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Abram Maledetto

All you need is a little bit of Blood and Chocolate ~

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a character in “Sponsor Me”, as played by Naught


Son of the Cursed; A long time ago my family was born into a curse and there would be no way to stop or slow it down.


Normal Vampire



|Physical Description|
He is 6' tall and is somewhat slender. His style is mostly vest and whatever suites his mood at that point in time. He has two earrings at the tip and the bottom of both of his ears. His hair is black to the point it'll look dark blue or even a lighter blue in certain lights. Sometimes it just seems like his eyes changes size because, on moment he'd look like he had cat shaped eyes then it would just go back to his normal ones. But, that is only if someone was close to see it themselves. He has this long and weird looking birthmark on his chest, right shoulder, and the top part of his back but, mostly the people he has known for a long period of time will only know it's there (unless there was a strong wind or something and that made his collar blow to the side to reveal it 0.0).

Now he doesn't look crazy and his appearance might fool someone unless they could possibly see, hear, and smell a crazy person when they see one. He wears glasses because, of the sun or any bright light around, his vision isn't best without his glasses.

|I can...| manipulate the element of darkness. Can see better in the darkest place -don't know why he even bothers to wear glasses. Is good with hand on hand combat, and can also play mostly some of the string instruments. He isn't too good at singing but, he will try to sing in a opera form, it just depends on what time of day it is. Can paint and draw, he can do this all day until his hands had started to hurt, he loves painting and drawing very much.

|But I can't...| sing anything but, opera. Can't see too well in daylight, is the main reason why he wears glasses. Can't play any sport without hurting himself. Can't dance even if it had saved his life, his family has passed down the gift of dancing and he just wasn't the one that received it. Go a day without smiling, eating chocolate, and singing a weird little song.


Though you see him smiling everyday, he is actually broken inside to the point where he would go completely crazy if anything else devastating happened to him. He is what people called the 3 C's. If someone doesn't know what they are, they would soon find out.

This guy can be CRAZY ~
He isn't the one to be blood crazy, though he is sort of mentally and emotionally crazy, he often sees things that aren't really even close to becoming reality. Sometimes he'd talk to himself and bite on the tip of his fingers when ever he starts to let his crazy mind wonder. Not really knowing if he should call himself delusional or just plain freaking weird, there are a lot of things he already knows about himself and truly some of the things aren't really his fault. Actually, he thinks being crazy is pretty normal and it's also entertaining to see others look at him weirdly and say to themselves "What's up with this dude.?" He would laugh out of control without anyone trying to make him do so, his eyes would widen until he would literally think about scooping them out with his bare hands.

This guy can be CREEPY ~
Now, he would be the type of person to stare at someone randomly with out even giving a reason why, he just thought looking at different people would earn him some type of reaction. Whether he was smiling and staring or not. But, that's just him being creepy and some people feel really uncomfortable being looked at with those cat like eyes of his. Being the person he is, he doesn't really think that it would be creepy since he thinks everything he does is pretty much normal. Sometimes he finds himself following others and there isn't really any reason to it. It was as if he would black out or something and just follow a random person all day and do that to another person the next day. Now talking about normal things would really confuse Abram a lot, so he'd always stay on the weird and awkward side of topics to talk about. Though he isn't really the one to have normal conversations with others, he still expects them to catch up. Smiling all the time would cause someone to be freaked out, and they would never understand unless they were crazy and creepy as well.

This guy can be CHARMING ~
Whenever he wants to be of course. Being charming is also an advantage to trick others and tricking people is his guilty pleasure. He'll be kind and stay at the front door just to open it for all the people in the building. Charming, isn't usually what people would think of him but, talk to him and you'd actually see and hear him respond to every interesting question -and only interesting to him- you ask. Though, he could be friendly -whenever he noticed to- and actually get along with a couple of people or two. He isn't surprised if they do not stick around him too long, he is too into being him to even notice.

