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Reiding Dalton

"So since I'm a vamp now, does this give you the right to be my personal hell?"

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a character in “Sponsor Me”, as played by Call me Joel


Son of the red-haired one.
"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... I can resist everything but temptation." ~Oscar Wilde


Male Human-Turned-Vampire


17 - Junior

|Physical Description|

Well, he doesn't have red hair. A goof on his parents' part, but oh well. He stands at an even 5'5" and is ever so grateful that he has put the time and effort into gaining muscle mass. His overall build is muscular and well-toned because of this. His hair is thick, dark brown, and far too long for his liking, the bangs occasionally covering his eyes -- these are a source of pride for him, being the odd color of dried mud. His facial features are slightly feminine, something which he despises entirely, including long, thin eyelashes and full lips.

|I can...|
Get your attention and keep it there. Using any means necessary, whether you like it or not, he will run himself ragged to grab your attention.
Swim farther and faster than you're willing to run. Unless you actually like running and you train often, then maybe not. But, as for most people, he'd cover more distance in a shorter amount of time.
Hold his breath for almost three and a half minutes. His lung capacity rocks. He used to play the clarinet and still has the lungs and hard earned calluses to prove it.
Smooth talk authority figures. This may seem contradictory, but he's learnt how to read the cue of I'm important and you're insignificant and reacts immediately to it. He will bite his tongue and try his hardest to ingratiate himself with them.

|But I can't...|
Handle things in a tactful manner. He is that kid who'll ask a large woman if she is pregnant, or ask a woman with an unfortunate nose if she's considered rhinoplasty.
Make friendships easily. At all. This sort of goes hand in hand with the whole tact thing.
Run fast. He can probably run longer than your average Joe Schmoe, but not faster.
Dress fashionably. He will inevitably pair polka dots with plaid and rationalize it by saying they both have blue in them or something, even when one has dark blue and the other sky blue. He just can't do fashion.
Read social cues. You could be trying to warn him non-verbally that you're five seconds away from bashing his skull in, and he wouldn't notice. You could be desperately trying to signal to him that you want his babies -- sorry toots, he won't notice. If it's not right there in front of him, where social interactions are concerned at least, he won't see it. (Well, most of them will go over his head.)
Go a day with out at least fifteen cigarettes. Yeah, he's addicted, so what?

He has a bit of a devil may care attitude going. He's more likely to do what he wants rather than what's 'right'; also got a bit of a selfish streak to him. While there is a key difference between selfish and unconcerned with social rules and expectations, he has found a way to straddle the line. If it were considered improper or out of style to play video games, he'd still play them. Maybe even flaunt the fact, just to annoy people. It's just something he does to stir up trouble when he feels like things are becoming too mundane.

He enjoys going fast in nearly every aspect. Slow music, people, curricula and the like will set his teeth on edge and cause his temper to flare up. He loves it when his heart is struggling to push all that adrenaline through his system and he can feel the white-hot, racing pulse of excitement rushing through him. (And no, this rush doesn't refer to blood-- just the overall sensation of connecting with that instinctual core of his being that society aims to sublimate.) Most times, Reid can be quite the meretricious little brat: loud, talkative, self-centered, and contrary for the sake of being contrary. He knows it. He knows it, and wouldn't change for anyone. (The only person he would have changed for didn't want him to change.)

|I like...|
Tabasco sauce, and lots of it. The spicier the food, the better.
Talking. He loves to talk. He will talk, regardless of whether anyone wants to hear him or not.
Swimming. Nothing better than a dunk in the pool, regardless of the hour or time of year. A dive at midnight in the middle of February is just as appealing to him as a dive at noon in the middle of June.
Cigarettes. The taste, the smell of smoke, the bite in his chest, how well they go with coffee-- all of it. He usually has around a half pack per day.
The color green. No, seriously. Almost every article of clothing he wears is green. His favorite color M&M is green. His favorite time of year is spring, because everything turns green in the spring. He just likes green.
Spring. For reasons stated above.
Fish. Not to eat, because he's allergic, but rather to watch. Get him to a pond with fish or to an aquarium, and he'll stay quiet for hours. They fascinate him. From their unique lungs to the way their gills look like they're waving at you, he is awestruck continually by the sight of fish.
Burgers. Like, holy crap, he can put those things away. He might not like it the next day, when his belt is just that much more snug, but that's what the jogging tracks are for.

