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Vibeke Slovak

"I may not be a charmer, but I can fix you up quite well."

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a character in “Space Dust”, originally authored by mombie, as played by RolePlayGateway


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Vibeke Slovak

Nick Name: Bekka
Age: Twenty-six
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135 Lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Ah, well, her hair has that natural deep brown color in unlit places; otherwise, it is a bright red with flicks of purple. Jay will keep it up either in a bun, or in a low-laying lax braid.
Physical Description: Dainty, lithe, and small, Jay is no more equipped for combat as a newborn baby would be. Her skin is lightly sun-touched, and at times her honey hues appear as listless as an endless abyss. Her feminine form is as imperfect as ever; cursed by the subtlety of her curves rather than gifted by its abundance. The attire worn by the doctor is often concealing in nature, due to her modest and timid nature. Work clothing seems to be soiled with the stain of blood unable to be completely washed away, but it doesn't appear that she minds. After all, they are just the remnants of her occupation. Make-up is applied moderately, if any at all. Nothing she does requires any kind of glamor. It is safe to say that she is rather plain in appearance; uneven nails (in reference to nail biting), unkempt hair, and loose unflattering clothing. Honestly, she doesn’t want to be noticed for her looks, but for the job that she has been doing for a long time.

Special features: Her back has the imprint of a Reaver attack; long scars that look like claw marks from the nape of her neck, to the small of her back. The injury was sustained during a last attempt on the Miranda planet (beyond Reaver territory), to save that .10 percent of the population that were lashing out at the Alliance. Her sole purpose, while with a different crew at the age of 20, was to study the effects of G-23 paxilon hydrochlorate used on the population. But when the Reavers struck, most everyone was maimed or killed. She was no exception.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Slovakian
Personality: Quiet, reserved, and modest, Vibeke just doesn't like being at the center of attention. For one, her English is not as good as it should be. While she can understand her comrades, she has a hard time relaying things to them. Even as skilled a doctor as she is, there are times when she will simply freeze; especially if sent out in the middle of a gun fight. She has a genuine, and natural, fear for her own life; however, she will do most anything for her friends. If that means she has to go out into the midst of a brawl, she will. The state as which her body freezes in the moments of a life-threatening situation is only temporary, and she will regain her senses within seconds. There is something likable about her; friendly and warm. Not only does she treat her patients well, but she also nurtures the ones that cannot be helped with fond care and delicate words. She takes the greatest pride in her job, and will bring aid to those that will take a firm stand against the Alliance.
Likes: Calming Music, Rain Storms, Her Job, Being With Friends
Dislikes: The Alliance, Gun fights, Death, Disrespectful People, Cursing, Reavers
Position/role: Doctor aboard Emersed
Skills: Her medical training took her to Osiris where she would become a trauma doctor. Her basic skills include first aid, mending both minor and serious wounds, as well as mental evaluations and physical check-ups. If the tools are available, she can perform complicated surgeries that require amputation, organ removal or replacement, etc. Bekka is not the one you want wielding a gun around. She is mocked, people saying, "The safest target is the one in front of her." However, she can do basic hand-to-hand combat, mostly dappling in self defense for those moments where she would need to fight for her life.

History: Vibeke was born on Santo, near Persephone. Her dad was a slaver, and her mother a brothel whore. She did not get a lot of help in regards to reaching her dreams, so she had to work by herself to climb the ladder of success. When she was 19, she secretly helped the hapless victims of slavers with food, water, and shelter. By this time, she had a small safe house for them, in which she did the best she could with their injuries. This was when she decided that she was going to go to Osiris to become a surgeon, that way she could render aid to those who really need it. As part of an internship, she traveled to Miranda where the Alliance experimented on a populace of over 30 million people. In their efforts to make their people able to be manipulated more easily, they instead created some sort of lethargic population. This was carried out by the use of G-23 paxilon hydrochlorate gas, which would effect most the way that it was supposed to, and well, the others - over .10 percent of the populace would go insane. These individuals would later be called The Reavers. In an attack by the frenzied Reavers, Vibeke was caught in the middle, suffering aggravated wounds herself. The crew of students and researchers left shortly after sticking themselves in some pretty tight hiding spots.

