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Reach Reach

"My life is my own, and it will stay that way. No mech nor monster will change that."

0 · 343 views · located in USS Stellar Flame

a character in “Space Voyage”, as played by Scarlet Bullets


Name: Reach Reach

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Race: Arican

Planet: Arica

Appearance: Image

Description: She looks like most of the other Aricans. All Aricans have red eyes, white skin, white hair, and the culture makes it so everything is black and white clothing. One thing that Aricans can do that most humans can not being that they look humanoid is that the women, fewer than forty, can shape shift. Only women because of the X being able to manifest there presence at will unlike the Y. After so long there age removes the powers of the image maker inside there bodies making them weaker than most humans.

Skills: Decent with small arms being that all Aricans is forced into a boot camp at the age of 15 in order to boost the military defense. Sadly being a woman, having the power to shape shift makes her bones easily breakable unlike humans. Men are much more powerful than humans.

Specialty/role: Mercenary of the universe.

Equipment: Standard Arican clothing, mercenary armor, mercenary weapons, bone structure med kit.

Personality: Reach does not act like her kind for she does not believe in the cultures or the religions. She cruel during work, other wise she just a rebellious girl with a sweet mind and heart to others. She very curious, sometimes sneaky, a bit greedy, and a flirt time to time. She is a good listener and a determined merc knowing what to do in stressful situations. She is a cute little peach for all your efforts.

History: Born and grown by the Reach clan. (Clan means family) She was taught the normal deal of an Arican but never accepting it. Once old enough she left, well, more like kicked off her planet and she became a mercenary. She lived her life wishing one day she could return to her planet and be accepted by her family. She lives on one of the two moons around Arican. These moons have trees there for have air.

Other: Planet Arica

Planet: larger than earth, two moons, 40% water, 60% land, population is 8 billion. Religious/ culture groups: 7.
Main exsport: Magmite. Main import: Gold. Grass and trees: brown but not dead. Animals: All large and toothed/clawed, opposite colors of Aricans.

The people: White hair, red eyes, white skin. Males: 7 foot in height and very strong. Females: 5 foot in height and very weak. More males then females.

The military: Explosive powerful weapons, not good rate of fire. Very light armor. All males. Vehicles based off the animals only in mech form and guns. Magmite is there main source of ammo, power, and etc.

The tech: Magmite is a diamonded looking mineral all over the planet. Only on this planet and is used to build, weapons, and all sorts of stuff needed for a civilization. Strong as a brick when raw, used with other mineral, made much stronger and deadly.

(Anything else just ask, I had more but, I went to copy all this but pressed cut on accident and had to restart so grr.)

So begins...

Reach Reach's Story