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Jessie Chambers

Just because I don't respond, doesn't mean I don't listen

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a character in “Space Dust”, as played by Adantas


Your Creation

Jessie Chambers

Nick Name: Jess
Age: 28
Eyes: Deep coffee brown
Hair: Shoulder length, midnight black and very frizzy. She often finds it very difficult to work with, so she generally just leaves it out. But when things get serious you'll know because she'll have it tied back.
Physical Description: Jess isn’t what you would call a very feminist type of woman. She’s more lean and muscular then smooth and curvy. She’s always in her tight navy blouse, with a tan petticoat jacket on top. Her shirt is neatly tucked into her sand coloured riding pants which in turn are tucked into her shin-length boots. Around her waist is her belt that holds two pistols, one for shooting and one for back up. What people don’t know is that she in a secret pocket in her left boot is a compartment where she keeps a dagger. It’s come in handy quite a few times.
Special features: She has a single Chinese tattoo on each wrist. She also as a lattice work of scars across her back which she doesn't let anyone know about, not that it means they don't. And the third most important thing about her is faded gold locket that she wears all the time. The length of the chain reaches mid-way down her chest, so is easily hidden. Inside the locket is an inscription and a picture of her and her husband Michael.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: African-Amercian
Personality: Jessie is generally quiet and distant when first met. Although don’t cross her, she has a quick tongue and isn’t afraid to bite. On most occasions she doesn't mind having a laugh and enjoys listening to the conversations at the dinner table with her crew. But that's just it, she prefers to listen then contribute. However, saying this doesn't mean she isn't able to take charge. She never raises her voice but that doesn't mean she isn't heard. Jessie also has a tendency to not reply when talked to, seemingly caught up in her own thoughts; however she always has her ears open. She likes her solitude as sometimes she can become a tad bit emotional when certain events ensue. She never allows her crew to see her cry or show any frustration. She generally either shows them displeasure or a little bit of happiness. To her she feels that emotions shouldn’t get in the way of a job and when you work 24/7 then they shouldn’t really show at all. But that doesn’t mean she won’t express herself, she will just do so in the comfort of her own company. She likes to think that Michael is watching her so she makes sure that with every action she does it is done for a just reason. This will lead to her always thinking before an action is executed. However in times of great needs she will grab hold of her locket and pray to Michael that her quick decision is the right one. And generally it is, she has little faith in her choices without proper consultation, but in actual fact without it she is quite competent. Violence is not her thing and using it to get a point across is what she would call lazy and stupid. She would rather a duel of the words then blowing each other’s heads off, but in a galaxy full of trigger happy cowboys, that can be a little difficult. She highly values reassessment of herself, if anyone managed to picklock her cabin door and takes a peek when she’s in her alone time, they would find her sitting on the floor in front of her bed, surrounded with candles and eyes closed. This is the time where she has her ‘conversations’ with Michael and often sorts out any doubts she has or tough decisions that she needs to make.
Likes: Solitude, a good book, eavesdropping, Emersed, poetry, cooking
Dislikes: Back chat, disorganisation, the alliance, secrets, rashness, violence
Position/role: Captain
Skills: Her first choice of weapon would actually be a sword but since most fights involve a gun it doesn’t really come in handy. That doesn’t mean she isn’t good at wielding a gun, although she prefers precision shooting (sniping) over short pistol fights. She is also a decent cook, making sure that her crew is well fed despite the rations. Secretly she is very good at poetry, but that’s something of the past and she tends to only write at times when she’s feeling most emotional.

History: Jessie Chambers grew up on one of the nearer planets to Persephone, the central planet to The ‘Verse. They lived in a small house just on the outskirts of the town and life wasn’t too bad while Jessie was young. However when she reached about five her father fell hard into debt. It was hard times for the family and they would often go without food. It was during this time that her father developed a drinking problem, in which he would go to the bar and spend the little money they had to fuel his own self-pity. When he came back, stoned off his face, he would be raging with anger at their situation. He would blame his wife and would start to become increasingly violent. Soon he began to take out his frustration onto little Jessie, and while her mother tried to protect her she was no match against her fathers alcohol induced strength. He would never strike her face, he couldn’t bear to see her sweet face screwed up in pain, so he kept to lashing her back. If he wasn’t using his palm to smack her he was using his leather belt like a whip. Sometimes he didn’t realise which ends were being used and the buckle would rip through her delicate skin.

