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Axel Collins

0 · 430 views · located in Hohenschwangau, Germany

a character in “St. Penelope's Academy for the Gifted”, as played by comicbooklover




Axel Collins

None- Just Axel


Ethnicity and Hometown
Born Brazilian, but grew up in Wisconsin so he's American





Axel is a devilishly handsome guy. He stands at about 6'4" and has a quite muscular build. His brown curly hair reaches down past and over his ears and almost looks quite out of control and messy because of it's length.. His goal is to someday get it to his shoulder. Axel has brown eyes that match his hair and he usually has a goatee, but he occasionally shaves it off. Axel is somewhat dark skin due to his Brazilian roots. Axel always has an expression on his face that looks curious yet quite dangerous, as he can drag you into a lot of trouble. He usually has a big, flirtatious smile on his face.

He often wears tee shirts a basketball shorts, being an athletic guy who doesn't enjoy dressing up. He sometimes wears button up shirts, but always leaves the top few unbuttoned. Overall, he looks like trouble... extremely handsome trouble....

Special Marks
Axel has a round scar on his stomach and a straight line across his neck. Besides that, his skin is almost flawless.

Waiter at a small Diner in the village nearby


Candy, Cologne, Crime Shows, Drawing, Finding New Things, Friends, Girls, Kids, People, Running, Sports

Being "Gifted", Coffee, Math, Chinese Food, Instrumental Music, Death, Cheating, Colorless Things, White, Spiders, Things He Doesn't Understand

Spiders, Clowns, Death, His Power, Not Making an Impact in Life

He's had to use his power on himself three times- His limit per person is 10.

Axel is a very kind guy, but to say he's perfect would be an absolute lie. Axel is quite smart, but his folly is that he doesn't pay attention to details. Axel is goodhearted and would never do anything intentionally to be bad, but he is extremely curious and as we all know, curiosity killed the cat. Axel is outwardly charming, but on the inside he struggles to come to terms with the fact that he isn't normal. Being "gifted" freaks him out because his whole life he just tried to blend in and now he can bring the dead back to life.

Axel is a dangerous guy to be around. Due to his curiosity and boldness, he can drag you into trouble pretty easily. He speaks his mind, not ever meaning to offend people, but doesn't have a "rudeness censor". He just says what he thinks he needs to put in. Axel gets along with most people and doesn't hold grudges well. He tries to think that everyone in the world is good, but this just makes him easy to fool.


A long time ago in Brazil, a baby was born. He lived with his grandparents, a few cousins, his aunt and uncle, and his parents all in a normal sized house. Things were always quite cramped, but Axel got used to it. When he was five, his dad found work in Wisconsin, so they moved their, leaving the only life Axel had ever known behind. Axel quickly made friends in Wisconsin and when he was old enough he joined sports teams, playing basketball, football, and soccer. Axel was loving life, but it quickly took a drastic change.

Axel was diagnosed with cancer when he was eleven. He went through chemotherapy and all of the treatments he could, but to no prevail. He died six months after he had been diagnosed. But, he awoke at the morgue and quickly ran away before he could be buried, cremated, or whatever his family planned to do with his body. Confused as to how he just woke up from the dead, he hid from society. He got low.

At the age of eleven he was doing everything he could to get money to live off of. He found work with some drug smugglers and dealers, agreeing he'd do whatever they asked if they would provide him shelter, food, and water. It was their little agreement- he smuggled the drugs and his pay was being kept alive. But, one night, they decided to rip off a con artist, sending thirteen year old Axel to do the job. The plan didn't work and Axel was shot in the stomach and left for dead.... until he woke up again. So, he wandered the world, becoming a conman. After dying again, by his throat getting slit, he got the point. Axel finally got the memo that he could bring himself back to life- and other too. When he got word from the Academy that he is not alone, he quickly agreed to coming to school.

Mary Collins (Mother), Xavier Collins (Father)

He has a goldfish... Good company.... Doesn't have much to say though....

Theme Song
Muse - Uprising (Couldn't really think of anything else.... ;D)

Anything Else
I just wanted to explain how his power works a bit. He can resurrect people, bringing them back to life once they've died, but it's easier to do to himself and it's much harder once the person has been dead for a while. He can only bring a person back ten times before they're dead for good, but it's still cheating death, so he can't complain about it.

So begins...

Axel Collins's Story