Now, this isn't all of his personality there are more flaws and craziness in it and that is starting with how he acts towards:




|I like...|
Blood & Chocolate
Tricking others
Learning new things
His hair
Being called who he is -personality wise-
Interesting people
People being nervous around him

|But I don't like...|
Horrible people -though he is sort of one-
Killing for no reason
His 'birthmark'
The Dark

Who me? Couldn't be ~ Okay, there is someone picking at my heart ~

None at all.


"That shouldn't be any of your concern.."

Being the youngest a son and a vampire of the Maledetto family would expect them to be loyal and kind and make sure that their son, brother, cousin didn't find out that his family was carrying a curse and there was nothing that could be done to get rid of it. But, no; they treated him as if his heart could take all that was said to him. He wasn't even supposed to be born because, his family vowed to never carry on the curse and just die with it. Though they knew it wasn't his fault he was born and dragged into this hell, he was the only one they could actually blame just to put on their minds that it wasn't their fault -which it was indeed their fault. When Abram had started growing in his teenage years, the string that was attached by his sanity had gotten thinner and thinner until there were only a few strains left -twelve or so.

Now, Abram didn't not go crazy for no reason; now there is a story behind it and it starts on the day he had noticed the one thing his parents lied and said it was his 'birthmark' -because, that was the only thing they cared to ever protected him from. Abram wasn't the smartest in his childhood days but, he knew enough to know that birthmarks didn't spread around someone's body; well at least he thought birthmarks did not spread. He could tell it was spreading by the feeling of a burning and stabbing sensation wherever the birthmark would spread. Then his condition had gotten worse being a kid then, he wasn't really able to resist the pain, and it took a lot out of everyone trying to get him to calm down.

As the pain had begin to control his life he then began to ignore it, and his mind went from here to there by the next year or trying to endure this pain. He ignored the pain to the point where it didn't look like he were in pain in the first place. Though it didn't change how he felt any longer, it did mess up his mental state and now he just has to learn that this curse was stuck to him until the day he dies. He doesn't pay attention to anything on the planet so that wouldn't be a problem. He is a returning student of the school.


"There can't be a lot of ducks with out one goose."



He has this long oddly shaped looking birthmark on his chest right shoulder and back though, he believes it is something else.

|Theme Song| Change

I've watched you change
Into a fly
I looked away
You were on fire

I watched a change
In you
It's like you never
Had wings
Now you feel
So Alive
I've watched you change

I took you home
Set you on the glass
I pulled off your wings
Then I laughed

I watched a change
In you
It's like you never
Had wings
Now you feel
So alive
I've watched you change

It's like you never
Had wings ahhh ahh ahhh

I look at the cross
Then I look away
Give you the gun
Blow me away

I've watched a change
In you
It's like you never
Had wings

Now you feel
So Alive

I've watched you change.

Now you feel Alive

You Feel Alive

I've watched you change

It's like you never
Had wings ahhh ahh ahhh

So begins...

Abram Maledetto's Story

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#, as written by Naught

♫♫ La la la la la ♫♫


Hearing someone sing in his head, he had this issue often, and he wasn't a fan of singing. It echoed as it kept ringing in his ears. "Shut up already." Talking to no one but, himself or the possible 'voice that's in his head'. People would glance as he held onto his ears, he wanted to cut his own ears off without making a mess. He didn't care if he was following a few people, switching 'the leader' from here to there, the voice was finally gone; he put his hands down and continued on his merry way. Still wasn't the one for music, he couldn't even sing a damn thing.

His family revolved around music, truly he was annoyed by it. But, he wouldn't continue to mess up his day, so he just let the past be the past.

Sighing wonderfully -as if he was daydreaming, he missed the summer but, he loved the school year more; the more the people the merrier. He didn't care for the hot sunny days anyway, he preferred the moonlight and walking under it. Abram did learn a lot it sometimes didn't show up in his head until later and then he realized he understand the lesson in the end. It didn't even look like he had the mind to study, even learn a single thing, seeing how 'crazy' he seemed to be.

Continuing to do what he did best and follow others around until they've notice him and either react to it or pretend he wasn't there. Abram was used to people calling him 'crazy freak' and ' that weird smiling guy', it didn't bother him much, as long as he had the thought that he was on someone else's mind. Even if it was for a split second. Though, he didn't care to hear a thing, he still chooses to hear the little things.