Back on Osiris, she had to hold the secret of the Alliance scum deep within her. She was now a wanted woman, as much as they wanted to keep the whole thing as some clandestine operation. Now she really loathed the Alliance for creating such monsters that rape, cannibalize, and kill everything in their path. Bekka is frightened to death of the Reavers, and will do almost anything to get away from them. After nearly being unable to leave Miranda with her life intact, she knows exactly what they do, and how they do it.

Vibeke has crew-hopped with Captains needing a temporary doctor for a little bit, and traveled to many planets. One thing was always certain - the Alliance seemed to know where she was at every turn and twist in her path. For now, her direction was completely aimless as she attempted to find alternate routes and contrasts in her usual patterns to thwart the Alliance. When she was 23, Jessie Chambers located Vibeke on Regina, where the local population was suffering some kind of ugly disease. The doctor had been busy trying to find a cure, but did not prevail. Jessie offered her a chance to have a more solid purpose, and since then, she has been with the Captain.

Sample Post:
The ephemeral sheet of night was cast aside by a new virgin morn. The heavenly beyond held a dismal sheen, and sweeping gales ghosted across the Southern Bazaar with blood and wickedness beneath their wings. Daggerford, for as long as the fair-haired Apothecary spend dwelling in its silent carnage, was but a frail creature tucked ever so dangerously within a land of great chaos. However she remained as an unwatched phantom, she could not fathom. Perhaps it was by the stroke of luck that she was unscathed by the surrounding loose moral of Assassins, and other depraved souls. If there was ever true neutrality left here, it was in remnants, and of those who saw no truth from the pools of spilt blood.

A small smile stretched across the pallor softness of her facet, as she was moved sweetly by each wakened day. Truth, sight had not fallen in blessed hue unto her, instead, Liana gazed into the cold cruel abyssal depths of nothingness. Yet she could feel the fresh beading of morning dew on her skin, and the fragrances of a rising day remedied her most profound fears. Phobias she had by the plenty, as each new day brought many a horrors to be seen or heard. There was nothing magnificent about the dainty doe, only that she had managed to walk amongst the streets in safety and comfort. So few were the days that brought her adversity, at the most, perhaps a stolen remedy or two. Of course, that was not cause for panicked concern. Life was cherished, even by the most weak of creatures, and she would like to keep her own intact.
People, in bountiful numbers, began to stretch and yawn to waking, and filtered from their homes into the wretched field of the ominous unknown. Liana was one of them, shrouded in a meager satin gown; roped belt at her slender waist. A threat could hardly be seen in regards to the female, so maybe that was why she moved without turning heads. Pale hair spiraled down the length of her back in an unkempt frivolity, unfettered and careless. Feet softly pattered against shadow laden veins of the Bazaar as she used swift senses to guide her. Not inhuman, no, but senses that naturally became augmented when there was a lack in a pertinent area. Occasionally, a small rounded shoulder brushed against another, but not a soul paid in attention.

The routes were known to her quite well, and she, more often than not, would drift down the same path each morning. In the beginning, she took herself into the places that danger was far more abundant, but none would mangle a youthful blind lady. That was, by far, her only comfort. It would be pleasant to have svelte tendrils curled about her tapping stick; however, it had been so haplessly misplaced. The Apothecary knew when she was growing closer to her quaint shop; a lively bouquet of fresh fruit fleeting towards her nose. She always stopped there to get her hands on fruit swollen with sweet juices. There were not many pleasantries that she could dapple in, so she was a fairly simple women moved by all-too mundane things. Liana was a lone soul, untouched and unwanted, and that she knew with no dark shade of shame to spoil her easy persona.

A pivot of her heel sent her towards the direction of the stand, and the man that employed it chuckled, and with hearty vocals, "Liana, sweet lady, I already have you a basket woven and filled." Her cheeks flushed in a florid hue, and fluffed with the widening of her smile. When he held the basket up, and she got close enough, he grasped her smooth and spindly fingers to wrap them gently against the handle. Raking eyes over her as she settled her full hand down by her side, he quirked a brow, "Where is your walking stick?" That halo of light gold shook with subtlety, and with a soft whimper of a voice, "I fear it misplaced. I can be, at times, so daftly minded."

