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August Qwinn

The daughter of intergalactic fugitives.....who has had her parents reason for being wanted, passed down to her.

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a character in “Space Dust”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!


Name: August Qwinn

Nickname: Outside of the brothel, most just called her August. But inside of it she'd often go by the name "Madame Q".

Sexuality: Straight, but has varied off the plantation a few times.

Age: 20

Ethnicity: PuertoRican & Greek.


Height = 5'10
Weight = 145lbs
Eyes = Sky Blue.
Hair = Brown with a few blonde streaks, and reaches a few inches past the end of her back.
Piercings = August has a full ribbon & blood sleeve on her left arm(pictured above), a nose ring piercing, a tongue piercing, horizontal AND vertical belly button piercings, and seven piercings in each of her ears.(5 in the lobe, + two industrials)

Skills: August is a practitioner of Krav Maga, and she also happens to have a talent for shooting two guns at the same time with near perfect accuracy - a pair of skills she learned from her parents at a young age.(think Revy, from "Black Lagoon")

On an artistic note, she's a bit of a musical prodigy, but no one would ever know it since she hasn't had the chance to showcase it in years......even though she secretly wishes she could.

Personality: August is cunning, wise far beyond her years, and becomes enjoyably cool, calm, & collected under intense pressure - enabling her to outwit others who might let an extreme situation go to their head. However, if she feels someone isn't respecting her and her space at say the brothel, a bar, or some other public event, she can easily morph into an animated spitfire. Her hostility isn't limited solely to men, but she tends to have a much shorter fuse with them vs. women.

Underneath the wisdom and temper though is a soft side that hardly anyone has had the chance to see since she was age 12. If August is upset, injured, or lonely, she suffers in silence or solitude, and as much as she longs for that to change, she hasn't been able to find it within herself yet to open up to many since losing her parents.

Bio/History: The daughter of two double agents gone rouge, August spent most of her life on the run.

Her mother and father worked alongside the leadership of the Alliance, knowing quite a bit of their deepest darkest secrets, and military strategies. However, when the Alliance sent them as spies to a large rebellion camp, the pair jumped ship and handed over information to the so-called enemy. It was only a small fraction of intel, and wasn't done with treasonous malice at heart but instead to prove a point against corruption in the upper ranks of the Alliance. However, it was enough to get them declared intergalactic fugitives wanted for treason against the government. The bounty on their heads, if captured alive, was the highest in the galaxy, causing "space cowboys" to go nuts........and ultimately forcing the pair to move completely off the radar.

For the next few years they spent most of their time as Smugglers, an after the "cowboys" & "cowgirls" began to think catching them was hopeless, the pair ironically dabbled in a bit of Bounty Hunting.........all while living and traveling aboard a medium-sized vessel known as the "Parcka-Q" - which is where August was eventually born, on the Winter Solstice.

Life was a constant game of looking over their shoulders, knowing the Alliance would never quit searching for them out of fear they might spill precious secrets. But outside of that cat-and-mouse feeling, the family of three were happy.........until their ship was attacked two days before Augusts 12th birthday.

Her parents were able to hand her a computer-chip necklace which held every bit of intel they had acquired from the Alliance AND various other rebel factions, and then hide her in a secret compartment, before the men bordered their ship. The group of four masked individuals couldn't see her, but she could see them.......and would sadly witness her parents brutal murder that cold December day.

August spent many days hidden inside the compartment, in utter shock, until the smell of her parents rotting corpses finally snapped her back into reality, and she fled courtesy of a small emergency vessel attached to the Parcka-Q. It was rather small, but in it she'd wind up bouncing around to different settlements within remote areas of the Galaxy........using a range of things from fighting, to her feminine wiles, to keep herself alive.

At age 18 she met a small group of fugitive/runaway women after crashing on a far-out planet. Most were older than herself, but she was still able to convince them to start a hostess bar. However thanks to a few of the looser women in the group, who had a pension for gold digging, the bar quickly earned a reputation as a brothel of sorts.......something August wasn't comfortable with in the least, until she noticed the amount of money she could rake in with the scheme, which caused her to quickly jump on board.
She was a natural leader, and the establishment became rather successful. It was going to be her cash cow that would finance a new vessel, one that would get her closer to her ultimate goal in life - vengeance for her parents murder. However, the group of bandits would throw a wrench in her plans......far before she had enough capital saved up in her account for the vessel she longed for.

Other Quick/Random Notes:

- Inside the escape vessel August found the pair of guns she now securely carries around on her thighs.

