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There have always been people in this world that are different than us. And one girl has the key to life and death, everything goes awry

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i give a lot of credit to x-men



We must let go
of the life we have planned,
so as to accept the one
that is waiting for us.

There have always been people in this world that are different than us.
Why are they different? How? To what extent?
By different, do you mean that kid that sits across from you in biology class that mumbles to himself but never says a word to anyone else? Or by different do you mean people with extraordinary abilities that seem to have come out of an X-men movie? Well, actually I am talker about the latter of the two... There are people in this world with unexplainable gifts that have been given to them in unexplainable ways. And even though all of this is unexplainable, the government has provided sanctuary or these types of people in schools around the world. The world has accepted them, saved them, protected them.

Or so it seems.

(Insert maniacal laughter here)

You see, these 'special people' are very, very, useful. And with just one thought in one mind, the whole world can get turned upside down in a heartbeat. Because who could ever pass up the opportunity held in these mutants? The government wants to use them as weapons, the mutants want to be protected, citizens want them killed, evil mutants want to build an army. So many options. So many enemies.

Ok, now in the midst of all this, picture a blind girl with unlimited power and responsibility who could conceivable cure the world, or kill it. This girl's name is Rose. And when she arrives at a mutant sanctuary, she could turn the whole place upside down.


I require that you give me face claim along with your character reservation. Because I require multiple Gifs and pictures in you character sheet, having an actual person makes this easier. But you can choose your own.

When it says 'you choose' next to power, you must talk to me over OOC (please not Pm, unless it is a major question or something you don't want the rest of the group to know) and i should approve it before you start creating your character

Rose: TAKEN by Haas33
Gender: female
Age: 19
Power: To kill/wound or heal/cure simply by touching someone.
Face claim: Leighton Meester

Evil Mutant: OPEN
Gender: male
Age: 21-35
Power: Telekinesis
Face Claim: ?

Owner of school: OPEN
Gender: male or female
Age: 30-40
Power: Telepathy, mind control, OR can see future (Choose two)
Face claim: ?

Mutant 1: OPEN
Gender: Male
Age: 18-21
Power: you choose
Face Claim: ?

Mutant 2: OPEN
Gender: Male
Age: 16-21
Power: you choose
Face Claim: ?

Mutant 3: OPEN
Gender: female
Age: 15-21
Power: you choose
Face Claim: ?

Mutant 4: OPEN
Gender: male
Age: 13-18
Power: you choose
Face Claim: ?

Mutant 5: OPEN
Gender: female
Age: 13-18
Power: you choose
Face Claim: ?

Mutant 6: Open
Gender: male or female
Age: 6-8
Power: you choose
Face Claim: ?


-No god-modding don't know what that is? glad you asked. It is doing something or forcing another character to do something that they could have done differently. For example, this is what you post (you are Bob): "Bob didn't like John so he punched him in the face. "you wimp. Run home to your mommy," Bob said. John got up and ran away crying." The character of John didn't have a choice to do something else. This is god-modding

-to Reserve you must say what slot you want to fill, what the power will be, what the face claim will be, and your favorite color.

-reservations last 48 hours or, this can be extended if you ask for more time

-I want at least one 7 sentence paragraph per post. I definitely prefer more.

- Unless you have a character sheet that is more detailed, follow this character sheet:
Code: Select all

[center][img](picture or gif)[/img][/center]

[center][size=200][b]Nicknames:[/b] (put here)
[b]Age:[/b] (put here)
[b]Gender:[/b] (put here)
[b]Power:[/b] (put here)


[center][img](another picture or gif)[/img][/center]

[center][size=150][b]Eye Color:[/b] (put here)
[b]Hair Color:[/b] (put here)
[b]Height:[/b] (put here)
[b]Other features:[/b] (scars, tattoos, blemishes, etc.?)
[b]Clothing:[/b] (put here)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (weapons, food, etc.)

[center][img](another picture or gif)[/img][/center]


[center][img](another picture or gif)[/img][/center]

[center][size=200](general personality here)[/size][/center]

[center][size=150][b]Favorite Color:[/b] (put here)
[b]Likes:[/b] (put here, in a list, at least 5)
[b]dislikes:[/b] (put here, in a list, at least 5)
[b]Weakness:[/b] (put here 3 at least)
[b]Fears:[/b] (put here, 3 at least)
[b]History:[/b] (put here. Optional)[/size][/center]

[center][img](another picture or gif)[/img][/center]

-This is a mature Role-play. Let me define what I mean. Yes, I allow sex, drugs, violence, etc. But you should also act mature. I don't want to hear you writing a three paragraph description of a sex scene. this is a role-play, not porn... So act mature.

-Roleplay slowing down? Nobody posting? That means you should post. Please don't let this die.