|But I don't like...|
Gaining weight. He'd never starve himself, so he will eat, but if he goes overboard, expect to see him out jogging or exercising soon after to get rid of it.
The actual process behind most of his favorite foods. Which is also why he has learnt not to question where things came from. (Hot dogs are a 'never again' sort of deal for him.)
Repetition. What's the fun if it's already happened? Monotony and tedium are accomplices to repetition.
Slow people, slow paces, etc. Anything that goes slower than he does aggravates him. If the lunch line isn't moving but he needs to be somewhere, his short fuse will start to burn-- and just as quickly as he wishes that line would move.
Other people being rude. It's sort of a 'do as I say, not as I do' peeve with him. It bugs him to see a guy treat his girlfriend wrong, but he wouldn't be nearly as indignant if it was him treating his own girl wrong.
Drinking the blood of another human. It's more fear based than morally based. He's not afraid of 'losing himself', he's afraid of actually doing the deed.

Well, his crush is kinda... Crushed as of this moment. So, right now, none.


When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they have a kid. And when this kid grows up as an only child, it can go one of two ways: spoiled rotten, or attention seeking. One can only guess which one Reid is.

During his childhood, he was taught to act proper and to behave like a young man. This forced him into an awkward situation: to the other children, his actions and words sounded like an adult's; to the adults, he was far too puerile and immature a juvenile to handle conversing with the alcohol sipping adults. Told to play with the children, but ostracized by his peers due to his vocabulary, mannerisms, and general air, he was an outcast and had very few relations, never mind friends.

He was around fourteen when he met his first, and so far only, love, Callan. He connected with Reid on a level that no one else had ever. After a few awkward months of platonic relationship building, they became romantically involved with each other. Now, if you asked him how they met, he wouldn't be able to tell you. His best memories are of him and Callan. He honestly can't remember when exactly the loneliness in his childhood changed over to the utter bliss that comes with first romances.

His parents would have been happy, were it not for two things. The first, Callan was a guy. The second, and the one that weighed heavier on their minds, Callan was a vampire.

Reid and Callan's relationship, though it was a major point of contention between them and the entire community, went on for several years (around two and a half actually). They remained faithful to one another and held each other close when the slurs, attacks, and hate became too much. They were each other's pillar and confidant -- they were lovers.

Unfortunately, one night, Reid and Callan got a bit too touchy-feely, and Callan ended up biting Reid's lip a little quite a bit. This wouldn't be so bad, honestly, if Callan had been honest from the start. Callan was a demonic vampire, not a normal one like he claimed to be. The crucial difference between the two types? A demonic vampire's venom can transform humans into vampires.

And as Reid made the switch from living to undead, his parents, neighbors, and 'friends' decided to be good Samaritans and kill Callan.

Reid reemerged into this world without a fellow, grieving for the one he loved, and now burdened with the added status as a much hated minority. (Luckily his parents knew enough that the University of Diversity would be a better place for their son turned vampire.)


Henri Leppards - Yet to meet
Lilith Báthory - Yet to meet
Edmund Malkin - Yet to meet.
Adwin Malir - Yet to meet

Milly Thorne - Yet to meet
Kaiden McIlroy - Yet to meet
London Dawn Merlo - Yet to meet

Morpheo Oneiro - Yet to meet
Ruben Lilt - Yet to meet


|Theme Song| Down, down, down to Mephisto's cafe - Streetlight Manifesto

If I were you, I would take this as a sign
Believe it's true, we were never meant to fly
And I owe you, I know you more than anyone alive
And I will not let go

They will not remember this song
No matter what we do we'll be wrong
They will not remember this song
No matter what we do we'll be wrong

I can't seem to see the seal we're breaking
I can't seem to see the seal we broke
I refuse to recognize your views
Someone shouted "Everything's for nothing"
Somebody shouted, "All is lost"
But I can't buy that nonsense too

Way back when the prophecies began
Do you think they really had a master plan
Or were they merely writing fables, stories?
I don't know but it has occurred to me
The punishment that they threaten constantly
It's only real if they could just convince me

We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
Down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe (We're going down)
And the gears will spin and the sinners sin, but at least we'll give them hell
And the righteous few will spit on you, so bid them all farewell
We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
We're going down (Right?) (Right!)

So fuck the flocks of sheep that keep amassing masses
Asses being led so far astray
And I won't claim to believe the things I read
Black books or agenda magazines
I'd rather see in shades of gray

If I were you, I would take this as a sign
Believe it's true, we were never meant to fly

And I knew you when you were you
Before they twisted all your views
Before you came unglued

We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
Down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe (We're going down)
And the gears will spin and the sinners sin, but at least we'll give them hell
And the righteous few will spit on you, so bid them all farewell
We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
We're going down (Right?) (Right!)