By the time Jessie was eighteen, her mother was already dead and her father nearly driven mad. She would spend most of her time out of the house, doing her best to earn money so that she could keep her father happy. For some time it was okay but he would get sudden spouts of anger, taking it out on her. Often badly bruised she would wander into town and stay with the girls at the brothel. They often said that they could join her but she would often refuse. She couldn’t bear the thought being a ‘slave’ of sorts to men’s whims, even if it were one of pleasure. Thankfully her chance of escape arrived. A cattle transport ship was docking in their small town for the week and they were offering spaces for passengers. The fee wasn’t too expensive but it was the problem of getting the money. While she was the one earning all their cash, he would take it from her before she even got a chance to save any of it. The girls at the brothel would offer to help and she thanked them but wouldn’t let them pay the full price. She late one night while her father was out cold and a bottle of whiskey by his side, Jessie snuck to his room and took some of the remaining amount she needed for the fee. She was home free by that morning. She had no idea where she was travelling to but the crew were kind.

She ended up staying with them longer than her fee price would cover but they didn’t mind, they nicked named her their 'stowaway'. With them she learnt to shoot a pistol and discovered that she had bloody good aim. On one of their trips they met and old Chinese man who had a collection of swords that he was selling. She was fascinated with them and he showed her how to wield one, telling her a few techniques that she could practice. The man was even willing to give her one of his swords that he valued most, claiming that he wanted to pass it on knowing that it was in good hands. That sword is now displayed in her cabin aboard the Emersed. However, during one of their stopovers Jessie met a young man. Their first meeting was a bit of an accident and quite embarrassing for both. But they instantly hit it off. Jessie was torn between staying with the man she was learning to love or continuing on with the crew that took her in. In the end they told her to stay with Michael. The next couple of years were blissful, and Jessie never knew she could be so happy.

Until the Alliance visited and it was like being whipped with the buckle that her father used to use. They were claiming that there were illegal going-ons in the town and said for those dealing to come forward. Of course nobody did and that’s when things went from bad to worse. Michael already had a strong disliking for the Alliance so for them to walk into his town and declare such heinous accusations was the last straw. He got into a fight with a few of the men and while it started out as a simple fist brawl it escalated into a full blown execution. They charged Michael with obstruction of justice and he was sentenced to death. The court marshal was conducted that very afternoon and Jessie didn’t even know about it until he was lined up and about to be shot. She didn’t even get the chance to tell them to stop before shooting. She tried desperately to reach him but was held back while the men aimed and fired. As the shots rung through the evening, only matched by Jessie’s cries, she struggled for all her worth to reach her husband’s crumpled body. He was dead before he even hit the ground. Jessie reached his body and sat there with his head cradled in her lap. A bloody hole in his forehead. Two years from that Jessie purchased the Emersed and set about getting a crew. She had now been sailing with them for three years.

