Trinity Vladez

"Fool! Do not think that you can drive me into your pace"

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a character in “SoulChess: The Blood Of The Night”, as played by zane saphire


Trinity Valdez




The Black Prince

Trinity Zedlav




Arch Demon




Trinity has deep brown hair cut in short layers, with a tint of almost red that can be seen in the light. It often appears very messy, even when he does run a hand through it. His eyes are a deep shade of violet, which glows in the dark, almost when angered his eyes will turn black while the iris turns into a blood red color. Trinity's has a pale complexion, paler than most almost snow like is his skin, that it may seem to be as soft as snow. His features are very sharp and angular rather than soft, giving him an 'on the edge' sexy look. He has high cheekbones, and a sharp, narrow chin. He, in gardenia, often wears jeans, and long-sleeved dress shirts with a jacket overtop, maybe just a casual hoody. He is 5’9” tall, and because of his lean build not often shown in the clothing he wears, he may appear very lanky and thin when standing. His muscles aren’t truly defined in his clothes due to him choosing to wear clothing that seems to cover up his body. Sometimes when he hardly bothers to get dressed, you will see him wearing a bland buttoned on white t shirt with blue jeans.

During the night Trinity chooses to wear only black, he feels the need to blend into the shadows and stay away from useless fights. His large array of black clothing gives him an endless amount of style. Sometimes when he goes out Trinity might chose to wear a deep black trench coat that hides his body from view. The trench coat holds two slits on the inside to hide his duo of swords. Another black outfit that he has is a large black coat that reaches down to his shoes with casual black pants and shirt. He'll more often sport a skull pendant with this style.


Due to being betrayed in his world, Trinity is cruel and harsh, he does not show any sympathy to his enemies. His cruel nature gives him a bad guy vibe, and that how he prefers to be in the public's eye, a bad guy. Furthermore, he is highly volatile and extremely confident in his own abilities. As a result, he is entirely self-centered and does what he pleases without care for the consequences. He denounces the description of him being sadistic as he preferred to be described as "ahead of the curve". Along with being extremely sadistic, he has no care for his own safety which makes him a very dangerous person to trifle with. In addition, he is also known to have no empathy.
He has a keen eye for detail, things which are normally overlooked by people which make him a force to be reckoned. It also adds that he has no sense of camaraderie with anyone and treats all as mere chess pieces.

Rarely will he allow himself to make a mistake since he believes that he is perfect in every detail. It is not an odd thing for him to gloat about his own stature. Trinity take pleasure in bringing people down, and he loves to see the "I lost all hope" face they tend to make. When alone, Trinity will seek something to occupy his boredom, though he will never truly state his real intentions. The man does seek pleasure in just about anything. It is proven that he is a very intelligent and a quick-witted person. His quick-wit allows him to capture in every detail that goes around him, giving him a edge when making battle tactics.


Trinity carries around with himself two onyx swords. The blades to the hilt are a shiny black color, only at the very outline of the weapon is there a small speckle of silver. Indifference to the swords, one of their hilts are points, sharp and angular looking. His swords weigh 1.5 kg, with a length of 120–150 cm (47–59 in). Sometimes he'll carry around a knife, for extra protection.

--Fighting Style--

Trinity is not a careless fighter, he is a strategist by heart and uses that to his advantage in his fights. When facing a opponent, Trinity does not bluntly charges into an attack but moreover lets his opponent attack first, to get a better reading of them. He prefers to understand how his foe fights before attacking as not to make a careless mistake that can cost him his life.

Trinity prefers a duel sword style, but rarely will be seen using both swords, he'll moreover only use both swords when execute a combo or a certain move. When talking about defence Trinity will wrap a single celestial ribbon around him, probably a few feet away from him. The ribbon will coil around the area, protecting him. This mainly protects him from physical attacks not projectiles. Generally speaking, his main weakness is his defence against projectiles. The celestial ribbon leaves a large percent of his body in the open, mainly above him. A attack from the sky has the highest succession of hitting him.


Sense pressence Can feel the spiritual pressences of the other "pieces".
Augmented power Their abilities and attributes are increased.
Contract of Royalty Exchange crest with allied member of your faction.

1) Celestial ribbons~ This attack allows Trinity to conjure up glowing ribbons of light, that glows in many different shades of color, though, it sticks to dark color like red, violet, or black. When it glows it can cut through just about anything. The ability is versatile, it can be used as a long range attack or short range, it can even be used for defence. The main problem with the attack is that the glow that radiates from the ribbons takes about 5% of his spiritual energy for every 2 minutes. The move takes about 7 percent of spiritual energy for each ribbon.

2) Flames of Hell ~ This move is one of his common use. Flames hot as hell are conjured up when using this attack, the very move can even cause climate changes. The changes to climate vary on how he uses it, the flames can be from the size of his fist to about the size of a 2 story building. The flames produced are hot enough to even survive a trip under the ocean. Size often matters and for the height it takes about 10% of his energy to create a 2 story high flame, while it takes 5 % for every 2 minutes to keep it up. Trinity is also able to manipulate existing flames to his will.


Trinity, during his time on his world, was treated like a prince, a boy who defied the will of his fellow arch demons (which there were only eight not counting Trinity), by falling in love with a mortal. His own foolish actions led to a war that saved humanity, for he did battle against the other eight and won the war but died in the ends by his friends hand. He did not understand why he was killed, but Trinity does understand one thing he was betrayed by the people he trusted and would do whatever it took to get revenge on them. In SoulChess Trinity finds himself being given a second chance, and will do anything to survive.

--Theme Song--
Never End
Don't Stop - Innerpartysystem

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