Miraze X

The World is Just a Big Illusion. I'm Sure Someday I Will Understand.

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a character in “Spellwar: Creation and Destruction”, as played by Bani


Name: Miraze X[ Her first name is pronounced the same as 'Mirage', but spelled with a 'Z' instead of 'G']

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Image
She dyes her hair purple - the real colour of her hair is reddish silver.

Role: Black Mage

Partner: Not Yet Decided

Magic Specialty: Miraze's abilities lie mostly in Shadow-morphing.
Shadow-morphing, though, is not just what its name suggests. Its a form of magic including actual physical shadows, and the metaphorically shadowy realms of the subconscious and unconscious as well as illusions.

>>The first and easiest form of Shadow-morphing is forming solid things out of real shadows. This has three parts, the first being forming inanimate objects out of the shadows and requiring the least power of all forms of Shadow-morphing, the second being guiding the path of an inanimate object formed from shadows ( for example, directing a knife towards someone) with one's own willpower, requiring a little more amount of power. The third basic form of Shadow-Morphing is to create live animals / humans out of shadows, and requires a considerably higher amount of power than the first
These put a drain on the User's physical energy and can leave them exhausted physically.

>>The second form of Shadow-morphing is called DreamWalking and can be divided into two major categories: Day and Night-Dreams.
Daydreams take place when the subject is awake. Its necessarily communicating images or events visually to them.
Nightdreams take place while the subject is asleep and serves more or less the same purpose as Daydreams, except that the User can appear and directly communicate to the subject in these.
DreamWalking requires the User to focus only on the 'dreams', and the User's body is left undefended meanwhile.

>>The third form of Shadow-morphing involves Illusions and requires the User's blood.

>>The fourth and most deadly form of Shadow-morphing is the ability to possess others for a short time. However, in order to do this, the subject requires to have had contact with the User's blood through bare skin or thin layers of fabric at some point. This ability draws directly from the User's life force, as the User needs to maintain his/her own body while being out of it.

Personality: Miraze can be compared to a child in her immense curiosity and desire to experience new things. She decided and accepted the fact that most people were creatures of little to no worth, their true faces hidden under countless necessary and unnecessary masks as a mere child. However, as soon as she decided that, she moved on, not dwelling on these facts. She is hard to anger or excite any emotions in otherwise, having very few material desires. She is practical and accepts what is beyond her control easily, without having her pride wounded.
Miraze absorbs and retains knowledge or any new experiences like a sponge absorbing water. Her insatiable curiosity and immense ability to quickly grasp and accept the situation at hand no matter how incredible it might seem at first makes for a potential for immense growth in her.
She is able to change her personality according to the situation, although she's not a. But irrespective of the emotions she shows outwardly, she is always able to analyse a situation as an observer, even admitting her own faults.
Most of the things people value don't matter much to her, but she respects others' emotions. She never regrets anything because it would just be useless in her opinion, and adapts to almost everything. However, there are some limits she has set for herself, which she will not cross no matter what.

Bio: Miraze was born to considerably well-off parents. She hated the society she was brought up in, hated the lies and masks everyone seemed to be hiding under. She decided then and there that she wouldn't live a lie like these people, and put her heart and soul into studying and laying aside money for her plans. She finally ran away from home when she was fifteen. She lived on the streets alone since then. even though she had more than enough money to ease her hardscrabble existence, she never wasted it unless completely necessary. She traveled as much as her savings would allow, absorbing everything in sight. She changed her name after she ran away, obliterating her last name completely with an 'X' standing for unknown, and decided to go with the synonym for Illusions for her first name, changing the spelling slightly.

Theme Song: The Will To Not Vanish [Kie Nai Negai] : Toshinobu Iida

So begins...

Miraze X's Story

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"Zador pisses you off? Well, that's one thing we have in common," Aurelie said drily. "Not that that's what you said before. Back then you were all, 'Hey, you do this yourself? Niiiiiiiiice,' and 'Hey, you know my buddy Klaus? He's probably even more evil than me.' In fact, I got the impression that the two of you were doing that guy thing where you argue over who has the bigger dick. Figuratively speaking, of course." She smirked at Vlad.

"You see," she went on, "it seems to me that you just say whatever you think will make you seem most impressive. In front of Zador you're all like 'I'm a badass cold killer, I'm so cool,' but when there's girls around you're like 'I'm like a gallant knight deep down - yeah - and I'm down with not being a creepy villain. Everything else is all on account of my dark and troubled past.' Now either you're playing everybody, mister, and just saying what you think they want to hear - which I'm not going to rule out - or you're actually that desperate to have people admire you that you end up being a bit schizo. Which is the answer I'm tending towards. I don't know if you realise it, but bragging non-stop about how badass you are gives a certain impression? You know, kind of like you're a little insecure? I know you have to talk trash when you're in a gang to get respect, but seriously, it gets old. We know you're dangerous. If you get the jump on us, we're dead." A faint smile curved her lips as she looked Vlad up and down. "If we got the jump on you, of course, that might be another matter."

Aurelie felt sure that Miraze would probably be getting annoyed with her. Whilst Aurelie fully believed that what she said was true - that in a conflict where the two of them got a chance to avoid vaporisation, they might well win - it was also true that she was hardly being conciliatory. She knew, as Miraze did, that if Vlad attacked them now she'd be disintegrated before she had a chance to act - and that both of them had already near-exhausted their powers. Still, she felt that she owed him the truth... and she was banking on the fact that he probably wouldn't kill them right now, given his whole 'I'm a decent guy' spiel that he'd been keeping up. And backing down would just signal weakness. So it was that what she said next wasn't actually motivated by fear.

