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Alice Dreygon


0 · 237 views · located in New York City

a character in “Spireheart Network: Redux”, as played by CookieRaiderEng




Full Name:
Alice Metera Dreygon
Alice'n and Ali


Her Eye color is Green, going into Yellow as you get Closer to her Pupils and Hair color is Strawberry Blonde with Pink tips.
Built with a Small Body, a Weight of 132lbs and a Height of 5"5 it's Easy to say Alice is Fast Above all and isn't Capable of Lifting Heavy Weights.
She's a Bit Lighter than an Ivory Tone but with a Clean and Cute Face to come with.
When Alice Uses her Powers Out of No where Brown and Black Tattoos Appear on her Face and Left Arm, All the Way down to her Wrist Covered in a Series of Entwining Vines. Her Right Cheek Has a Sort of Flower Appear and Bloom the Longer she Uses her Powers for.

"To Tell one the Future is to Change it"

Lately Ali's been Working more hand to hand combat, and Experimenting with her Discovered Power in ways she thinks Others Haven't yet. Though she fights Hand to Hand she's no Perfect fighter, She's only picked up Bit's and Pieces of Martial Art and Combat Class's.



~ Open Air
~ Fire
~ Darkness
~ People
~ Cookies


Cunning, Straight to the Point and Cocky Sometimes. Kind hearted if you get to Know her But be warned, She's not Afraid to be the Bitch. Alice had Always wanted to be Different or Something More than Normal And now that she is, She's not Exactly Ready for it.


~ Being Alone
~ Animals
~ Simple Things
~ Bombs
~ Pepsi


So begins...

Alice Dreygon's Story


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New York City, 7:00 AM

The dawn sky graced the rigid skyline of New York City. Carrier shuttles puttered through the air, delivering their passengers to their workplaces. Down below, citizens bustled through the streets. One particular shuttle carried Felix Grelen, current leader of the rebel Network. The scruffy man looked out the window from under his hood, towards the giant hulk that was Signet. A look of indifference passed over his features, which quickly dissipated. No need to think about them now. He wasn't at work, was he? Felix smiled as his stomach growled slightly, and he remembered his job.

The shuttle landed at it's station near Times Square, a docking platform with adverts and kiosks lining it. Felix stepped off and began walking down the street, which was alive with morning commuters, to a glass-walled café on the corner. The door slid open, admitting Felix into the sleek establishment. Silver, white, and black was the theme here at Viva La Java, the best damn coffee joint that would support the Network. Felix stepped up to the beveled counter, and gave the bell a ring.

A short, young, auburn-haired girl with light, yet fierce, features came to greet him. "Cat, there you are! I was wondering when you'd get here. We got your order in the back. 2 sacks of regular and 2 of vanilla, right?" The young lady relayed to Felix, using the nickname he wore in public. For some reason, she insisted on calling him Cat. Maybe the chin-whiskers? "Hey there, Ellie. Yeah, sounds about right. I'm sure the customers will love it. Go ahead and deduct it from our account." Felix greeted and instructed, which Ellie heeded right away. "Alright, all done. We'll get it over there soon. Here, have a cup of this new stuff, since we had extra. It has orange and hints of vanilla in it." Ellie handed the man a paper cup of the piping hot brew with a smile, and Felix took a sip.

"Hm, that's pretty good. You think you can add a bag to the next order?" Felix asked, and the girl nodded. "Sure thing, Cat. Take care now!" Ellie cautioned, and Felix gave her a kind nod. Stepping out of Viva La Java, Felix had a visible smile on his face. The proprietors of the coffee house, Ellie and Thompson Henders, were a father and daughter team. The Network, wanting to establish economic ties and assets, chose to reach out to the Henders, since no one could protest to a good cup o' joe. At first, they had refused out of fear, not wanting to be shut down for working with rebels. However, that changed once Ellie's mother went missing after an eco-rally. Signet was obviously behind it, and out of anger, they befriended the Network, and established a friendly partnership. They both supported each other, with the exchange of money and supplies hidden in the bags of coffee beans.

Felix walked down the street, and turned into an alley. Taking out a key card, he opened the backdoor of an old brick apartment building. Inside, it was abandoned, broken furniture and dust everywhere. Felix slid another key into a hidden reader, and a floor tile opened, revealing a ladder down into darkness. Felix quickly descended down the ladder, closing the tile and shortly arriving in one of the Network's security checkpoints. It was a simple scanner in an old piping room, with guards positioned at the entrance. Staring into the scanner, a gentle light pulsed over his retina, and confirmed his identity as Felix Grelen. Nodding to the guards, he stepped into the atrium from behind the storefronts. "Morning, everyone! The coffee and things are on their way, so you'll get your fix soon enough. Get ready for the day, folks! Today we do some more recon." Felix instructed, briefly before metal crates fell from a grate above them, briefly hovering before hitting the ground.

"Oh hey, lookie there. Go ahead and pop it open, fellas. And where's Kiana? We need to get the plans sorted out." Felix asked as he shifted into work mode.