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Nanami Kitagawa


0 · 397 views · located in Tokyo

a character in “Spring Time Rain”, as played by Agda


{“Sorry I can’t talk right now, I forgot to pick up my brother again!”}

ғace claιм ◈ Kaori Miyazono ◆

Character's Song
Nightingale || Demi Lovato


ғυll naмe
Nanami Kitagawa

Nani or Nana


ѕeхυal orιenтaтιon








ғaмιly тree
Yasuharu Kitagawa(father)
Mayuko Kitagawa(mother)
Kenji Kitagawa(brother)
Kenta Kitagawa(brother)
Ayane Kitagawa(sister)


So begins...

Nanami Kitagawa's Story


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Bzz!....Bzz!..- The sound of a noisy alarm clock was suddenly silenced by the pale, light hand emerging from the ball of blankets. A faint groan emitted from the girls lips as she tiredly sat up, enjoying her warm slumber. The chill of the morning Spring air, mixed with the dewy growing flowers outside her window gave her enough energy to start her day.

Satomi hurried to the bathroom where she performed her morning activities, showering, brushing teeth, and the like. She brushed and fixed her hair, allowing it to fall to her upper back as gentle curls framed her face, showing her womanly charm perfectly. She also enhanced her mature appearance with makeup, nothing too strong. Her light pink lips looked cute against her bright blue eyes and white skin. Trying not to spend much time or trivial things, she put on her school uniform, zipping her blue checkered skirt up as she put on her black thigh high stockings. she tucker her white dress shirt in and grabbed her bag, heading into the living room.

She woke her siblings up and got them ready whilst cooking breakfast and taking care of her mother. Her siblings fought over pointless things at the table as she scrambled eggs. "Oh, darn.." She commented as she messed with her blouse button, making sure it stayed together. Her chest was a little larger than she'd like to admit. Even though many of the guys in her class enjoyed it, it was just a pain to her.

After feeding everyone and packing their lunches, Satomi headed out. She dropped the twins off at school as she walked to hers, it wasn't too far away from her house so the walk was nice. She took a mental note as she passed by the grocery store, seeing their daily specials on meat and deciding to buy some after school.

"Let's see,...stir fry,,or maybe curry with chicken.." Satomi mumbled to herself as she figured out what to cook for dinner. She also made a check list in her head of the things she needed to do when she got home, leaving no time for friends or love.
Finally she arrived at school. She calmly made her way to her classroom, sitting in her assigned seat, middle row, back desk. She settled in, preparing her books and pencils as she then sighed to herself, feeling a little worn out but ready for school.