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15 graham crackers, crushed

2 tablespoons butter, melted

4 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese

1 1/2 cups white sugar

3/4 cup milk

4 eggs

1 cup sour cream

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

Ruben Lilit grumbled to himself as he finished fluffing out and measuring the flour to exactly one forth of a cup, painstakingly leveling off the excess with the back of a knife. This was the President's third try, and he was sure he would get it right this time. There he was, hunched over the kitchen sink, sleeves rolled up, latex gloves over hands, and black hair pulled back into a mini-ponytail. Ruben’s masked face was inches away from the metal device’s flat rim, his blue eyes narrowing in concentration. This was it. Closer... closer.... There. Perfect. Finally.

The nineteen year old straightened. With all of the ingredients prepared, the prepping was done, and now the real baking could be started. Ruben knew it was a little unconventional for all of the ingredients to be measured beforehand, but he knew from experience that such delicate procedures were best done in advance. Thus, the Student Council’s kitchen was well-equipt with multiple measuring devices. Ruben retrieved the graham cracker crumbs and melted butter, beginning the process of mixing and pressing for the creation of the perfect crust.

Hands busy, Ruben’s mind began to wander as the stress melted away. It was the start of the new school year, and he knew what that meant. Gone, were the peaceful days of reading and relaxation, undisturbed baking, and Morpheo wandering into the picture every so often. It was time to get to work. Or, at least, it should’ve been. Today being Aalam’s birthday, Ruben seriously doubted the likelihood of anything productive getting done during the first meeting of the year. Destructive was the better word.

But a birthday was a birthday, and while Ruben predictably didn’t see any point in the act of congratulating someone for an accomplishment they had little part in, the occasion did offer an opportunity to bake.

Behind his medical mask, Ruben gave a wistful smile. At this point, he had already moved on to the heart of the process and was loving every second of it. Taking the recipient into consideration, Ruben had decided settle with simple; your basic New York Cheesecake. Less crumbs, and no frosting to throw all over the place. The President glanced down, noticing a change in texture. Perfectly smooth. Without rush, Ruben poured the filling into the prepared crust, and slid the springboard pan into the preheated oven, hands lingering almost regretfully. He retrieved the magnetic timer from the fridge, and after setting it to alert him ten minutes in advance, set it to go off in an hour; clipping it to the inside of his pants’ pocket. Ruben glanced at the clock. 5:30 AM.

Even after he turned off the oven, the cake would still require about seven hours to cool inside. Until then, Ruben intended to spend his time locked in the seclusion of his room on the forth floor.

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Character Portrait: Daman Aalam
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"You rotten brat! Do you know how ungrateful you are being right now? What has possessed you to do this? Come back right now!" Those were the first words Daman was introduced to this wonderful afternoon on his way to school, by his loving and caring grandfather. Gratefully Daman wasn’t his usually annoying self so his tone of voice lacked its general laid back and insolent tone, and instead picked up a rather quiet yet hostile speech once spoken. On top of that he wasn’t on the best of moods since it was his - are -birthday, so he was on edge was also the anniversary of Amatus' death, so everything was just starting off great.

"Are you listening to me Daman? You get back to New York this instant and attend this party that everyone was waiting to throw for you! You can go to school another day, it isn't like your messing anything important!" Daman groaned loudly as he listened to his grandfather's endless scolding. Daman had snuck out four nights before from his grandparent's home, which he stayed all summer, so that he could make it to school. This was the thirteenth time his grandfather had called him to turn back around; his grandmother had tired sixteen times. To be honest he wasn't excited about school, but it was better than spending time with people who he couldn't stand and put on a fake pleasant smile for those old hags. Especially his parents, the moment he found out that they were coming to his party he packed up and drove off in a rush. Daman was smiling, but he was biting the bottom of his lip, which began to bleed. He could taste the tangy iron on his tongue, "Answer me, Daman Aalam! Where are you"?

Daman was fed up with the yelling, he had finally snapped and couldn't go on anymore. He yanked the steering wheel of his new black Honda accord and whirled into the nearest parking lot. He turned off the music and talked into the phone, " You know what Grandpa. I think I should hang up, cause your starting to get on my nerves. I'll call you back in two weeks. See you." Daman hung up the phone before his grandfather could yell back, and shut it off. Tossing it onto the seat beside him, he slowly laid his head on the wheel. Daman stayed like that for a good five minutes before he silently whispered, " Happy Birthday...Amatus...we're nineteen."

Daman had finally reached the school, and he was late. The clock in his car flashed three thirty as he drove into the exclusive parking lot. Many students quickly greeted him, though they all bored Daman so he ignored them. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his gem of the day: a Heart-Shaped Blood Red Ruby, which he received after completing a mission from Joker. Daman had found out this gem was quite rare, and many of the owners who last held this gem had died by a curse. Daman smirked to himself, "Well, maybe I'll get lucky and die in a corner somewhere."

Three young girls about the age of eighteen stood in front of Daman's path, Daman gave them a spine tingling stare as they looked flustered by his presence. Daman wanted to laugh at how stupid they looked, but he wasn't in the mood. "Happy Birthday Daman.", Daman's thoughts were interrupted by a clear and prideful voice. He glanced at the girl in the middle who seemed to be in charge. Daman recognized her from last year...what was her name...Alexandrite...the ugliest gemstone. Don't get him wrong her looks where pretty good, they couldn't bet Adriana's but it was a close fifth...maybe sixth. She looked extremely confident as she spoke to Daman giving him a loving smile, this made Daman want to crush her greatly, though he held back since it was the first day of school, and Ruben would kill him if he found out.

"Guess what Daman? My Father bought me this new beach house, and I was wondering if you would like to go with us? We wanted to throw you this huge party, my father said it was okay." Daman finally realized who she was; she was the daughter of someone on the city's council. Daman rolled his eyes; he hated people like her, though he couldn't complain since he was worse. He smiled sweetly at them, which caused all three to gasp happily with excitement, "Sorry, but I don't hang out with ugly people. And just in case you’re to stupid to understand what I'm talking about, it is you. Bye Alexandrite." Daman felt them standing there shocked.

Daman had finally reached the meeting room, which all the student council meetings where held. Surprisingly he was the first one there. He was quite bored as he sat in his seat. He pondered on the fact if he should get his stuff to his room now or later. He chose later and waited for someone to enter the room, as he played with his gemstone.

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Agitation picked away at Adriana's already tiny amount of patients. Her eyebrows creased and the corners of her pouty lips, painted in her favorite red, turned down as she glared at the cars ahead of her blocking her way to the large gates that loomed over the entrance of the university.

