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Emily James

"Don't waste your breath for me. I'm not worth anybody's time."

0 · 319 views · located in Hohenschwangau, Germany

a character in “St. Penelope's Academy for the Gifted”, as played by Grrbot




Emily Rose James



Ethnicity and Hometown
Canadian/French, Grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.





Emily has pale blonde hair which sometimes depending on the lighting, can look white. She had brown eyes which most describe as looking "wild" "piercing" and even "intense". You can usually see her sporting dark shadows around her eyes from lack of sleep. She's known for not getting enough sleep so she can often look tired and sleep deprived. Emily's skin is pale as she usually spends her time indoors... Many have joked around in the past calling her a "vampire" which offended Emily a lot.

Emily's sense of fashion tends to be casual and comfy... She likes to wear whatever looks good and feels comfortable. She rarely wears something tight unless its for a costume or she has to. Emily is 5'7" and weighs 117 pounds. She's taller than most of her friends, often making them look like dwarves if she stood next to them. Emily has a birthmark on her right hip which she feels self conscious about so she rarely wears clothes that will expose her hip.

Emily doesn't exercise at a gym but she loves to play soccer. Her long legs help her get far and run fast. Emily usually has smoky eye makeup on and usually wears makeup to hide her dark circles. She likes to wear red lipstick too. Emily's eyebrows are thin and defined and dark as her natural hair colour is much darker. Her eyes are small and her lips average size. Her nose is pretty small too and when she smiles you can see her dimples.

Special Marks
Emily has the basic piercings in her ear plus a cartilage piercing in her left ear. She also has a birthmark on her right hip which she feels self conscious about.

Emily works at the local restaurant as a waitress.



Birthmark on her hip|Being Alone|Change|Cheery People|Most people in general|

|Falling in love|Heights|Claustrophobia|Dying|

When Emily was 9 she saw her first vision, and along with those came voices. They weren't good voices. They screamed insults, telling her to do bad things. She started getting depressed, voices telling her to kill herself... No one understood... No one cared. Emily had a vision that her brother would get into a life threatening accident and she saw herself in the vision... Weeks later the vision came to life and Emily had a chance to save her brother but she chose not to because of the voices. Her brother spent 6 months in a coma before waking up. He's now in a wheel chair for the rest of his life and she blames herself everyday... But sometimes she doesn't feel the guilt.

Emily is a pretty serious girl. When she was young, many adults were in shock at her maturity at her young age. Many were worried, saying she wasn't like most children. Emily had always had a grim, dark view on the world. She would often state morbid comments in class which made many kids label her as a freak. Emily doesn't really have a good sense of human, often laughing at stupid things, being awkward in general. Emily often doesn't pick up Sarcasm too so she takes things quite seriously.

Emily would never express it but she's actually pretty morbid.. More than would expect. She's always been fascinated by death and destruction... She kind of thinks its beautiful although she would never tell somebody that because she'd be admitted to a mental hospital immediately. She's pretty quiet, often choosing to stray away from other people. Sometimes she says odd things when meeting someone new just to make sure they won't talk to her.. Its not that she doesn't like company, she's just shy and never really had company so she doesn't know how to act around people. She thinks its better to be forever alone then have the awkward silence when trying to talk to people. Emily is super smart despite being socially awkward. She is quick to figure out equations and answers in her head... People would probably come to her for tutoring if it hadn't been for her odd behaviour.


Emily was the second child in a family of 5. She was born to Camilla and Elton James. She had an older sister named Delilah who was 2 years old at the time of her birth. Her parents tried to provide everything Emily needed/wanted as a child... She was pretty much spoiled... But early on they found out not everything they could buy would please her. At 3 Emily was morbid, quiet, odd... They couldn't explain why she wasn't like everybody else. A couple months after her 3rd birthday her brother came along, Tim. Emily loved her little brother despite him throwing up on her numerous times and being an obnoxious child.. Emily loved her brother to death and wouldn't let anything happen to him.

Growing up, Emily had to spend a lot of time with Delilah. Delilah was soon turning into the girly preppy popular girl which Emily disliked very much. Soon the sisters had a feud going on, hating each other. Her parents disapproved but there was nothing they could do about it. Delilah started bashing Emily with her friends with hateful words which Emily currently believes helped cause her depression later on. When Emily went to school she was already on the track to depression. She was bullied mercilessly for her vampiric looks and how she acted. There was no escape for her. Emily gave up trying to make friends and spent most of her time making sure to avoid people. Teachers didn't care and turned their backs when people bullied her. In grade 6 Emily started self harm, believing herself to be worthless. Her depression was at a downhill spiral. Nothing could help her.

On Emily's 12th birthday she got a letter of invitation to St. Penelope's. It took some persuasion but her parents allowed her to go. Emily was happy to leave and she's been attending St. Penelope's for 6 years now.

Mother, Camilla James
Father, Elton James
Sister, Delilah James
Brother, Tim James
Suki the cat

Theme Song

So begins...

Emily James's Story