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Lavinia Annabelle Hampton

"Oh, do I know you?"

0 · 345 views · located in City of Caprica

a character in “Spotlight Faded”, as played by ReaperGirl4



The Basics

Lavinia Annabelle Hampton



The Singer

Facts About You
Biggest Regret:
Her biggest regret is rejecting Alex Pettyfer (he's so hot!!!)

Biggest Fear:
Flying insects... and sports (she's afraid of being hit by balls or something). Also, she is deathly afraid of the dark. Deathly.

Lavinia is exponentially short and considerably flat-chested for her age. It drives her insane.

Favorite Thing to do:
Her favorite few things to do are showing off, shopping, and going to the salon.

Least Favorite Thing to do:
Duets. She cannot stand sharing fame that should be rightfully hers.

Favorite Food:
Lobster Bisque

Favorite Color:
Gold; it's the color of her hair

Clothing Style:
Fancy, frilly, designer dresses; she never wears pants. Always dresses or skirts.

Favorite Expression:
The "Bitch, you think you're better than me?" glare.

Single? Let's Mingle.
Relationship Status:

Relationship Interest:

Your Interests//Disinterests
~Designer clothes
~High heels
~Showing off
~Being pampered
~Hot guys
~Gourmet foods
~Her hair

~Filth of any kind
~Morning breath
~Her height
~Her chest size
~Fast food
~The lower class
~Being ignored
~People more famous than she is

To become the most beloved singer out there~

All about who you are.

Lavinia is a spoiled brat, for lack of a better term. She gets what she wants, when she wants, no questions asked. In the event that her desires are questioned or go unmet, someone will pay dearly. Lavinia uses her status to make sure that that doesn’t happen, however. Alas, sometimes it doesn’t work and she must resort to drastic measures. In short, she is the queen of those outside of her family, especially the working class. She is treated as a queen within the family as well, although she is less brutal. She is always doted upon, and there is nothing anyone can do to convince her that she is anything less than queen.

God pity the fool who angers Lavinia Annabelle Hampton. Oh, dear. Run for cover. Her anger is like hellfire, only ten times more painful. Her temper has cost many a butler or maid their job, for anything as simple as buying the wrong type of shampoo or forgetting how she likes her eggs prepared. Her fury varies, too. It ranges from passive-aggressive, to all-out rage, to simple annoyance, and so on. The outcome is highly variable, too. As aforementioned, she stripped many a worker their job, but she is also capable of making sure they are never hired in that proffession again. Also, she tends to hold a grudge.
Actually, that’s an understatement. More like a vendetta. So, it would be wise, most wise indeed, to watch your words around Lavinia.

As her life goal clearly indicates, Lavinia tends to “go for the gold”. Her dream to become the most “beloved” singer of all time has been hers since she began her career. As such, it is not likely that she will ever abandon it, unless, of course, something more beneficial presents itself. It’s like this with all of her goals and wishes, big and small. She never lets any dream go without a good fight. If you haven’t guessed by now, Lavinia will do anything to get what she wants, regardless of the losses of others. To her, the only thing that matters is getting what she wants in life, and nothing less.

Another one of her understandable traits, given her upbringing, is greed. Lavinia is prone to wanting everything desirable she sees, even if she doesn’t necessarily want it. “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” is one of her mottos, so to speak. Really, it’s just an excuse to blow money on things like clothes she’ll never wear or makeup she’ll never use. Her greed has also caused her to steal many a boyfriend, even if she didn’t even like him and it was only for the sake of publicity, her own entertainment, or ruining the life of someone she despised. Some would say that her greed will soon get her into trouble. She firmly believes that “you can never have too much.”

Lavinia is you’d call highly prone to jealousy. If she sees anyone with a hotter boyfriend than her, she’ll immediately go after him and ruin the other girl’s career in the process. Same with things like clothes, success, stuff like that. If she sees anyone more popular than her, she’ll most likely become enraged and do anything in her power to make sure their life is permenantly ruined. After all, she’ll do whatever it takes to be the one on top.

Boys, watch out! Lavinia has a strong habit of breaking hearts. This most often occurs when she steals one of her enemies’ boyfriends. She’ll grow quickly tired of them and dump them. Just like that. Her longest-lasting relationship was… well, she can’t remember, really. There’s been much too many to remember just one specifically. Lavinia has never been dumped or rejected in her life. She’s the heartbreaker. However, since she has yet to experience true heartbreak, this puts her at a disadvantage as far as sensetivity. But hey, when’s she ever going to need sensetivity?

Lavinia was born to the outrageously wealthy and famous Hampton family. As such, she grew up outrageously doted upon, and outrageously spoiled. She discovered her singing talent at a young age, around ten or eleven, and began to exploit it immediately. She made it big when she was twelve, as a backup singer for a well-known band. People were shocked and amazed that such a young girl had such an angelic voice. This won over many fans and die-hard supporters, until at last, at age thriteen, she went solo. She toured the world, performing in many different countries, her fame growing each passing day. The young pop star was an instant hit across the globe. She began endorsing different clothes, perfumes, and other items. Things couldn’t get much better. One would think that anyways. But for Lavinia, the sky was definitely not the limit. She began to make enemies, though. Nothing she couldn’t handle, of course. They were easily taken down, and Lavinia regained the spotlight. She always does. Lavinia always wins.


Other: N/A

So begins...

Lavinia Annabelle Hampton's Story