Kayuota Yoah Windah (Kayu)

Spirit Wolf, 11, female

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a character in “Spirited Away: The Return”, as played by Hinata Hyuuga


General Info
Full Name: Kayuota Yoah Windah
Fake Name: Kayu
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Unknown
Birth Date: January 3

Height: 5ft 2.5in
Distinguishing Marks: A scar along her spine and over her right shoulder, stopping at her elbow.


Species: Spirit Wolf

Skills: Knowing pressure points, climbing objects silently
Abilities: Healing (self and others), turn invisible, form into a wolf whenever
Kayu is a kind person. She is someone who would help others in need even is she herself would get into trouble as a result. Never placing mistrust in others, no matter what they may have done, has a good heart. Many would perceive her as naive, but to Kayu it is her own personal point of view. Shyness is her forte and she likes to talk with all kinds of people, but she so shy that she usually runs away from the people. However, fighting is something she really dislikes, despite her more or less high proficiency in combat. Instead of using mindless violence, she always tries calm people down by using her persuasiveness. Childish in many ways, but also mature when the situation calls for it, Kayu is someone who enjoys her life.

Family and Friends: Haku, Sen
Known Languages: English

Born into a poor family, Kayuota's family struggled to survive. Her irresponsible father left his family when she was five years old, leaving her mother alone with two children. Surviving the first few months were manageable, because of her mother's savings. However, Kayuota's mother shortly fell into deep depression, often abusing both Kayuota and her brother to vent out her anger and sadness. After only a few months, her mother committed suicide, not being able to live on any longer.

Now alone, Kayuota and her brother were thrown out of the apartment, roaming the streets for a few, but very harsh days. One day when she was holding her brother's hand in order not to get separated from him, he got involved in a car accident. Kayuota's shock was too great and she could only stare at her lifeless brother. Only tears came out silently.

The corpse of her brother was being taken by men in black suits, but Kayuota resisted and did not want to give her brother away. So fate decided that she would be taken away as well. The men took her to an orphanage, where she spent a solitary year before she was adopted by an old man, who could see her past in her eyes and chose to provide her with a better life. Soon she found out that she was a spirit and ran away and she met a witch who changed her name to Kayu. Then found Haku. Haku and Kayu were friends and were inseparable unless missions were called. Sometimes they had missions together, most of the time Haku had all the missions. Kayu loves herself as her Spirit wolf and wandering around the town.

So begins...

Kayuota Yoah Windah (Kayu)'s Story


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Kanoashi happens to be in the other part of the train. It had finally re-done the going back system from taking the train to walking to taking the train again. Hopefully he doesn't react the same as last time in the bathhouse. He doesn't want any more trouble with anyone as looking back at it, he hated it.

Rou turns around to see Kayu snarling at him. His face told her that he didn't care. He picks up the bucket full of sludge and goes outside and pours it into a wheelbarrow. The sludge storage room wasn't far away. They use it as fertilizer for the crops for the workers. He gave up on the mop for now until most of the sludge is gone. He gets two more buckets full of sludge into the wheelbarrow before taking it to the storage room across the bridge. It's been there for about a year now and it's been proved useful to him and a few of the other workers. Some workers have left since Yubaba went missing but he didn't. He has nowhere to go besides the bathhouse and it isn't too bad. He returns and brings more sludge to the store room for a while until there is barely ny sludge left.


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Kanoashi steps off the train and looks left and right. It all looks different to him now. Why is the station in the country? Last time he'd been here, it was an ocean. He walks the same direction as the train left in which hopefully get him SOMEWHERE. He spots a figure in the distance walking towards a huge building that has to be the bathhouse. The person is almost there when it came to sundown and so was he.

As Kayu left, Shirou started mopping the floor again. When he'd done with the sludge, it was almost sundown and people would be starting to wake up. He has to at least do the bath rooms which he'd done the floors of. He got a towel, soaked it and started cleaning the specks of sludge off the walls and he put his things away leaving the bathrooms clean just as the workers came down.