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Skylar Rose Hampton

The Model

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a character in “Spotlight Faded”, as played by lunamist



The Basics

Username: lunamist
Name: Skylar Rose Hampton
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: The Model

Facts About You
Biggest Regret: Skylar's biggest regret is not going to Milan for the summer.
Biggest Fear: Her biggest fears are swimming (well more like drowning), and spiders! Oh, and wearing clothes that are not designer labels.
Flaw: A physical flaw she has is that she has asthma. Her insecurity. Oh, and she is a vegan...that is a flaw in my books.

Favorite Thing to do: Skylar's favorite thing to do is read a romance novel by the fire, and shop.
Worst Thing to do: Her worst activity are runway shows. She likes modeling the clothes, and photoshoots, but hates the live runway shows.

Favorite Food Spinach and Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo (all vegan materials of course)
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Clothing Style: Desginer Labels
Favorite Expression: "I am only a bitch when someone is an idiot."

Single? Let's Mingle.
Relationship Status: Currently Single
Relationship Interest: Currently Nobody

Your Interests//Disinterests
+Romance novels
+ A warm fire. Not that she's a pyro
+Strangely enough, she is good with kids, therefore she likes them.

+ Swimming (Drowing)
+ Driving (She can't)
+Dirt, and everything that comes with it
+Scary movie
+Animal Killers
+Runway Shows
+Not getting her way
+Being Interrupted
+Being told she's 'pretty' or 'beautiful'
+Um, there are lots of things she hates so I am going to stop now.

Dream: To become a fashion designer


All about who you are.

Skylar has a very strong will. If someone tells her she can't, and this is rare, she will go out and prove them wrong. She rarely tolerates other people's opinions, and will not budge once she has her mind set on something. She likes doing her own thing, and if others aren't keen on doing what she wants she fires them. After all it is all about her. Success first, and guilt later. Well, that is what she says to herself so that she can sleep at night.

Now, Skylar may be stubborn, but she tends to follow her friends too much. If they are doing it she must do it. She has to be on top with them. She is a people person, but she likes to impress, and if impressing means doing what other people are doing she will do it. She is not a follower when it comes to clothing, she has her own style there, but in who her friends will be, and money issue. She tends to let her friends implant their ways into her mind.

Skylar is a complete girly girl. She hates bugs, and being dirty. She changes her outfits at least twice a day (when she is not modeling). She is a prim, and proper gal. She knows how to win people over, but she is self-centered. She is hard to please, but easily amused. She frightens easily, and likes being inside. If she is not modeling, or out with her friends or designing, she is reading a nice book by the fire place.

Once again, Skylar is self-centered, and it is all about her. At least that is how she portrays herself to the world. Inside she does not consider herself flawless, and quite frankly she does not like herself very much. She diets a little too much, and while she has flawless skin, and doesn't need makeup she tends to put too much on. She wants to be a fashion designer, but she doesn't speak up on it because she is afraid her drawings are horrible.

Skylar has had way too many boyfriends to count, but they rarely last. Her longest boyfriend was for a bout 2 months. She doesn't feel the spark she wants, and has read way too many romance novels to not know what she is suppose to feel. She drops guys at the drop of a hat, and the next day she has a new guy, and hopes for something special to come out of the relationship. It never does. Maybe she will go on a sabbatical from guys.

Skylar tends not to think before she says things, and she doesn't think before she does something. She has a quick tongue. It has gotten her into a lot of awkward situations, but she brushes them off, sort of. If she wants something she is quickly to get it whether it be the man at the country club or a pair of Gucci glasses. She rarely stops and asks herself if it is a good idea. Normally it is not.

Skylar enjoys teasing people, mostly it is playful fun. She knows just what to say to irk her sisters, and she uses it to her advantage. She also teases guys. She only does it for fun, and never takes it to the extreme, but sometimes she does not know where or when to stop. She has had some close calls with a few guys, and she doesn't think it is harmful until she is backed up into a corner.

Soft Hearted//
Skylar is a bit of a softy at heart. She is a romantic, although she has not experienced love, and she adores cute things. She has a soft spot for animals, and is the main reason she went vegan. She does cry when sad parts come on in a movie. She does feel her heart break when she sees a homeless person on the street although to keep her rep she doesn' t mention. However much she likes spending money she always gives a large portion to charity. She is a friendly person when she lets her guard down.


I, Skylar Rose, was born the middle child of Isabella and Samuel Hampton. I lived a pretty lavished life, I mean, I do get what I want, and you know, most of the time I am grateful for it. Don't listen to what the maids say, they are just mad that I am a Hampton, and they aren't. I can't help what family I am born into, and I was just so happened born into a family with tons of cash. I suppose people would say I was spoiled all my life, and I suppose it would true. I try to give back to the community when I can, but it is not like I can save the world. I started modeling at the age of 4, while I was doing other stuff before 4 my true career did not begin until I was 4. People always say I am beautiful, stunning, blah, blah, blah. I suppose I know this, kind of. People only see the outside, they don't know the heart, and I don't think they will ever understand the true me, so don't try, and think you can figure me out. One minute I am a complete bitch, and the next I am crying about it. I don't know what is wrong with me. I guess I still need to work on the Hampton's family motto, "Success first, guilt never," Damn my heart. Anyway, this is suppose to be a biography so here is about me. I dedicated all my life to fashion, modeling, and appearances. Also note that appearances can be very deceiving. I been in magazines, runway shows, photoshoots, etc. I am the youngest, best known model in america. Kids idolize me, women envy me, and men try to put me to bed. All that is fine, and a lot of times I thrive, feed off all this attention, but I want to become a designer one day. I want to create my own clothing style, please don't tell my mother, she would never approve. So my life is sort of hard to explain so I will do my best to tell it here. Here are some highlights of my life that I thought I would share. Judge me, hate me, love me, but in the end I am still a Hampton, and your not.

