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Spooky Ghosts/Dumb Demons/Heroin Hunters


When videos of a mysterious creature went viral, the public dismissed them as a hoax. When the Park Rangers Association of California closed down local wildlife reserves,

20XX - First sighting of Hellbound Creature
10 Years later AKA 0 AU (After Unfurling? After Opening?) happens. A huge Rift forms (visible from every part of the world) and giant monsters descend from the sky and ravage Earth's population.

5 AU - After much fighting (both domestic and international), the United Nations comes to the decision to work together on a method to defeat the monsters/demons. Unfortunately it's too little too late. A particularly severe invasion left many nations without leaders and with governments scrambling to replace their figureheads, countries everywhere fell apart.

75 AU - Research breakthroughs have resulted in anti-demon weaponry as well as genetic modifications.

100 AU - Humans have adapted, at least partially to the disarray. Though technology has taken a big hit, remnants of the past still exist along with their protectors. The City (or as foreigners know it, San Francisco) exists within a triangle where its citizens are protected by the City's Three: The Ascendants, The Guardians, and The [Anarchists]. Though none are on good terms with each other, they know that declaring war on one another would only result in mutual destruction and thus, have a cold peace.

The Ascendants: They are a religious group whose founder predicted the Day of the Opening. After that, they gained members who sought refuge in religion and the shelter they provided. Despite their fervent nature, they are the most generous of the three groups. They only ask that you pray for their god. If you prove worthy (or the leader chooses you), you have the chance to ascend. Candidates will undergo a ritual wherein they drink the blood of Nuse, a demon that was supposedly tamed by the founder of the Ascendant religion. Should a candidate survive the process, they are "reborn" as a Warrior of Ascendancy.

Warriors of Ascendancy gain the ability to "purify" demonic entity by manifesting a weapon or taming a demon. They have enhanced human fitness and heal back more quickly than normal human beings however, they have much shorter life spans and lose their sanity as they near the end of their lives. In order avoid dying in disgrace, it's common practice for them commit suicide via battle or have an older council member put them down.

The Guardians - The closest thing we have to a military. Unlike other organizations, they have a steady supply chain of weapons and enough resources to sustain research on these strange creatures. Unlike the Ascendants they do not follow a particular ideology aside from "protect and serve." They appear to be the most organized factions but also the most darwinian: they are only interested in workers and soldiers.

The Rats/Anarchist - Misfits, outcasts, loners, whatever you want to call them, a cohesive organization would be the least accurate. With no true leader or

Toggle Rules

2. No fun allowed
3. Please type at least 1200 to -1000 words per post. IF U are LITerate you should be able to do this. Use writing techniques such as repetition, flashbacks, stream of consciousness, and talking about appearance.
4. Liquid
5. HOmance EVERYONE! We have a reltions section for a reason! This is highschool with hormonal teenagers. They should be blushing and getting red and not making eye contact when their best friend makes an inappropriate joke about them.
6. Make your post pretty! I LOVE images and banners. They really break up the motony of profile rading.
7. Post often, even if everyone else hasn't. If you get left behind that's ur fault. I'll say I'm going to updat the plot thread every week but I won't.
8. Be literate.
9. Apply using the 15 passwords on the front page.

10. Pls do not steal

Actual Rules:
1. No godmodding. I understand that some powers may involve a level of godmodding, but make sure it doesn't crossover into puppetry/omnipotence. This a collaborative roleplay which means any actions need to be agreed upon by the players involved. If you aren't sure, then ask!

2. Keep all drama in character. I want this to be a good experience for everyone and if there any disputes, then please resolve them through DMs or talk to me if you cannot come to an agreement.

3. Handle mature themes with grace. This roleplay will have violence, crude language, and potentially sexual elements so I ask that you be cautious in your writing. Adhere to RPG guidelines, have sex scenes fade to black, and be mindful of potentially triggering material. If you (or anyone) feels uncomfortable with certain types of content then DM me and we can work around it (or eliminate it if need be).

4. Use non-animated/drawn faceclaims. I will not set a precise age limit for faceclaims, but Umbrella Academy members (minding special circumstances) are all physically 24 years old. Commission Agents must be at least 18 years old. If you wish for something non-human (such as the case with AJ Carmichael), let me know and we can work something out. Additionally, please have your faceclaim's ethnicity match your character's! I'll allow some flexibility for white/European characters but I'm going to decline say, a Portuguese FC for a Mestizo character.

5. You may use your own character sheet. I don't really care too much as long as it includes: character name, age, gender, role, personality/bio (this can be combined), power/skills (if applicable), and at least one picture of themself. Everything else is up to you!

6. Be mindful your character's ranking when choosing a power. The Monocle ranked everyone each student based on their potential and usefulness (rather than strength) so your character's power should reflect that. For example: super strength has more applications than astral projection so a character with super strength would be labeled a higher number than the person with astral projection.

7. There is a soft gender ratio. I don't need there to be exactly the same numbers of every gender; however, I will put a cap if I see too many reservations of one gender over another.

8. Don't leave us hanging! If you need to leave for an extended period of time then please let me know so I can accommodate your absence.

9. Put your application in the OOC thread. Please post your character's name, age, gender, power (if applicable), and a picture/name of their FC. Once you are accepted, you have 2 days to post a WIP (it can be a blank CS or some general ideas) and a 1.5 weeks to finish. If you need an extension, DM me. Additionally, if multiple people apply for the same slot, I will give them a week to finish their profiles and choose the best concept out of all of them.

10. Reservations are not first come-first serve!

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HEY! can i take the average girl. i have heigh hopes for her and same I'll keep the frc as phobie toklin. Hex will be #cee2e7 for readability. i want my character, slvxia warchestersauce to be very average. average looks. average intellegence. but evereyone loves her and she's super funny and everytime she laffs its like angels sing. THANK you. i hope we become BFFS in this rp. <#33 my fav pizza is a slice of life. HA i got it correct unlike someone. eye zooms.

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Thanks for your interest, but you forgot the password ;)
Hint: highlight the text!

Re: Spooky Ghosts/Dumb Demons/Scary Spiders

Hi I love the aesthetic you have!

Can I reserve Make up Queen?? I like Cara Deleveing so I will keep her as my FC. Her name will be Cécile Simmons and her hex color wILL be #432293. She is pretend French


I won't be able to work on my character until after the weekend is over because of finals and my family will be in Bermuda Triangle so I won't have wi-fi.

Spooky Ghosts/Dumb Demons/Scary Spiders

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