Actually missing his room and the fresh and wonderful smelling dorm, he hurried up and got there before he 'died' of 'room sickness'. Old and Victorian styled pretty much put him to sleep, just like his room back at his 'wonderful' home. It was really weird to his parents that he was the only one (out of all their children) to actually still love old and traditional. They loved him for that but, they didn't love him enough to tell the truth about anything. He literally would say,"Goodbye, strangers!" because, he knew nothing about them. Luckily he still remembered their first names. Knowing that it saddened them, it was their fault.

Stopping heavily up towards the boy dorms (without meaning to do it on purpose), he ignored almost everyone and everything and only cared about going to his room. He was so selective on what to focus on as he did other things. Literally almost jumping, skipping, and swinging his arms around like a crazy person towards his room, he nearly almost tripped just too excited to open his door and jump onto the bed he nearly broke a few times.

Finally getting to his room, he opened the door and not even caring if it had slammed against the wall because, after it did he went and slammed the door anyways.

"Ah, it's just like a scary vivid dream." Smiling the biggest smile someone could ever do, he spun around and laid down on his Victorian styled bed and closed his eyes to savior the moment. Just taking it all in before moving a single inch.

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Ruairi Väduva

Dark chuckling echoed in a shady room. The origin of this laughter was a small figure that sat crouched upon the bed. He had snuck into this room without anyone noticing by taking on the form of a small grey mouse and crawling through the space under the floors. This was not a random decision. No this mouse boy had a reason for taking such precautions. They were necessary after all the preparations he took the previous year.

Before he returned home during the vacation he took it upon himself to begin his collections. Just what he was collecting is the truly important part however. Mousetraps. The boy had been collecting every mousetrap that had ever been laid around the school for the past year. All of this was part of his elaborate plan for revenge. The year before he had gotten his tail caught in one of these traps and upon the scream of pain he made the immediate decision that someone would pay.

The real hard part was deciding who the victim would have to be. At first he thought a member of the student council would be the best option, but one person made a grave error about a week after he had made his decision of revenge. A certain someone called him a brat and that made the mouse boy angry.

So finally, after a year, he had all the necessary ingredients to execute his divine retribution upon the vampire, Henri. Now all he had to do was sneak into his room and set up the mousetraps and leave before the vampire or his cat returned.

Ruairi hates that leopard. The mere mention of the creature sent shivers down his spine. The boy shook away the goose bumps however and continued his counting, “ninety-eight, ninety-nine…” He set each mousetrap into a paper bag on his bed as he counted them, “one hundred and one. Perfect! If these can’t cover his entire floor then…then…I’m going to be very unhappy.”

The boy climbed out of the bed and crept over to the door. Creaking it open slightly he poked his head out into the hall. Specifically in the direction of Lilith’s room, after all, that’s the first place that the smoke machine would be headed towards after he left his room. Not to mention that the girl’s door was always open giving her a clear view of the hallway.

Somehow he always got caught by her and her guests. It was almost as if he gave off an aura of deceit and trouble that they always picked up on. Plus, that cat of his was sharp and if they were in that room there’s no way they wouldn’t see him make his way into Henri’s room.

Unfortunately, that was exactly where they were located. To make matters worse, no sooner did Ruairi stick his head out the door did the hallway by his target fill up with other students. “Darn it.” His grand master plan would simply have to wait a little longer. However he could be patient. After a year he would happily be patient a little longer.

So for now he would have to stir up some other kind of trouble. No worries, he was good at that.

Finally deciding to emerge from his room, the shirtless boy nonchalantly made his way towards the stairs. A wicked smile crossed his lips as his nose, while not as sensitive as most still picked up the smell of humans in close proximity to the dorm building.

I wonder if they’re new sponsors? Suckers. Before rounding the corner of the steps completely the boy stuck out his head and stole a peek down the stairs. There were most definitely humans outside however the one that caught his attention was the giant boy with fire engine red hair.

