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Soulmate: My Alpha Mate

Wolf Pack's Territory


a part of Soulmate: My Alpha Mate, by DyLAn:D.


DyLAn:D holds sovereignty over Wolf Pack's Territory, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Wolf Pack's Territory is a part of Soulmate: My Alpha Mate.

22 Characters Here

Adrian Hunter [200] Lead Hunter of Ocean Moon Pack
Lucas Black [192] Royal King Alpha "We all need to stand strong"
Claudie Nightshade [121] Vampire "You will all serve me one day!"
Bryarly Haven [114] "Regrets will destroy you."
Tyler Rivers [109] Royal Beta
Colton Bennett [106] Alpha of Ocean Moon Pack
Zoe Alexandra Everlight [70] A Warrior of Ocean Moon Pack. "Its no secret that I'm a bad@ss."
Zane Mason Harrison [56] Delta of Ocean Moon Pack
Anne Parker [51] Pack Doctor for the Shadow Moon Pack. "Stop moving so I can heal you!"
Lily Grace Maine [41] WIP

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Character Portrait: Adrian Hunter Character Portrait: Bryarly Haven Character Portrait: Zoe Alexandra Everlight Character Portrait: Anne Parker Character Portrait: Claudie Nightshade
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Anne was smiling trying to reassure Zoe and Adrian when she heard someone coming closer. She smelled her scent and recognized her right away, Claudie. She was finally at their reach when greeted everyone "Good morning". She covered herself with her sleeves a little too fast and oddly, she must feel uncomfortable still... and rightfully so was all Anne could come up with for the moment.

Anne stared at the pale girl that was a new addition to Adrian's former pack, and was a bit surprised as she stared back at her. "Hello, I'm Claudie Nightshade." Anne waited for a moment wondering how she could react to her greeting, at first she stared at her expressionless without being too rude. But a thought clouded Anne's judgment, more like a memory came came back to her, the smell of vampires specially the scent of this female and the scent of the blood of the many wolves, cold and dead on the floor. I couldn't save them... was the last thing she thought before her mind came back to reality. There was nothing else that could be done about it, that much was true, however that didn't mean that Anne needed to like this woman.

Even though she had decided that she would not treat her differently until she proved her wrong, Anne couldn't help but feel anger towards the woman that had made her feel helpless. Even worse, she made Anne remember that there were and would be times when not even her medicals skills would not be enough to save those around her. At the end, Anne simply nodded at the woman without introducing herself or giving in a smile, simply a firm nod, Well, this is going to be awkward all over again.

Before something like that could happen, Anne spoke to everyone in the group, "now we're just missing Bryarly right?"

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Character Portrait: Adrian Hunter Character Portrait: Bryarly Haven Character Portrait: Zoe Alexandra Everlight Character Portrait: Anne Parker Character Portrait: Claudie Nightshade
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Zoe smiled genuinely back at Anne and nodded slightly in acknowledgement of her thanks as she made eye contact when Anne eyed her to show that she was thanking her as well. She nodded, understanding completely. "Don't worry, hun, you and your soul-mate haven't found each other just yet, but you will. I promise. And don't let the other couples get to you. If you're ever feeling down or lonely, come to us, we're always here to help." Zoe told her with a warm smile. "And don't feel bad or silly about it. I think everyone feels that way before they find their mate; its normal to worry about it when you see everyone else that has some happiness that you don't yet. But don't you worry, Artemis will find you someone special, if she hasn't already." she promised, sincerely believing it. Not everyone found their mates at the same time, but she was sure Anne would come across him sometime soon. She sincerely hoped she did, for Anne deserved that happiness. She didn't see why Artemis wouldn't have given her a mate, like all the other females of the packs. Anne was just as deserving as the rest of them, if not more than some of them.
When Claudie came up to them, Zoe turned her head and tried to give her just as warm of a smile, but her uncertainty and still mistrusting judgement towards the girl must have shown through, for Claudie seemed to give her some sort of a guarded look that was just short of being friendly. The vampire girl's presence still made her more than a little uneasy. And she noticed she wasn't the only one; although Adrian was very friendly toward Claudie as if they were long-lost sisters or something, Anne seemed to tense up at her approach. Zoe noticed how she didn't respond right away and how she avoided having to greet her back by noting how Bryarly was the only one missing now. And then Zoe realized why Anne would feel angry at her. She had had to heal all those werewolves Claudie had injured at the night of the attack she had led, and some of them hadn't made it. This trip was going to be more awkward and unfriendly than Zoe had originally thought. It was sure starting out on a bad foot now that Claudie had joined them. Zoe blinked out of her thoughts and nodded in response to what Anne said. "Ummm, yeah, do you think one of us should go check on Bry and fetch her?" she asked, kind of relieved that Anne had changed the subject and steered away from interactions and introductions with Claudie.