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Special Circumstance Teens

Special Circumstance Teens


You're a group of kids who help save the world undercover. Now that the whole world is actually threatened, will you be able to stop it?

699 readers have visited Special Circumstance Teens since gezzygezzy created it.


If you are reading this you are probably a new recruit, if not, then it is time for the world to know about us. Welcome to the special circumstance teens, or SCT for short. Ever heard of us? I didn’t think so. We are teens who work with the FBI, sort of, we get a choice to come here or juvenile hall if we committed a crime for the good of mankind or some other holy reason. Have you ever seen those movies where spies or assassins work for the government but nobody knows about them or the threat they are dealing with? Well, that is what this is, a secret organization full of teenagers who save the world from unknown disasters like another organization just like us except they do the exact opposite. They enjoy wreaking havoc and creating chaos hoping that they will cause enough to cause a panic and make the government slowly crumble around the world. They do other jobs for whoever will employ them, making them one of the biggest terrorist organizations in the world, but their main goal is to create a world-wide spread anarchy. I know what you are thinking “Why teenagers? All they do is case trouble and they never listen to rules.” The thing about that is teens absorb more information and are more flexible than adults. They haven’t grown up learning the restrictions that gravity and other forces of nature have given. They haven’t had time to fully develop their fears so they will be willing to do more and put their life on the line. When they are adults they simply join the FBI. Nobody is aloud to speak a word about us or leave because they will be terminated for security. It is a tough life but it is worth it to save the world. You obviously know that though because why else would you have chosen the path that led you here?

Some way or another, you've ended up in the SCT. Doesn't really matter how you got here, not that everybody doesn't know. All that matters is that you are now. AAC, SCT's nemisis, has actually gotten close to succeeding in their goal. AAC stands for some of their services: Anarchy, Assasination, and Corruption. They can do much more though. Lately some of SCT's best agents have gone missing, and we fear the worst.

Rumors of spies from AAC infiltrating SCT have spread, and everyone is on their guard. It can't be a coincidence that these rumors started along with all the disappearances. Nobody as any idea who the spies might be or if they are even there. But information has been leaking out of there activity so they have to assume. The problem is that they can't find any spies. Nobody knows what to do.

You will be playing one of the teens: Whether it be an SCT member or a spy from AAC in SCT(I know, lots of abbreviations...). Rumors are spreading and what you think of them will be your choice. I will be moving the plot along with certain things included in my posts. I may PM some people about twists that I want to include that may incorporate your character. As the GM I will be moving this roleplay along. Sandbox Roleplays are NOT easily controlled and often go all over the place and eventually die. I'm planning on making a second one of these if all goes as planned.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT put that on your form. PM me if you want to be a spy. When people know who's a spy and who's not it becomes quite obvious. So yeah, don't put it on your form please:)

The Warehouse- The Warehouse is the entrance to the SCT facility. It looks abandoned but there is a secret way into the facility, through a passage that leads to an elevator which leads you down underground to where SCT is.

* means optional

Looks(real picture prefered):
Brief Description(What's NOT in the picture):
Preferred Assignment Type(Killing, stealing, hacking, ect.):
*How they got into SCT:

1. I am GM, what I say goes. End of story
2. Romance is aloud...but keep it Pg-13, we don't want to be scarred O_o
3. Violence is going to occur! Deal with it!
5. Like I said, Real Pictures only.
6. You know the drill, no god modding, mary sues....
7. Use my form! I thought hard about what it needed :/
8. If you are going to submit a character, please tell me ahead of time in the ooc. That board is going to be active throuhgout the whole roleplay, so I want to make sure you will use it:)
9. To make sure you've read the rules, post if you noticed I skipped rule #4 on your reservation :P

