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Karen Utsuho

"The fires of the divine fall upon you."

0 · 85 views · located in The City of Nerris

a character in “Spellwar: Creation and Destruction”, originally authored by Lifecharacter, as played by RolePlayGateway


Karen Utsuho
The Heavenly Flame





Height: 5'6''
Weight: 123 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Amaranth
Skin Tone: Slight tan
Build: Slim and athletic
Clothing: She tends to dress somewhat professionally, preferring dress clothes over more casual wear. What she will normally be found in, if it has not been destroyed in some sort of blast, is a white suit covering a black dress shirt and a pair of matching dress pants. And while she does wear shoes when out and about, she prefers being barefoot.


Atomic: The manipulation of atomic structures can produce of myriad of effects, among which is that special event known as a fusion reaction that ranges in size depending on the amount of mass being converted. Obviously the control of the large amount of energy is necessary to not eradicate herself in the blast and so she tends to either focus it into a linear beam or just envelop herself in protection. Other uses for this school of magic include the dissolution and recreation of chemical bonds, and the acceleration of mass.

Radiation Surge: If, for some reason, she has decided that the absolute eradication of the area is not preferred to something a bit subtler, Karen can send out intense waves of radiation in any direction. Depending on how long one is exposed you could either die within moments or go through the rest of your short life with some cancerous mass spreading throughout your body.

Rad-X: After being exposed to radiation almost constantly, along with a few protective measures put in place, she has developed a complete immunity to it and all of its cancerous results. Extreme temperatures also become rather manageable since after dealing with nuclear fire, not much else can really get hotter.

Karen was born into the lower end of the middleclass label with her mother spending most of her time working and her father contributing absolutely nothing due to him dying a few years after she was born. She normally had to spend the day alone and take care of herself so her mother made sure that everything that might be needed was within reach and went off to ensure that food was still affordable. This went on with varying circumstances throughout her childhood and teenage years until she graduated from high school. Before thoughts of continuing onto college could even be discussed her mother fell ill to some form of cancer that she wasn't able to pronounce then and doesn't remember now. Soon she died and was given an overly humble funeral with low attendance and this left Karen with absolutely nothing to restrain herself with.

Since she had been exposed to magic since early on she was talented in the more subtle uses of her powers and finally let loose and caused the destruction of several city blocks. This resulted in a massive death count and is routinely called up in the media as the modern Chernobyl since the entire city became a wasteland from the ensuing radiation. Afterwards she, along with the majority of the people who were still living, left the city of her birth. The moment she showed them the immense amount of suffering she could inflict upon a certain CEO she rose from the lower rungs of society into the top tier. She continued this process to ensure that she had a secure source of income and went about creating a power base for herself, disregarding the worthless conflict whenever it wasn't disrupting her plans.

So begins...

Karen Utsuho's Story

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I can not believe I left that stupid assignment in school.

Caviste stomped irritably along the pavement, hammer thrown unceremoniously over one shoulder and a small rucksack slung over the other, barely a mile away from her home. After finding out it was missing, she’d had no choice but to walk the distance back to school. It was graded. It had a place in her final report. It was due the next day. She cursed herself for not bothering to do it earlier, putting it off until that day. Luckily for her, the common neighbourhood school wasn’t too far, and she could just see the tallest point in the school peeking out among the other buildings around it. She quickened her pace subconsciously, her worn-out body hurrying itself to hurry and get there and back before it gave out.

Not that she believed it would, only having spent a day at school, after all. But dragging her hammer back and forth for these few weeks were starting to take its toll, slowly but surely.

Perhaps she needed a bag specifically for dragging it around.

There her destination was, just in the distance. She could almost just see the sign, saying ––

She hurtled into something, bouncing off and landing on her bottom on the pavement, slightly dazed but mostly unhurt.

There didn’t seem to be anyone else around to witness the catastrophe. Curse Newton’s Laws anyway.

Through her blurred vision, the object she’d run into was draped in a professional white. Whichever part of her brain which was still functioning right told her it was a young woman, clad in a white business suit. She hadn’t gotten the time to closely examine the woman before running up to her, instinctive and infallible manners drilled into her by her father kicking in automatically.
“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going. Are you al––“

Her sentence cut off abruptly.

Careening backwards, she scrambled hurriedly around on the ground. Her rucksack was lying forgotten in a corner, but it was forgotten in lieu of her hammer. Wrapping her hands tightly and protectively around the handle, she held it up in a defensive stance, a few metres away from the woman who had gone from fragile to dangerous in mere seconds.
She was glad of her hammer’s protection now. She was going to need it.

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Colliding with another person was never something one really expects or prepares for. There's the logistics of mapping every persons' erratic movements and how many of them never seem to pay much attention to others. Apparently even Karen wasn't able to break away from the mold and wound up on the ground staring at a schoolgirl wielding a hammer; not the usual mannerisms one takes when apologizing for their mistakes causing others harm but it was rather amusing. Planting her feat flatly on the ground, she rose gracefully from the dusty walkway and stared at the newly armed projectile. She only broke her gaze to make an attempt at brushing the scuffs and dirt from the back of her pants, finally giving up on the hopeless endeavor with a sigh and a returned look at the one who had caused such damage.