Sample Post: The funeral

It was as if the world was being purposefully cruel. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and everything seemed bright and happy. Jessie's eyes were red and swollen, her head throbbing from crying. She and a group of close friends were all huddled under the old tree just on the outskirts of town, its willowy branches flowing in the gentle breeze. Helens voice rang pure and true on the last note softly fading into the wind as she finished the song. It was beautiful and a real tribute to the event. Jessie still couldn’t believe it was real; her hands were firmly closed around the locket which was the last thing she had of Michael. The pastor began to say his kind words, blessing Michael saying we should celebrate his life and forever remember his passing. It was a touching ceremony but Jessie couldn’t help but feel bitter. She didn’t deserve to lose her husband. She had finally found someone who would care for her, someone who was gentle and understanding. He was the one, the one who knew every crack and dark hole that was a part of her history. They were meant to have a life together, to raise a family and be happy. Now it was all ripped away from her. Finally the pastor finished and Jessie took her step up, she thanked him with a gentle nod. Her voice started off shaky but then grew stronger, with each word about Michael she seemed to gain some strength back. It was like his spirit was standing next to her, she could feel his hand on her shoulder. Those big, strong hands which had held her during her trying times. She went on to say about the time they met and that brought on a gentle laughter through the small crowd. She smiled too, pleased that she had such fond memories to look back upon. When she finished she knelt down to his newly dug grave, the ground still soft from being uprooted. Out from the pocket of her apron she took a handful of tiny seeds. It had been a struggle to get these and she was proud that she had made the effort. They were sunflower seeds and she hoped they would grow full and beautiful atop her husband’s grave. They were his favourite, often saying that when they would start a family he would save up some money to purchase some seeds to start a little garden out front. It brought a few tears to her eyes remembering that day. She gentle parted the earth and scattered the seeds and as she leaned over her tears fell, as if to grace the new life that would grow on the one that was wrongfully taken. She sat there resting on her heels, staring at the place where her husband lay until someone gently rested their hands on her shoulders and helped her up. The sun was fading as late afternoon was taking place. Without a word each of the mourners took in turns to kneel beside Michael’s grave. Soon everyone had said their peace and it was time to leave.

Jessie was unable to face the empty house alone, still fully expecting to see Michael at the door, arms open to greet her home. Another wave of sadness washed over her body. Instead that night she went to Helens and stayed the night there. Helen already had a family, a two year old and another child on the way. It took a part of Jessie’s mind off of the day to help prepare dinner and entertain little Kaylee. The night was filled with soft laughter and pleasant reminiscing of Michael and Jessie’s adventures. While it brought a smile to her face and warmed her heart, it also caused a small crack as she was again reminded that she would no longer be able to see her husband. When she helped wash up and put Kaylee to bed she found herself now alone in the spare bedroom with only her thoughts for company. It was there, that night lying in another’s bed, that she had started her prayers to Michael. The days after were difficult, the adjustment to now living alone tenuous. She would often get visitors coming to support her, giving her food but generally an attempt to keep her company. She rarely left the house, preferring to keep Michael close to her with all of his belongings surrounding her.

Soon it was becoming all too much, she was wasting away to nothing and it was getting difficult to get out of bed at all. Lying there in her sorrow and grief she had an exhaustion-induced delusion in which she claims Michael came and spoke to her. He told her that she could not keep living this way, that this was in no way honouring his memory. She needs to get out and make something for herself. At first she refused, disbelieving her own pleading mind. But as she found herself looking at her reflection she couldn’t help but be appalled at her dishevelled figure. Soon she was selling the house and all of it’s inside. She realised that the things in the house where just inanimate objects and that all she needed of Michael was the locket. So now with a heap of cash she bought an old Wren-class ship that had been remodelled and was actually pretty decent. While she wanted to change the name she just couldn’t bring herself to take away the ships connection to its past adventures. So it stayed as Emersed. However that didn’t mean she wouldn’t tribute some part to Michael. Buying the ship was the easy part, it was getting a crew that was a little bit more difficult. Finally she did manage to secure a pilot and they were able to travel a bit farther and one by one the crew of the Emersed grew. They had been travelling a few years together, getting the odd jobs here and there. It wasn’t a grand life but it made Jessie feel like she was doing something and she owed it all to Michael.

Extras: Malcom Reynolds

So begins...

Jessie Chambers's Story


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#, as written by Adantas
The Emersed was cruising through a lonely part of The 'Verse, the stars were few and far and the only nearby planet was the one they just left. The modified wren-class ship wasn't going to win any beauty competitions but she was reliable. Most wren-classes weren't fit with autopilot but The Emersed had that special touch and her passengers were grateful for it. Their last pilot had turned out to be a bit of a problem and found himself stranded on the planet they had just departed along with the cut-throat bandits. That's what happens when you plan on betraying Captain Jessie Chambers, she doesn't like it when someone from her crew attempts to backstab her. There are always consequences.