[Age 4]
"Skylar!" "Look here Skylar!" "That's perfect! Just like that!" The 3 year old smiled as big as she could. She enjoyed going to photoshoots. Her family would often be in papers and articles, and they always wanted pictures. It was perfect for this brunette, who loved being in the spotlight. Now she had her own photoshoot, and she couldn't be happier. She knew her mother was pleased, and she always wanted to please her idol, her mom. She finished with the shoot, and watched as an agent lady approached her mother, and asked about signing some contract so she could be a model. People were always telling her she was beautiful, but she didn't think much of it, but if it meant being in lots of photoshoots she wanted to do it. She watched as her mother glanced over at her, and saw the anticipation in the young girl's innocent eyes. "Well, when do we start?" her mother asked.

[Age 10]

Skylar sat in the corner of her giant room with a book about animal cruelty. With each page turn she shivered at the horror of what these animals had to endure. "That's it! No more meat!" she mutter under her breathe as she snacked on some chips. "Well, I am glad you are cutting somethings out," said a voice in the room. Skylar turned around, and saw her agent standing at the door. "Skylar, dear, you do want to be a model, right?" Skylar looked at her stern agent. She did want to be a model, but she would rather be one of those ladies, and men behind the scenes who created the amazing clothes she got to wear. She realized she had not answered the woman's question. "Yes?" It was more question than a response. "Well, then stop eating so much!" The woman walked over, and snatched the bag of chips from the already petite girl. "You have gained too much wait as it is so stop eating so much," She frowned at the girl who was close to tears, "How on earth are you going to survive this enviorment if you can't even take a little criticism," The agent shook her head, and looked at the quivering girl in disguist. "Grow up or get out of this business," She slammed the door as she left the second Hampton's room. Skylar looked in the mirrors as her tears fell to the ground. She wiped her tears and decided it was time to grow up. She had to take control of her life so she could be the best Hampton she could be. "No more slacking!" And there was no more playing around from that day forward, and the first thing she did with her new determination was fire that annoying agent.

[Age 13]

"Where is my soy latte,?" She frowned at the frazzled help. "Is it really too hard to get some decent help?" She tapped her mainicured hands on the vanity table. She was about to do a runway show, but her useless staff was just incompetent today. "That's it I won't go out there!" She didn't like the runaway shows to begin with, and the fact she did not have her latte put her in a even worse mood. "No, no, no, Here I got you your latte! It is fresh!" One of her help said to her. "Thank you, Frank or was it Luke? Doesn't matter, is there cream & milk in here?" She squinted at her Luke or Frank. "But, but, you don't like cream or milk! Miss," he managed to get out. "Good, someone around her pays attention. I thought that last man was surely trying to kill me," She took a sip, placed down the cup, and stripped off her robe to reveal a Boni Dera, one of her favorite brands. " Let this show begin," She stepped out into the bright lights, and put on her biggest smile. After all, she is only a bitch when someone is in idiot.

[Age 15]

Skylar watched as a homeless, crippled old man approached her and her friends. "Money for the poor," the old man asked. She was about to dig into her purse and give the old man some money, but her boyfriend's laugh stopped her. "Wow, get a job asshole," he laughed and following suit where her other friends. "Yeah, all you bums need to stop littering all over the streets!" Her friend Willa responded. Skylar chuckled softly, and gave the man an apologetic look as she walked away with her friends. However mean she was to people she did have a heart. She felt bad for the man, but valued her friendship more. She had a reputation to uphold, and being kind to poor people wasn't in the job description. She gave the man one last look, and grabbed onto her boyfriend. Skylar looked up at her man. His nose was slightly crooked. She sighed, Maybe it's time for a new man, Hutcherson is pretty cute.

[Age 16]

"Mother, I think it's time to discuss something, I have been accepted into a fashion design school in Milan, and with your approval I would like to go," she sighed as she stared at the face in the mirror. "Yeah, like that is going to go over well," Her oldest a actress, and youngest a singer. Now her middle child wants to go draw clothes in Milan. Yeah her mother would definitely not appreciate it. It wasn't that designers did not make money, but it was the fact that they were mostly behind the scenes. They weren't in the spotlight like a Hampton was suppose to be. Her mother would probably have a heart attack. Skylar knew she wasn't brave enough to confront her mother. "Skylar Rose, you have an interview at 2, a photoshoot at 4, a dinner at 6, and then 9 is the runway show," her mother read off the day's agenda. "You are such a beautiful girl, you'll go far with your stunning looks," her mother came up and stood behind her stroking her brown locks. Skylar sure didn't feel as pretty as everyone made her out to be, but she would not voice her opinions. She forced one of her fake smiles, and turned to her mother, "Well we best get started, shall we?"

[Age 17]

This story is unwritten.
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So begins...

Skylar Rose Hampton's Story