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Vanessa Torell

"You want me to steal? Psh.. Okay. Don't have to tell me twice."

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a character in “Special Circumstance Teens”, as played by Alvetric


Name: Vanessa Torell
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Image
Brief Description: Vanessa stands at 5'5" with a toned body of 125 pounds to match her height perfectly. Her dark brown hair falls in slight waves down her back, just to her chest, and recently, she put orange highlights in her hair for a little change from the norm. Her gray eyes are her most defining quality, and she loves to accentuate them with a little make-up. Vanessa also has a thin scar on the left side of her chest; on her collarbone from a knife wound.
Personality: Vanessa is a kind person, ready to help out someone in need, and she loves a good joke. She is not typically secretive, but some things she does like to keep under wraps. Vanessa is known as the girl who doesn't put up with any crap from others; if someone is irritating her, then she isn't afraid to tell them off. She also loves to mess with other people for a quick laugh, whether it's teasing playfully or playing a little trick. One thing she hates is to kill; when faced against someone, she would only knock them out, not kill them. She loves to be sneaky, Vanessa relishes the thrill of stealing; the feeling of being so stealthy that no one can catch you.
Vanessa is a relaxed girl who doesn't worry much about the future, she more lives in the now, but she never forgets her past. She always learns from her mistakes and she uses the lessons she's learned to give advice when needed. Vanessa is someone who respects authority, but she isn't too serious about it. She isn't afraid to protest about an order that seems ludicrous to her, and when she takes an order she isn't like a military man saying "Yes sir!" every hour of the day. She is very laid-back, and if she messes up, she won't cry about it. Her motto is: "If it happens, it happens. Get back up and try again."
Preferred Assignment Type: Theft and Intelligence gathering
Likes: Animals, being challenged, hanging out with friends, music
Dislikes: Know-it-alls, bossy people, killing
Fears: Snakes
Strengths: Stealing from under people's noses (figuratively of course xD), an expert at hand-to-hand combat, stronger than average, knows how to knock a person out in several different ways
Weaknesses: Would rather not kill, rarely uses any weapons - only carries a small knife in her belt as a last resort
How they got into SCT: Vanessa was born in the more "rough n' tough" neighborhood, but she still had a relatively good house. She was an only child, and the good thing about that, was that it was less mouths to feed. Her parents were loving, but they were both struggling to just keep her going through school. The fridge was almost always near empty, with only a few vegetables and maybe a loaf of bread. Clearly, this wasn't enough to sustain a growing girl and two full-grown adults. As a result, Vanessa had to turn to stealing food from the grocery store. She only started to steal when she was 14, but she was able to live off of what she could get. Of course, being a young girl with no experience in theft, she was caught numerous times, but thanks to her innocent demeanor, she was able to get off scot free.

By the time she was 17, Vanessa had become used to the routine of stealing some food for herself and her parents on her way home from school. Her new obstacle was the local troublemaker boys who hung around her route home. Normally, they didn't bother her, apart from heckling, but Vanessa ignored them, she only focused on feeding her family. One day, however, the boys stopped her on the sidewalk, in the quieter area. She knew that something bad was going to happen, so she - not waiting for them to make a move - made a run for it. The boys were fast, catching up with her in no time, they threw her against a wall, away from the safety of the street, and pulled a knife on her. They threatened her, but Vanessa was so scared that she wasn't listening, so she just offered the food she had stolen. The boys just laughed, threw the food on the ground, and they were about to stab Vanessa, when - out of an adrenaline rush - ducked, punched the boy with the knife in the face, and tried to run again, but to no avail. This time, the boy actually got hit on her with the knife, narrowly missing her neck leaving a long, deep cut across her collarbone. Vanessa's survival instincts kicked in and she grabbed the boy's knife and stabbed him. The other two boys were terrified and ran, but Vanessa - seeing the boy lying on the ground, dead - stayed. Vanessa was so in shock, that she didn't even know when the police came for her. All she knew was that she was in big trouble, and she would probably never see her family again.

When she got to the station, men in black suits said they would "take it over from here" and took her for another car ride. In the car, a man told her that she had two choices; rot in juvie, or put her skills to good use. Vanessa didn't know what the man was talking about, but all she knew was that she was NOT going to juvie.

So begins...

Vanessa Torell's Story