"If you keep frowning like that Addy you'll get premature wrinkles." Adriana's features instantly smoothed out as she looked at the man watching her through the rearview mirror. "Smiling will do that to you as well Daddy." the older man chuckled "Besides that's what they invented Botox for."she stated with a shrug of her shoulder. "Honey I don't think you'll ever need anything like that. You are so much like your mother." his saying that brought a smile to her face. She didn't know her mother very well but her father had obviously loved her very much.

A glance out the window let her know they were at a dead halt. She pulled out her phone to check the time, it read three fifty-two. With a huff Adriana turned to the oversized tote next to her and fished out her compact mirror, touched up her lips, checked her eye makeup, then fussed with her hair a bit. Finally satisfied with a messy but cute high ponytail Adriana leaned forward and kissed her father on the cheek. "I'm going to walk from here I'm already pretty late. I'll probably get lectured by Ruben and classes haven't even started yet." her father gave her an affectionate pat on the head "I'll have your bags taken to your room. You'll call when you want to visit again?" She smiled a true smile at him. He had taken time away from work to drive the two hours journey just to get her back on her first day, something of a father daughter date, they rarely had time for things like that otherwise. "Of course Daddy. Thanks for bringing me." reaching out she grabbed the bag and hopped out of the car. "Love you, see you soon!"

Adriana stood on the sidewalk a moment watching as the other students gathered and crowded the drive. They swarm like ants, what a disgusting sight. The click of her boots echoed even above the noise of the crowds as she strode with confidence towards the university's entrance. She fought her way through the throngs of people often getting stopped to be welcomed back and to exchange politeness with other students all wanting to hear how her summer went. Often times they would comment on her outfit and how well it suits her and she had to agree, for her first day back she had gone with a Red and Black theme. Occasionally a student would reach out and grab her hands or a shoulder, Adriana did all she could to not shudder at their touch and yank herself from them. Instead she smiled brightly and acted as excited to see them as they were to see her.

She was about at her limit as a girl named Pamela, the daughter of a man that her father had done business with a few times, went on and on about a party she would be holding for the return to school all while their arms were linked. The moment she was about to tell the girl not to presume that she would have anything to do with some childish kegger and until she reached some level of class to never speak to her again, the penthouse of the student council peeked over the tops of the trees. "Oh that sounds wonderful but I'll have to get back to you after I meet with the other Student Council members. The first of the year is always really busy. I'll get in touch!" Adriana sped away as quickly as she could without looking rude.

Once inside the dorm she made a beeline for the meeting room and unceremoniously plopping herself down across from Daman. She sighed deeply as she reclined in the chair looking up at the ceiling. "I despise them, every one of them. The nerve of those classless insects to think they had any right to lay their hands on me. As if I wanted to know about their meaningless vacations and summer flings. Images of them rutting about, disgusting sights I'll never be able to unsee." Adriana inhaled deeply, the smell of freshly baked sweets hung in the air Ruben must have started early today. What reason would he have to begin baking at ungodly hours of the day?" sitting up and lying eyes on Daman reminded her of what else today was. She was about to say something to him when she noticed the gem he had in his hands.

"What is that?" Angrily Adriana stomped over to him and took the heart shaped ruby from his hands only to instantly set it on the table far away from either of them, shaking her hand as if it had burned her. "You can't hold that thing! It's covered in death!" she stared at it a moment longer before sitting her bag on the table and digging around in it before producing a rather large black velvet box, opened it, then gave it to Daman. "This ruby is much better." inside the box was a ruby of more than decent size cut in the radiant style. "I remember you said that the gemstone I remind you of is the Ruby so when I saw it I thought of you." sitting down in the chair next to him Adriana began to inspect her nails "Don't think too much on it, it's not like I went looking for a gift for you or anything. I just like to spend money." she said nonchalantly, but in reality she had thought about and bought gifts for all the members of the Student Council, not that she would ever tell them that and she would also never admit that the ruby was actually a birthday present.

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ѕυяυα ναℓкσιηєη

Buzzing. What... What was that? Something buzzing?

Giving a little fidget, Surua's eyelids fluttered open for all of a split second before dropping down again, as if they were tied down by heavy weights. It was so hard to pry them open at this point and... it seemed just so unnecessary. Why open them? They were so heavy. He didn't sleep at night, after all, and when he did sleep it was for at most twenty-five minutes, hardly enough to eliminate the exhaustion he constantly felt. Why shouldn't he allow himself the little break? Even if it had come on by force anyway.

Buzzing, again. Damn it, what the hell was that? Make it go away!

His eyes peeked through the cracks in his eyelids, and he tried to focus on the blur that was presented to him. Just... a few more moments... he would get up... Just............ His head nodded off to one side, and he felt himself swaying just a little bit. Swaying... Was he standing? Had he fallen asleep standing again? God, that always looked pretty weird, but it was better than collapsing to hard pavement and getting hurt, that was for sure. Sitting would have been even better, but there really wasn't any way to choose when the sleep attacks would be coming. He simply had to deal with it.

More buzzing! UGGGHHHHHHH. Maybe he could ignore it. Maybe after a little time it would go away for good.

"-kay?" What? What was that? Someone saying something? Oh, just go away. "Are you okay?

Surua's eyes flashed open, and he set a foot quickly out in front of him to stop himself from swaying right over and collapsing to the ground. His head straightened from it's odd, nodded-off position, and he looked perhaps the most alert he'd been all day; eyes wide and muscles tense in order to catch himself. Hardly cool. He looked startled. Damn. As soon as the ground came back into focus - the pavement of a path, actually, it was a good thing he'd caught himself before falling - he looked upward at the source of the voice. The young man who'd spoken to him, probably concerned by the sight of someone standing in the middle of a pathway and fast asleep, looked twice as alert and startled as Surua.

Suru narrowed his eyes at the boy as he straightened up, tossing the long end of his scarf over his shoulder while he put his feet together and regained that lazy look to his eyes, the lids half closed, and his expression as cool and composed as he could get it. A strand of his chestnut colored hair had slipped into his face as well, but he chose to ignore it.

"I'm fine, thank you," He replied, recalling the boy's comment. He didn't recognize this boy, which meant he was probably new, or at least had come to the school during Surua's gap year. Surua was good with faces. Names, not so much, but he knew the faces from the school, even if that seemed like a big thing to have to remember. The reason for not remembering names, of course, was that he didn't believe they mattered very much. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Well, more accurately, a piece of shit is always a piece of shit no matter what you try to call it. It was probably the least relevant part of a person, anyway, and yet they always got so offended when you didn't remember what it was. So stupid. At the very least, he kept tabs on names of people he didn't mind. Names in literature, now that was quite different.

