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Torin Draak

" Strength is power in this harsh world"

0 · 378 views · located in The Great Desert

a character in “Spirits of the Desert”, as played by umbra Alastor


(Face Claim: Jason Momoa)
Name:Torin Draak
Nickname: Torin
Height:6' 5"
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: A Dusty brown.
Hair:Dark brown. long and wild.
Extra physical info: Torin cuts an impressive figure, tall, broad, wild looking. He bears every hallmark of a Warrior. He also bears a tribal tattoo on his lower arm, a sign to show he has completed the rite of passage within his tribe
Marital status:Arranged within tribe.
Occupation: Warrior/Guard
Personality: Torin can end up being very boisterous, he loves nothing more than passing then fighting, or proving himself in tests of strength against he fellow man. It is very rare that he backs down from any challenge. Deep down he is extremely loyal to his tribe and people but often slates the weak for dragging him down and holding everyone back. If something is on Torins mind he will say it, and if it offends people he always offers them the chance to silence him.
Biography: Torin was born child number four in his family, two elder sisters, one elder brother. As with most families within the dragon tribe the sisters were put to work maintaining the homes, while the two boys of the family were taken out to hunt, to train, to learn all the skills they would need to survive not only the desert but the tribe, as any position of power, or any dispute was settled with a duel. Every time the boys stepped out of line they were beaten though Torin's brother always protected him taking the blame in his stead. The rite of passage within the tribe is a duel between boys, winner may adorn the tribal tattoo, loser must survive the desert for 6 months before they may return to try again. Though its rare anyone ever returns. Torin had to face his brother, to all observing the match was a good fight, but Torin knew his brother was holding back, he knew he was taking a dive, but if he spoke out they both would be punished and the scared him so much that he just stayed silent and fought his brother. After the bitter victory and becoming a 'man' Torin began his duty's as a man of the tribe, ignoring the strange dreams that started to filter through, for now he just placed them down to guilt, or something funny to eat.
Power: The dragon grants him great strength and durability. The ability to control the sands and winds are granted as well but for a strange reason Torin will struggle to gain the control of the winds later, and for now will struggle with even simple control of the sands.
Skills:Fighting. Good perception and senses. Hunting big game. Survival craft, weapon and armor maintenance
Likes : Praise upon his strength, Hunting, Training.
Dislikes : The weak, Failure. Being alone. his own weakness.Cooking
Strengths: Physically Strong and durable. Well versed in many forms of fighting.
Weaknesses :Brash, not versed in the art of subterfuge and often does not expect it.
Fears: Being helpless or other people finding out he is weak.

So begins...

Torin Draak's Story

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Running a hand groggily over his face, Torin sat up slowly. His large frame heaved with his tired breaths. The light was dull, but warm, the sun had started to slip behind the horizon once again. Torin knew he must of been dreaming, he was running his hand across the floor letting the grains of the desert run coarsely across his skin. Pushing himself up, Torin quickly stretched to his full height and glanced around. Open desert, no dunes, no rock, nothing but the great sands for as far as his eye could see.

Striding forward Torin continued to scan his barren surroundings Where in the spirits name am i? he questioned to himself, his large stride covering the ground quickly, but seeming to get him no where. Without warning an sound caught his ear, something he had been taught to always listen for, the winds. Turning sharply on heels he noticed an approaching sand storm. ' that had not been there a minute ago?' Scanning the storm for its direction he noticed two things, it was coming right at him and a shadow was caught inside.

" Fool!... why do you travel in the storm" Torin began to bellow across the open space, before the shadow grew larger and more distinct, a great wing-span along with a massive body. Bracing himself as the storm grew near the creature twisted and shrank down to about the same size of Torin. " You must journey far little one.." the creature spoke stopping itself and the storm infront of him. " find the end to all of this". Opening his mouth to speak Torin found himself cut sort as a hand gripped his arm, burning with an unfamiliar pain. " Now"
Reaching over swiftly Torin felt his arm, the same arm he felt pain within the dream. Sitting up slowly Torin pulled back his messy hair and glanced around to try and gauge what time it was. It still seemed as if the sun had not fully risen yet. Grabbing his cloths he dressed swiftly before stepping outside to greet the new day.

' Torin.. you wake... i thought you would of missed morning duties' The gruff voice came from a man of same age as Torin, you could of call the two of them friends. " Calan.. you still have your voice despite all the whining.... where are my supplies i need to head out early to patrol our borders" Torin barked, still groggy from sleep. Taking the bags from his friend Torin took a moment to tie the small sword to his belt before slinging the bag over his shoulder and snatching the spear from the man who stood before him. " I report before sun down" Those were Torin's parting words as he marched away from his friend and away from the tribe for another days of patrol.