Ellinor Frances Cole

Not just your everyday stranger

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a character in “Soulmates”, as played by they-go


call her Ell


age is limitless, meaningless, pointless

but she appears twenty-two

outrageously outrageous, divinely divine, wise beyond years known to man, yet terribly, frighteningly naive.
lover of dance, of music and art. terrified of the being that governs all the lands.
curiouser and curiouser
cautious and timid
hopeful beyond sanity
she is often the wind that blows through your hair, gently tickling your cheek
purely the goodness that so many hope truly exists when it is their time to leave
she thoroughly enjoys perching atop the eifle tower and watching the frenchmen below her

assigned to guard and watch and not love Riku Hatahmiru. so different from her in so many ways.

weild a bow and arrow of light, shoot at the enemy with all your might. it folds away to hide within, much like her wings. she has stealth and speed and courage and the will of what god stands for, but she does not like to fight.

So begins...

Ellinor Frances Cole's Story