"A-are you sure?" he boy reiterated, still seeming a bit surprised and out-of-sorts.

"I am as sure as you are irritating," Surua continued, looking down at his person instead of the boy, distracted. There was that buzzing again, or, more accurately, his cell phone. He almost forgot that he'd set it to vibrate last night, and hadn't bothered to change the setting. Not that it was important, he rarely got calls over the summer, and today was only the first day of school. So who on earth would be calling him at a time like this? It was hardly convenient.

Fishing his phone from his pocket, he waved the boy away with one hand. "Excuse me," he stated plainly, weaving around the boy who still stood in the same place despite his dismissal. It was hardly polite behavior of Surua, but one should know not to expect much of a person who'd only just woken up. Well, that was no excuse for Surua, really, since he almost constantly was at the point of having just woken up. Whatever. The boy was one person, very plain, very simple. There were tons of them around here, and Surua could think of three others off the top of his head that had the same stupid look and bad hair cut. It was fine.

'Dad,' the cell phone screen caller ID had read. Three missed calls, as well. They'd been calling him for a while, that meant. It wasn't often that they tried, but when they did and weren't immediately put through to voice-mail, they tended to know he wasn't looking at his phone to press end on the call as soon as possible, and that meant he was having a sleep attack. This was somewhat normal. At least their worrying was easier to manage while he was so far away from them. Quickly, he pressed his finger down on the red phone symbol, hanging up the call. At least the buzzing was over with.

Now... Back to business.

Wait, what business? What was he doing again?

Shoving the phone back into his pocket, he took a look around the campus. Yes, he was on campus. He'd arrived not long ago, after a quiet taxi ride from the hotel he'd been staying at for the past couple of months while he was in town. He'd called his grandparents the week before so that they could have his parents hire people to bring the bulk of his things to his room and everything would be ready before he arrived. Straining himself while carrying heavy bags and such would prove moronic in the long run. It had always been best to have it done by someone else, but at least he wouldn't have to do it again for a while, not until he was done with college. The reason he had to do it now was because of that gap year of his, but it had been worth it to do a bit of traveling. It made him feel a little less helpless and confined, and that was hard to do.

That guy had been trying furiously to gather in suckers for that vampire sponsorship program as well, though it seemed in the time that Suru'd been gone, he was trying a hell of a lot harder. Though it had been kind of funny to walk past and see some of the losers fall for it, thinking it was something else. How stupid.

Anyway, what was he doing now, that was the question. He should get to his room of course, and then to the meeting room like he was supposed to. Or maybe do it the other way around? Surua started walking again, straightening out the hem of his black, v-necked tee-shirt. The scarf he wore today was a deep magenta color, almost the color of a beat, and his pants... Well, he was wearing his faded, red and black plaid pajama pants, looking like he'd just rolled out of bed two minutes ago, slipped his black and white DC high tops on, and stumbled out the door. That was okay, though. They weren't actually the pajama pants he wore to bed, and were clean, of course! And at least he was comfortable. He could put something nicer on later, if he felt like it. Or maybe just wait until tomorrow to bother with a cool outfit. Not that it would particularly matter how his clothes looked, per say, but it wasn't like he wanted his style to look lazy everyday.

He put his hand to the messenger bag, hanging from his shoulder and resting down at his hip, it's contents sealed away by a combination lock to avoid other people from going through his bag. Putting in the combination and opening up the bag took little more than a moment before he was digging through the seemingly random items that took up the space inside. A science fiction novel, a copy of Hamlet, his medication, an extra scarf, a role of duct tape, a pocket knife, a few crumpled up dollar bills, one notebook, two extra camera lenses, the camera itself, six different pens, an ivory harmonica, his eyeglasses, two empty cans of Red Bull, and one full can of Red Bull. Snatching the full can of Red Bull and his notebook, he fumbled a bit, trying to open up the notebook with one hand and pop open the can at the same time, only succeeding in realizing that he absolutely had no way of doing that at all. Shuffling the still-closed can under his arm while he opened the notebook to one of the latest pages, scribbled across neatly with little details he'd recorded in case such a thing came to pass that he forgot. It wasn't often that he did, and in fact, if his disorder didn't come with such exhaustion, he probably would have had a perfect memory, anyway, but sometimes the longer sleep attacks caused him to be a bit more groggy and slow after they let up. It was always good to take a little extra precaution of writing things down.

He scanned the list quickly, while he maneuvered the Red Bull out from under his arm and out to pop open the can. Taking the first sip, he quickly slid the notebook back into his messenger bag before zipping it and locking it back up. Off to the dorm building then, as a first. Seeing as most of the scrawlings on the page had been promptly marked with a line through the words, he could discount the activity as complete, and worth no extra time. The few remaining tasks on the list were simple ones, the basics to remind himself of the tasks he needed to complete for the new school year, getting his schedule and picking up the last of his books that he'd been unable to acquire beforehand. Then, of course, was the task he had recalled of going to the student council meeting room. With no real specific reason to be heading to his bedroom first, and not quite so sure whether he was running late or on time, he figured he could go to the meeting room first, and relax later. How long had he been out, anyway? It was a good question, but still, he didn't bother to pull his phone out from his pocket to check the time, nor did he even remember what time it had been when he'd arrived at the school in the first place. He figured it was fine, of course. He was typically laid back about that sort of thing. Maybe if he wasn't asleep half of the time, he would have been extremely prompt, but one couldn't exactly make time plans for sleep attacks, after all, so he'd stopped caring. No reason to muddle the mind with something that was barely of importance, anyway, right?

Picking up his pace again, it wasn't much longer before the student council dorm had come into sight, looking as prim and proper as ever. Some people had tried to wave him down, ask him how his time in Europe had been, but he'd promptly given them that polite, sleepy smile and waved them away. "Not now," yeah, more like not ever. He couldn't stand those kinds of people who believed themselves to be friends with everyone. What an idiotic notion, to believe that one needs to be surrounded by others in order to be happy. Solitary was far more pleasant, and far more comfortable. People were far too unstable, and trusting them was moronic.

Stepping through the door of the student council dorm was pleasant, a faint smell of sweets coming from the kitchen and a faint amount of shuffling from the meeting room. He hesitated just a moment, debating what would be more effective, heading to his room to check that all of his things had made it in one piece or heading to the meeting room first? He had no clue as to whether he was late or not, so what would be another couple minutes if he just took a peek in his room? No, no. He shook his head, taking another sip from his energy drink. It would be fine, he could hold off on going to his room, and there was no guarantee that a trip to his room would take any specific amount of time. What if he crashed again? No, it would be best to save the activity for afterwards. Hadn't he already decided that on the way over? Sighing slightly and letting his eyes slip almost all the way closed as he got himself into gear again, he headed straight for the meeting room.

