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Lyna Eloon of the Wood

"One with nature in heart and mind."

0 · 257 views · located in Esmer

a character in “Souls of Esmer: The Beginning of a Legacy”, as played by whymymothergoose


Name:Lyna Eloon of the Wood Len - ah El - on
Race:Wood Elf
Appearance:Lyna has moss green hair that comes just above her shoulders. Her almond shaped eyes are green and are rimmed with dark, thick eyelashes. She has lower cheekbones then your average Wood Elf and also has a more rounded nose. Lyna's chin comes to a rounded point like most elf's do. Her lips are full and are a pleasant rosey red. A green tribal tattoo is on the right side of her face. She is 5'3" and weighs 100 lbs. She has a tone body and her arms are muscular. With prominent biceps and triceps, you can tell this girl uses her arms. Her fingers are long and slender, along with her toes. Lyna isn't very busty but isn't flat chested either. She has slight hourglass figure.


Agility:7 [2]
Dexterity:8 [1]

Level: 1
Spells: Currently none.
Job: Ranger

Lyna is very in tune with nature and is very knowledgeable with herbalore. She can make things from healing salves to poison. She can live off the land very well and has no need for worldly possessions. She is very stealthy and can blend in with her surroundings, more so if in nature. Lyna excels in hunting and trapping. She is skilled with range weapons such as her shortbow, but that does not limit her. She is also very skilled with daggers. She can communicate and train creates. She has a black wolf companion whose name is Rikar. Lyna is very quiet and secluded. She has few friends and likes it that way. She has never been with a man and doesn't even like the thought of male physical contact. She much prefers the company of her wolf companion. Lyna is mysterious and behind the scenes.




Lyna wears what you see above. She has light leather boots that go up to her knees and matches her wristbands. She has straps and holsters on her thighs to hold her two daggers. Her hood covers up most of her forehead while her face mask covers up everything but her eyes. When looking at Lyna all you can see are her bright green eyes. Her cape is long and flowing, but not so much that it gets in the way.

Lyna uses her handcrafted shortbow and hand made arrows that she made herself. The handle of the bow is made out of Yew wood. The arrows head is made out of rocks sharped into points. She has two daggers that were passed onto her from her father and they were passed on to him from his father, so on and so forth. She carries these daggers on the outside of her thighs for easy accessibility. She also carries a small dagger in her boot, just in case.


She carries a quill/satchel combo on her back. Her handmade arrows fill up the quill while few supplies fill her satchel. The satchel consists of a mortar and pestle, small grinding stone, stomach of a bear to carry liquid, salt and other various spices, vials, and a small dear skin blanket.


Lyna was born in a small, secluded elven town in the woods. Her mother died during childbirth and her father, Valyen, was forced to raise her on his own. Lyna was named after her mother and has been told that she looks just like her. Valyen taught Lyna how to live off the land, making Lyna very skilled in hunting and survival. She always preferred sleeping outside under the stars over a thatch roof. Her eyes keen and accuracy precise, she is a sure shot making her excellent with the bow and arrow.

At the age of 14 her father feel deeply ill with a sickness that could only be cured by a rare plant in the mountains. Her father told her of suck plant, where to find it and how to get it. Leaving her father bed ridden, she set out on her first adventure alone to the mountains in the east. She met several people on the way and made a few friends. Once she made it to the mountains, things weren't as easy as she thought it would be. She fought monsters, creatures, and other people. She found the root and made haste back home. When she arrived she was grieved to find that her father had passed. He left everything to her. Lyna sold the house and all her fathers possessions for gold. That is where she was able to buy her gear and bow. She pocketed the remainder and set off on a 8 year adventure. She explores new biomes and learns all she can about the earth.

The Spirit of Esmer

So begins...

Lyna Eloon of the Wood's Story