It kind of peeved Jess off; not only being deceived but now having to find a new pilot. However, their little detour, while losing them a pilot, landed them with a new passenger. The girl had wanted to escape her life from the lonely planet and life as a courtesan. Jessie could understand the want for a new life and even though a bit reluctant at first, finally allowed the girl aboard. She was a relatively quiet girl but she had a sense of coolness around her that portrayed she had control of any situation. Jessie admired that, she needed a few people who had a calm head in stressful situations. That wasn’t saying that she didn’t have people who couldn’t deal with those kinds of situations it was just they tended to gung-ho into them.

She had been travelling with most of her crew for around 2-3 years and they had grown to know what to expect from each other. There flight was intended to take a few days before they reached more inhabitable planets, giving them ample time to learn a bit more about their mysterious passenger. While she had told them about growing up in the town she hadn’t exactly told them much about herself. Jessie just wanted to know whether the girl was trustworthy otherwise she would find herself on a desolate moon with rocks for company. Jessie had no qualms about taking the girl and helping her start a new life but that didn’t mean she was getting a free ticket. You had to earn your stay aboard The Emersed. That meant pitching in with helping whoever needed a hand.

When they took off and left the planet’s atmosphere Jessie took it as her duty to show August around the place, she didn’t hold much of a conversation, only giving small instructions on where everything was. Finally she ended with the spare room which had been their pilots but since he was no longer employed that right was void. When they had left him there they had dumped most of his stuff with him, so the room was bare save for some sheets and a pillow on the bed. That’s where Jessie had left her last and so for the last couple of hours each member had gone and done their separate thing. Jessie herself and retreated to her room. It was filled with an assortment of materials hanging from the ceiling and creating a sort of Middle Eastern haven. She had a few ‘trophies’ from past events and jobs, the tradition Chinese sword was hanging on the wall along with some other bits and pieces. Her desk was covered it scraps of paper some filled with cursive ink writing some with splotches and others just blank. She had a tall wardrobe in the corner that held the rest of her clothes, which wasn’t much, as well as a dozen thick, 30cm tall white candles. She would only use four at a time, burning them till they could give no more before using another four.

Taking them out of their spot in the wardrobe she carefully placed them at four points around her. She took her spot in the middle and began her ritual of crossing her legs and lighting each candle. Once completed she removed her necklace and held it tightly to her chest, closing her eyes and picturing Michael. Now was the time she reflected on the day and pictured all her actions that she committed. As if touring Michael through her thoughts and determining what she had done was right. Usually this process would take roughly an hour depending what had happened. When she finished she would say farewell and open her eyes. Then she would blow the candles out one by one and pack them away.

She glanced at the digital clock at her bedside table and realised it was time she started preparing dinner for the crew. She was about to leave but something caught her eye. It was her reflection in the vanity mirror. She rarely ever looked in the mirror but every once in a while she caught a glimpse of herself. She was looking far better then what she had when she first boarded The Emersed, she had filled out with some muscle and her complexion was much healthier and brighter. Her mass of black curls were as frizzy as always and while it was thick and lush again there was nothing she could do to improve it. A slight smile crept upon her face as she thought of how Michael would be proud that she was treating herself right again. With that she left her room and headed to the dining area.

It was sort of like a small mess hall with a table in the middle and a series of benches surrounding it and a stove, pantry, fridge and sink on the other side. The kitchen was empty and that gave Jessie time to focus on her task of prepping the food. Cooking for seven people, especially since two of them were bottomless pits, meant she had to have a decent amount prepared. Thankfully, when they stopped over they were able to replenish their rations and even score some fresh produce. Jessie felt that they deserved a nice meal so she began slicing up some tomatoes and got to work frying them up. It took her a little over an hour to get everything sorted but by the time she was done the kitchen was filled with homely aromas of delicious fresh food. She arranged it so that it was set up like a buffet and everyone could take what they pleased, the plates placed beside for convenience. Next she set up the table with some cutlery and glasses, a large jug of water and some bottles of alcohol scatter around. The task was soothing and when she was done she went over to the intercom and pushed the button so that everyone no matter where they were would hear her.

“Dinners up. Come and get it!”

She took her seat as she waited for everyone to file into the dining room.