Now everybody's telling taller tales
And I don't know who to believe
Ok, if your father really loves you more
What about the other families?

Finally, I met a man with kindness in his eyes and a fire in his heart
He said you'll never have to choose a side
It's rewarding but oh, the road is hard....

They broke him wide open
Like a dam and a cork that's holding everything inside
You can play the role of rebel
Just be sure to know your wrong from your right

I remember it was years ago
You know, I still count the days
You and I had quite a ways to go
I never once heard you complain
And you said

Don't crack, because you might not make it back
And if you do you will be alone and you can't live like that
Well, I know when I'm wrong, and I sure as hell ain't wrong this time

We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
Down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe (We're going down)
And the gears will spin and the sinners sin, but at least we'll give them hell
And the righteous few will spit on you, so bid them all farewell
We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Cafe
We're going down (Right?) (Right!)

So begins...

Reiding Dalton's Story

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Sprawling, winding, bustling. An amalgam of decay and decadence. Like the Minotaur's labyrinth had been splattered with various styles from various times, such as Victorian, Greeco-Roman, or Medieval. It looked as though some insane, pack-rat architect tacked onto the structure piece after piece, never satisfied but unwilling to scrap anything.

Reid didn't know quite what to make of the place, this University of Diversity. "Well, gotta give them points for the rhyme scheme," he mumbled to himself. The straps of his bag dug into his hands impatiently. He let it rest on the ground, but absolutely refused to let go of it. Just because he'd yet to have a rock thrown at his head for being a vampire didn't mean he was ignorant of the fact it could happen. And bags were probably fair game for these humans.

"'These humans'," he scoffed under his breath. "Already you've started talking like a vamp."

He sighed again. Reaching into his breast pocket to pull out his pack of cigarettes and his lighter, Reid lit one up. Through the filter and past his lips, delicious smoke probed its seductive tendrils into his lungs. He held it for a moment before releasing it in the form of a smoke ring. Satisfied with his work, he then put away the rest of his stash, picked up his bag, and continued on his way. The map he'd shoved so carelessly in his back pocket was now a crumpled and torn mess, but it would still serve its function well enough. At least he hoped it would. As he stared more and more at the building he was supposed to be in, he began to feel slightly less sure of his map's accuracy.

It didn't look all that great. Home, even with those religious anti-vampire nuts roaming around, seemed like a far more appealing option. At least at home there was always hot water. This place looked like it lacked even running water. However, this had to be the place, because it kind of stood to reason that he wouldn't be hanging around in a penthouse or something, and on his map there was a note that marked this as the place. It was in a small font size and a footnote, not a proud, bold, and (possibly) embossed label like the others. The school wasn't proud of its vampire housing facility, that was for sure. They didn't want the vampires to be proud either, it seemed.

And so he entered, crossing the threshold with his back straight, cigarette hanging carelessly between his lips, his shoulders thrown back, and a broad grin on his face.

There was a stairwell in front of him, but he wasn't all too keen on going up just to return down, so he elected to take a short tour. After a quick once around he found to his slight but well hidden chagrin that the dorm he was looking for was obviously on the floor above him. Well, that at least means there has to be windows. But would anyone really notice another stench? Oh, but as soon as he went upstairs, passing by a poor girl who looked like someone'd tossed her aside like some sort of rag-doll, he caught a whiff of lingering cigarette smoke and he forgot all about her. Either someone had just lit one up, or there was someone who lived here and smoked often enough for a buildup of the smell. The possibility of both scenarios made him smile.

He breathed deeply before searching out his own dorm. This time he found it quickly, and along the way he'd seen a few interesting sights, rag-doll girl included. He whistled, "Animals, really! I didn't know they allowed pets." His thoughts revolved around the fact that so many of them had congregated together, as if debating the possibility of something interesting going on.

Well, curiosity killed the cat and all that. Even if he wasn't already dead, he wouldn't care. He crushed his burnt out cigarette under his foot, resolving to finagle a makeshift ashtray later, and walked down the hall. "Hey people," he called out.