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Character Portrait: Charlotte "Lottie" Ferris
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Lottie walked slid a key into a thick metal door, a nameplate gleamed "Charlotte Ferris." She walked in and turned the deadbolt behind her.
This was her new home. A small apartment with a bed and a dresser, a table and chair,a small sofa and a TV. She dropped her bag onto the table and pulled her guns out of their holsters. She pulled out the clip and ensured it was empty before placing the two silver pistols in their case. She reached down into her boot holster and pulled out her Ka-bar, placing it in its sheath.
Her stomach growled after a long day of training and classes, Luckily the government was paying to ensure this dead girl was taught...It was the one thing she was excited to not have to do once she joined, but alas she still had to take classes here. Though they were a little different than a regular school. She of course had a tutor that taught her math, science,history etc etc,but she also had special forces classes as well, which began right after her tutoring session was over. By the time she gor back to her "home" at night she was always tuckered out. She walked over to the fridge and peered in, selecting a can of soda and reached into the cabinet for a very crinkly bag of chips. At least they keep the good stuff stocked for us, she thought as she popped open the top to the can ans took a long swig. She plopped down on the couch and flipped in the TV, wondering to herself When do I get to use all this training?
It had been 3 months since she was taken, and she was starting to wonder if she had actually been kidnapped, as opposed to being recruited for a special teen forces branch of the FBI. She glanced over at the calendar she kept on the wall...Tomorow is my birthday...huh She turned her attention back to the TV, knowing that she was dead to everyone who once knew her...It was just another day.

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Character Portrait: Vanessa Torell
Character Portrait: Isabella Haven Perkins [Izzy]


Character Portrait: Isabella Haven Perkins [Izzy]
Isabella Haven Perkins [Izzy]

"Three, two, boom."

Character Portrait: Vanessa Torell
Vanessa Torell

"You want me to steal? Psh.. Okay. Don't have to tell me twice."


Character Portrait: Isabella Haven Perkins [Izzy]
Isabella Haven Perkins [Izzy]

"Three, two, boom."

Character Portrait: Vanessa Torell
Vanessa Torell

"You want me to steal? Psh.. Okay. Don't have to tell me twice."

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Character Portrait: Vanessa Torell
Vanessa Torell

"You want me to steal? Psh.. Okay. Don't have to tell me twice."

Character Portrait: Isabella Haven Perkins [Izzy]
Isabella Haven Perkins [Izzy]

"Three, two, boom."

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Re: Special Circumstance Teens

Should we start? Gezzy hasn't made a character yet, so I'm kinda skeptical.. I don't want to leave the creator behind.. O.o

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

Aha, that happens to me all the time 8D.
I do copy things now though as I go so I can just paste them if something happens.
Eh, someone posted, so does that mean that we can post now?
I'm refraining from doing so just because it wasn't started by you xD;

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

Yeah that happened to me before.. That's why I've learned to copy and paste my stuff in another thing just in case. It's really a pain in the arse when that happens.

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

-_- have you ever had one of those moments where you spend about an hour on a form then POOF! It says there is an error and you have to remake it? Because that happen to me last night as I was making mine.

Fallen, I shall look at her:)

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

Alrighty, submitted a character, hope she's okay.
I haven't filled in the how she joined part just yet, but I will.

Re: Special Circumstance Teens


And PSHHHH...I can count to five...sort of.

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

I would like to join, aaaannnndd someone should go back to elementary school and learn to count to five again :P character app will arrive shortly.

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

Oh okay,thanks :) I saw that in the intro/opening.. or whatever you wanna call it... I just didn't know for sure if you wanted that to be it exactly... I'll hopefully get my character up tonight.. If not, then tomorrow evening.. Depending on how many ideas pop into my head

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

The kid would do a crime, but instead of going to Juvi the 'boss' of SCT would talk to them once arrested. O_o now that I think about it I'm not sure you would have been able to figure that out from what I wrote...

Re: Special Circumstance Teens

This looks pretty cool :) I'd like to make a character, but I want to clarify something... The government would come up to a teen and tell them to join SCT, just one day, or would they have been watching them for a while?

Special Circumstance Teens

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