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Alexis Orion Star

A no nonsense practical woman seeking adventure and fame in the galactic force

0 · 131 views · located in Kolob

a character in “Space Odessey”, as played by gaiadarkstar


Alexis is Six foot tall lean and toned. She has a good figure with an hourglass shape. She has very large luminescent Ice blue eyes with a ring of lavender around the iris. She has full lips and a pert nose that tilts up slightly at the end. Her face is almost heart shaped with high cheek bones and her white blond hair frames it nicely falling in soft waves to her mid-back. She generally wears tight pants, that aren't too tight as to restrict movement and a simple undershirt with a form fitting jacket over that. She tends to wear the uniform of the defense force often though. It was similar to her regular outfit but slightly looser in the pants and having her name and rank and the Kolob force emblem on the shoulder. She tends to wear her down when not on duty but always wears it either in a bun or braid when on duty so it isn't in her way. She has strong psi ability and is able to mind speak over very long distances and even influence the weak minded. She has been able to create simple illusions and has a gift for healing incredibly fast and can sometimes heal others if she concentrates enough.

Jewel, her companion looks very similar to a rabbit but Has light pink fur and huge Purple eyes and a purple gem on her forehead. The body shape and ears are a little different than a normal rabbits. Jewel is a strong telepath, and can teleport, and can move small things with her mind, her telekinesis isn't very strong but comes in handy. She generally prefers to rely on her teleporting most of the time though.


Alexis is playful and good natured and loves attention. She is usually confident and outgoing. When on duty she is resourceful and charismatic, strong and reliable. She would defy orders to help a friend and is fiercely loyal and a little in awe of Tasha. She is brave but can be impulsive and sometimes even reckless but her hunches are almost always right.


Alexis like all native people of Kolob with companions have a MEMS-CV or Multi Environment Multi stage combat vehicle. Alexis' is Golden with white trim. In ship form they roughly look like a stealth bomber but they can transform into a large robot with land based combat functions, They can also transform into armed vehicles but as a vehicle they are really only good for defense and transport as many of it's maneuverability and combat functions are hampered in that form. These vehicles are geared toward each pilots genetic code and the uplink will only work with both the pilot and companion working in concert.

She also has her uniform and registered lazer rifle, long dagger, and comlink.


Alexis' parents are scientist and once they settled on Kolob they were one of the leaders in testing the vegetation and creating new variations of the existing plant life to make for the most efficient and tasty crops. Alexis was born and when Jewel wandered in and became a permanent fixture around her her parents were a little worried but once Tasha's case was studied they became excited and were the ones who made many of the discoveries pertaining to the creatures abilities and links to children born on Kolob. Alexis joined the defense force at the young age of twelve and studied right alongside Tasha, just a couple years behind. She was top in the class and grasped abstract concepts as easily as 1+1=2. She quickly became Tasha's right hand "man" the second in command of the team. She has yet to fly on a real mission but she has a cool head and thinks on her feet.

So begins...

Alexis Orion Star's Story