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#, as written by Ever

Dismay stands outside her closed door, staring rather intently at a small scratch that marred the glossy deep-oak finish. Feeling a twinge of discontentment at the sight of this flaw that had intruded her perfect space, she gave a soft sigh. No matter how hard I try to brush away these disturbances of non-order, they keep coming back! And to think; outside on my very own front door..." "Hey people,". And here was yet another disturbance on her peace; other vampires. Turning her head to the right, Dismay could make out a male vampire standing down the hall from her own room, shouting like an idiot. She couldn't help but have one eyebrow twitch in annoyance at his loud voice. Before really thinking it through, she bites out, her voice cold, emotionless, yet eerily soft "Its rude to be loud near other people's room. I'd appreciate it if you'd show some courtesy and not be so uncouth." Without waiting to see his reaction, Dismay turns on her heels before continuing down the darkened hallway to her final destination: the utility room for some new lightbulbs.

However, half-way down the hall, Dismay pauses a few feet away from the animals and the other vampires gathered in the middle of the walkway. Her blood red eyes trained on them without emotion as she stared at them, non blinking. Part of her couldn't help but wonder what they were doing blocking the hall and the other part just felt annoyance. Everyone seemed to be getting in the way of her tasks today. Not that she really cared about their presence but still. "I should probably check them.." came her soft muse as she side-stepped to the right to lean against a wall. Closing her eyes, she takes a deep breath before blood red tendrils sprout from her small form. Of course, she was the only one who could see them. As if they had a mind of their own, the tendrils began to snake their way through the building, latching briefly onto Henri, Lilith, Marishka, Reiding and Mara. A small, slight shock entered the said vampire's body briefly before it abruptly disappeared as the tendrils had receded back to their owner. With a small sigh, Dismay opens her glowing blood red eyes that slowly faded back to normal "That was pathetic..." came her disappointed murmur as she moved away from the wall.

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Usagi Cross

"Usagi..Stop please, your scaring me!" A voice screamed, trembling..yet the girl with pink hair didnt falter. "Stop! STOP!" The voice continued as the "monster" came near. It was taunting her, waiting for her prey to run for it.. Usagi's eyes clenched, 'Th-that isnt me..' "get away, Usagi." A girl cried. "Y-you killed him!' 'No.No! I didnt!' The girl glared and screamed once more. 'Please..Stop, dont say it.' "YOUR A MONSTER!"

Pink eyes snapped open and she jumped, disturbed and scared. She dug her fingers into her hair and held back any unrestrained emotion.
That nightmare shook her body and cold sweat covered her skin. Again, this was the third time this week the memory came back and it was driving her close to insanity.. Literally. Feeling her heart beat fast and hard, she got up warily from her nap and looked at the time.. 'Its only been an h-hour..' Strange, Usagi usually slept more.. Her breath shaky, she sighed. 'Oh well.' It was her first day again at this school, so she assumed that she should get ready. Looking around, she slipped on her messy uniform, consisting of a skirt and a blouse and set off, without even brushing her hair, which had to be a complete pink mess. Though it was something people got used to, since she always fell asleep everywhere, so brushing- she believed was a total waste of time. Along with a few other things..

Walking through the dorms, she past a few humans and felt a few glares, though she merely continued on and looked around for any familiar vamps. It was better to rely in numbers.. But there was that rule.

No mass grouping with vampires without a sponsor(s).

'Stupid rules.' Usagi resisted a roll of her eyes and she sniffed the air. There were a few familiar scents, and to finished her objective at the moment, she turned in the same direction. In the meanwhile, Usagi took her time to observe the place. Nothing really changed. The dorm was a shabby but at the same time decent place to stay. Rotting walls, creaking steps and doors.. Very homey. Though she never really cared since all she did was sleep.. and doing that didnt have anything to do with looking around and judging the area. Yawning, she saw a group of vamps in the distance, consisting of Mara, Henri, and a few others. Not the closest vamps, but who was she close with anyways? Besides they werent bad..

Feeling a shiver run down her spine, she decided not to say anything as the nightmare still gave her a shake. So to calm herself, she slipped out some yarn she kept in her pocket and started to play around with it. Her finger movements were fast and precise as she pulled and twist the string into difficult shapes. It was fun to watch though. And to her, it was fun to do... It was calming as well.

She needed something to calm her down at the moment anyways. Her heart rate was still fast and she didnt enjoy the hard pounding it gave off. Usagi also didnt enjoy the idea of the others hearing her fear.. "..." Trying harder to distract herself, she hummed a small and quiet tune. It was only for her ears to hear... every once in awhile however, she glanced up at the near vampires and couldnt help but hear a few of their own words.. They probably wouldnt notice her at the moment..

[OOC: Not much interaction here, but there will be more, I just want to get a post in :3]