Daman and Adrianna were already inside the meeting room, and the very least, he could conclude that he must not have been too late, seeing as not everyone was here yet. That was a plus, at the very least. He looked around the meeting room at the scene before plopping down into one of the seats. Daman was busy with some little gemstone, while a different one was sitting on the table a little distance away.

"Daman," Surua acknowledged, giving a small nod of the head towards the other boy in the room. Turning his head towards Adrianna, he gave her a similar gesture of acknowledgement, "Bean Stalk."

Leaning back in the chair and stretching his arms out the way one typically did when waking up, trying to wake up his muscles. He did his best to keep the energy drink balanced, not letting it tip over in his grip while he did so. "Did I miss anything yet? I'm not sure how long I was..." He placed his red bull down on the table, his shoulders slumping. He couldn't keep holding it, he needed to put it down. He was going to.... no, no, no, no.... He shook his head, trying to resist his eyes closing as much as he could. "...How long I was.... Um... I was...."

His eyelids dropped down, feeling heavy and weighted down, impossible to stop. His head nodded off to one side for a moment, his body swayed a little. It was a good thing he was sitting this time. Standing would have caused him to immediately fall to the ground, or at least slump down onto the floor. In another moment, his body had slumped forward, and he let his head down on the table, looking exhausted and fast asleep. At least he was already in the meeting room. They could wake him up if they needed him.

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Kaiden hadn't thought that trying to get by another person would cause him to be surrounded: if he had, he would have jumped out the window instead, and walked around. You think him to be joking? Nope.

Anyway, the apparent blind girl lowered her sunglasses a smidgen to let Kaiden stare into her blank eyes, which had him questioning his earlier assumption of her being blind. Unless that was what she was going for, but Kaiden threw those types of thoughts out: critical thought and analysis took way too long to think through, and he really didn't want to bother with it. She then suddenly placed the cane at her hips in an odd way, and spoke. “Let me guess, poor little blind old me is blocking the stairway and you are actually going to ask me to move? Don’t you think that’s a little inconsiderate?”

Kaiden raised an eyebrow in confusion before thinking the entire thing through. For starters, Kaiden swore there was a hint of some accent or something in her voice, but he couldn't place it: sure, just because he was raised in a european country didn't mean he cared much about the other countries. It was also her tone that threw him off a little, as if she was trying to make him feel guilty for asking such a simple question. Kaiden was starting to feel that this wasn't going to be an easy ordeal, and was about to give his answer - which was going to be a simple 'No' - when the girl brought her cane down, and pushed her sunglasses back up.

“Nah, I’m just joking. Mi scusa. Just couldn’t resist the opportunity to mess with someone. I'm Laz by the way.” Kaiden was left slightly stunned by her sudden change in attitude, but it couldn't stop the grin from forming onto his face when she moved over and speaking again. “Is this enough room for you? This is probably the fastest way for you to get down the stai-“

Kaiden had been finally prepared to continue such an interesting conversation with this mysterious 'Laz' when a voice squeaked behind him. While squeaked would most likely be correct, it was how Kaiden interpreted the polite tone. "I hope you don't smoke all the time. You're not a two pack a day man, are you? I'm sorry if I'm being rude to the both of you, but I really don't approve or even want second hand smoking or…” Gone was Kaiden's grin to be replaced with confusion once more. See, he hadn't had a cigarette in... Three days? Four? Whenever my last match was, anyway. That time alone should have erased most of the smell that the cigarette stained his clothing with - which was his main pet peeve when it came to his habit, as he hated having weird smells in his clothing - so the better question was: how did this lady, to whom Kaiden probably had never met and wasn't facing, know that he smoked?

Kaiden narrowed it down instantly to 2 options: either this girl had a super nose or something to smell the unlit cigarette in his mouth or she had seen him walking by, which Kaiden couldn't rule out. However, it seemed that he was just a silent statue since Laz jumped in with her own answer pretty darn quick: Va bene, I’m not insulted, although I can’t say the same for my Scottish friend here.” Kaiden gave a small chuckle, his back still towards the girl behind him, at Laz's response. What was his stance? That could be summed up in his response - which he was finally allowed to give.

"Can't be offended by things that aren't offensive." He stated bluntly. Truly, Kaiden couldn't see how it was even close to being offensive: the girl was looking out for herself, and voiced her concerns. "I'm more curious as to how you realized I smoked when I haven't lit one up for a few days, and this one isn't lit." As it was, his voice was slightly muffled due to the unlit cigarette in his mouth, but it was still very audible as he turned his head to finally get a look at the girl behind him: thin, black hair, eye... patch? That's different. Kaiden still looked at her with his bored amber eyes, the question still out in the open.

After that simple second of looking her in the eye, Kaiden turned back to his first conversational partner who was still against the wall, as if to continue the conversation. "Didn't know the blind liked to make jokes." He gave her a smirk, acknowledging the fact that regardless of her condition, she still made fun of him. "Name's Kaiden." Normally, Kaiden would shake hands with her or something, but he dismissed those ideas: not under the pretense that she was blind, but simply because he never liked doing that. What was so wrong with just stating your name? That didn't mean that you had to touch each other's hands now, does it?

Anywho, Kaiden turned his body towards the railing, across from Laz and the mystery girl to allow site between the both of them - well, at least one of them. Now it was only a matter of turning his head to the left or right to see both of them. Resting his body against the guardrail did have one repercussion, however: it creaked under his weight, as if it was yelling at him to move his heavy weight. He was still taking up half the staircase, but not like he cared much.

Crossing his arms and giving out a sigh, Kaiden flicked his eyes between the two of them, and while he did want to hear why the girl to his right had the sniffer of a bloodhound, he was equally curious about Laz. His headband still showing that he was a sponsor, he turned his head towards Laz for a simple question. "You get suckered into this sponsor thing too?" While he was going out on a limb as a guess, it wasn't all that bad: from what he could gather, vampires usually didn't have such health problems, and a lot of them were already here when he showed up. Nevertheless, he was taking a risk.

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Marishka Amur

"Va bene, I’m not insulted, although I can’t say the same for my Scottish friend here.” "Can't be offended by things that aren't offensive." "I'm more curious as to how you realized I smoked when I haven't lit one up for a few days, and this one isn't lit." Marishka studied Kaiden's appearance and smell and stored them at the back of her head, while also doing the same thing to Laz. She listened mindlessly to their conversation, one ear tunes on them, and the listening to the rest of people behind her. "You get suckered into this sponsor thing too?"

