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Ocean Alexandrea

"What if I said, I love you?"

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a character in “Spoiled Sweet”, as played by restlessyouth


Ocean Alexandrea


It is ordinary to love the extraordinary, but extraordinary to love the ordinary.











Junior, eleventh grade.

Face Claim:

Freya Mavor

Character Number:

Character Nine



Physical Appearance:

Ocean has pale white skin with the only noticeable markings as her freckles that dust across her forehead, cheeks, and nose. She has a petite roman nose and full, pink lips that are often stretched into a shy, lovely grin. Her hair is blonde, and very wavy. It falls down to her chest and when straightened falls nearly to her waist. Ocean is five foot, four six inches and weighs around one-hundred and seventeen pounds. She has big, expressive, romantic clear grey eyes, and her eyebrows are dark and softly arched. Makeup is not usually her thing other than some mascara and lip gloss. The more natural, the better!

Clothing Style:

Ocean has a love for anything vintage, or romantically flowing. She has created a passion for flowery prints, and denim. Her style varies based on her moods, anywhere from pastel knits to boy jeans and Letterman jackets.

Thoughts on Appearance:

Ocean likes how she looks for the most part. There isn't not much that she was change. She enjoys her privileged weight but often battles with her difficult hair. over all she is quite pleased.



I A huge Sweetheart I Hopelessly Romantic I Poetic I Sarcastic I Dramatic I


Ocean is quite the character in life. She has many quirks and odd moments about her. She loves to read books and poems all the time, reaching a romantic climax and clasping her hands together at her chest, sighing dramatically and falling onto her back. Around certain people she is shy and quiet, but with time she becomes her sweetly romantic, very dramatic, and silly self. She has a slight Italian accent and often uses expressions of her homeland. Ocean is very curious an has a passion of learning although when it comes to arithmetic she'd rather be in a closet reading. But don't let the sweet girly attitude fool you! Ocean can defend herself as well as others. Ocean dislikes allowing her mean side be found out, although she usually does not even act cruel, (as it's not in her regular character makeup) she keeps her joy alive.


*Knitted Sweaters


*Obnoxious People
*Lightning Storms
*Thunder Storms
*Sudden Noises
*Horror Movies
*Her Stage Fright


*Listing to Music




Ocean grew up near the sea with her family in a small Ville home, under the romantic sunset sky. When she was six years old her father died, it broke her mother but she didn't really care he was gone. Ocean's father had been a horrible man to her, he had beat the young girl when she cried or scraped her knees and molested her often on walks to the sea (Also known as their little secret). Her mother (of course) was heart broken and for weeks and weeks she just laid in bed crying, while her six year old was starving and eating pebbles, the rough gravel pieces passing through her dry, cracked bleeding lips. A month after Ocean turned seven her mother took the now mute child to an orphanage to live. At first Ocean was scared, very scared of everyone there. Then slowly she got used to the happenings there and she became a very daring and happy child, she even spoke for the first time in two years! She felt proud and when she was taught to read by some of the older caring orphans, she was captivated by the romantic tales of forbidden love. Later on she discovered her favorite book The Secret Garden, in ways it reminded her of herself! Both lonely orphans with only books and plants to peak her imagination. When she was ten, Ocean began her own version of a secret garden at the orphanage. She spent long hours outside, bracelets of dirt on her wrists from long hours of tending to her babies. Some nights she would lay in the middle of her sunflower patch, arms crossed over a book on her chest, staring up at the infinity of constellations and stars, knowing them all by name. Ocean was a respectful and reserved child, and even though she was hopelessly romantic Ocean had only been kissed one. It was quite unmemorable as it was a rushed kiss under a peach tree, by a handsome rugged orphan.


Ocean has very bad stage fright but her biggest secret is she knows her mother committed suicide a week after she left Ocean at the orphanage. Ocean believes it was all her fault... Also another thing she keeps hidden is tears. She keeps her sadness away by her constant sarcasm and grins.


The one thing Ocean desires the most is to love and be loved.


*Most Men
*The Stage
*Being heard singing
*Being seen dancing


So begins...

Ocean Alexandrea's Story


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Clarum was neither a heaven or hell to Sammy. It was luxurious to a point, although her home back in Australia was much better suited to he taste. And while rooming with some orphan with a strange name is something she'd rather avoid, it was a nice change of pace to get away from parents Henry and Shannon.

Yes, her parents whom she hasn't called mom and dad since she was ten had sent her here against her will when she refused to meet anymore suitors. They had hoped sending her here would knock some sense into her. She highly doubted that would happen.

Sighing for the umpteenth time since the sun rose Sammy sat up in her bed. She knew she'd have to get up soon. Classes start at 7:00 and Police Trade started today. That was something she did not look forward to. It seemed pointless to her. Why should she have to learn any of it? Her parents excepted her to marry rich to a husband who'd keep their fishing company large and prosperous. And while she didn't want to do that, this Police Trade made no sense to her parents wants.

Sammy groaned and pulled a pillow over her head. Maybe she just wouldn't get up today. Yes. That seemed nice. She just hoped her roommate would have the good sense to not wake her.