"But before you go deciding I'm looking down on you? Don't. I just have zero tolerance for bullshit. And you sure as hell were bullshitting someone." Aurelie narrowed her eyes at Vlad. "Maybe - if and when I get a better handle on you - I'll reconsider."

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Vlad's eyes widened. Then he chuckled, then laughed, and cackled, while clapping. "Oh god. Well done, girly. I admit, I see why you would say that. Thing is though, dear, that I never considered myself a knight. I'm more of a heroic sociopath. Hell, unless you have a strange fantasy, I won't seem like your prince charming, either. Now, tell me. If I was bullshitting you, why did I keep Satosha alive? Yeah. But, in a way, I suppose you're right. The whole 'I'm better than you' thing, is how all guys act. Especially in this day and age, in this town, where you have to go all abracadabra on someone to stay alive. The point is, I may be a decent guy, but why I was taunting Zador is because that's how I was raised. If you think I'm a creepy mage, just wait until you meet my brother.

And second, I don't go flaunting my dark and brooding past to get girls. Believe me, if I did, I would also not be as forward as I am, now. Truth is, I haven't dated someone in like, two years. I didn't come over here to get some ass. I came over here to say hello. While, yes, granted, you two are pretty, I'm not gonna stoop done to the level that sparkly, pale prick in that crappy romance novel is on. If I wanted to impress you, I would've done something much more flashy." He chuckled.

Klaus stepped between them. "Stop. Both of you." He growled. "...Wha?" Vlad asked, surprised. "Vladimir, she has a valid point. I believe that you are insecure. And, even if you did do something dangerous, it would not be the best idea to make it as public, unless asked to." He said, and then he turned to Aurelie. "You, fraulein, are acting equally as childish. Someone, it doesn't matter if they are male or female, black mage, white mage, or mage at all took some time out of their day to greet you. And, to thank them, you ask them many different questions, as if you assumed that they would kill you on the spot. Like you have heard the other ones do. Excuse me, but that is as bad as quickly changing your act to impress different people. If you didn't go by the stereotype all the time, perhaps you wouldn't be so ridiculously skeptic. When someone offers their help, you should consider it, not put them down and act like you are better then them, the exact same thing you accused Vladimir of doing, when you, yourself, are guilty of it as well. Quite frankly, I find the most mature one here, to be your friend, fraulein. Your partner." Klaus continued, arms crossed.

"Well then." Vlad said after a short silence. "I suppose he's right."

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Vlad raised an eyebrow. "I let Satosha live because I admire the damn guy. It would be a waste to kill him. And the most important reason. Standards. My standards. Because he did not do anything wrong. I didn't kill him." Vlad retorted. He looked over to his partner, who had his arms crossed, staring Aurelie down.

"You have a valid point about our reputation, though. And this, is in fact, coming from the serial killer. And, granted, you are also correct about some of the things my partner said. However, you should know that he has a dark sense of humor, and has, in fact, stayed true to his moral code." Klaus said.

"Klaus, I appreciate your effort to back me up. But, obviously, they don't trust us." Vlad said, turning. "So, we best be on our way. Thanks for listening, Miraze and Girl Who Forgot to Introduce Herself." He teased Aurelie. "Oh, and one more thing." He said, taking a pen and paper out of his pocket, writing on it, and giving it to Aurelie, with a sly grin. "This is where I live. Klaus'll probably hang out here, too. When you get a chance, stop by and keep me company." He chuckled. "Auf weidersehen." Klaus said, as they both disappeared in a black cloud of magical smoke.

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#, as written by Bani
Miraze stared at Aurelie before starting to laugh. "Really, Aurelie? You thought I didn't notice the subtle 'Divide and Rule' that went in there? I wasn't actually saying your reaction was immature, but merely the way you phrased it was hilarious. Besides, why would I think high school kids are immature? I'm one myself, right?" she grinned. "And I have never thought of you as immature either, or even myself as more mature. But I do believe them, you know why? Its because of one of the reasons you dislike them. They - or at least Vlad - has a big ego. Those with big egos tend to live up to their promises, because they are afraid to fail to deliver, they need to keep playing up to their 'code' or 'standards'. If he promised us he won't attack us, chances are that with his convoluted sense of 'honour', he won't resort to it unless the situation is drastic. That's also the exact reason I gave him my name, to show him I trust them. They probably won't betray someone's 'trust', it would be 'beneath' them to do so."

She stretched, still smiling. "But anyway, my job was done by the time you started, and it was pretty funny to hear you bash them to dust. Call me sadistic, but it was nice to see someone saying the things I couldn't say outright. At least, not yet, in this state. Also, if you had challenged him to a sparring match, even with no disintegration allowed, we would still suffer more damage than we can afford, even if we managed to win, which, at our current state, would require a more than a little effort. Its better to hold off for a more opportune time, and its not like they could find us out, anyway, I entered us under a different name after that encounter, and took care of Mr. Davis." she finished - the man who rented them their apartment had been surprisingly susceptible to the illusion, weak-willed and unresisting, which was why Miraze hadn't needed Aurelie's help for that.

"Now how do we explain this?" she asked, pouting a little as she looked down at the car. "Looks like I'll need to break into my hair dye money again." She had actually liked the colour purple when she first dyed it this colour years ago on a whim, partly because she was curious and partly so people were sufficiently freaked out at her strange hair colour and left her alone in peace, and even though now she almost always wore some kind of a hood or cap that almost - if not fully - covered it, it had grown natural to her, and she saved off a little money for the next time she would need to dye it every time she went out on a 'job'. "... maybe we should take jobs or something." she muttered, the idea not appealing to her in the least. With her education, the only job she could get would be a waitress, or something equally horrendous, where she would be expected to be in public constantly. And while Miraze could manage that, the thought alone made her want to gag.