Aziel Bodleian

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a character in “St. Leviathan's Academy”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Aziel Bodleian

Orientation: Bisexual
age: 18
role- Male gaurdian of male royal 1
gender- Male

Aziel has a laid back attitude to most things in his life, he comes across as serious and uncaring to most things however he is incredibly smart and always ends up taking the initiative for problems.
He likes things done the right way or not at all, if someone messes up he tends to have a rough temper as he can be quite hot headed.
Getting him angry can be quite easy even if it means someone fell over since he thinks its stupid, however that doesnt mean he wouldn't help the person up while muttering annoyance, really he hates seeing other people hurt especially his siblings despite the slight compeitivness he has with them.

Otherwise he tries to get out of doing extra activites which aren't expected of him as he is lazy. He is also closed off with his feelings and worries saying the opposite sometimes of what he really feels just because he sees it as a bother to make others worry about him.

likes -

Doesn’t over react
Caring without being obvious about it

Hard headed
Easy to argue with
Hates losing - competitive

dorm number- ?
dorm room mate- Royal male 1 and ?

pets- None

Fire? (do guardians have powers?)

love interest: To be decided

favorite blood type: AB positive

other: he rubs the back of his head a lot and you can find him sleeping under a tree.

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