- Inside the escape vessel was also a journal from her parents, that explained their past and why they were constantly on the run.
The last few months of entries mentioned how the pair feared the Alliance was hot on their trail again, leading August to beleive at first that it was the Alliance who had killed her parents. However the older she got, the more she questioned that.....figuring the Alliance would of wanted them alive.

- At age 15 August had her first run in with the Alliance when she used her real name to try and past a check point. It was then she learned that they very well knew of her existence, and the fugitive status of her parents would be past down to her if she didn't cooperate......which of course she didn't, an instead chose to flee.

- The necklace around her neck isn't an obvious computer chip, so it's not as if someone without prior knowledge of its existence, could look at it and go "hey, that's a computer chip!" It simply appears to be a collection of dream catchers.

- On the computer chip is thousands of folders and reports relating to the Alliance and rebel resistance - both being intel that's wanted badly by many. August has scanned the chip on a few occasions, but has only made it through a third of the data........since every time she trys to sit and read through it all, anger and frustration build up inside of her, flashbacks of her parents murder begin, and she usually winds up slamming or punching whatever is close by.

- August is a heavy drinker, who smokes socially or when stressed. That being said though, she often makes remarks about how smoking is bad, and forever insists she's quitting.

Sample Post:

The first post is mine, and well over 700 words. xD

So begins...

August Qwinn's Story


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It was only a short while ago that August and her girls had held Jessie at gun point, so the fact that she went from such a scenario to being a passenger on the womans ship, in hours, was a bit unbelievable....comical even.

She'd say little as she was given a brief tour of the ship - which ended in the room she'd get to claim as her own.
After a quick "thanks", her door was gently closed.

"From Madame to ship-bum......i can't tell if that's an upgrade, or a downgrade." she'd mutter to herself, before throwing her tall greenish duffel bag down on the full size mattress.
August wouldn't sit beside it however, an instead she walked over to a tall dresser and stared into the round mirror above it.
She looked like a mess. Ever since the bandits had taken over the the town, she hadn't changed clothes, and it had been days since she last washed herself.

"You look like shit." she whispered to her reflection with a small smirk, before kicking off her brown rolled-down combat boots, stripping out of her current attire, and then making her way into the small bathroom a few steps from the dresser.

During the few minutes it took for the tub to fill up with water, August un-braided the long braid which fell down her back, revealing a long, thick, wavy mess - that hit a few inches below the end of her bare back.
The last thing she'd remove would be her necklace, which she placed on the back of the toilet before turning off the water, and then stepping into it.

She'd sigh out of comfort as she slid into the hot water, however she'd grunt from annoyance when her feet hit the opposite end of the tub.
For a woman, August was tall, standing about a half-inch over 5'10 when completely barefoot, but seeing as how her feet had reached the other end of the tub before her chest was even covered by the water, it was more so the tub being tiny, than her being tall, that caused her to feet to touch the other side so quickly.
However, after she kicked her legs up an over the side of the copper clawfoot, she was able to submerge herself......until the water stopped only a couple of centimeters from the base of her nose.

Closing her eyes caused her to drift off into a rather vivid daydream of her last visit to the beach, at age 11. The memories were pleasant, until they were gone.....

August slowly opened her eyes and peered at her legs for moment, before sitting up, pulling a wash cloth off a nearby towel rack, and then using it to wash herself.

After several minutes static crackled out from the the intercom above her head, and then a familiar voice rang out with;
"Dinners up. Come and get it!"

"Food!?" August perked up with, as she stared up at the round speaker. "Fantastic!!"

Within seconds she had unplugged the stopper, grabbed a towel, and hopped out of the bathtub.
On an average day she could eat more than any man, no matter his size........and then some. However today was no average day, August hadn't eaten a good meal in over 48 hours, and she was starving.

"Ah, i need clothing!" she said.....trekking water throughout her room as she made her way over to her bed and dumped out her bag.

"Gees" she'd muttered as she stood up straight - furiously drying her hair with the towel. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....

Clothing was never something August put much thought into. She'd frequently wear things that were either too revealing or too unappealing, and be none the wiser to the stares of approval and/or disapproval she was getting. The girls at the bar use to think she dressed so carelessly improper on purpose...but they quickly learned she simply didn't care, and unless it was some rare occasion, she was likely to show up in anything.

"Ugh, i guess your it" she whispered, before throwing the towel down on the bed.

In under a minute she'd dress herself in a long grey drape tank-top, that reached mid-thigh. She had bras, but simply chose not to wear one since she was in a rush.
She'd place her hair up in a damp messy bun, and then retrieve her necklace from atop the toilet. After it was clasped on, her boots would be slipped into, before she opened her door, and made her way towards the Kitchen.

