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Space Pirates

The Milky Way


a part of Space Pirates, by Nulix.

The Galaxy.

Nulix holds sovereignty over The Milky Way, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Milky Way

The Galaxy.


The Milky Way is a part of Space Pirates.

8 Characters Here

Siegfried Gearand [2] Smuggler Extraordinaire
Yuwen Mare [0] A hilariously out of place Holahan, raging his life away.
Tankred Letnev [0] A liberal minded yet strangely callous Gambon ex-seaman with technical training and an affinity for machines.
Helthax Zanzar [0] Human. Left behind as a child on the planet Zonillia. Raised by an old Zerak war veteran.
Rescha [0] An arrogant fighter out to prove all should be kneeling at her feet.
Brufflint [0] A gruff wastrel Engreint, castoff from his planet. Looking to make it big in the galaxy.
Stata Facta [0] The android that keeps the Dutchess in top shape.
Captain Beth [0] The fat, greedy Rajako pirate Captain of the Duchess.

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"Well..." Brufflint muttered awkwardly, looking over the comatose bodies of Captain Beth and Rescha. The uneasy tension was broken by the loud din of the ship's navigation system. Swiveling around, Brufflint rushes towards the nav-computer. "The systems...they're fully operational! Restarting!" He then rushed over to check the fuel gauge.

"The thrusters are fully operational! This pilot light is reading green! It's lit! The combustion thread's been revived! For how long, who can say? But we have to make the best of it and make a jump now!" Brufflin shouted as he crawled over to the main controls of the ship. Several Military Class Silver Sigint Cruisers, the main cruisers of the Galactic Alliance started to approach, their heat signatures blaring like a bright red rash across the nav-screen.

"Oh and I'd advise you lot to hang on to something or fasten your seatbelts!" Brufflint called back, as the rusting death trap of a ship nearly flipped over, it's underbelly diving under the the Sigint Cruisers. "Calculating..." Brufflint muttered as they. "Jumping point located!"

A green crackle of light engulfed the ship. The Sigint Cruiser's had taken a moment to catch what exactly these pirates were planning, but a moment was all that was needed for the old ship to carve a hole through space-time and jump through. In front of the pirates' very eyes the darkness of space became a bright light that slowly enveloped them until they were suddenly transported in the midst of a sea of stars. Beneath them was a small planet, home to a plentiful colony of merchants. The perfect docking zone for an unruly sack of plunderers such as the Duchess and it's crew.

Then the engine blew out. And the Duchess and it's makeshift crew descended back towards the colony, crashing into a field of crops. Luckily, the crew survived. The crops however...