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It was only a short while ago that August and her girls had held Jessie at gun point, so the fact that she went from such a scenario to being a passenger on the womans ship, in hours, was a bit unbelievable....comical even.

She'd say little as she was given a brief tour of the ship - which ended in the room she'd get to claim as her own.
After a quick "thanks", her door was gently closed.

"From Madame to ship-bum......i can't tell if that's an upgrade, or a downgrade." she'd mutter to herself, before throwing her tall greenish duffel bag down on the full size mattress.
August wouldn't sit beside it however, an instead she walked over to a tall dresser and stared into the round mirror above it.
She looked like a mess. Ever since the bandits had taken over the the town, she hadn't changed clothes, and it had been days since she last washed herself.

"You look like shit." she whispered to her reflection with a small smirk, before kicking off her brown rolled-down combat boots, stripping out of her current attire, and then making her way into the small bathroom a few steps from the dresser.

During the few minutes it took for the tub to fill up with water, August un-braided the long braid which fell down her back, revealing a long, thick, wavy mess - that hit a few inches below the end of her bare back.
The last thing she'd remove would be her necklace, which she placed on the back of the toilet before turning off the water, and then stepping into it.

She'd sigh out of comfort as she slid into the hot water, however she'd grunt from annoyance when her feet hit the opposite end of the tub.
For a woman, August was tall, standing about a half-inch over 5'10 when completely barefoot, but seeing as how her feet had reached the other end of the tub before her chest was even covered by the water, it was more so the tub being tiny, than her being tall, that caused her to feet to touch the other side so quickly.
However, after she kicked her legs up an over the side of the copper clawfoot, she was able to submerge herself......until the water stopped only a couple of centimeters from the base of her nose.

Closing her eyes caused her to drift off into a rather vivid daydream of her last visit to the beach, at age 11. The memories were pleasant, until they were gone.....

August slowly opened her eyes and peered at her legs for moment, before sitting up, pulling a wash cloth off a nearby towel rack, and then using it to wash herself.

After several minutes static crackled out from the the intercom above her head, and then a familiar voice rang out with;
"Dinners up. Come and get it!"

"Food!?" August perked up with, as she stared up at the round speaker. "Fantastic!!"

Within seconds she had unplugged the stopper, grabbed a towel, and hopped out of the bathtub.
On an average day she could eat more than any man, no matter his size........and then some. However today was no average day, August hadn't eaten a good meal in over 48 hours, and she was starving.

"Ah, i need clothing!" she said.....trekking water throughout her room as she made her way over to her bed and dumped out her bag.

"Gees" she'd muttered as she stood up straight - furiously drying her hair with the towel. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....

Clothing was never something August put much thought into. She'd frequently wear things that were either too revealing or too unappealing, and be none the wiser to the stares of approval and/or disapproval she was getting. The girls at the bar use to think she dressed so carelessly improper on purpose...but they quickly learned she simply didn't care, and unless it was some rare occasion, she was likely to show up in anything.

"Ugh, i guess your it" she whispered, before throwing the towel down on the bed.

In under a minute she'd dress herself in a long grey drape tank-top, that reached mid-thigh. She had bras, but simply chose not to wear one since she was in a rush.
She'd place her hair up in a damp messy bun, and then retrieve her necklace from atop the toilet. After it was clasped on, her boots would be slipped into, before she opened her door, and made her way towards the Kitchen.

The food was set up like a buffet, and lucky for August, she was the first to arrive.

"Nice" she whispered, before grabbing a plate and piling one thing after another on to it.
By the time she was done, you could barely see the actual plate underneath the huge mountain of food.

As she sat down at the nearby table, she suddenly realized how obnoxious her plate most of looked. So she turned her head over towards Jessie, and a barely noticeable smile formed on her face. "Um thanks, for the food. I'll do the dishes afterwards.....all of them." she said, before stuffing her face.
It was the least she could do after be welcomed on the Jessies ship, and then putting so much food on her plate.


