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Lydia Hoult

The Bitch

0 · 743 views · located in Coasting Island

a character in “Spotlight Retreat”, as played by No Vacancy Motel


The Pretty Reckless
{"My attitude isn't the problem... its you." }

Adrianna Lydia Hoult

Preferred Name:


Sexual Orientation:

5 ft. 8 in.

121 lbs.

April 22nd

The Bitch


- Sun bathing
- Swimming
- Dancing
- Being the center of attention
- Popular media
- Fashion/Designing
- The finer things in life

- Vermin, including the people kind.
- Arguing
- People who misunderstand mental illness
- Slow songs
- Drugs - but she isn't opposed to alcohol
- Ignorance
- Pity

- Being caught in a lie.
- Dying in a painful way.
- Snakes and Lizards
- Losing 'reality' or 'turning into her mother.'

- To make it big, and do what she wants in life.
- For her mother to get better.
- To leave the island, though at the same time she wants to stay.

{Selfish, Vindictive, Emotional, Possessive, Abrasive}

Lydia is many things, and among those many things she is most well known for her contradictory nature. She hides behind criticism and brutally abrasive words to cover up her own insecurities and fears. She doesn't have a wall, but more of a transparent curtain that if you look close enough shows everything she feels. But most don't look through it, and she likes it that way just fine. She is known for having a sharp tongue and acting as if she is on top of the world. She takes what she wants, and if she isn't allowed to have it she will find a way to get it anyways. She isn't known for being the sharing is caring type, and regards the emotions of others as weakness.

She has always been quite the bully. Even when she was younger she was the type of girl to take a persons feelings and crush them under her feet. Always using the most inventive of degrading nicknames and finding the most appalling rumors to spread around regarding someone else. She wasn't afraid to make anyone cry, and if confronted about anything she says she would simply laugh in their face. She has always done things her own way, or no way at all.

Though as of late she has been a little more serious and mellow, it is not wise to let down any sort of guard while around her. Lydia doesn't act out as much as she used to, and has taken to extending her hand in friendship - to worthy people of course, but it is a start.



Lydia has lived on the island practically all of her life alongside her father. Her mother did live with them there as well up until Lydia was ten years old and tragedy struck. Her mother was pregnant with Lydia's younger sister, but suffered a miscarriage. Because of it she went into a severe depression, severe enough that it caused harm to Lydia and her father. Her mother tried to leave the island with Lydia, but a wild fight ensued that left Lydia confused and lost. Her father was granted custody because of her mothers mental state, but Lydia was unsure whether or not that was even a good thing. She had been so attached to her mother that it felt like a piece of her was being torn away when she left. Still to this day Lydia hasn't seen hide no hair of the woman.

As she was growing up she wasn't so bad, a little spoiled but she never really got bad until she hit her teenage years. Puberty it seemed hit her hard, and she was left angry and resentful towards her father. She began lashing out at others, hurting people any way she could. It was as if she became a whole new person. She hated it, at the same time that she loved it and this new person became a part of her.

Recently, since she has began to act more like an adult she has began to change in little ways. She is nicer to people she doesn't know, but is still rather spiteful towards the other island residents. She has however gained a few friends. She tries to have more fun than she did when she was younger, partying a little more while at the same time upholding her duties at work. Of course, she hasn't changed so much that her nickname 'Lydia the bitch' has disappeared.

Favorite Memory:
The summer that she got to stay with her Aunt and cousins in Florida was one of her favorite memories. Because when she was with them she didn't have to uphold a certain image or act a certain way. She wasn't 'Lydia the bitch' for once and it was truly relaxing. Though she still upheld certain 'tendencies' she did shed most of her attitude just for that summer, to make it one of her best ones ever.

Worst Memory:
The day her mother said her goodbye's. Lydia was barely given a hug, her mother had packed all her bags in a single night and she knew that this time she wasn't going to see her mother again. Lydia's father had tried to explain to her what was going on, how she had to stay with him because her mother was ill, that she had lost her 'reality' but Lydia wanted to hear none of it. She spent weeks after that crying.

So begins...

Lydia Hoult's Story