The food was set up like a buffet, and lucky for August, she was the first to arrive.

"Nice" she whispered, before grabbing a plate and piling one thing after another on to it.
By the time she was done, you could barely see the actual plate underneath the huge mountain of food.

As she sat down at the nearby table, she suddenly realized how obnoxious her plate most of looked. So she turned her head over towards Jessie, and a barely noticeable smile formed on her face. "Um thanks, for the food. I'll do the dishes afterwards.....all of them." she said, before stuffing her face.
It was the least she could do after be welcomed on the Jessies ship, and then putting so much food on her plate.


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His left eye swung nervously back and forth like a pendulum from his book, along the various bookcases lining nearly all the wall space in the cabin and out the starboard side window. Smoke rings emerged into the space gradually, clinging to the back of his book until they sputtered and broke free. B puffed on his cigar as he turned another page, then another. The real eye continued to bounce around the room and gaze precipitously out the window as his head remained straight, the gaze of his fake eye locked on the book through his eye patch. Another page, then another. A heat indicator went off on the right side of his internal display and he turned his head to look through the wall towards the kitchen with his infrared heat sensor. Heat billowed from around the stove and surrounding countertop inside the kitchen; swirling upwards in brilliant reds, oranges, greens and yellows. As he finished turning his head his mind reeled for an instant, struggling to incorporate the colorful display through the walls in the kitchen with the bulkheads of his own cabin coming into view.

As a reflex his right hand moved to scratch at a momentary itch around his fake eye, but at the last moment he gently rubbed the eye patch with three short, well rehearsed strokes for luck. The book lowered gently onto the table and he reached into the drawer. While swinging both legs out over the floor he grasped the revolver and pushed his feet slowly into his boots. Pulling the revolver clear of the drawer, he opened and spun the cylinders with his right hand while he pulled six bullets free from a vest pocket with the left and popped them into the cylinders as they rotated by, one by one. Straightening, the revolver cylinders clicked into place and he sighted down it as it leveled on the door, B spun the gun around his finger in a horizontal and vertical circle before securing it in the holster on his right hip. The shoelaces started sliding through the holes in his boots as he pulled them taut and tied them off.

Dinner looks about ready. Hopefully there is some fruit other than tomatoes this time.

B marched towards the door to his cabin, stabbing the cigar butt into an overflowing ashtray near the door, and flipped a wall switch disengaging the airflow fan above his bed. The fan released a deep *chunk-a-chunk* sound, followed by a sputtering *cough*, a final desperate chug to inhale what it could. Smoke billowed in large folds out the door as it opened and spilled into the hallway. B grabbed his black hat off the wall and rolled it down his arm before flipping it onto his head from the elbow as he emerged through the smoke.

The hallway was metal paneling, conduit, some piping, and more metal in the form of reinforcement struts spanning the ceiling and bulkheads. Uniform and sterile for the most part, but a few wires that never quite got back inside where they belonged poked out colorfully from behind panels and every few struts had some sort of unique scorch or welding mark. Customizations dotted the walls as well, extra displays, manual release valves, some fire extinguishers and a few false backed smuggling panels. His fake eye noticed all the details of the ship. At some point that list of details drifted into memory and he was lost to thought. Each imperfection, redesign, and repair job conjured a memory, told a story of some scrap the crew of the Emersed had lived through over the last few years. The story of who they were and what they stood for, what they did every day.

Keep working to keep flying.

For him the Emersed was more than a ship and crew. It was an idea worth defending, fighting for and dying for if necessary. Something the Alliance couldn’t take. But more than that, perhaps something worth living for.

Careful now. Those kinds of thoughts will end up dulling your edge...

The intercom squawked, jarring B into focus:
Dinner’s up. Come and get it!

B preferred to arrive at the table a little earlier than the rest of the crew if possible. He enjoyed sitting with the Captain in silent reflection for a few moments before the onslaught of the meal. Even a good crew that gets along well has its ups and downs. When everyone works more often than not until the work is done, unresolved issues spill over into the food. While B had no problems with the Captain deciding to leave the pilot behind, and he certainly deserved it given the circumstances, not everyone might see it that way.

We work well enough together to get the job done, but certainly don’t know one another’s minds. And then there’s the new passenger…a complete stranger.