The male's vocals tremored like a wrathful thunder, "Jacob!" A small boy scurried to his side, and the vendor parted him with a stern order, "See to it that Liana stays her feet towards the path of her shop." Then he grew softer towards the fragile woman at his front, "Such a ray of sunlight would easily be swallowed by these devious streets." With that, she uttered her most heartfelt gratitude towards his generosity, and the boy's small hand snaked about her fingers. It was at that moment in which she would be led towards her quiet employ by Jacob. He was small, and perhaps no older than twelve at the most. Gently, he pulled her at her own pace through the slowly bustling throngs of the Bazaar with no words, just a knowing direction.

Extras: Malcolm Reynolds

So begins...

Vibeke Slovak's Story


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#, as written by mombie
So long has she been drifting through the stellar abyss that was the vast emptiness of space and time. Ship after shift; nightmare after nightmare, it was a surprise that anyone could make an easy life of this. For the last three years she has been with Captain Jessie Chambers, a respectful woman aboard the ship Emersed. Now, it was no queen of space, but the vessel would get the crew from point A to point B with minor issues. With her bottom perched atop her lightly clad bed, she combed a brush though the thick silken strands of long winding hair. Usually, she was untidy in appearance, but she was growing tired of looking like a bum and a half. Standing up, she'd set the brush on a table, and turn around to take a quick glance at the ugly scratched embedding deep within that lightly tanned tissue. They were the marks of her most profound secret, and a deadly one at that. Vibeke was no fugitive, just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The dainty doe wasn't about to go spilling the Alliance's misdoings anytime soon. They just wanted her because, well, they thought she would open her mouth at their invention of the disgusting abominations now called Reavers.

"Dinners up. Come and get it!" chimed the Captain over the intercom. That was the moment that she threw a loose fitting pair of slacks and a blouse over her lithe form, then climbed out of her hole-in-the-wall room. Literally.

As she walked down the paragon corridors of the ship towards the kitchen area, she did not think about what happened to the pilot. Over the last three years, she knew that Chambers did not take crap from anyone. It wouldn't be a far-fetched truth to say that the pilot double-crossed her. That person was strange and off from the very start.

Closing in on the dining/kitchen space, she waved with a small smile, "Zdravo, guys." Her place was taken next to B, a man who has been with them for a while. Truth be told, Vibeke had no idea what it was that he did. Most people didn't talk about their history. It was a good idea to keep those things to yourself, you know. When push comes to shove, the reality was simple; someone always caved into the temptation of money. The Alliance offered good bounty for someone that they wanted. Great money, even. Half the time they didn't even keep their word.

Next, those honeyed hues flitted over to August, the newest passenger on Emersed. The doctor did not trust anyone anymore. Not after what she was put through. Especially not after the former Pilot was left stranded on a rugged planet by himself. As laughable as that was, and insane. Watching the girl pile food onto her plate, Vibeke would go as far as to figure that she probably hadn't eaten in days. She tossed B that expression that stated, who in the world is this?, before helping herself to some food.

That was, if August wasn't going to stuff herself like a fat cow.

Settling comfortably within her chair, resting her back against its sturdy spine, she forked some of the plate's contents into her mouth. Of all the places to be feminine and pristine, this was not one of them. Emersed was made up of women who were anything but womanly in attitude and demeanor. Even with men present, there was no reason to be lady like. They understood, anyway. This was what it was like to live on the constant edge; danger everywhere they land, traveling to craggy planes, and dealing with the threat of the Alliance.

Thankfully, the only thing that they hadn't had the displeasure of dealing with was Reavers. These people, well they were people once, were complete monsters. Cannibals, rapists, and murderers, they set their ships flying across the spacial territory looking for their next meal. The tale states that these were human who traveled too far off the edge of the 'verse, but really, they were victims of a terrible Alliance experiment. However, anyone could become a Reaver if they were driven insane enough.

A visible shiver wracked her spine and shoulders at the thought. It wasn't sane to think of them. It just wasn't... to have them always on your mind like the doctor did.

Changing the course of her mind, she glanced over at Jessie, "So, where we go now?" It was obvious that her grasp of the English language was very rough, and her Slovakian tongue a little harsh. Couple with the knowledge of Chinese, she had a very hard time with language. Regardless, the overall tenure of her voice was soft and feathery, not low and brash.