A gruff wastrel Engreint, castoff from his planet. Looking to make it big in the galaxy.

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a character in “Space Pirates”, as played by PirateofPie


Brufflint is a slimy large dark maroon Engreint with small ridged spikes lining up from his forehead down his back. He has two large tusks jutting out of his lower jaw, the left one of which is broken off. Like most Engreint, he has colorless, average eyes, but exceptional hearing with his large ears and snout. On his back he wears a stolen Zerakodian pilot jacket, that despite his claims, not actually stolen from a Zerakodian. On his head he wears and advanced Brimstone Brand Mercenary headset that displays a list of the best locations to hit for heists, and list of bounties on whatever planet he's currently situated on.


Brufflint is overly gruff and no nonsense to the point that his demeanor has become regarded as something of a joke by his peers most of the time. What isn't a joke is his knowledge of the galaxies most dangerous underworlds. Having read through hundreds of flight manuals and participated in dozens of flight simulations in his youth, he was able to become something of a wannabe pilot and while fairly decent, he will often talk of his skill as if he were the greatest pilot in the galaxy. Through many harrowing experiences, he also has a thorough knowledge of most of the galaxies criminal element, which is something he'll share with anyone, provided he either trusts them, or they pay enough.

To those he trusts, Brufflint feels compelled to help them through to the bitter end, provided that end won't be his own. Though his morals are admittedly loose, he believes that when someone gives respect to him, he should give it back in return, no matter who they are, be they enemy or friend. Respect such as this can also be a weakness of his as well as a strength when making split second important decisions.


1 Zerakodian Pilot Jacket.

1 Brimstone Brand Mercenary Holographic Headset.

Several Storage Capsules containing refrigerated food for long travel.


Brufflint was born two ranks above the Slumlord caste in the Slum-Liard Caste. While still not a very high ranking caste in Marient, his family was still able to hold up some form of power. They were able to become something of themselves in through trade routs with Posonidian merchants. As such, Brufflint was able to receive various manuals on ship of differing make and model as well as several piloting simulators that fueled his love of flying. In his first test run, he crashed his semi-cruiser into a Engreint Noble's front homemound. Under the danger of being put on a trial that would most likely end in a either a life sentence or death, Brufflint fled the planet, and sought to make out a fortune, scouring the galaxies, hunting bounties for various nobles.

...That is, until he found he could make even more, hunting down the heads of those who owed money to certain head honchos of the galaxy's criminal element. With the intent of building up a decently sized empire himself. He was doing pretty good for himself for a few years. A mob boss would call out a hit, which he would accept so long as it fit within his morals. This went pretty well for him until his ship was shot down by Rindican Police as it was circling one of their colony worlds. He'd made an emergency landing in a planet in Alliance space and managed to sneak off before Alliance police found what remained of his ship.

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Brufflint's Story