Her attention left the room and to the giant obvious sign on his forehead. He was a sponsor. She couldn't help but growl and really look at him. She knew sponsors were what gave vampires like her a chance at a normal almost-human like life. Yet, the feline in her wanted to make sure he wasn't going to roll over and die just by running a mile. His frame, and the built way he looked suggested otherwise though. She stopped the animalistic tendency and tried to calm the tiger in her. "Your a sponsor? For the shapeshifters?"

Marishka was very competitive, and the need to prove herself better than the red-haired man was almost too much. Her hands weren't clenched but they also didn't look like they were free of tension either. Then she inhaled again and looked to Laz. The scent of another vampire was finally getting into her nostrils. It was faint, but it always accompanied all vampires. It was the smell of death, or what she view as Death's signature. Marishka didn't look so relaxed anymore. Everything it seemed she thought herself possible of handling was almost too much. Laz was the first vampire she spoke to in a year, and apparently, Kaiden might be her sponsor.

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Alazne Skylar Sephtis

The blind girl, for a moment wished she could see her two acquaintances, however, just as she usually does she forced herself to forget the wish and move on. Fortunately she was distracted rather easily by an unexpected sound.

Laz raised an eyebrow in response to the sound of chuckling, obviously originating from the Scottish male near the top of the staircase. She hadn’t realized she had said something peculiarly funny, but she wasn’t about to get annoyed at someone for being amused. She was amused a good majority of the time so it really wasn’t her place to make comments. When his chuckling stopped he finally spoke, ”Can’t be offended by things that aren’t offensive.” Well then, he was certainly a good sport and due to this discovery a small grin formed on her face. He could be a fun person to be around, that’s for sure. ”I'm more curious as to how you realized I smoked when I haven't lit one up for a few days, and this one isn't lit." Laz realized then why his voice sounded slightly muffled, He must have a cigarette in his mouth.

As for his question, she thought it obvious. She obviously was a shape-shifting vampire with a good nose. Laz was blind and even she could figure that out. How? Well, her animalistic like growl told her that she was either a talking animal or a vampire with animal-like qualities. The Scotsman’s lack of surprise in his voice told her that she was probably not a talking animal, that leaves only the latter option. Due to his lack of knowledge Laz also figured that he was more than likely not a vampire nor did he have a lot of experience with them. Not that it really mattered to her either way.

Unconsciously, Laz’s grip on the railing tightened. She wasn’t worried but it was human nature to want to steady oneself, especially on stairwells. She also tapped the grip of her cane with her index finger; it was something like a nervous tick except she did it even when she wasn’t nervous. It was more like a bad habit. "Didn't know the blind liked to make jokes." Laz could practically hear his smirk, and due to this one of her own embellished her face. He’s lucky I’m sharp enough to know he’s joking, otherwise I’d be insulted.

”Name’s Kaiden.” Laz hummed a bit as she thought up her response to the boy’s comment. She could be serious or she could take a more playful approach. She decided to simply settle and bide her time for a better opportunity.

Shrugging, as though she was brushing his comment aside, she responded, “Oh, they don’t, but I’m peculiar so I do.” She bit her bottom lip as her grin widened, “But, honestly, there you go being inconsiderate again, Kaiden. Stereotyping me like that.” She snorted a bit and winked from behind her sunglasses. The girl didn’t think about whether or not he could see the action until after the fact and the thought went away as quickly as it came.

She jumped just a little at the sound of feet approaching her from above as what she assumed to be the boy came down the stairs just a little before stopping slightly across from her. She guessed that he was probably leaning against the staircase judging by the pitiful shrieks the wood gave when he stopped. For a moment she did in fact feel sympathetic for the stairs that were obviously quite old and unwilling to support so much weight. She questioned for a moment whether the steps would hold or not, but figured a second later they’d be okay.

Unexpectedly, she heard a sigh from the boy and felt curious as to his reasons. On the same token however she really didn’t feel like it was any of her concern so she didn’t ask. Plus, he spoke before she had the opportunity to, ”You get suckered into this sponsor thing too? So he was a sponsor. Laz wondered which vampire type he was sponsoring; however before that she had to address the ‘suckered’ part of his comment.

She was about to open her mouth and speak but the quiet shape-shifter at the top of the staircase spoke first, ”You’re a sponsor? For the Shape-Shifters?” Well at least that question was answered for her.

“Lucky you, Miss…” Laz purposely left the end of her sentence unfinished in hopes that the young lady would catch her drift and say her name. It was kind of rude not to introduce yourself to someone when have a conversation with them, but Laz was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and simply assume she had forgotten.

Rather then waiting for her response, however, Laz chose to respond to Kaiden’s question. “Now now, Kaiden, at least I have a reasonable excuse for not reading the paper before I signed it.” Smiling she tapped her cane on the stairs lightly and somewhat playfully. She also leaned towards where she assumed he stood in such a way that it appeared she was sharing a secret, “Of course, I’m fully aware of what I signed on for. What can I say, I enjoy a good adventure from time to time and that’s exactly what this is.” She stuck her tongue out playfully again before chuckling a little and relaxing against the wall once more.

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Getting down the stairs was much harder than Hazel had imagined. It was a bit backed up due to some people having conversations, so she decided to use mind over matter. She sat down on the handrail and slid down, hopping off when she got close to the bottom. The downstairs looked just as it had been earlier, very busy, full of vampires, sponsors, humans, and probably some other weird types of beings. At this point, she half expected to run into a Cyclops. The University of Diversity was much more diverse than she had first imagined, but she wasn't looking at that in a negative way. In fact, that made her happy. She figured it was one inch closer to world peace, but Hazel didn't seem to understand that not everyone liked one another in this place.

When Hazel made her way through the crowd, which involved a lot of dodging, squeezing between people, and getting bumped into, her beanie falling off twice, she found her things were still there. She breathed a sigh of relief for that, but someone was admiring her... creative... idea. The girl made Hazel actually feel tall, which was a very rare feeling for the young Hippie. She had jet black hair and a very pale complexion. Even from only seeing the girl from a side view, something in her gut told her that this was a vampire. The girl seemed generally amused, maybe a bit perplexed, with the way she had tied her suitcase to the fire hydrant.

"Hello," Hazel said, smiling. She sounded much more laid back, her nervousness fading. She even laughed and nodded to her suitcase. "Well, I see my crazy idea worked. Much better than having to drag it around." She stuck her had out for a handshake. "I'm Hazel," she introduced herself, not even bothering to begin freeing her suitcase.

