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Emma Sawyer

"Just keep on smiling."

0 · 582 views · located in Coasting Island

a character in “Spotlight Retreat”, as played by TragicHeroine


Emma Anne Sawyer

Preferred Name:
"You can call me Em."

"I'm practically an adult....ish"

Sexual Orientation:


"Isn't it a bit rude to ask such a question?"
110 lbs

January 24th


↝Fall/Winter ↝Tea{cold or hot} ↝Writing ↝Singing ↝Listening to Music ↝Wearing skirts ↝Outdoors ↝Sweaters ↝Sweets ↝Swimming

☒Complete Darkness ☒Feeling lonely ☒Being lied to ☒Humid weather ☒Rude people ☒Feeling unwanted ☒Flavored water ☒Bitter foods ☒Crying

↠Heights ↠Darkness ↠Paranormal things ↠Not being happy

"It might be a bit shallow and selfish, but all I truly want is to be happy."

Emma's smile can light up a room. It could turn someone's horrible day into an amazing one. Her smile is probably the most memorable thing about her.
She's a kind hearted girl and would never want to do any wrongs to anyone. Some would consider her as a goody two-shoe, but she just has everyone's best interest at heart. She is a giving person and wouldn't really accept anything in return. The happiness on people's faces is enough to make her feel content and glad. Often times she's too good. A pushover and oblivious to the fact. A lot of people has taken advantage of her kindness, but she can't feel remorse towards them. It's easy for her to forgive people even if they've wronged her multiple times. She tried to find the good in everyone even if they are undeserving.
Her strength and weakness is her innocence. Though the world needs a little more innocent nowadays, she's also blind towards anyone causing her harm. She likes to believe that every one is kind and only means good to her, but it isn't always like that.[/center]


Image Image[size=80]
Growing up with celebrity parents wasn't easy. Her mother and father loved each other deeply, but the limelight got in the way of their love. Things were said, the media over exaggerated details that would be meaningless to an ordinary person. But with the pressure of everyone on your back, it breaks a person. It broke their family. Her mother and father filed a divorce when Emma was four. Though she was still young at that age, she remembers things in specific. Her mother got custody of her, but her father never disappeared from her life. He made efforts of seeing her at least once a week depending on his schedule. Being born into the spotlight, it's difficult to get out. Emma didn't take this as a curse, she took it and embraced it. Taking it head on. Though her family is a little broken, she tries in small, small ways to bring them all together.
Her father later remarries. A woman who isn't in the show business and she got two twin brothers.
Though on the outside, Emma doesn't look like the girl that can be fazed, coming from a broken family has left her with abandonment issues. Especially during her early teenage years, she was often found locked up in her room alone. Not wanting to speak to anyone. She has troubles expressing herself, so instead, she's always smiling to keep anyone from questioning her.

Favorite Memory:
For as long as she can remember, Emma and her parents would go to a summer festival every year and ride the Ferris Wheel together. Her father would always take a picture of her and her mother when they've reached the top.

Worst Memory:
"You taught me the courage of stars before you left. How light carries on endlessly, even after death."
My mother didn't take the divorce very well. Her career was put off for a bit while she went through therapy. But therapy wasn't enough for her. Everyday, I saw her getting worse and worse. I was only seven at the time and didn't really understand why. It was one winter morning, I woke up late because my mom had forgotten to wake me up. So, i sprung out of my bed and headed to my mom's room. She was still sleeping. I climbed up her bed and laid down beside her. There was no response. At first, I figured she was just in deep sleep. Tired from filming the day before. But she wasn't sleeping. She died from an overdose the night before...

So begins...

Emma Sawyer's Story