"Do you make a habit of knocking down strangers and then threatening them with hammers?" She took a step towards her target. "Foreign maybe? No you don't have the complexion of exoticism, perhaps you're a savant?" She took another few steps, halving the distance between the two before stopping and snapping her fingers with the feigned realization. "I got it!" Her eyes narrowed and she tapped into her abilities once more, lunging her forward at a momentum that would shame a jet, without all the negative G-force involved obviously, and wrapped her fingers around the soft arm that she had deemed her prey. "You know who I am." With that she gave the wrist a twist that had the usual result of sending the everyday rabble to the floor.

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Renjou just stood there with a dumbstruck face glued to his face. He had witnessed some dunce head guy making a fool out of himself before but this was outrageous, unbelievable, out of question! Mages and their Spell-links had just using their magic in a public place. For God sake, public place where normal people and civilian walking around! Then as if suddenly snapped, he ran toward them while took off one of his hair pin. Reconstruction magic.

“Brethren-in-arms withdrawing for the distance of 8 sun and standing still; blue bolt, white bolt, black bolt, red bolt; sinking into the ocean together seeking redemption-”

He bit his hair pin and snapping it in two, legs still ran toward the mages direction while still spelling incantation.

“Twenty eight mansion, four symbols; dragon tail, tiger fang, turtle shell, phoenix wings-”

He stopped. One of the broken hair pin was dropped to the ground while the other part was thrown to the sky.

“Shiji no Kekkai.” (The barrier of four beasts)

Both part of the broken pin disintegrated. Its particle spread wide and made a giant transparent dome. At least inside barrier the Mages and Spell-links would not hurt any normal people. Ren looked around, damn there’s still left some people with little magic potential. They were still remained inside even though their magic was so tiny to the point almost non-existent. If only he had a Spell-link, but he was too cowardice to ask Sirsi. He was afraid she would get hurt.

“Oh well.”

He scratched his head and approached the Mages. He hoped he could stop their non sense fight with ‘talk’ even though he didn’t have Spell-link and dare he say ‘absolutely weak’.

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Suzuki, unsure of what to do, continued to watch the fighting until a guy with red hair ran over to the fight and pulled out of his hair what looked like a hair pin. She saw him begin to chant and then a strange, transparent dome surrounded the area where she had been. She found herself somehow on the outside of the barrier, no thanks to what Vlad had done to move her away from the center of the fighting. Curious as to why Renjou had done this or what he had done she walked over to him hesitantly and said, "Hey, um, I hate to ask, but can you explain what's going on? A lot of civilians have been hurt over at the school I know. I was headed over to the hospital with someone from the school until we got ambushed. I don't know why, but that guy Satosha says this seems to be a fight between magicians. He also says I'm a magician too."

She waited for Renjou's answer hoping that he would give her a proper answer since he was not occupied with fighting. He looked kind of like a student from her school, so she assumed from the fact that he was around her age and no older looking than this. If he didn't have the answers she would have no idea what to do since she obviously couldn't throw herself into the fighting, and hadn't wanted to in the first place. She was glad Vlad, Klaus and the others that were trying to hurt Satosha hadn't killed either of them quite yet, but she wasn't sure how long he could hold out if magic allowed someone to chop through parts of buildings with relative ease. She went to Renjou for the simple fact that if he was a mage she'd be in better hands with him in terms of receiving protection and learning a concept she knew little about within a few minutes.

Nicholas felt Renjou's transparent barrier come up around them and thought, "On second thought, I'm not going to chase the people that I was going to. I can't chase them now with this barrier up." Nicholas looked across the battlefield trying to figure out who erected it and saw Renjou on the outside of it. He could clearly feel from where he was standing that Renjou was weak, but extremely smart. Generally, Nicholas liked to work in the shadows, but because of how Vlad and Klaus seemed to approach their work it that this would be impossible now.

"Hey kid!" he cried out in Renjou's direction, "Thanks for keeping us contained I don't know what those two youngsters would do if they got bored with our current target. Oh wait, maybe they have..." Nicholas looked back to where the fighting had taken place and saw that Satosha seemed to be still standing where he was, but that Vlad and Klaus had left.

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The woman slowly stood from the ground, smooth as a dancer, brushing herself down from her collision with both Caviste and the pavement, seemingly unfazed. She spoke to her.

“Do you make a habit of knocking down strangers and then threatening them with hammers?” The woman took a step forward. Caviste took one back.

"Foreign maybe? No you don't have the complexion of exoticism, perhaps you're a savant?" the woman said, and Caviste could hear her insincerity. Panic welled up inside her before she could feel even mildly insulted by the cutting words. Did the woman know? Was she going to simply leave her alone, or would she attack her? She attempted to follow her every movement with her gaze, trying to judge whether or not she would strike, and if she did, where. Her fingers curled and uncurled around her hammer repeatedly, nervously.

The woman snapped her fingers, like she’d just realized something.
"I got it!"

And then she was gone. It was like she’d teleported. She had only just gotten up to her feet, and then a flash, and she was right up in her face, fingers wrapped around her arm, mouth forming words.

"You know who I am."

Caviste flinched and dropped her guard. She let the blow bring her down to her knees, hissing in pain and annoyance but making no movement in retaliation whatsoever. She knew her mistake now. Her immediate lunge for her hammer must have tipped the woman off about her sight. She made a mental note to act as normal as possible before reaching for a weapon as stealthily as possible if such a situation were to crop up again.

She also knew how dangerous these people were. It would be best not to anger them lest they do…something, anything to her or anyone she loved. Not that there were many, but still. She tried to pick her words carefully, but stuck with pretence and redirection of the “conversation”, hoping the woman wouldn’t notice.
“How did you do that?” she croaked.