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“Oh, they don’t, but I’m peculiar so I do. But, honestly, there you go being inconsiderate again, Kaiden. Stereotyping me like that.” Kaiden couldn't help but give Laz another grin: for a girl with a handicap, she knew how to put others in their place if they tried picking on her. Strong, fierce willed - Oddly reminds me of Mum. Weird. Kaiden mentally shook that idea from his head, as now wasn't the time for trivial, stupid thoughts as those. He still had a schedule to follow, and his training wasn't going to do itself. However, as much as he wanted to leave, another part of him wanted to stay. Wasn't often Kaiden got to socialize with somebody that actually had a spine.

Kaiden heard a soft growl to his right after he spoke to Laz about being a sponsor. Thing was, he was now able to see both of them at once, so he knew that it was the girl that had yet to introduce herself. His eyes glanced over to her sidways, his head never moving as Kaiden watched the mystery girl slowly react; in reality, he couldn't tell much. Kaiden wasn't that big on reading people, so he hadn't a clue what was rushing through her head. What he did know was that her stance had stiffened, as if she was preparing for a fight; that he knew easily. It was then that she spoke in that odd tone, which Kaiden couldn't quite catch. "Your a sponsor? For the shapeshifters?"

Kaiden's right eyebrow raised in curiousity at her statement, and his lips tugged a little to form a slight smirk before falling back. "Aye lass, and I'm going to guess your one of 'em shapeshifters, like Mouseman over there." Kaiden's head nodded in the direction that Ruari had gone scampering off - if memory served him right, mice had good hearing so Ruari would probably hear him and start complaining or something. Afterwards he brought his head back and gave the mystery girl a quick once over to memorize her for later: if he was to watch over these people, it would be best if he knew them. Though that eyepatch would be pretty damn hard to miss.

Lucky you, Miss… Kaiden raised an eyebrow at the double-edged comment. If Kaiden truly cared about socialization, he could have been offended as Laz would be one to throw sarcasm in. However, Kaiden didn't like to read into words that much, as their face value always seemed to suffice for him. Sarcasm was only used in conversations such as these. Instead, Kaiden heard Laz's comment the way the words stated, and the lack of ending was probably due to the fact that neither Kaiden nor Laz knew her name.

“Now now, Kaiden, at least I have a reasonable excuse for not reading the paper before I signed it.” Again with blind joke: Kaiden was amazed that people with spines AND humor could exist. He needed more of these people, and fast - maybe then he would be able to socialize better. He did have to admit ignorance and naivety, but the jab still stung slightly at the fact that he was stupid enough to get himself into this situation. As he turned back to Laz, she was leaning in towards him as if she were about to whisper. Odd, Kaiden never really partook in such conversations. “Of course, I’m fully aware of what I signed on for. What can I say, I enjoy a good adventure from time to time and that’s exactly what this is.” A quick tongue and a chuckle before she leaned back, and Kaiden was back to smiling again. There was something about Laz that could actually engage Kaiden in conversation without him just leaving after the important parts were done.

Hoping that the mystery shapeshifter would give her name, but unwilling to really wait Kaiden responded to Laz's little jabs. "Whose being inconsiderate now, hm?" Kaiden's smile fell to a slight grin as he mulled over his options: either get to the point and explain his situation, or stick with the banter approach. He chose both. "I came to this school for the athletics department, so when the Suit said the word scholarship, I see the word 'Money'." He gave a shrug. "Oh well. I'm here, so I'll get used to it so long as I can compete." True, Kaiden knew he was being slightly vague about why he was at this school exactly, but he didn't need to just throw information at Laz on their first meeting, Kaiden knew that much at least about socialization. No, Kaiden would bide his time, as he knew that she would either make a joke or question his athleticism or something, and hopefully the shapeshifting lass would clarify her name.

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#, as written by Felidae


New students were always amazed by the chaos of the University of Diversity. Even returning students would sometimes stop and wonder how this place was built. But not Morpheo. He had no mind for such trivialities. He was concentrated on his sketchpad.

“Look at that creep. He’s, like, such a weird-looking guy,” whispered some blond girl to her friends.

The lot of them had likely just transferred here. Morpheo could hear the group of friends giggling at the blonde’s comment. He wasn’t very far from them, seeing as they were grouped only a few yards away from the bench on which he sat. From the bench, he had a good view of the swarms of people making their ways towards wherever they were headed. Vermin, all of them. How easy it would be to kill them all. Maybe he would later on in the year. After all, this world was his for the taking.

He sketched the blond girl with only his 4H pencil, opting for a lighter image on the paper. How wonderful she looked as she dangled from a noose of coarse rope. He made to finish the eyes, rolled back and certainly dead, when that very girl came over and interrupted his concentration.

She stood next to him and Morpheo imagined her smiling the most fake smile a human being could muster. “Hey, I’m Olivia. What’s your name?”

He didn’t look up from his work. She didn’t really care about his name. That much was obvious to Morpheo, so he ignored her. Again, he moved his hand so that he could finish the drawing, but the stupid girl spoke again.

“You’re kinda cute.” A blatant lie. “Do you want to, like, hang out with me and my friends? I know you’re, like, shy and all, but we’re really, like, accepting.”

Morpheo left the eyes blank. He decided it looked better that way. Nodding ever so slightly in satisfaction, he showed his drawing to the girl. Naturally, she screamed and ran away.

The Student Council Treasurer finished touching up on the little details of the drawing. As he erased the guidelines of the limp, dangling hands, he suddenly had a craving for chocolate chip cookies. So intense was this craving that he began to draw the most scrumptious cookie he could possibly imagine. Gooey, half-melted chocolate with just the right amount of sweetness embedded in soft, yet firm cookie. Morpheo couldn’t keep his mouth from watering at the thought.

He knew where to get this kind of cookie. Morpheo slipped off the bench, tucking his sketchbook under his arm. Students and staff alike cleared a path for him as he made his way to the Student Council dorms. It was a bit too hot to be wearing a thick, black hoodie, but Morpheo could deal with it. Besides, with the air conditioning in the dorms, he would need his hoodie soon enough.

The first thing he did upon arriving was ransack the cookie jar in the kitchen. There were six of the delicacies left. Morpheo would need to make a trip to the bakery later on. He placed two of the cookies on a plate and popped them into the microwave for a short while to warm them to the optimal eating condition. He poured himself a glass of milk as he waited. Once the microwave started beeping, signifying the wait—short as it was—was over, Morpheo removed the plate and breathed in the smell of gourmet cookies. Just as he was about to sit down and devour the deliciousness, he remembered the meeting.