He was intimidating to say the least and that made Ruairi’s smile grow wider. The scary ones were always the best suited for pranking. Perhaps, however if Ruairi was better suited to reading moods his personal opinion on the matter would have been a little different. The red head was obviously angry, no doubt after having been fooled into sponsoring vampires, however the mouse boy was oblivious to that fact. He was too caught up in imagining all the pranks he could play on this guy.

First thing first however. He needed a stick of butter, which means that he needed to sneak into the cafeteria and steal a stick of butter. If only his elder brothers hadn’t stolen all his supplies. Then he would already have the ingredients for his cruel and potentially painful prank.

Those brothers of his knew him far too well. Of course, that is to be expected since they taught him everything he knows. Honestly, if they wanted him to stop pranking others they shouldn’t have handed him their fictional guidebook to the world’s best pranks. And the oldest trick in that book is the ancient ‘butter the hardwood and tile floors’ hoax. Still, no matter how old, watching people fall on their butts never goes out of fashion and plus, is there any better way to greet everyone then by buttering the area in front of the front door?

No, obviously not. At least nothing nearly as entertaining. A dark shadow cast itself upon the child’s face as his sadistic snicker echoed on the stairwell. He loved picking on the older folks and newbies.

Ruairi’s ears twitched in response to a rather loudly made entrance into the dorm building. Glancing back down the stairs he caught a glimpse of the rather strange vampire called Abram as he rounded the corner in a somewhat crazy manner.

The boy’s mouse tail stiffened and his ears flattened against his head in response to the thought that ran through the child’s head, that guy is a real nut job and kind of a creepy one at that. Shaking away the unnecessary feelings brought on by the weirdness of the passing image the mouse boy bounded down the stairs only to trip on the final step. After face planting he quickly regained his composure and leapt back onto his feet. “Nobody saw that,” he muttered to himself and glanced around. His gaze fell upon a new face, a very confused new face.

A blonde boy was standing outside what was probably his dorm room. Ruairi being the immature brat he is did the first thing he thought of, he stuck his tongue out at the boy and spoke, “you look confused, idiot.”

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Mara wasn’t one to cling to her parents, but returning to school was never something she enjoyed or did by choice. She was so stubborn and reluctant to leave it took an 800 pound grizzly bear to remove her from her family home. Luckily Marcus was accustom to moving the stubborn Vampire around. He was also familiar with giving her ‘a ride’ around and in fact had to carry the stubborn Witch child all the way to her school gates before she agreed to move for herself. Mara sat upon his back the entire way with her arms folded crossly and her eyes firmly shut in disapproval.

“Mara we’re at the school gates. If you don’t move, I’ll toss you so hard through that gate you’ll get streak marks on your ass.”

Mara opened one golden eye and glanced down, at the back of Marcus’ huge head. He began to count to 10. She quickly slid down with a huff, ignoring the wide eyed looks she was receiving from the human students and the wide birth they were giving her and her familiar. She sniffed her armpits and grinned widely at Marcus.

“Was’ the matter with them eh? Do we smell or something?” She joked, only to receive a moody grunt from the almighty beast as he began to make his way into the school. Mara shrugged at him and hoisted her duffle bag higher up onto her shoulder. In truth she smelt strongly of bear, sawdust and something sweet but that’s how she always smelt, it’d be news to her if someone actually told her.

Making their way further into the compound the couple found it fairly easy to make their way through the crowds, after all people tended to move out of their way long before they came into sight. Word travelled fast when there was a bear on the scene and a girl who looked like she’d been hanging out with Tarzan for the summer holidays. Mara stretched as she cruised through the students, wearing a short black tank top, a pair of swayed red Indian shorts and sandals. Her hair was falling loose and wild all over the place, it was a surprise no nearby students had become entangled in it yet.

Coming up to the vampire dorm, Mara spotted that various individuals had already turned up to nest. Their dorm building really was a tragic little mishap of a building, but it was home for most of the year and she’d rather be cooped up with all the vampires here, than share a shiny, designer dorm room with the human populace where you couldn’t tell the difference between the sink and the toilet.

Striding into the building she hiked the stairs.

“Smells like we’ve got company.” Marcus rumbled behind her as he carefully mounted the stairs. It was a risky business having something as heavy as Marcus in the delicate building.

