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Chie Sohma

"The reality of life is that I'm always right, got it?"

0 · 194 views · located in St. Marie Academy

a character in “St. Marie Academy the II”, as played by kellycat122


Name: Chie Sohma
Age: 16
Animal: Fox
Personality: Chie is a very tricky and interesting girl. she loves to mess around with people and play tricks on others. She does NOT take orders from others and she can usually can be found in the schoolmaster's office (heh heh heh) because of how much trouble she gets in. She has a sweet soft side though but she doesn't really share it with anyone, unless she really cares about them. She is NOT afraid of anything really and she can't be intimidated, it's like impossible to insult her. She is very tough and strong, she totally loves music and she can play the electric guitar. I would suggest you don't get in a fight with her and you'll save the humiliation of loosing. She's up for any challenge and she won't back down for things she believes in. She does kind of have a childish side, but she rarely ever shows it.

Description (with a picture):

Animal Form (with a picture):

Skill: Chie can easily move around, she's very swift and agile. Also, because of her size she can easily creep and sneak around, she's also very good at athletics and tumbling. She can also play the electric guitar
Crush: No one.... yet
Likes: -playing tricks on people
-messing with people
-the electric guitar
-playing the electric guitar
-getting in trouble

Dislikes: -loosing
-people who aren't any fun to mess with
-annoying people
-pink (she really really really hates it)
-people who annoy her
-boring things
-being told what to do

Hobbies: -playing the electric guitar
-messing with people
-playing tricks on people
-exploring (mostly at night)
-listening to music
-not listening to rules and orders

Fears: She fears NOTHING.... eh.... actually she isn't very fond of the thought of dying, but she isn't afraid of it. She also isn't very fond of spiders
Dorm: 322
Other: Nothing else really, I might add more later

So begins...

Chie Sohma's Story