A disgruntled Morpheo made his way towards the meeting room with milk and cookies in hand. He didn’t even know the purpose of this meeting, though they always did have a meeting at the beginning of the school year. Still, it couldn’t be important, not important enough to delay his consumption of chocolaty goodness.

Everyone else was already there, save for Ruben. Adrianna looked as sniffy as ever, Daman looked as annoying as ever, and Surua, back from his gap year, hadn’t changed at all either. In fact, he was sleeping. As much as Morpheo hated to admit it, these people were the closest thing to a family that he had. It would be a pity to kill them if they ever got in the way of his world domination.

He sat down in one of the many empty seats (the room was far too big for a council of five people) and proceeded to munch on his cookies. They had cooled down from the short walk to the meeting room, which had somewhat subtracted from their deliciousness. But Morpheo decided not to be picky about it and simply ate them, savoring the near-godly flavor with every bite. Such divine cookies could not be rashly eaten. Any decent death god would know that.

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#, as written by Felidae


Everest tried his best to ignore the fact that he was being ignored. Marcus evidently had no intention of speaking anymore and Henri had gone off to converse with the others. The snow leopard sighed and his ear twitched in annoyance. He realized he hadn’t had breakfast yet. In fact, he hadn’t eaten at all since two days ago. Everest growled. He was starving.

Hungry snow leopards, no matter how chill they usually are, instantly become hunters. So Everest began pacing the ground, his footsteps silent, his movements calculated. He debated gnawing on Henri’s foot, just to make his hunger known, but decided against it at the last second. Instead, he rubbed his head against the legs of those in the group: Henri, Lilith, Adwin, and some other human girl. He then continued on his way, looking for anything that could be food.

There was a half-eaten, moldy, ham and cheese sandwich near one of the rooms. Ew. There were several mothballs lining part of the wall. Ew. There was Ruari planning something devious near the fire truck kid’s room. Everest chuckled. He pounced on the mouse boy, purposefully missing by a few inches. He loved to mess around with Ruari. The boy made a great playmate.

But he was still hungry, so he left Ruari alone and continued down the hall. He looked to the stairs and found himself staring at some guy with curly orange hair. There was something feline about him that Everest couldn’t quite put his paw on. Maybe he was a shapeshifting vampire? Everest wasn’t sure. After all, the kid looked quite pathetic, freaking out over his bleeding finger.

Another kid came up the stairs. He was also a pretty small and skinny, frail-looking person. Not a lot of meat. Everest looked away without even the slightest interest. No food to be found anywhere. He made the short trek back to Henri. The human girl had left and Everest’s master was still gawking after her. Sometimes it was embarrassing to be associated with this particular vampire.

Everest looked up with pleading eyes, hoping his master would recognize his hunger. Unfortunately, Henri still seemed to be stuck in gaga land. So, the snow leopard did the most logical thing a snow leopard would do: he bit Henri’s ankle.

Henri jerked back his foot, snapping suddenly from his stupor. “Wha’s yer problem, Evs?” He reached down to calm his familiar, but Everest bit his hand too. Instead of withdrawing his hand, he went ahead and slapped the snow leopard on the side of his face. “The hell? Haven’t ya heard the phrase, ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya’?” He examined his hand and his ankle. Both were bleeding profusely. He’d fix them later with his voodoo.

The familiar glared. “But you haven’t fed me!” Everest retorted venomously. “Henri, I’m hungry! Get me something to eat or else I'll go hunting!”

“Quit yer whinin’! I bought a whole bunch a’ steaks jus’ fer you, but ya said ya weren’t hungry, so I cooked ‘em.”

Everest was aghast. He took an involuntary step back. “You cooked them?” The snow leopard nearly fainted right then and there thinking of those delicious steaks ruined by intense heat. Luckily, he was able to stay conscious and emit a low growl, his tail swaying to and fro.

Ignoring his familiar’s distress, Henri sighed. He looked back towards the stairs where that dazzling human girl had escaped. He hadn’t even asked for her name. Stupid Henri was stupid. How could he get so wrapped up in someone's beauty to the point of speechlessness? This didn’t usually happen. Maybe it was just a symptom of the first day of school.

The snow leopard snorted to catch Henri’s attention. "I'm still hungry." He glanced around, pleading with his eyes. He rested his gaze on Lilith and walked up to her, winding between her legs. "Lilith, food please?" he begged, trying to look as cute as possible. "Pretty please?"

"Honestly, Evs. Yer embarrassing me." Henri let out an exasperated sigh, slowly shaking his head. He rolled his eyes and turned to Lilith. “Jus' ignore ‘im, Bathory. He’s actin’ like a cub.”

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Alazne Skylar Sephtis

"Whose being inconsiderate now, hm?" Laz snorted, he was turning her own statements back on her, how lovely. Still though, he had a point. She supposed she was being a little inconsiderate of him and even herself…if that is even possible. Could one be inconsiderate of their self? Not that it really mattered that much, she could never feel insulted by her own words. Especially since she knew for a fact that she didn’t mean anything by it, it was merely an innocent joke.

Still though, she supposed he could feel hurt. Not that she thought he was actually insulted either, if anything he was doing the same thing she’d been doing to him from the moment they’d started this conversation. Which, by the way, was a conversation she was rather enjoying actually. It wasn’t every day she met someone tough enough to mess with. “Touché, Kaiden.” She gave him a quiet clap, sort of like a silent round of applause, however that didn’t mean she was admitting defeat. Laz would never admit defeat that easily. Not that she thought she was in a battle or anything. Well, maybe a battle of words but most certainly not a physical one.

"I came to this school for the athletics department, so when the Suit said the word scholarship, I see the word 'Money'." Laz raised an eyebrow at the comment, I didn’t realize this school had an athletics department worth attending. Not that I would put much thought into something like that considering. She cut her thoughts short when Kaiden continued talking, "Oh well. I'm here, so I'll get used to it so long as I can compete." He at least had a reasonable attitude about his situation. Actually, he seemed like he had a reasonable attitude about most things. How wonderful.

“Well, at least you have a good attitude about it. That’s better than some I’m sure.” Laz smirked a little as she leaned in again, she would have elbowed him but frankly she wasn’t entirely sure where he was and she didn’t want to accidently elbow the wall and look like a complete fool. Anyways, continuing where she left off she spoke again, “So, sports huh? Can’t say I’m much for them myself. Don’t really have a great deal of hand-eye coordination, still not really sure why but I’m getting tested.” She chuckled before an innocent smile embellished her face.

