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Alistair Wilson

There's so many people in my head, it's hard to know who I actually am.

0 · 241 views · located in St. Dymphna's Home for the Insane

a character in “St. Dymphna's Home for the Insane”, as played by nightwolf




If you want to get to know the real me, you have to get through the others first.


Gender: Male

Age: 18

Nicknames: Ali

Occupation:.Ali was a student at his local school before everything started happening

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: British

Years Spent at St. Dymphna's: 1

Mental Disorder(s): Ali suffers from Mulitiple Personality Disorder and has up to three different personalities floating around in his head.

Room Number:


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150 pounds

Build:Skinny but heathy looking enough with enough muscle tone to get by

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Scars?: Ali mainly has scar on his arms and wrists due to his personalities causing him to feel certain way is or even taking over his actions. He has a small scar above his right eyebrow when he fell as a child.

Written Appearance Description: Ali stands slightly hunched over but does change his posture to a straight one when he is walking around, of course his posture is affected by his mind. Depending on his personalities he may appear closed off or even open and welcoming.His facial structure is soft almost giving him a younger appearance than his seventeen years of age. When ever he sits he folds his arms tightly against his chest, this isn't because he wants to block anyone off, far from it he is nearly tring to protect others from harm he could cause them by his hands.

Clothing Preference: Ali likes wearing dark clothes that a loose fitting so they do not become to constricting on him. He likes to play with the hem of his shirt so often his shirts have small holes near the hem so he can twist it around his finger.


Skills: Drawing, fixing things,staying hidden

Quirks: Playing with loose items of clothing, clicking his fingers, playing with his hair.

Likes: The outdoors, reading, writting, drawing, music.

Dislikes: Conflicts of any sort, his illness, violent people, medication, sleeping.

Fears: Darkness, enclosed spaces, water even including showers.

Written Personality Description:( written as Ali) well this is the hard bit isn't it? How am I meant to give you an accurate discription of myself if I don't even know who iam anymore. Well I may as well start by explaining the best I can about everyonelse.

Josh is the youngest he is about ten, he loves playing with toys and drawing pictures of animals and landscapes of places that he has been to, he is happy near enough all of the time and will talk to anyone even complete stranger. He usually comes out at anytime sometimes if I feel worried he appears.

Now Daniel is someone who hurts me psychically he finds anything he can to cut my wrist and pull my hair. He cries most of the time he is good at hiding and will squeeze himself into any place he can to get away from danger. He doesn't talk much I think he is too scared too.

Karl is a bad personality as in dangerous he tries to hurt anyone just for the sake of protecting me, he has never told me what he protects me from but many times I've found myself in front of some of my closest friends who I have beaten to almost death.

Amd me? Well I'm pretty easy going I suppose having these people in my head is a good thing but I hate it also I can't make any discussions by myself without them, I enjoy the company of others but I like my solitude to well I call it solitude sometimes I get moments of utter silence in my head and I find it amazing.


Love Interests:

Brief History: Ali's life was pretty much normal till about two years ago, he was having trouble with some people at school and from somewhere a voice appeared supporting him throughout his day and Ali enjoyed it but he didnt tell anyone as for fears about what might happen to him. But then Daniel appear and Ali would find himself covered in blood or he would awake crying under his bed he tried to console the voice by speaking to it in private but nothing happend.

The violence came in many forms, mainly in hurting the ones he cared about, his parents his sister and his girlfriend who he almost killed one night but he can't remember any of it. He finnaly broke down when his parents found him one night with deeps cuts in his arms, he explained everything and was panicked about what the voices wanted and what would happen to him. St dymphnas home for the insane was the last chance apart from spending the rest of his life locked away at home with only the voice for company

So begins...

Alistair Wilson's Story

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Alistiar rubbed his eyes as he walked into the Mess Hall, Daniel had kept him awake most of the night convinced that someone was going to come after him. So as usual Ali had to calm him down by talking to him the best he could without making the situation worse and Daniel harming Ali. He had woke up multiple times either in the corner of his room or under the bed, but he was yet to find any new cut on his arms or blood around the room so it was supposedly a good night. Aside from the lack of sleep.

He looked around the hall seeing who was around, Atha, Drusilla, Annette, Graham. Ali was sure he had saw the others somewhere but his mind and stomach was on food. Rubbing his hand over the rough bandages covering cuts from a few days ago, Ali felt a twinge in his head and Josh appeared tapping his hands together and walking over to the food he was given a plate and walked along as he was given eggs and toast. " Can't we ever have something other than eggs and toast?" He asked his head tilting to the side his voice high pitched " we could have eggs and bacon, yeah. Yeah eggs and bacon can we have that soon?" He asked as he got to the end of the line to a nurse who shook her head and carried on serving.