With infrared he entered the kitchen already slightly disappointed there would be no silent time with the Captain. But he tipped his hat to the new passenger nonetheless and remarked, "Ms." *nodding* in passing, as he rounded the corner through the door frame without looking over. She had already gotten food and was seated at the table, barely visible behind her own personal food mountain. He moved towards the counter with the buffet. As he approached the plates he turned towards the Captain and said, “Captain.*nodding* Please and thank you”, and started loading a plate. As he moved through the buffet selecting some meat, vegetables and bread he paused at the fried tomatoes. The right side of his mouth curled ever so slightly but he removed three slices and put them on his plate.

Figures. Better stick closer to the Captain the next time she buys fruit…

Carrying his plate over towards the two already seated he placed it and some utensils down on the table as he took a seat to the Captain’s left. He stared down at the food for a moment, soaking in the smells with his nose and a varied array of colors with both eyes. As B looked up attempting to gauge any dangerous intent emanating from the newcomer he was startled to notice that she was wearing little more than a longish half-shirt and had already inhaled half of food mountain.

This one looks like a handful of trouble...


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#, as written by mombie
So long has she been drifting through the stellar abyss that was the vast emptiness of space and time. Ship after shift; nightmare after nightmare, it was a surprise that anyone could make an easy life of this. For the last three years she has been with Captain Jessie Chambers, a respectful woman aboard the ship Emersed. Now, it was no queen of space, but the vessel would get the crew from point A to point B with minor issues. With her bottom perched atop her lightly clad bed, she combed a brush though the thick silken strands of long winding hair. Usually, she was untidy in appearance, but she was growing tired of looking like a bum and a half. Standing up, she'd set the brush on a table, and turn around to take a quick glance at the ugly scratched embedding deep within that lightly tanned tissue. They were the marks of her most profound secret, and a deadly one at that. Vibeke was no fugitive, just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The dainty doe wasn't about to go spilling the Alliance's misdoings anytime soon. They just wanted her because, well, they thought she would open her mouth at their invention of the disgusting abominations now called Reavers.

"Dinners up. Come and get it!" chimed the Captain over the intercom. That was the moment that she threw a loose fitting pair of slacks and a blouse over her lithe form, then climbed out of her hole-in-the-wall room. Literally.

As she walked down the paragon corridors of the ship towards the kitchen area, she did not think about what happened to the pilot. Over the last three years, she knew that Chambers did not take crap from anyone. It wouldn't be a far-fetched truth to say that the pilot double-crossed her. That person was strange and off from the very start.

Closing in on the dining/kitchen space, she waved with a small smile, "Zdravo, guys." Her place was taken next to B, a man who has been with them for a while. Truth be told, Vibeke had no idea what it was that he did. Most people didn't talk about their history. It was a good idea to keep those things to yourself, you know. When push comes to shove, the reality was simple; someone always caved into the temptation of money. The Alliance offered good bounty for someone that they wanted. Great money, even. Half the time they didn't even keep their word.

Next, those honeyed hues flitted over to August, the newest passenger on Emersed. The doctor did not trust anyone anymore. Not after what she was put through. Especially not after the former Pilot was left stranded on a rugged planet by himself. As laughable as that was, and insane. Watching the girl pile food onto her plate, Vibeke would go as far as to figure that she probably hadn't eaten in days. She tossed B that expression that stated, who in the world is this?, before helping herself to some food.

That was, if August wasn't going to stuff herself like a fat cow.

Settling comfortably within her chair, resting her back against its sturdy spine, she forked some of the plate's contents into her mouth. Of all the places to be feminine and pristine, this was not one of them. Emersed was made up of women who were anything but womanly in attitude and demeanor. Even with men present, there was no reason to be lady like. They understood, anyway. This was what it was like to live on the constant edge; danger everywhere they land, traveling to craggy planes, and dealing with the threat of the Alliance.

Thankfully, the only thing that they hadn't had the displeasure of dealing with was Reavers. These people, well they were people once, were complete monsters. Cannibals, rapists, and murderers, they set their ships flying across the spacial territory looking for their next meal. The tale states that these were human who traveled too far off the edge of the 'verse, but really, they were victims of a terrible Alliance experiment. However, anyone could become a Reaver if they were driven insane enough.

A visible shiver wracked her spine and shoulders at the thought. It wasn't sane to think of them. It just wasn't... to have them always on your mind like the doctor did.

Changing the course of her mind, she glanced over at Jessie, "So, where we go now?" It was obvious that her grasp of the English language was very rough, and her Slovakian tongue a little harsh. Couple with the knowledge of Chinese, she had a very hard time with language. Regardless, the overall tenure of her voice was soft and feathery, not low and brash.