-ideas? pm me. Questions? Concerns? Pm me. But don't Pm me for reservations

-Try to post once a day. If you can't tell me in the OOC

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Re: Special

Hi! I thought this might be interesting, and so I wanted to join! Do you think I could take the role of the first male mutant? I'm thinking he's 21, his name is Zachary Faust, with Andrew Garfield as the Face Claim. As for his powers, I'm kinda going out on a nerdy limb here, but I was thinking Video Game Physics. Obviously I would have to play him very carefully, because I don't want to go running around like, "I'm the main character in a video game! I can do whatever I like!" Because that's mean and stupid. Therefore, he would have some, "sub-powers," that take the main focus of his combat abilities and have his main power be a sort of, "umbrella category," to explain how his powers work. Further, I would be playing him relatively weakly.

The waffle above is hard to understand by just thinking about it, so allow my to provide you with an explanation, and an example. XP

Zachary has a little user interface that he can create with a voice command. He'd say something along the lines of, "Open user interface," and a little menu would pop up. This menu would have a picture of his face next to a little list of options that he can open up by selecting them with his finger. The first option is, "Inventory." This simply consists of the equipment he's got on him at the time. This includes clothes, armor, weapons, and the junk in his pockets. The next option is, "Character Stats." This option would show a list of attributes such as strength, speed, agility, dexterity, endurance, durability, intelligence, wisdom, charisma, constitution, perception, and luck. Each would have a little bar next to them with a number from 1 to 30. This represents the amount of, "experience," Zachary has in using each of those particular attributes, and as such, represents how good each attribute is. This would be determined by an amount of, "stat points," that Zachary would receive upon leveling up, or growing a year older, gaining five points per level earned. The real, "power," here is that Zachary can manipulate those stats to make himself better suited to the current situation. The downside is, since he's only level 21, he's only got so many, "points," to move around. Next, Zachary would have a, "Skill Tree," that he fills up with, "skill points." Since, as stated previously, he is only level 21, he's only got 11 skill points to use, 'cause you only get skill points every other level. These skills would be things like, passive buffs to his stats, special attacks or maneuvers, and weapon and armor proficiencies. Obviously, the nature of these skills would have to be discussed thoroughly between you and I, but I was thinking of using a set of skills more particular to a rogue or assassin, as opposed to a combat mage or burly fighter. Almost done now! Next, there would be an active quests bar, where he could review mission parameters and such. Finally, there would be an options bar, where he could mute himself, put himself to sleep, and mess with other, "settings," if you will.

I know that was real boring, but I can assure you, it will be very fun to watch. Lastly, as promised, an example!

Zachary is walking home from a late night at a friend's house. He's in a sketchier part of town, but he doesn't mind. He figures as long as he doesn't cause trouble for anyone, no one will cause trouble for him. Zachary hears something behind him but doesn't look, he knows what it is. Government goons after him and his abilities. "Open user interface." Zachary whispered urgently, pulling up his stat screen and shifting all the points from endurance and durability to dexterity, strength, agility, and perception. He feels lighter on his feet, faster on the draw, and much stronger. Next, he pulls up the skill tree and frantically starts assigning points in the rogue line as he picks up the pace, running now. He hears muffled voices behind and and doubles the speed. There are gunshots, aimed at him. Zachary winces as he serpentines to the right, jumping over a fence. Quickly, he picks the passive buffs to dexterity and agility with two of his points, the dual weapon proficiency with another two points, a special skill called "Flash Step," with three of his points, pressure point attacks with another point, pinpoint accuracy with two more points, and the Rogue special skill, "Vanish," with the last point. Thinking quickly, Zachary dodges into a nearby alley and pulls up his inventory, selecting his assassin's cloak and a pair of stiletto daggers. They shimmer for a moment as they fade into existence. Finally, Zachary quickly climbs up a nearby fire escape and uses his special skill, turning almost completely invisible. The only sign that he might be there is a slight disturbance in the air, the way a mirage shimmers on the hot ground. The two goons slink into the alley, but their smirks disappear as Zachary is nowhere to be found. The walk hesitantly into the darkness, right into Zachary's trap. He silently jumps from the fire escape landing in front of them. They wheel around and fire bindly into the night, but Zachary isn't there. He's behind them. He'd used "Flash Step," the moment after he'd hit the ground to put himself right behind them. They crumple to the ground as he pulls his daggers from their backs and sighs. "I hate doing that." He says, resigned. The goons weren't dead, Zachary was no killer. INstead, he'd stabbed them through a point where no vital organs were. The resulting wound created massive shock, sending a frantic signal to the brain, telling it to shut down. Zachary opened his user interface and deselected all the skill points and equipment he'd just put on and placed his stat points in their balanced configuration. Once that was done, Zachary hauled the goons to a dumpster and chucked them inside, wiping his hands on their nice suits when he was finished. Finished, Zachary walked home and collapsed on the bed, falling asleep instantly.

So that's what I've got for now! If you like, lemme know and I'll start working on it right away! Obviously, as this is your roleplay, if you'd like me to change something, I can most certainly do so! :)



To Make any reservations, be sure to read the rules first. (because it contains things you must write in your reservation