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His left eye swung nervously back and forth like a pendulum from his book, along the various bookcases lining nearly all the wall space in the cabin and out the starboard side window. Smoke rings emerged into the space gradually, clinging to the back of his book until they sputtered and broke free. B puffed on his cigar as he turned another page, then another. The real eye continued to bounce around the room and gaze precipitously out the window as his head remained straight, the gaze of his fake eye locked on the book through his eye patch. Another page, then another. A heat indicator went off on the right side of his internal display and he turned his head to look through the wall towards the kitchen with his infrared heat sensor. Heat billowed from around the stove and surrounding countertop inside the kitchen; swirling upwards in brilliant reds, oranges, greens and yellows. As he finished turning his head his mind reeled for an instant, struggling to incorporate the colorful display through the walls in the kitchen with the bulkheads of his own cabin coming into view.

As a reflex his right hand moved to scratch at a momentary itch around his fake eye, but at the last moment he gently rubbed the eye patch with three short, well rehearsed strokes for luck. The book lowered gently onto the table and he reached into the drawer. While swinging both legs out over the floor he grasped the revolver and pushed his feet slowly into his boots. Pulling the revolver clear of the drawer, he opened and spun the cylinders with his right hand while he pulled six bullets free from a vest pocket with the left and popped them into the cylinders as they rotated by, one by one. Straightening, the revolver cylinders clicked into place and he sighted down it as it leveled on the door, B spun the gun around his finger in a horizontal and vertical circle before securing it in the holster on his right hip. The shoelaces started sliding through the holes in his boots as he pulled them taut and tied them off.

Dinner looks about ready. Hopefully there is some fruit other than tomatoes this time.

B marched towards the door to his cabin, stabbing the cigar butt into an overflowing ashtray near the door, and flipped a wall switch disengaging the airflow fan above his bed. The fan released a deep *chunk-a-chunk* sound, followed by a sputtering *cough*, a final desperate chug to inhale what it could. Smoke billowed in large folds out the door as it opened and spilled into the hallway. B grabbed his black hat off the wall and rolled it down his arm before flipping it onto his head from the elbow as he emerged through the smoke.

The hallway was metal paneling, conduit, some piping, and more metal in the form of reinforcement struts spanning the ceiling and bulkheads. Uniform and sterile for the most part, but a few wires that never quite got back inside where they belonged poked out colorfully from behind panels and every few struts had some sort of unique scorch or welding mark. Customizations dotted the walls as well, extra displays, manual release valves, some fire extinguishers and a few false backed smuggling panels. His fake eye noticed all the details of the ship. At some point that list of details drifted into memory and he was lost to thought. Each imperfection, redesign, and repair job conjured a memory, told a story of some scrap the crew of the Emersed had lived through over the last few years. The story of who they were and what they stood for, what they did every day.

Keep working to keep flying.

For him the Emersed was more than a ship and crew. It was an idea worth defending, fighting for and dying for if necessary. Something the Alliance couldn’t take. But more than that, perhaps something worth living for.

Careful now. Those kinds of thoughts will end up dulling your edge...

The intercom squawked, jarring B into focus:
Dinner’s up. Come and get it!

B preferred to arrive at the table a little earlier than the rest of the crew if possible. He enjoyed sitting with the Captain in silent reflection for a few moments before the onslaught of the meal. Even a good crew that gets along well has its ups and downs. When everyone works more often than not until the work is done, unresolved issues spill over into the food. While B had no problems with the Captain deciding to leave the pilot behind, and he certainly deserved it given the circumstances, not everyone might see it that way.

We work well enough together to get the job done, but certainly don’t know one another’s minds. And then there’s the new passenger…a complete stranger.

With infrared he entered the kitchen already slightly disappointed there would be no silent time with the Captain. But he tipped his hat to the new passenger nonetheless and remarked, "Ms." *nodding* in passing, as he rounded the corner through the door frame without looking over. She had already gotten food and was seated at the table, barely visible behind her own personal food mountain. He moved towards the counter with the buffet. As he approached the plates he turned towards the Captain and said, “Captain.*nodding* Please and thank you”, and started loading a plate. As he moved through the buffet selecting some meat, vegetables and bread he paused at the fried tomatoes. The right side of his mouth curled ever so slightly but he removed three slices and put them on his plate.

