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Space Cadet Ensign Benson

The bright-eyed assistant mechanic for Spaceship Zero.

0 · 43 views · located in Jupiter

a character in “Spaceship Zero”, as played by CaptainGrue


Space Cadet Ensign Benson
(amazing piece by JonHrubesch)

Archetype: Mechanic
Perks: McGyver
Brawn: 2
Brains: 4
Balance: 3
Bravado: 1
Zero Power:
Equipment: Atomic Pistol, Astrospanner, SpaceCorp uniform, Space Navy uniform.

Name: Ensign Benson
Rank: Space Cadet
Time Served: Six months
Quote: "Smoking jets!"
Ethnicity: South American.
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: Shorter than average height.
Weight: Athletic, with a decent amount of muscle.
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Brown
Skin tone: Tan.
Appearance quirks/other: SpaceCorp mechanic uniform. Welding goggles. A red and white jumpsuit over black undergarments. Always armed with her astrospanner.
Personality: Innocent, happy-go-lucky, maybe a little dim in matters outside her occupation. Quick to fight, but fights for fun. Totally unafraid to get in the thick of it.
Likes/Hobbies: Polishing metal, gratuitous exposition, spaceships, engines, thrusters, reactors, and other propulsion systems.
Dislikes/Nopes: Bullies, emotional conflict, moral complexity, creeps.
Education: Trained by her father, a mechanic himself. Recently trained by master mechanic Gearbox.
Life Goal: Become a spaceship.
Crippling weaknesses/Fears: Has not actually seen proper violence as a Cadet, and fears war. Feels useless without her astrosopanner.
Backstory: SpaceCorp (and the Space Navy for that matter) has been well known to market themselves with lecherous pin-up girls performing all sorts of roles. Doctors, soldiers, and the odd engineer. Well in the case of Ensign Benson, she took them seriously. Something about the whirring of gears lured her away from the traditional destiny of becoming a housewife. Who cares about boys if you can fix your own car? Her father was a vehicle mechanic, and after much pleading with her parents he reluctantly taught her the tools of the trade. Desperate to outdo her father's work, Benson started looking for more complicated engines to work on. Hydropowered trams, electric planes, and finally a job with SpaceCorp working on commercial Star Skippers and Space Hoppers. As part of a recent ploy from the Navy, Benson was offered the rank of Space Cadet acting as assistant to Gearbox on the famous Spaceship Zero project. She's still fairly new, but she's no amateur. Her bright smiles and genuine positivity make her work a joy, for herself and everyone around her.

So begins...

Space Cadet Ensign Benson's Story