Mara glanced over her shoulder at him. “Probably Sponsers. They’re not for us and you know it.”

She ignored the first floor entirely wanting to avoid all the unsavoury characters that bedded there, like nutty Abrum, the annoying mouse kid and Edmund; a short blond girl stood blocking the stairwell though. Mara straightened up to her full height before shoving past the girl, sending her flying down the hall.

“Get outta the way DWEEB!
she snarled loudly before continuing up the stairs until she reached the second floor. She sighed in aspiration when she spotted Edmund up here instead already leaning into a bedroom that wasn’t usually used. New student. Next she spotted Henri. Her heart did a few erratic beats before she turned her attention to the girl he was chatting to. Lilth. She shot them both a loaded look before unlocking her bedroom door and tossing her bag straight in.

Marcus paused at the top of the stairs and gave a glance around. “A lot of new faces. Alright Everest?” The bear muttered, giving the leopard a brief nod with his huge head. "Are these humans snacks or sponsers?"

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Sprawling, winding, bustling. An amalgam of decay and decadence. Like the Minotaur's labyrinth had been splattered with various styles from various times, such as Victorian, Greeco-Roman, or Medieval. It looked as though some insane, pack-rat architect tacked onto the structure piece after piece, never satisfied but unwilling to scrap anything.

Reid didn't know quite what to make of the place, this University of Diversity. "Well, gotta give them points for the rhyme scheme," he mumbled to himself. The straps of his bag dug into his hands impatiently. He let it rest on the ground, but absolutely refused to let go of it. Just because he'd yet to have a rock thrown at his head for being a vampire didn't mean he was ignorant of the fact it could happen. And bags were probably fair game for these humans.

"'These humans'," he scoffed under his breath. "Already you've started talking like a vamp."

He sighed again. Reaching into his breast pocket to pull out his pack of cigarettes and his lighter, Reid lit one up. Through the filter and past his lips, delicious smoke probed its seductive tendrils into his lungs. He held it for a moment before releasing it in the form of a smoke ring. Satisfied with his work, he then put away the rest of his stash, picked up his bag, and continued on his way. The map he'd shoved so carelessly in his back pocket was now a crumpled and torn mess, but it would still serve its function well enough. At least he hoped it would. As he stared more and more at the building he was supposed to be in, he began to feel slightly less sure of his map's accuracy.

It didn't look all that great. Home, even with those religious anti-vampire nuts roaming around, seemed like a far more appealing option. At least at home there was always hot water. This place looked like it lacked even running water. However, this had to be the place, because it kind of stood to reason that he wouldn't be hanging around in a penthouse or something, and on his map there was a note that marked this as the place. It was in a small font size and a footnote, not a proud, bold, and (possibly) embossed label like the others. The school wasn't proud of its vampire housing facility, that was for sure. They didn't want the vampires to be proud either, it seemed.

And so he entered, crossing the threshold with his back straight, cigarette hanging carelessly between his lips, his shoulders thrown back, and a broad grin on his face.

There was a stairwell in front of him, but he wasn't all too keen on going up just to return down, so he elected to take a short tour. After a quick once around he found to his slight but well hidden chagrin that the dorm he was looking for was obviously on the floor above him. Well, that at least means there has to be windows. But would anyone really notice another stench? Oh, but as soon as he went upstairs, passing by a poor girl who looked like someone'd tossed her aside like some sort of rag-doll, he caught a whiff of lingering cigarette smoke and he forgot all about her. Either someone had just lit one up, or there was someone who lived here and smoked often enough for a buildup of the smell. The possibility of both scenarios made him smile.

He breathed deeply before searching out his own dorm. This time he found it quickly, and along the way he'd seen a few interesting sights, rag-doll girl included. He whistled, "Animals, really! I didn't know they allowed pets." His thoughts revolved around the fact that so many of them had congregated together, as if debating the possibility of something interesting going on.

Well, curiosity killed the cat and all that. Even if he wasn't already dead, he wouldn't care. He crushed his burnt out cigarette under his foot, resolving to finagle a makeshift ashtray later, and walked down the hall. "Hey people," he called out.