Figures. Better stick closer to the Captain the next time she buys fruit…

Carrying his plate over towards the two already seated he placed it and some utensils down on the table as he took a seat to the Captain’s left. He stared down at the food for a moment, soaking in the smells with his nose and a varied array of colors with both eyes. As B looked up attempting to gauge any dangerous intent emanating from the newcomer he was startled to notice that she was wearing little more than a longish half-shirt and had already inhaled half of food mountain.

This one looks like a handful of trouble...


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#, as written by mombie
So long has she been drifting through the stellar abyss that was the vast emptiness of space and time. Ship after shift; nightmare after nightmare, it was a surprise that anyone could make an easy life of this. For the last three years she has been with Captain Jessie Chambers, a respectful woman aboard the ship Emersed. Now, it was no queen of space, but the vessel would get the crew from point A to point B with minor issues. With her bottom perched atop her lightly clad bed, she combed a brush though the thick silken strands of long winding hair. Usually, she was untidy in appearance, but she was growing tired of looking like a bum and a half. Standing up, she'd set the brush on a table, and turn around to take a quick glance at the ugly scratched embedding deep within that lightly tanned tissue. They were the marks of her most profound secret, and a deadly one at that. Vibeke was no fugitive, just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The dainty doe wasn't about to go spilling the Alliance's misdoings anytime soon. They just wanted her because, well, they thought she would open her mouth at their invention of the disgusting abominations now called Reavers.

"Dinners up. Come and get it!" chimed the Captain over the intercom. That was the moment that she threw a loose fitting pair of slacks and a blouse over her lithe form, then climbed out of her hole-in-the-wall room. Literally.

As she walked down the paragon corridors of the ship towards the kitchen area, she did not think about what happened to the pilot. Over the last three years, she knew that Chambers did not take crap from anyone. It wouldn't be a far-fetched truth to say that the pilot double-crossed her. That person was strange and off from the very start.

Closing in on the dining/kitchen space, she waved with a small smile, "Zdravo, guys." Her place was taken next to B, a man who has been with them for a while. Truth be told, Vibeke had no idea what it was that he did. Most people didn't talk about their history. It was a good idea to keep those things to yourself, you know. When push comes to shove, the reality was simple; someone always caved into the temptation of money. The Alliance offered good bounty for someone that they wanted. Great money, even. Half the time they didn't even keep their word.

Next, those honeyed hues flitted over to August, the newest passenger on Emersed. The doctor did not trust anyone anymore. Not after what she was put through. Especially not after the former Pilot was left stranded on a rugged planet by himself. As laughable as that was, and insane. Watching the girl pile food onto her plate, Vibeke would go as far as to figure that she probably hadn't eaten in days. She tossed B that expression that stated, who in the world is this?, before helping herself to some food.

That was, if August wasn't going to stuff herself like a fat cow.

Settling comfortably within her chair, resting her back against its sturdy spine, she forked some of the plate's contents into her mouth. Of all the places to be feminine and pristine, this was not one of them. Emersed was made up of women who were anything but womanly in attitude and demeanor. Even with men present, there was no reason to be lady like. They understood, anyway. This was what it was like to live on the constant edge; danger everywhere they land, traveling to craggy planes, and dealing with the threat of the Alliance.

Thankfully, the only thing that they hadn't had the displeasure of dealing with was Reavers. These people, well they were people once, were complete monsters. Cannibals, rapists, and murderers, they set their ships flying across the spacial territory looking for their next meal. The tale states that these were human who traveled too far off the edge of the 'verse, but really, they were victims of a terrible Alliance experiment. However, anyone could become a Reaver if they were driven insane enough.

A visible shiver wracked her spine and shoulders at the thought. It wasn't sane to think of them. It just wasn't... to have them always on your mind like the doctor did.

Changing the course of her mind, she glanced over at Jessie, "So, where we go now?" It was obvious that her grasp of the English language was very rough, and her Slovakian tongue a little harsh. Couple with the knowledge of Chinese, she had a very hard time with language. Regardless, the overall tenure of her voice was soft and feathery, not low and brash.