“I’m curious, though, what kind of sports are you into? Soccer, tennis,” then in a somewhat loud whisper, “dodge-ball?” Snickering a little she continued, “I’m awful at dodge-ball. I just never seem to see the balls coming.”

Dropping the silliness Laz straightened up, “Seriously though, if you’re in the athletics program you must be decent at least, what do you play?” Smirking a bit Laz’s playfulness reared its ugly head once more; “Perhaps I’ll come watch you sometime…or not.” She adjusted her sunglasses as she finished her ridiculous statement.

Tilting her head in the direction of the shape-shifter she frowned a little, she was being awfully quiet and still had yet to give her name. Laz supposed that she could be incredibly shy, but still, Kaiden had asked her point blank what her name was, and Laz had hinted towards it once already. However, Laz was in a good mood for now, no need to ruin it by addressing the shy girl’s lack of communication. Plus, she didn’t see any need to be rude, nor did she want to. Instead, she felt that perhaps a little kindness could go a long way. Grinning in the direction she last heard the shape-shifter she addressed her again, “There is no need to be shy, I promise I’m not as silly as I’m acting and I can actually have a serious conversation every once in a blue moon if you would ever like to have one.”

She turned back towards where she assumed the Scottish boy was still standing, then with a sigh and a pouting face she spoke at him, “I suppose that goes for you too, Kaiden. You’ll just have to let me know when the moon’s blue.” She laughed in an awkward and embarrassed manner. She supposed the joke was cheesy and pathetic but she enjoyed it anyways.

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Marishka Amur

Marishka didn't realize her mind had done blank until she heard Laz speak. “There is no need to be shy, I promise I’m not as silly as I’m acting and I can actually have a serious conversation every once in a blue moon if you would ever like to have one.” “I suppose that goes for you too, Kaiden. You’ll just have to let me know when the moon’s blue.” She snapped out of it and bared her teeth, her elongated canines showing as she yawned. "My is Marishka Amur... And Wrestling or Boxing?" She stuck her face a bit closer to Kaiden and sniffed, "Huh, you do both?" She pulled away and couldn't help but grin as her eye went cat-like. "I finally found a training partner. Maybe you'll longer than the last one." The way her words came out suggested the sentence to be friendly, but the dangerous gleam in eye her spoke otherwise. Being partially blind didn't

Marishka felt the way Kaiden and Laz held themselves, and there was no hint of fear or even caution. It was odd, not be treated like an Outsider or even as an Enemy. It was an eery feeling. The tiger in her was restless, and the need to move and explore more of her new territory made her twitchy. Her fingers ran along the wooden rail, her claws making a hollow noise that kept from withdrawing from her reality again.

Marishka sighed, "I'm guessing I'll see you two later." She leaped down the flight of stairs, and walked down the rest of them. Her nose and ears working overtime as she walked out of the building. She wandered the area around her dorm, and quickly caught the scent of sweat and the bitterness of metal. She found the gym, er, training center. She didn't exactly know what it was, but she assumed from the weights and the treadmills that it was some sort of athletics facility.

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“Touché, Kaiden.” That wasn't entirely a word that Kaiden was familiar with, but he quickly presumed that it simply meant something like 'right back at ya'. When he mentioned that he was in here for athletics, her face gave a hint of surprise, to which Kaiden could silently acknowledge: this wasn't his first pick for his sport, since their athletics department was pretty damn weak, but they were at least willing to accept him. Apparently a lot of the other schools frowned upon him beating the crap out of that one brat, even though his original school gave him a full pardon.

“Well, at least you have a good attitude about it. That’s better than some I’m sure.” Kaiden raised an eyebrow, not entirely knowing that there were 'others' that would have a different attitude. After all, there was no way out of it, so why not just accept what you have and move on? “So, sports huh? Can’t say I’m much for them myself. Don’t really have a great deal of hand-eye coordination, still not really sure why but I’m getting tested.” She quickly grabbed hold of this new piece of information, and Kaiden rolled his eyes at the first joke she made. Kaiden had a feeling that this Laz lass was going to be one of those girls you don't find very often.

“I’m curious, though, what kind of sports are you into? Soccer, tennis,” She then suddenly dropped her voice, to a loud whisper. “dodge-ball? I’m awful at dodge-ball. I just never seem to see the balls coming.” Again, a roll of the eyes on his part; however he had to say that he was mildly disappointed that she wasn't able to guess anywhere close to his sport. Sure, he had played all three of those and crushed multitudes of 'superstars' - the actually good players killed him just as fast as he did the others - but he wasn't all that keen on any of them.

Seriously though, if you’re in the athletics program you must be decent at least, what do you play? Perhaps I’ll come watch you sometime…or not. Kaiden had to admit that her jokes were beginning to wear a little thin on him, but he didn't entirely mind: sometimes other people needed this sort of release through words, as so he has been told. Laz then looked over at the nameless shapeshifter before making a comment, and then firing one on him as well. “I suppose that goes for you too, Kaiden. You’ll just have to let me know when the moon’s blue.” As if Laz was able to realize the number of cheesy jokes she had said was pretty damn high, an awkward laugh was emitted from her lips.

Kaiden gave her a raised eyebrow, before finally speaking. "I'm a championship fighter; specialize in boxing and wrestling, but any form of combat is my thing." He gave a shrug, his attitude returning to its causal monotone to keep efficiency at its height. "Though most sports are pretty easy to catch up on if I felt like it."

Finally the girl to his right seemed to snap out of whatever she was in, and finally spoke with canines elongate- Wait, what. Kaiden did a slight double take as he noticed her canines were pretty long compared to his own. Odd. "My is Marishka Amur... And Wrestling or Boxing?" As if she didn't care much for the entire conversation that went around her, the girl he now knew as Marishka - to whom Kaiden knew he would never be able to pronounce that name, so he would need a nickname pronto - leaned towards him slightly and sniffed. Kaiden would be lying if he said he wasn't unnerved by her actions, his face however showing little. She then backed up and gave a cat like grin, with eyes and everything. How... odd.

"I finally found a training partner. Maybe you'll longer than the last one." Her smugness irked Kaiden, which reminded him of his countless siblings issuing backhanded compliments just like this one. He gave a huff of disapproval in her choice of words before she spoke again. "I'm guessing I'll see you two later." With that, Mari (possible nickname for her under the approval of Kaiden) nimbly jumped down half of the stairs before walking the rest. Kaiden watched her leave out of the corner of his eye, before giving another huff and a mumble.

"We'll see who lasts longer, lassie." He gave a smirk before turning to Laz to speak, the smirk fading from his face. "Well, that was useful: I now know of two of my vampires, and both will be a fight to deal with."