the hospital and opened the door, stepping in and locking it behind her. She turned the lights out and could see the bags dangling from all the racks, perfect in every way. She went for the positive blood types first as those were always her favorite since they seemed to be just packed with flavor and so very sweet all the time. Although she preferred warm from the vein blood, bagged blood would have to suffice.

She tenetaively unhooked a bag from the rack and uncapped the tight seal in the middle at the top of the bag and put her lips to it. She sucked it fast and felt the cold rush of sweetness fill her mouth. She didn't stop to take a breath and downed the bag in all. Sera went to the negatives which tasted almost bitter and sour yet they gave a little kick to the mind, making her focus more on things. She drank two bags of negatives and two more of the positives. Seraphina gasped for air when she was all finished and grinned as the blood dripped down her chin and lips. She panted wiping her mouth on the clean side of a bloody rag. Seraphina found a scrub and tied the ends of the sleeves then tied the sleeves together to make a ratty looking back pack or blue sack. She put some negatives and positives in the cloth bag and all in total managed to get about 10 bags to carry. She grabbed an A- off the rack and ripped the cap off sucking it in sips as she slung the napsack over her shoulder and unlocking the door sprinted down the empty corridor to the staircase. She knew that in any hospital hardly anyone used the stairs when there was elevators everywhere. Lazy humans, haha. Sera thought to herself laughing out loud.

Sera jumped over the edge of the stair case and landed at the bottom when a grunt and a groan from the awkward landing. The reason she did not die or get injured badly was because it wasn't a long fall and she was hyped up on a blood rush. Seraphina managed to find a back exit way and made off down the street in the way towards the black castle. She stopped suddenly realizing that the tingling and massive glowing had stopped on her hand. She lifted up her sleeve and checked to make it certain. She nodded seeing it had stopped and wondered if she was getting ill from an unknown sickness.

Seraphina made it to the front steps of the Castle and gazed up at its massive and beautiful architecture. Her mouth formed the shape of an O as she walked uncertainly up to the large black oak doors. As she grunted pushed them aside, she stepped cautiously into the large lobby of the castle. "Hello!" Seraphina dropped her bag to the ground beside her and closed the large door behind her. "Is anybody here? Hello?!" She yelled curiously and stood protectively by her bag of blood and could feel the crest on her hand tingle slightly again. "Hmm, I wonder where my king or Queen are...?" She asked herself out loud, then suddenly realized what she had just said came to her as normally as saying she was a vampire...even though she couldn't remember saying anything remotely similar to asking about the whereabouts of "Her king and queen".