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Ebony Winifred Baker

"I've seen enough to know this is something basic."

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a character in “Spoiled Sweet”, as played by sweetshearts


Ebony Winifred Baker



Full Name:

Winifred Ebony Baker





African Decent


Face Claim:
Amandla Stenberg

Character Number:
Character 7



Physical Appearance:
Ebony has light brown skin and no visible blemishes on her face. She has a wide nose and full lips. Her eyes are wide and dark brown. Her eyebrows are full and arched. She has long dark brown, kinky hair down to her back which she keeps either in curls or straightened, every once in a while putting it into a bun or ponytail. She stands at 5'4, not to small, and weight 110 pounds.She loves wearing loose girly clothing like dresses, skirts, and crop tops. Anything with a urban feel also interests her. She loves the way she looks but wishes she just looked a little bit better and that she was a little bit taller.



I Shy I Witty I Caring I Fun I Creative I Smart Aleck I
Ebony is usually to herself, tuck into her own world doing her own things. Her shyness usually pulls people away, but once she get use to her she's quite a fun person. She also quite witty, never losing a chance to joke about something in a sarcastic fashion. She can be real snarky when somebody does something that seems stupid, but her sweet personality seems to make people think she was being truthful with her sarcasm or that somebody else said the mean thing in her high-pitched voice. She is normally very caring and sweet and acts like a complete doll, especially when she sees someone sad or scared.
She likes to read non-fiction books about history, especially stories on the American Revolution, Victorian England, Antebellum America, and World War Two. She also likes looking at comedy shows.
For someone so shy she hates to be left alone.
She loves writing or drawing in her journal.



Ebony was a baby born at her mother's school. Her mother was known to be an intelligent student but she could never loose her more popular boyfriend, so they had sex and made Ebony. Ebony has kept the child a complete secret for 9 months and ate more to make it seem like it was actual fat and not baby fat. When Ebony was born her mother knew she could never bring the child home, and cut the cord with scissors herself and ran out to put Ebony on the doorstep of a small catholic church, putting her name on a piece of white paper. Luckily, just like in the movies, Ebony was accepted by them.

The nunnery that Ebony was put in was extremely strict and incredibly sexist and racist. The nuns would beat her for doing the slightest thing wrong like tripping while in line or answering a question wrong. They thought because Ebony was black she'd be a wilder child and wanted to put the "fear of God" in her at a younger age. They'd randomly call her in to the classrooms alone a beat her with rulers and sticks. They also taught her to never speak out, especially against a man. From the age of two until age ten she had to survive it, until they realized that she was generally a good and smart child. Even though they tried to be nice to her now she started to fear them, and would not want to be alone around them, or anybody at all.

She ran away from the orphanage at twelve and was almost baited into becoming a prostitute before running away from the man who was trying to pimp her. She ran, trying to survive on her own, when she turned thirteen she was taken to an orphanage from a kind man. The orphanage then sent her to Clarum. To this day she fears talking much to others and can't trust easily, but to rebel against that horrible nunnery she is never afraid to talk back when something seems wrong to her, especially talking back to a man.

She wants to meet her real mother.

Meeting her real mother and getting a boyfriend.

Being hurt by anybody, physically or mentally.


So begins...

Ebony Winifred Baker's Story


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Ebony Winifred Baker

Comfort, it was something Ebony had rarely felt. Life has always been "another hard day" but Clarum was quite relaxing. The beds were nice, the classes were nice, and the other kids there were nice. She didn't have to worry about another whipping or not being fed. School's been open for about a week and she already likes it, but she still hasn't talked much to others. She only speaks to her room mate a few times in the day to say "Good Morning" and "Good Night." All she knows about him (and yes him, for some reason Clarum is quite lenient on who dorms with who) is that he's some rich kid that was taken here for some spoiled rich kid program that makes them "sweet" as the brochure said.

To her the program seemed stupid, if she was a child of a rich family she'd be just as spoiled as them. Why wouldn't she? All the lavish items she'd never had before would be given to her. Sadly she's just an orphan who doesn't have parents to be rich for her, and from her job choice she's most likely not going to be rich, police officers only get paid so much.

She lays on her bed thinking about the many things of Clarum, waiting for 7:00 to hit so she could get ready for school, she couldn't act like she wasn't excited though, it was the first day of the Police Trade.

When she got up she took a shower then put on a frilly white blouse and some jeans and ran out of the house, hoping she didn't disturb anyone.