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Orpheus Hall

0 · 563 views · located in University of Diversity

a character in “Sponsor Me”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Orpheus - meaning "the darkness of night"
Hall - Middle English name meaning "to cover, conceal."


Demonic Vampire



|Physical Description|
Orpheus has jet black hair that reaches just above the bottom of his neck. It's always tasseled and slightly messy, his bangs always fall into his face, which he often has to brush away from his stunning blue-green eyes, that turn red occasionally when the incubus in him is taking over. They're piercing, and the main focus of his face. His mouth, nose, and other facial features are perfect size for his face, and his bright eyes steal most of the attention from anything else on him. If he were to be noticed for anything, it'd be his eyes. He's generally pale compared to most people, his skin is an ivory color, which seems to make his hair and eyes more bold. He's mostly seen with a blank stare, and it's rare to see any other emotion. Occasionally if he's comfortable around you he'll smirk, and if he's close to you he may even smile and laugh a bit. He's tall and on the leaner side but still muscular, standing at 6'2" and weighing around 160 pounds. He has an averagely smaller frame, but isn't totally weak. He's much stronger than he looks, and could take someone in a fight pretty easily.


To be announced

|I can...|
Run up to 50 - 60 mph at best, have the strength of twenty men on a good day, quickly heal small wounds/scratches, enhance senses, memorization with eyes (basically if given your eye contact too long you usually forget what you were doing before) and an odd ability to "fade" into the background, or be unnoticed when convenient.

|But I can't...|
Swim, eat normal food, walk in the direct sunlight(without a lot of sun screen), be in a ten foot radius of fire (even the sight of it give chills), stand the smell of things too strongly citrus or spicy.

|I like...|
+The sky+
+The cold+
+Long hair+
+Seeing your breath in the cold+
+Laying in the grass+

|But I don't like...|
-Being too hot-
-The beach-
-Dead things-
-Obnoxious colored hats-
-Large bodies of water-
-The Summer-
-The sun-
-Himself occasionally-
-Citrusy smells-
-Spicy smells-
-Being stared at-

He's a more shy boy, and tends to blend in the background. His voice is somewhat quiet, and he goes with the crowd. He's nice enough, and he has a few friends. He's not very outgoing or humorous, so you wouldn't call him popular. He's a bit serious looking, if he tries to be or not. When he smiles or laughs, it's pretty rare, and mostly random. Overall he's pretty independent, finding himself often alone.
His facade is boring, seemingly dull and uneventful. His face is unreadable, and cold be described as stone cold. His eyes lack any glimmer of hope, and his general demeanor is calm in it's own depressing way. Though, he is not sad, lonely, or depressed, getting a vibe like that around him isn't uncommon.
On top of it all, you could guess he doesn't care very much about anything.
Which is very, very wrong.
In his own way he's very respectable. Though he lacks motivation, he makes up for it in ethics. He's a gentlemen, easily that could be given to him. He respects others unless they have given him a reason to not. But even then he's polite and calm. He doesn't take an undue advantage of his power or the weaknesses of those around him. He is a man who does not compel others to do anything against their wish. He never intentionally offends others physically or mentally. He never inflicts pain unless he feels it's right to do so. He often displays his humbleness, his prudence, his calm, his patience and his principles.
You could call him mysterious, but after talking with him you may just decide he lacks depth. Honestly, it takes patience to get to know anyone, him especially. He's no open book, but he is kind. His kindness sticks him out from the others, but then again he doesn't speak up much.
However if one actually took the time to be with him, then they would see that he's a very caring person who just wants to be forgiven. He bears a strong regret and resentment over himself, which has made him quiet and reserved; the type to admire from afar.
He's somewhat of a tough toffee with a gooey center. If he's comfortable enough around you, or you know him well enough, it's easily to see he has a cuddly adorable side. He's easily embarrassed which can sometimes be entertaining for those who know how to push his buttons. He's sweet and loving when he tries, and above all he loves the feeling of being all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Sometimes he could be described as a teddy bear because when he's relaxed he's often laying around looking huggable. There's not really a better word for it..
If he cares for you in anyway, he'd give his life for you. He has a passion for whatever keeps him alive, which can very well be because of a sibling, friend, or lover. When he feels this close to someone, he's very loyal.
Speaking of his life, he cherishes every second of it. Living in a constant fear is always occupying his mind. This adds to the fact that he's slow to trust, considering many would rather have him dead. This makes him a bit paranoid and jumpy, and he often flinches at loud sounds or sudden movements. When he feels threatened or in danger, his anxiety can act up, and if he can't control it well, he may escape from the situation any way he can. When it comes to fight or flight, he'd probably pick neither and just freeze. He'd never start anything that could lead to such a downfall as to being exposed, but something about running is too obvious as well. In these times he has to be brave, play it cool, and relax.


Orpheus is an only child, and a good thing at that because he isn't so accepted in his world. Being one of the only demonic vampires, he's a bit more of an outcast than the rest of the vampires. But, he'd die if anyone knew that. Literally. His life goal is basically to stay alive. His powers are strong, but he knows he has to keep them fully under control or he could be exposed.
Orpheus' mother, Shanell, was originally a human. She was one of the most kind, caring, and understanding girls you'd ever meet. She didn't focus on stereotypes or labels. Which is probably how she met and befriended a vampire, Osiris.
Osiris was somewhat mysterious, but also a bit confident and intriguing. Their relationship was instantly heated and they fell deeply in love. He tried to protect her as well as he could, but it came to a point where he decided to offer to turn her too.. If she understood the consequences. She agreed though, and the two were vampires together.
After getting married, they had their first and only child, Orpheus. The three lived happily in a well-wooded area where it was mostly cold and cloudy. Things were generally well, that is until some sort of hunter group moved in nearby. They spied and watched the family, and eventually figured out Osiris' secret. He was a demonic vampire. This shocked his wife, Nell, who though he was just a normal vampire. Even then she stood by his side though, and they protected themselves as best as they could.
Around this time, Orpheus was 6. His parents both knew they were in danger, so they sent him to live with his mother's sister, Nancy. Nancy is a strong woman, independent and intelligent. She's confident and fearless, even when it's probably better to back down. At first their relationship was awkward, because Nancy wasn't much of a playful mother type. But eventually, the two became pretty close. They learned from each other, and grew together.
During all that, his parents had been trying to run until they found a more stable way to live. Occasionally Orpheus received a post card or just a letter from his parents, but nothing more and it became more infrequent as the years continued to pass by. Around when Orpheus was 12, he and his aunt received notice that both had died in an "accident".
Though he'd like to have had more memories with both of them, he doesn't. He doesn't remember them too much, only a few flashbacks that he replays in his mind every now and then. He's scared he'll end up like them, but at the same time he seems to only remember them being happy together.
The next 5 years of his life were uneventful really, knowing he had to stay with a low profile or he'd be instantly killed.



|Theme Song| Crestfallen - Smashing Pumpkins

Who am I to need you when I'm down
Where are you when I need you around
Your life is not your own

And all I ask you
Is for another chance
Another way around you
To live by circumstance, once again

Who am I to need you now
To ask you why to tell you no
To deserve your love and sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me

And you may go, but I know you won't leave
Too many years built into memories
Your life is not your own

Who am I to need you now
To ask you why to tell you no
To deserve your love and sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me

Who am I to you?
Along the way
I lost my faith

And as you were, you'll be again
To mold like clay, to break like dirt
To tear me up in your sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me
You were never meant to belong to me
You were never meant to belong to me

Who am I?

So begins...

Orpheus Hall's Story