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Charlotte "Lottie" Ferris

"I don't want to but I will!"

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a character in “Special Circumstance Teens”, originally authored by misssweetness821, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Charlotte Ferris
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Personality: She is happy-go-lucky and full of life. She prefers to live in the moment, choosing not to dwell on things she can't change or things that haven't happened yet.
Preferred Assignment Type: Infiltration and assassination
Fears: Heights
Strengths: Agile and Limber, she has the ability to move quickly without being seen
Weaknesses: She is not well armored

Weapons: World-Class Sniper[main]
close range she is dual wield with pistols as a gunslinger and has a dagger tucked into her boot at all times.
Her uniform:

[I know its not a lot, but I prefer to build my character through gameplay]

Lottie's Last Day Alive

Lottie was blindfolded and tied to a chair in a dark room. All I did was take some CD's...

A girl with red hair strolls into a electronics store. She glances around at the laptops and camera, passing them by until she reached the music department. She glanced around and saw no one was looking and grabbed some Cd's off the shelf cramming them into her bag.
Hey! her heart starts pounding in her chest as she hears foot steps approach her from behind What are you doing?
A strong hand grips her wrist and spins the girl around. Lottie's instincts kick in as she twist her arm up, forcing the guard to let go and kicks him square in the chest. She runs, two other security guards attempt to block her exit, She stops and knocks over the display case full of plastic covers for various phones and spins the other way headed straight for the back of the store. She spots a window, its high up but she crouches down and propels herself up and grabs onto a bar on teh ceiling. She swings and does a summercault in the air landing onto of a case and then jumping out the window. Four days later she was kidnapped in her seep from her house. She woke

She hears a mans voice call out from behind the blindfold. "Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte, quite the troublemaker. Says here this is your last strike, then you are off to juvie Is that right.?"
She spits in the direction of the mans voice.
"It says here that you were a promising gymnast...Is that right? What happened to you Lottie? May I call you Lotte?"
"No," She barks, "this is police brutality, if you don't-"
The man starts laughing, and then stops to catch his breath.She then hears him crouch down next to her and whisper into her ear..."Who said anything about the police?" He runs his finger down her next, "I'm here to give you the opportunity of a life-time, and for you...the only option you've got left..."

So begins...

Charlotte "Lottie" Ferris's Story


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Lottie walked slid a key into a thick metal door, a nameplate gleamed "Charlotte Ferris." She walked in and turned the deadbolt behind her.
This was her new home. A small apartment with a bed and a dresser, a table and chair,a small sofa and a TV. She dropped her bag onto the table and pulled her guns out of their holsters. She pulled out the clip and ensured it was empty before placing the two silver pistols in their case. She reached down into her boot holster and pulled out her Ka-bar, placing it in its sheath.
Her stomach growled after a long day of training and classes, Luckily the government was paying to ensure this dead girl was taught...It was the one thing she was excited to not have to do once she joined, but alas she still had to take classes here. Though they were a little different than a regular school. She of course had a tutor that taught her math, science,history etc etc,but she also had special forces classes as well, which began right after her tutoring session was over. By the time she gor back to her "home" at night she was always tuckered out. She walked over to the fridge and peered in, selecting a can of soda and reached into the cabinet for a very crinkly bag of chips. At least they keep the good stuff stocked for us, she thought as she popped open the top to the can ans took a long swig. She plopped down on the couch and flipped in the TV, wondering to herself When do I get to use all this training?
It had been 3 months since she was taken, and she was starting to wonder if she had actually been kidnapped, as opposed to being recruited for a special teen forces branch of the FBI. She glanced over at the calendar she kept on the wall...Tomorow is my birthday...huh She turned her attention back to the TV, knowing that she was dead to everyone who once knew her...It was just another day.