The switch back was as quick as anything Ali's posture changed as he walked over to a quiet table and began to eat slowly looking out the window watching everything go by. It was strange to Ali that at any time of day he could see the same situation three times in one day and he wouldn't even know about it.

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Bored with being ignored by Jasper, Gesenia leaned back and looked over at Audrey and raised a brow, a slight smirk on her lips.

"Let me guess ... You want to get a little bit of this hunky specimen, don't you?" she teased, her dark eyes glinting with what seemed to be a mixture of jealousy, malice, and joking. "Ah, that's right, you wouldn't have the guts to. Such a shame ... What with that pretty face going to waste and all," she clucked her tongue, shaking her head. With a sly smile, she rose, casting a wink at the two. "Well, I'm going to go ahead and get some food. So ... I'll talk to you both later," she said with a cheerful wave. She turned and, with a slight skip in her first step, she started for the lunch line.


"Alistair! Alistair!"

Sarah bounded over to the man, her blonde pigtails bouncing on her shoulders. As soon as she reached him, she threw her arms around his neck and nearly tackled the poor man to the floor. She had a bright, happy glow in her eyes as she moved and dropped onto his lap, giggling.

"I got a new necklace. See it? It's a butterfly! My mom and dad sent it to me!" she exclaimed, lifting the purple butterfly charm that rest between her breasts. She held it up near his nose. "See? See? Isn't it pretty?" she breathed, attempting to look down at it herself. When she realized that her neck just wasn't designed like that, she burst into more giggles and kicked her legs, her mouth an open 'O', as if she had just thought of something.

"Hey! Hey! Can Danny come out to play? I was hoping he could all day, but a little while is also okay," she said, poking his chest. Her eyes widened and burst out into even more laughter. "I just rhymed, right? I just rhymed! I'm so silly! But can Danny play? I wanted to show him the dolly that one of the nice nurses gave me. She's really pretty! The doll, I mean. The nurse was all old and wrinkly," she said, scrunching up her nose as if she had tasted something bad. "But I wanna eat first! I'll get something yummy for Danny, promise!"

With that, the energetic little girl hopped up and darted to the line. On her way through, she bounced up and down where she stood, and several of the nurses laughed at her endless energy. One of them sneaked her two cookies that were supposed to be served during lunch, and she skipped off with a cheerful 'Thank you!' to the woman. By the time she reached Alistair's table, she was more than excited to play with her best friend.

"Say, are you Danny yet?" she asked, leaning in close to see if he was. "'Cause if not, I have a cookie, but it's only for Danny!" she insisted.

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Isaac had been orphaned for much longer than just the start of this year, because his real father died a long time ago; the monster who replaced him could not have been called Isaac’s father. Being an orphan pulled Isaac into the frame of a central image - drowning alone in the waters. Few people could be so deeply acquainted with the sense of drowning than Isaac. He went through hell, both metaphorically and literally, in the confines of a basement freezer. It was a hell that was not only personal, but invisible: few people noticed, and no one cared. Isaac endured on his own while the world of classes and tests and lacrosse games marched on around him. It was a hell created by the loss and betrayal of a parent - made even even worse because he had to feel it over and over again with every blow of his father’s fist.

So why wasn’t he angry?

Why wasn’t he vengeful?

Why did he stay?

He simply couldn’t leave. Paralysis was the instinct of any human being when drowning. "No matter how much you’re freaking out, the instinct is to not let any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head’s exploding."

The Doctor's looked at Isaac’s bond to his father this way, they saw Isaac as helpless victim who’d been controlled and abused into submission, and his answer was casebook Stockholm - something tragic and pitiable. But Isaac felt differently. He felt he had a choice - and his answer was one that made him an honorable individual, not a pitiable one. And that answer was the antidote to vengeance.

Some time during a court interview with a psychologist, before he was found guilty of man slaughter, some prying questions sent the teen careening into a fit of fear he couldn't shake even though he knew his father couldn't hurt him anymore. This was when the psychologist told him about anchors, and with further prodding she admitted that her own anchor was anger…but it doesn’t have to be that for everyone. Whereupon Isaac’s mind jumps immediately to one thing. Then, with the next bout of terror, he calmed himself on his own. He had found his anchor.

Psychologist: "Looks like you found an anchor."

Isaac: "Yeah … my father."

Psychologist: "…Your father locked you in a freezer in the basement to punish you. It's why you were afraid..."

