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Shaney Delarose

One of the two St. Teresa of Calcutta Scholars. Probably one of the few students not attending by choice.

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a character in “St. Joseph's Lunar Academy”, as played by Dreamalot106




”But you can call me Shane. It pisses off my parents.” Shaney Leanne Delarose

”Still not old enough to drive, unfortunately.” 15

”I’ve always loved having a summer birthday.” 18 August 2202

Place of Birth:
”If you guessed Earth, you’d be our lucky winner! Ding! Ding! Ding!” Oregon, Earth

”Well if I’m from Earth, what do you think I am?” Human


Academic Track:
”I really like photography. My parents say I’ll never make enough to support myself, but I don’t care.” Fine Arts

Eye Color:
”I love my eyes. I think they’re pretty.” Green

Hair Color:
”Most people don’t believe me when I tell them it’s natural.” Platinum blonde

Sexual Orientation:
”Just so you know, I am very comfortable with my body and my sexuality.” Bisexual


Why are you attending St. Joseph's:
”Certainly not by choice. Luckily for my parents my grades are excellent and I know how to act well enough to snag me that scholarship.”
Shaney hit her rebellious teenage years hard. She was always looking for an excuse to act out and therefore her parents were always on the watch out. What they didn’t expect, though, was to one day walk in on their daughter in the midst of the throes of passion with another girl. (They only caught the two girl’s kissing.)

Hardcore, straight up religious folk, Shaney’s parents immediately kicked the other girl out and then turned around and lectured Shaney. Sick and tired of listening to her parents’ religious beliefs being shoved down her throat, Shaney yelled right back at her parents then walked out the front door, following the other girl down the block.

After this outburst, Shaney’s parents knew it was time for a change. They contacted St. Joseph’s as a last chance for their daughter’s future.

”Sometimes I make others feel uncomfortable. I can’t help when they get intimidated by my taking over control. It’s just what I do. Oh, and that whole ‘personal bubble’ thing? Doesn’t exist with me.”
Shaney is a cool girl and a tremendous flirt. She is terribly sarcastic, her tongue quick and witty, but her sense of humor can tend to lean more to the vulgar side at times. Admittedly, she does have some immature tendencies that she developed during her pre-preteen years from being spoiled as an only child. For example, petty complications (such as an exchange at a retail store not running smoothly) often get unnecessarily amplified by her personality. She also tends to get angry when she doesn’t have her way.

Shaney enjoyed being an only child, so when her sister unexpectedly came along, she became a bitter and jealous older sister, rather than the loving older sibling every young child wants. The birth of her younger sister and stolen attention of her parents kick-started Shaney’s rebellious streak; nothing too complex at first, just stealing and hiding away her sister’s toys, then “accidentally” breaking the legs off the dolls while playing with them, to even dying her platinum hair fire-engine red while at a sleepover when she was twelve.

Despite how put together Shaney appears on the outside, her mind is the complete opposite, full of uncertainty and a cloud of complex thoughts. She’s pretty and pretty flawed – and she knows it. Shaney’s thoughts conflict with her emotions non-stop. There’s a crap ton of dumb and dangerous things Shaney’s done because of her tendency to be both impulsive and rash. Her personality has landed her in the middle of the wrong crowd on multiple occasions and gotten her into much trouble. Despite all this, or maybe, perhaps, because of all this, the vibe that Shaney gives off is that of someone who really doesn’t give a flying f*ck and really isn’t afraid of anything. Needless to say, she doesn’t care what others think of her, and when she does feel insecure, she hides it very well; it’s a bad day when she doesn’t. Shaney is quite chill and very comfortable with herself, even though she appears physically older than she is, although that's probably one reason why she's so okay with her body. On top of all that, for better or worse, Shaney is very honest with her emotions.

'Brief' History:
”I’d really rather not talk about it.”
Shaney enjoyed many years, nearly a decade, as an only child. When her younger sister suddenly, and unexpectedly, came along stealing away their parents’ attention from Shaney, the older sister didn’t feel the usual pride and responsibility associated with being an older sibling. All Shaney felt was resentment and bitterness towards this new bundle of blonde. She hated having this younger child to contend with for attention, attention which she felt was rightfully hers. When it seemed that being good would no longer keep her parents’ attention, Shaney changed tactics drastically.

At a sleepover in middle school, Shaney dyed her naturally platinum blonde hair a fire engine red. When she returned home the next day, all she got was tsk-ing from her mother and “Oh, that’s neat, sweetheart,” from her father. The phrase had become a broken record when it came to interactions between Shaney and her father. Her toddler sister tugged at one of her ends and cooed, but Shaney merely yanked her hair away and stormed off to her room for the remainder of the weekend. Her father’s chuckles over the adorableness of his younger daughter followed her down the hallway.

When Shaney returned to school two days later, she hid in a corner of the gym during lunch and cried. She absolutely hated her hair. The only reason she had dyed it was to get some kind of reaction out of her parents, and they had barely even noticed. It was in the midst of her quiet crying that another young girl came and sat next to Shaney. The first thing she said to Shaney was that she liked her hair. The girl’s name was Monica; the two became fast friends.

Monica also became Shaney’s first love. Of course there were boys (and some girls, too) between the time that they would admit this to each other and the time that they met. One of those boys even claimed that he loved Shaney; he was Shaney’s first serious relationship. He’s who she lost her virginity too the summer before 8th grade. The relationship ended soon after that though – after the boy, David, told Shaney he loved her.

See, Shaney has this thing about love. It’s one of the few things that really sets her off. (That and bugs. She can’t stand bugs. They’re the only things that frighten her as much as the threat of a broken heart.) Shaney runs away from commitment and anything that would threaten her freedom and the independence she’s gained since the birth of her younger sister. Yet, at the same time she wants as much attention as possible from anyone she meets. It’s incredibly conflicting. Shaney finds that she tends to get attached to people too easily, especially the longer she hangs around them, and jealousy tends to arise as a result. (Sometimes it’s Shaney getting jealous over the person she’s become attached to interacting with someone other than her, and sometimes it’s the opposite, the person attached to Shaney gets jealous whenever she starts flirting with others – which happens a lot. This tended to be a problem when her relationship with Monica turned serious.)

Shaney’s relationship with Monica never meant to progress past best friends. Fate or destiny or whatever it is one would like to call it however decided differently, and the next thing Monica and Shaney knew, they were a secret couple. Shaney’s parents had become super religious within the year, partially thanks to those new neighbors across the street, partially deciding they wanted to raise their younger daughter a bit differently than they had Shaney. (Perhaps they hoped to avoid the rebellious phase Shaney was going through?) They had even enrolled Shaney in a private Catholic school for high school before "The Incindent" occurred. (Shaney hated the uniforms anyway. Monica insisted that Shaney looked cute, but the blonde was not convinced. At least with this new school Shaney hopes that the uniforms are much more stylish. Or! Better yet! Maybe there won’t be any uniforms at this new school!)


So begins...

Shaney Delarose's Story