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Jodie Marie Martez

"Don't threaten me. I will destroy you."

0 · 173 views · located in present day

a character in “St Tibalts Academy For Troubled Teens”, as played by Wynter


Name: Jodie Marie Martez
Age (13-19): 18
Why are you here?: Jodie was placed in St. Tibalt's after she litterally tortured her adoptive family. She is a disturbed girl all the same. Jodie whispers to herself; and is known to stare at the wall of hours on end whispering words no one can understand, let alone make out. Both of her real parents died in a tragic fire at their home, having been started by Jodie at the age of 8, having been found by the firefighters outside, scratching words in the oak she had in her front lawn, words that the detectives later made out as Redrum, Death, Die, and Hell. She was then sent to an adoptive family. One night at Jodie's adoptive family's home, they heard scratching coming from Jodie's room. With the door having been locked, the father had to kick it down to see what was going on. All over the walls of Jodie's bedroom were words, blood visible in some of the letters; and Jodie was seen sitting in the corner, scratching 'Redrum' into the floor, her nails and fingers bleeding. Then, she ended up here.
What other's may describe as 'episodes' for other kids in St. Tibalt's, Jodie acts like all the time. Staring at the wall for hours on end without moving, to staring at the teachers in St. Tibalt's without moving, scratching words into the walls, tables, floors; mainly anything wood. Jodie whispers to herself all the time, staring straight ahead when she walks down the hallways of St. Tibalt's. Jodie, of course, is forbidden to walk the halls at night. Jodie will talk only with it is absolutely necessary; saying things quietly, or not talking at all.
Jodie's 'episodes' are the exact opposite of what most would describe as an 'episode'; whispering, disturing actions, mainly how Jodie acts normally.
Jodie barely eats; going days with eating, and sometimes no one noticing. She is on Suicidal Watch after taking a knife from the kitchen and cutting Redrum into her arm. Jodie has also had traces of schitzophrenia in her past, talking or noticing people that aren't there, or even exist.
How has your room been adapted to your needs?: Jodie's room has to be currently monitored, watching that she does not scratch the walls or floors, though nothing in it is wood; Jodie is still found trying. Her room consists of no sharp edges; mainly mettal and plastic things. Jodie's room can be seen into by anyone in the hallway, having windows for monitoring on that one wall. Her door can be locked from the outside, but is only used for that case during night.
Room no.: 2

So begins...

Jodie Marie Martez's Story