Isaac: "…He didn’t use to."

Isaac’s anchor wasn’t a person, or a fury. It was a memory. When love could have made him weak, pitiable, manipulated, and a victim, he picked love anyways. It wasn’t an easy choice, there was so, so much pain. When Isaac’s dad beat him for all those years, it would have been easier to just - let in the water. Give up the feeling, forget the memory. Give up the hope. There was no cause for hope when the only possible savior was a man who died a long time ago. It hurt holding on to things that couldn't save you, just make you stay. If he chose to care for someone, if he chose to trust someone, he chose to become vulnerable to the hell of pain and despair and loss and memory. Isaac could have chosen “peace", the ending where nothing hurt. But for Isaac, the pain was worth more. He would not drown...

Flash forward to the present at St Dymphna's where, after the court ruling on the death of his father, Isaac was sent for treatment. He had yet to see his new living accommodations or his room mate, but he had been at least been given a name. Alistair. He swiftly bobbed and weaved his way through the food line, chewing on the one thumb nail he still had out of nervous irritation. He really didn't play well with others, particularly a bunch of crazies. Isaac wasn't crazy, just someone who murdered his abuser, which according to the law must mean you were unfit for the public but not guilty enough for prison. The female serving them, nurse or nun; Isaac could never tell with religious/medical/mental facilities like this, slopped some unidentifiable substance on his plate with a look as dead as she must have been on the inside. "Um. Yeah, I asked for food, not this weeks sewage runoff. You don't have like a salad or something stashed back there do you?" He asked, his voice laden with heavy sarcasm but still hopeful. She replied with a deadpan stare that said 'I'm already 500% done with your shit, Isaac.' He pressed his lips into a tight line and nodded once. "Perfect."

He stood at the end of the line awkwardly in a pregnant pause, not sure where to go. Should he locate the mysterious room mate or be his typical brooding, unsociable self, and find an empty table...New beginnings remember? No drowning. He told himself as he moved forward hesitantly, eyes scanning all the table tops for someone alone who he could ask about Alistair. All by his lonesome, to Isaac's immediate left, sat a boy with dark hair and light eyes, stubble smattering his chin even though he seemed too young to be able to grow facial hair just yet. Isaac snorted, he was nineteen now and not a single hair had grown anywhere but his head. Damn English genes. He plopped his tray down on the table with a loud clatter and pulled a seat from another table to this one to join the stranger. "Hey man, please tell me you're not all 'One who flew over the cuckoo's nest', that you are totally aware I'm here right now."

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Ali shook his head as Annette, well Sarah came over and tried to convince Ali to let Daniel out with the promise of a cookie if he did. Shaking his head he sighed softly " not today Sarah. I had enough trouble calming him down last night, he doesn't feel up to coming out anyway. Go get some breakfast" Ali explained giving a soft smile as he finished his toast and started on his eggs.

His attention was drawn to a new person who walked in and looked around before going straight to the food line. Then he walked towards Ali and spoke "Hey man, please tell me you're not all 'One who Flew over the cuckoo's nest' that you are totally aware that I'm here right now"

Ali chuckled softly at the comment and spoke " don't worry I'm not that far along yet...ask me again in about half an hour when the meds kick in then the pink elephants start dancing around." He paused slightly and gave a smile " don't worry it's a joke, I'm Alistair call me Ali everyone else does. I don't like sounding like a 16th century English aristocrat" he placed his fork on his empty plate and stretched his arms out cracking his knuckles.

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Image"Wow...Isaac." He stated lamely, giving his name with no surrounding information to indicate that's what he was in fact doing as he slid into his procured seat. He ran one of his hands through his tousled golden waves anxiously, the hair standing on end exactly where his grip left it. Isaac had locks like that, that were so thick that they seemed to defy gravity, the downside to this was he oft appeared bedraggled because of it.

He threw one of his long lanky arms over the back of the chair as he leaned backward, resting his left ankle on his right knee in an attempt at a casual gesture. "So Ali...turns out we are going to be room mates, mate. If you have any of those drugs you were joking about to spare, you might wanna save them for later. We could have a rave tonight." He chuckled dryly. "Weird luck I'd run into you first...picked this table at random. How long have you been a 'prisoner' here?" Isaac questioned, his gaze not focusing on Alistair, but on the pale luminous patches of light falling through the panes of the doors that led in the room. His whole aura screamed jittery, unfocused, slightly uncomfortable, and most of all, desperately trying to appear he wasn't. It wasn't Isaac's nature to be open or forth coming with anything. The less you believed him to care, the better.