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Spells and Smiles

Spells and Smiles


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#, as written by Killa
Slowly walking along the dim, dark corridor, Free's eyes can be seen alight, dimly. They shimmered a multi-colored hue, like a fresh rainbow on a dewy day. This was due to the fact that he was tainted with Ambient Energy, the source of his powers. His hair rustled around his shoulders as his tiny 5'3" frame scooted around a corner. He needed something, a book.

Entering the musty old library, his library, he grabbed it and found a specific passage he was looking for. After reading it, he stood there a moment, gathering the energy around him. It takes only a moment, and then he is gone.

Suddenly but quietly, he appears outside a giant castle wall, just outside a cell. He takes a moment to survey his surroundings. He was only a child but he had enough experience to know not to let his guard down. He gathers his energy once more, without warning and blasts a hole, clear through. After the dust and rubble settle, he spots what he was looking for.


"Hey, hey! Come with me if you want to escape this place. There will be time for questions later! We only have a few moments before the guards come, and I'm sure you know how they get." he barks, even for such a tiny person his voice reverberates with urgency.


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Her eyes widened and she backed away from the wall, her voice suddenly cutting off as an explosion came from outside and busted down her cell wall. It had been at least a year since she had seen anybody outside the prison and she was a bit nervous and scared. What if it was some ploy? Was it some trick by the nobles?

She sprung to her feet and waved the dust away from her face, coughing as she did. "Well, if you're getting me out of here, I don't care who you are." Her voice wasn't cracking, wasn't weak. It was strong, strong for a woman that had been wrongly imprisoned for almost a year. "Thank you, whoever you are." She thought before she darted out of the hole in the stone.

Her slim figure was like a lithe little shadow as she darted towards one of the nearby alleys, hoping that if the stranger was a friendly person or whatever he was, that he would either follow her or leave her alone. It didn't matter to her at all what he did, all that mattered to her was that she was free, that she was able to run and breathe clean air.


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#, as written by Killa
Free watched as she cautiously made her way over the remnants of broken wall and bits of steel. He had a kind, gentle smile on his face and tried to remain as calm as possible. It was always best not to panic in moments like these and he could tell she got the point. He waited until she was a good bit away, then helped a few of the prisoners get out. So far, everything was going to plan. He was a strategist, and it didn't take long for him to figure out that today, of all days security would be lax. It wouldn't be for long though, as the person that captured her would be on his way, and Free didn't want to be there when he came.

Finishing up, he rushes to put up a barrier just as a ball of fire hits. It was violent, and different magic than his. His barrier shrugged it off but couldn't take anymore hits like that. It was time to go. Turning in the direction of the woman, he starts to run, opening a portal. The portal allows him through.

Appearing by a nearby alley, he begins to follow the trail of the female, his determination beginning to show in the brow that furrowed his forehead. He needed to find her, but it seems she moved faster than he thought. Yes, she would do, he reminded himself, bringing an image of her to his mind.

It was still night and the air sent chills down his spine as he continued to track her whereabouts. Why wouldn't he sense her energy? The book didn't say anything about that. It only told him he needed her for something. That was always the problem with these magical items, they never do exactly what they are meant to do.


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Her eyes glowed slightly as the full moon filled her with energy. More energy than she had had the chance to gather inside the prison. Her face was smiling as she felt the moonlight flow around her, whispering to her like it was welcoming an old friend, like it was alive. To her it was so she gladly accepted the energy, the voices other than her own. Then she sensed that the man that freed her was indeed chasing her.

'Hide my energy. I beg of thee.' She said mentally, breathing in and out as she ran, enjoying the fresh air but all the same feeling slightly light-headed. She couldn't run for long, and by the looks of the alley and how narrow it was, she would need to find a place to hide soon, or HE would find her again. "No. I won't let my magic be used again." She murmured softly and felt a veil of energy cloak her physical and mental presence. 'Thank you old friend. Your kindness is very much appreciated.' Again she thought to herself and slowed her running.

Ducking into the doorway of a run-down and seemingly abandoned place, she sighed, resting her legs and her lungs for a moment, hoping the stranger wouldn't find her anytime soon if he was looking for a fight.


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#, as written by Quinzel
Quinn takes a few dollars out of his jacket pocket and sets it down on the counter, watching as the cashier took them and gave his change back. He grabs the coffee and walks out of the shop onto the sidewalk. He sighs and takes a sip of his coffee. He coughs into his arm and closes his eyes. Someone runs into him from behind, which causes him to fall. He drops his coffee as his head hits the ground, his eyes close and his world blacks out, whenever he wakes up, it's dark, and someone is hovering over him.

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